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Mount Bubble Gum

Hey guys and gals! So Glad you can join us here at Gods Town for our special Easter service! (or you can say the specific environment). Today were talking about how a true friend will love you no matter what. Were going to demonstrate just that. But first I need three people to help me out today. (once three people are chosen, divide them accordingly that way each grade can be represented) Now that we have each grade represented were going to play a game called Mount Bubble Gum! How this game works is simple. Each grade will be given a plate of whip cream and a piece of bubble cum that will be inserted in the middle of the plate full of whip cream. The first grade/person to retrieve the bubble gum and then blow a bubble with his/hers mouth wins. Now your job is going to be to search for that bubble gum on the count of three. Three!! Two!! One!! Go! Etc. (Have baby wipes ready to clean contestants faces) That was a lot of fun! You guys did great. Congratulations to Now since you got whip cream all over yourselves were going to give you a chance to find a friend who will love you no matter what and give them a chance to look for bubble gum in the middle of this mound of whip cream! (Have the contestants choose one of their friends to replace them and have them go through the contest again) Alright guys! Now since (insert which grade won) won this is your chance to make up for your lost! Remember a true friend will love you no matter what. (talking to the new contestants) Now just because your about to get a bunch of whip cream all over your face doesnt mean that you have to stop loving your friend. Alright kids! These guys are going to demonstrate our bottom line and be good sports and search for that bubble gum on the count of three. Three!! Two!! One!! Go! Etc. Items needed: you will need canned whipped cream, paper plates, and individually wrapped bubble gum. You might also want to have on hand wet cloths or baby wipes... to clean up the mess (or large bibs, if you're more into prevention)! Select two or three kids to compete against one another. Each of them will be placed behind a table containing a nice, big mound of whipped cream with a piece of bubble gum hiding in the middle. They must locate their gum with their faces only (you might have to tie hands behind backs) and blow a bubble as quickly as possible. This is very challenging even once the gum is discovered because the wet, sugary cream makes the gum really soggy and goopy. Warning: One can of cream does not really contain much of a mountain; you'll probably need 2-3 cans. Also, make sure that the cream is refrigerated and shaken well; and see to it that you don't spray it until immediately before the game. We once had a disaster where our "mountain" of whipped cream was more like a marsh! I guess you could always use the frozen kind of Cool Whip (thaw it first), but we've never personally tried it.

Bobbing for Donuts

So our next game is going to be called bobbing for donuts. I need three ministry partners and three kids (choose appropriate number of kids to represent each grade) Now each grade will be blindfolded by their leader. (Have leader blindfold kids, also put on ponchos on kids so they dont ruin their clothes from the chocolate fudge covered donuts) Now kids whoever eats the whole donut first wins, the catch is that the leader will be behind you (have kids sitting on a chair) and the leader will be holding a pole with a string attached to a donut. Also these donuts will be dipped and covered with chocolate fudge! Kids your job is to finish the donut first, while being blindfolded. Lets have a countdown! Kids help me out! Three!! Two!! One!! Go! Etc. Congratulations (insert winning grade)! Now kids sometimes having friends can be difficult, just like it was difficult to bob for these donuts. Sometimes it can get messy even just like it did earlier! But a true friend will love no matter what! Just because its difficult sometimes doesnt mean we shouldnt be that true friend who will love no matter what. Items needed: you will need a donut and a piece of string for each participant. You may choose to select just a few kids to play; or if you're really brave (a.k.a. "insane" in the children's church ministry!), you might let all of them participate! You will seat half of the participants and have their partners stand behind them. The standing partner must string up a donut and hold it over the head of the sitting participant. The seated one must then eat the donut off the string ~ no hands! The trick is to not let it fall in their faces.

Balloon Battle. Okay guys since our bottom line is a true friend will love you no matter what. Were going to play a game that will involve popping the other persons balloons. Some of your friends may offend you at times but instead of being upset, learn to love them and just have fun with life. So just like your friends here are going to pop each others balloons dont take it personal and just have fun with the game! ast person to have a balloon still tied to their ankle wins. ! need about "# kids to help us out with this game. Okay so remember the last kid to have a balloon left tied to their ankle wins! On my mark!... $eady set %o! !nstructions& Split the kids into two teams, and inflate enough balloons for all players. 'ie a string on the end of each balloon, and attach the balloon to the ankle of every player. (t your command, players must pop the balloons of players on the other team. 'he team whose balloons are all popped first loses.

Buzz Bomb Balloon

!m going to need ) kids to help me out with this game! *choose enough kids to represent each grade+ Since our bottom line is a true friend will love no matter what. Were going to have a bulls eye target here on the floor that says '$,- .$!-/0. 1our job is to blow up the balloon and pinch it shut with your hand. *state leaders name+ is going to write your name on your balloon so when you deflate it and shoot for the target we will know whos balloon is closest to the target2 '$,- .$!-/0. 'he goal here is to release your balloon behind this line *have kids stand a little distance away from target+ and the balloon closest to the target wins. On my mark& 3ere we go! $eady, Set, %O! 4ongratulations *state winners5kids name+!!! /ow just because *state winners5kids name+ got closest to the target doesnt mean that everyone else lost. 6ecause the truth is that a true friend will love no matter what. !n life many times well all fall short of being a true friend. Our job is to reali7e that we need to still love others no matter how far from a true friend we may be to others. ove goes a long ways. 8esus knew that we would fall short but thats why being his friend will help us understand how to be a better friend to not just others but to even himself! Items needed: you will need a balloon for each participant (not blown up) and some type of target, which could be virtually anything. You can either let all of the children participate, or just select a few from each side (we have boys vs. girls always). Have the children stand in a circle around the target -- about 10 feet away from it -- or stand in a line with their team, facing the other team with the target in between. Each participant will blow up the balloon and pinch it shut without tying a knot. To keep from getting the

balloons confused, you will either want to hand out different colors or write initials on them with a permanent marker. When you shout "Go!" (or blow your whistle, honk your bicycle horn, etc.), all of the kids will let go of their balloons. The object is for the balloon, after buzzing around in the air, to be the closest to land to the target. Hula Chain A true friend will love no matter what. Thats our bottom line for today! So I need two groups of ten kids. (have two leaders pick out ten kids each and have them line up on opposite sides of the room) I want each of you to grab the other persons hand because a true friend will love no matter what. Now your job is to work together as a team without letting go of each others hand no matter what! The catch will be that you have to work together as a team to get the hulu hoop all the way down the line and back! First team to get the hulu hoop back to its starting location wins! On my Mark. Ready, set GO!!!! Items needed: you will need two hula hoops. This one involves *all* the kids (unless you want to hand pick ten or so from each team, if you have a really large group). Line the kids up down opposite walls, facing each other. Have the team members hold hands, creating two long chains. Start the hula hoops at one end of each team. The object is to maneuver the hula hoop down the chain without letting go of hands. They just have to wiggle and squirm it over their arms, shoulders, and head!

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