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We Sinned, He Paid, I Believe, I'm Clean April 22, 23 & 24, 2011 Wipe Out
in mins
CD Lights Praise Team Pro Presenter Speaker
6:55p 5:00 Countdown Countdown Video Host or Worship Leader
Opening Song & Connect Game
7:00p 4:00 Opening Song: My Redeemer Lives Worship Video Worship Leader
7:04p 5:00 Connect Game: Beach Ball Bash Game Slide & Music Game Leader
Worship & Offering
7:09p 4:00 Song 2: Alive Worship Video Worship Leader
7:13p 0:30 Offering Transition Offering Slide Worship Leader
7:13.30p 4:00 Offering Song: Your Name Song Video Worship Leader
Bible Lesson
7:17.30p 8:00 Bible Lesson - Segment One Teaching Slides Storyteller & Illustrator
7:25.30p 4:00 Worship Song: Be Glorified Worship Video Worship Leader
7:29.30p 10:00 Bible Lesson - Segment 2 Teaching Slides Storyteller, Host
7:39.30p 8:00 Wipe Out Video: Crazy Carl and Polly Esther Wipe Out Video
Wipe Out Games
7:47.30p 5:00 Human Bop It Game Slide, Timer, Game Music
7:52.30p 5:00 Eat It Game Slide, Timer, Game Music Game Leader
7:57.30p 5:00 Wipe-Off Game Slide, Timer, Game Music Game Leader
8:02.30p 62:30

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