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Scripture: 1 John 1:9 Memory Verse: 1 John 1:9, If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our
sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Main Point We Sinned, He Paid, I Believe, Im Clean Supplies Needed: Connect Game Giant Beach Ball Game Music Bible LESSON (Segments One & Two) Portable Whiteboard Dry Erase Markers (A variety of Colors) Dry Erase Markers (Plenty of Black and Red) Dry Erase Eraser Dry Erase Eraser with JESUS on it Plexiglas covered with sins (see picture below) Crazy Hat for Host Wallet with Money inside ProPresenter Memory Verse Slide (1 John 1:9) Romans 3:23 (NIV) Slide John 3:16 (NIV) Slide We Sinned Slide He Paid Slide I Believe Slide Im Clean Slide Game One Bubble Wrap

Whipped Cream Plates, Balloons Hula Hoops Nerf Basketball Hoops Water Balloons Ponchos Shower caps Baby wipes Paper towels Baby Pool Game Two Two large swimming inner tubes duct taped together Yardsticks with 4 marshmallow hanging from individual strings Game Three Chocolate pudding 8 x 11 with the letters W -I-P-E-O-UT (one letter per paper) laminated Tape Table cloths (rectangle would work best) Wet wipes Paper towels

Opening Song & Welcome Song: My Redeemer Lives

Connect Game: Beach Ball Bash Supplies: Giant Beach Ball, Game Music Do: Divide your room into two parts to create two teams. (You can have more than two sections for this game.) While the music is playing, each team tries to keep the ball in the air while sending it to the other side of the room. If the ball touches the ground, the opposing team gets a point. When the music stops, the team without the ball gets a point. Play as time allows. Winners will have the most points.

Worship & Offering Song: Alive Offering Song: Your Name* *Collect offering during this song.

BIBLE LESSON Segment One Todays teaching is broken up into two segments The Bible Story, and the Life Application. The Bible story will set the stage for the Life Application, which is a conversation between the Host and the Storyteller. Have a large white board and a variety of colors on stage. While the storyteller is teaching he/she can draw the images below that go along with the story. Another option would be to have a storyteller and an illustrator who will draw the images below while the storyteller is teaching. STORYTELLER: Over the last month weve been talking about Jesus and his final days here on earth. We learned that even though Jesus was perfect, there were people who were out to get him. Last week we heard that he was tried before Pilate and condemned to death, even though the accusations against him were false! When we left Jesus, he had been put to death on the cross. Start drawing a picture of a cross on the white board.

There was a man named Joseph who loved Jesus and gave up his own tomb for Jesus to be buried. Joseph and several ladies placed Jesus body in the tomb. The ladies went home with plans to come back on Sunday to prepare Jesus body according to their customs. Draw a picture of a tomb with a stone to cover the entrance.

At this point in time, the disciples were scared and confused. All of Jesus followers were crushed and so sad. Think about that! For three years Jesus followers had been spending time with Jesus every day. They had eaten meals with him, traveled with him, laughed with him, and grew to depend on him. They thought that someone they loved was gone forever. When Sunday morning came, Mary Magdalene and a group of women traveled to the tomb to care for Jesus body. Draw a picture of the women headed to the tomb.

When the women entered the tomb, they were startled! Jesus body wasnt there! Erase the stone and draw it off to the side, draw the empty tomb. Add the two angels.

While they were trying to figure out what happened, two men showed up suddenly. The Bible says that their clothes gleamed like lightening! The men said, Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! The women left the tomb and rushed to go tell the disciples what they had just seen! But the disciples did not believe the women, and thought their words were nonsense. Draw a picture of the women talking to the disciples.

As soon as the disciples heard this news, Peter and John took off running to see with their own eyes what had happened. Once Peter and John arrived, they saw the strips of linen that Jesus had been wrapped in folded neatly in the tomb, but Jesus was NOT there. Add a picture of folded clothes.

Peter and John left to go tell the other disciples what they had seen, and Mary Magdalene stayed and was weeping outside the tomb. A man appeared and asked her why she was crying. She explained that she didnt know where Jesus was, and that made her sad. She thought this man was a gardener, but when he said her name, Mary, she realized it was Jesus! Draw a picture of Jesus with Mary in the garden.

Jesus told Mary to go and tell the disciples what had happened: that Jesus himself had come back to life! He had risen from the dead! She ran and told the disciples her amazing news, I have seen the Lord! Entire Whiteboard story.

SFX: Lower Lights WORSHIP Erase the board, exit stage Enter Praise Team Song: Be Glorified

BIBLE LESSON - Segment 2 During the song, remove the white board. Draw an outline of a cross in red dry erase marker. Prepare ahead of time clear plexi-glass the same size as the white board with the following sins boldly written in black dry erase marker. Tape the cellophane to the white board, covering the cross with the sins.

SFX: Lights Up Choose a kid to read the following verse: SFX: Memory Verse Slide 1 John 1:9, If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Enter Host holding a black dry erase marker in his hand. HOST: Wow, thats a mess. Look at this. This board was clean just a little bit ago. [Storytellers Name] was supposed to come back and finish up this story. They are going to be soooo mad!!! And Im going to be the one who gets in trouble! Who did this? (Shaking the pen at the audience) Enter Storyteller. STORYTELLER: What happened! You said everything was good to go! But look at this board! HOST: Why are you looking at me like that? I had nothing to do with this. Notices hes holding the marker, and tries to hide it quickly from the storyteller. STORYTELLER: Are you sure about that? What did you just hide? HOST: Nothing. (looking guilty) STORYTELLER: (In a disappointed tone, not an angry tone) Really? This is the most important weekend of the whole year, and I trusted you with one thing. Just one. A clean whiteboard. And when I come in to finish the story, this is what youve done? Im so disappointed. Sits down on the edge of the stage, and puts their head in their hands. HOST: (Looking very upset like he just found out something terrible happened.) But I DIDNT do it! Honest! Ask the kids. Theyre going to tell you I didnt do it. STORYTELLER: You really want to test it like that? OK then. Kids did [insert hosts name] mess up our white board. Wait for response. HOST: They dont know anything! Dont listen to them! Who are you going to trust, them or me? Really? STORYTELLER: You know what. Lets just work with what weve got. It doesnt matter who messed up this board, we just need to clean it. HOST: OK. Your wish is my command fearless leader! Runs over and grabs an eraser, but the STORYTELLER stops them before they start erasing. STORYTELLER: Wait! Dont do that yet! HOST: (confused) But you just said to erase the board! If you keep changing your mind, how can I do what you want? STORYTELLER: Look at the words. Just look at what theyre saying. HOST: (Start reading off some of the words.) Wow, thats not nice. These are some ugly words. Why would anyone want to put these words on our nice white board?

STORYTELLER: Do you see what they all have in common? Theyre all big awful sins. HOST: Youre right. Even more reason to erase the board. STORYTELLER: Yes, but I think I might be able to use this. HOST: Nooo Waayyy! You cant use these things to teach! They only get in the way. STORYTELLER: Well think about what sin really is. Sin can be erased, but not the way youre thinking. Sins are the actions we use that are disobedient to Gods Word. Everything listed here, when we do it, disappoints God. But not just that, it keeps us away from Him. HOST: But God loves us. He doesnt want us to be away from him. STORYTELLER: Very true. So that makes this a pretty big problem, doesnt it? Especially since the Bible tells us in Romans 3:23 that EVERYONE has messed up and sinned, falling short of Gods best for us. Because of that, God knew that we were going to need some help getting rid of these sins in our life. SFX: Romans 3:23 Slide HOST: Well why cant I just erase it like this (start to erase part of the board) just by being good? STORYTELLER: You can try to erase them on your own like that, but the Bible says (use the black marker and fill in the erased part with the word, Sin.) that no matter how much we try, well never meet Gods standards without his help. HOST: If God knew all this about sin, and that we were all going to need help getting rid of it, why didnt he have a plan? He is God, after all. STORYTELLER: Funny you should ask, because He DID have a plan. I just told you part of the story, and in fact weve been learning about it all month long. HOST: Nuh-uh. Really? Weve been learning about Jesus, not some master plan. STORYTELLER: Well, actually, Jesus IS the master plan. When Jesus came to earth, he was perfect and didnt sin at all. But when he died on the cross, he took our punishment. HOST: What? That doesnt make sense. Ive been good. My mom hasnt grounded me in weeks. STORYTELLER: Not that kind of a punishment. Its like this: What if you were to go into the store and saw this amazing Thingamabob. (Pull off the crazy hat the host is wearing.) You decided you liked this so much; you just had to have it. So you stole it! (Gasp) HOST: Like this? (Steal the thing from the Storyteller has, and hide it from him/her.) STORYTELLER: Yeah. Like that. And we all know that stealing is wrong! See its right there on the board filled with sins. Still, you think everything is good until you get caught. SFX: a Duh-duh-duh. STORYTELLER: Then youre arrested, and taken to jail. Thats a tough punishment, isnt it? Host acts like he has handcuffs on. And looks dejected and sad.

HOST: I dont like this story anymore. Can we change it? STORYTELLER: Yes we can. Because now that youre in jail, I come in and see what happened and (pulls wallet and takes all the money out) if you let me, I pay back the store for what you stole. Then you dont have to worry about it anymore. HOST: But thats not fair for you! You have to give up all your money. STORYTELLER: No its not fair, but I would do that for you because I love you. And you see thats exactly what Jesus did. When he died on the cross, it wasnt fair to him. But Jesus did it anyways, because he loves us. HOST: I think Im starting to get this. Host runs over to the whiteboard and gets ready to erase again, but is stopped. STORYTELLR: Wait. Theres one more thing. HOST: Again? When am I going to get to erase this? STORYTELLER: You can erase it now, but you need a different eraser. Storyteller pulls out an erase with Jesus on it. SFX: John 3:16 NIV Slide STORYTELLER: John 3:16 says, For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life. So what you need to do is BELIEVE in Jesus. Believe that He is Gods son, he died to take our punishment, and he came back to life. And you need to ask Him to be your Leader, Forgiver and Friend. HOST: I think I see what youre saying. The only way that these sins can be erased from my life is through Jesus. STORYTELLER: Thats exactly it! So now, why dont you erase the board? Host grabs the erases STORYTELLER: Wait! (Host gives him another look, like really?) Use this one. Storyteller hands Host the Jesus eraser. Host erases the board and reveals the cross, hidden under the sins. HOST: This is great for me, but what about all these kids sitting here? STORYTELLER: Youre right. Why dont you tell them The Master Plan? SFX: We Sinned Slide SFX: He Paid Slide SFX: I Believe Slide SFX: Im Clean Slide Use large cards with the words, We Sinned, He Paid, I Believe, Im Clean. HOST: Ok kids, why dont you follow along with me. We Sinned, He Paid, I Believe, Im Clean. (Repeat several times as needed.)

SFX: Magnadoodle Video STORYTELLER Intro take home piece (Light-Up Cross Erasers that say He Lives, announce Journey 4 Kidz Class Video: Crazy Carl vs. Polly Esther HOST: Now its time to start the part of the day you all have been waiting for! Our WipeOut Competition. To get us started, take a look at this . SFX: Crazy Carl Video

HOST: You are going to have to come back next week to see who wins! Will it be Crazy Carl? Will it be Polly Esther? Join us at our WipeOut After Party next weekend to find out! SFX: Amped Weekend Slide HOST: Meanwhile, lets see who is going to win our WipeOut Competition here in [insert your environment name]!!! Game One: Human Bop It Supplies: Bubble Wrap, Whipped Cream, Plates, Balloons, Hula Hoops, Nerf Basketball Hoops, Water Balloons, ponchos, shower caps, baby wipes, paper towels, Baby Pool Do: Player will have one minute to follow the commands of the different Bop It actions listed below. Host can call out the commands in any order they choose. The winner is the player who is able to complete the most commands in one minute. Commands: STOMP IT: Player will stomp on bubble wrap. CHOMP IT: Hide several pieces of candy in a mountain of whipped cream. Player will chomp down to find the candy. POP IT: Have several balloons in a baby pool for player to sit on to pop. TWIST IT: Player will hula hoop until the next command. DUNK IT: Player will dunk water balloons into a small nerf basketball hoop held by a leader in a baby pool.

Game Two: Eat It Supplies: Two large swimming inner tubes duct taped together, Yardsticks with 4 marshmallow hanging from individual strings. Do: Have one player inside each inner tube. The object is for each player to eat marshmallows that are hanging from a string on the fishing poles, however they will be fighting against each other to eat the marshmallows. Players will have 30 seconds to each 4 marshmallows.

Game Three: Wipe-Off

Supplies: chocolate pudding, 8 x 11 with the letters W -I-P-E-O-U-T (one letter per paper) laminated, tape, table cloths (rectangle would work best), wet wipes, paper towels Do: Choose teams with two players each. For each team, place the tablecloth on the floor, with the WIPEOUT letters on the tablecloth in mixed order. Cover the letters in chocolate pudding. For each team, one player will wipe off the chocolate pudding using only his feet. The next player will tape the letters to the edge of the stage, but they will need to put the word in order. (Be sure to hang the tablecloth over the edge of the stage to minimize messiness.) Winners are the team who unscramble the cleaned off letters first.

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