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ULTIMATE EXPEREINCE Easter 2009 Characters Boy Girl Roman Soldier Joseph of Arimathea Peter Props Living room ( o! h" offee ta#le" hairs" et $% Small oin #ag Sin ard &ape 'eath ard Silver oins PSP or other toy (og ma hine (lashing lights for stage )ideo lip of r! ifi*ion )ideo lip of #!rial )ideo lip of res!rre tion So!nd effe t of th!nder" #ooms" et $ Game Alive game #oard set !p per instr! tions Game Pie es 'i e Small +ooden ross Small stone Small pie e of +hite loth Game pie e ( an #e #!tton or from another game% Roman soldier,s ost!me Soldier o!tfit -ammer . long spi/es0nails 1ross to arry in Joseph of Arimathea ost!me Bi#li al ro#e Peter,s ost!me Bi#li al ro#e -olding large +hite loth in hands Boy ost!me Reg!lar lothes Girl ost!me Reg!lar lothes 2n le Ro# or A!nt Rose ost!me

Reg!lar lothes Tech Cues Blue light cues Yellow cd cues Pink video cues Fade stage lights down right after worship song and then bring them up after actors are in place. House lights should be down. Transition music into skit Program C !" #cene opens in the living room of a house. The game board is set up on a table or coffee table center stage. The sister is sitting on the couch or chair holding a bag in one hand and some silver coins in the other hand. #he is flipping the coins in her hand and starting intentl$ over at the game board. The brother walks in pla$ing with a P#P or other to$. %&ame 'live( is on screen. Bro: -ey$$$+here did yo! get those oins3 -ave yo! #een in dad,s st!ff again3 Sis: )defensive* 4o555 6 got them from the game555 Bro: )looking perple+ed* Game333 7hat game333 #ister gets up and walks over to game board on table,coffee table. Sis: &hat game555 Brother looks at game and reads title. Bro: )intentl$* Game Alive333 7here did yo! get this and +hat does that mean333 #ister looks intentl$ at game. Sis: 2n le Ro#0A!nt Rose gave it to me$ -e0she said it,s a game that omes alive to sho+ ho+ Jes!s died and then rose from the dead555 Bro: 8eah right555 Sis: 6,m serio!s555 &hat,s ho+ 6 got this #ag of oins555 6 rolled the di e9and landed on this s:!are5 )points to game board* 4e*t thing 6 /ne+" this g!y in a ro#e omes r!nning in and thro+s this #ag of oins in my hands$ Bro: )shocked* 7hat333

Sis: 8eah9he seemed frea/ed o!t5 -e /ept saying" ;6 #etrayed -im96 #etrayed Jes!s96 #etrayed Jes!s9< &hen he ran o!t$ Bro: 6 still don,t #elieve yo!5 &hat is too ra=y5 Sis: Really5 7ell then9find o!t for yo!rself5 6 dare ya, to play the game5 #he holds the dice in her hand read$ to hand them over to him. Bro: >h yeah333 Give me those di e555 Takes dice and shakes in hand with hesitation. Bro: 7hat do 6 do3 Sis: J!st roll the di e and move a game pie e that many spa es$ Brother rolls dice and gets a -. Bro: 6 only got a ?5 Sis: )kidding* 7he+ he+5 7ay to get a #ig n!m#er5 Bro: >h #e :!iet and let me move my one spa e555 .oves one and lands on cross space. Bro: 6 landed on the spa e +ith a ross on it$ Brother holds up little cross. Bro: &here are some +ords +ritten in this spa e$ Sis: )e+cited% 7hat does it say333 Brother /okingl$ starts dancing around. Bro: )sarcasticall$* >h no5 6t says ;Game Alive9Game Alive9Game Alive555< #tarts laughing and making fun of sister. Bro: )/oking* 7here is the man +ho is going to #ring me some oins333 Sis: )ver$ frustrated* J!st read the spa e555

Bro: >/ay5 'on,t #e so !ptight5 )reading the space* -e stands holding three nails in his hand9 ready to r! ify Jes!s +hen given the ommand$ )pu00led* Ready to r! ify Jes!s +hen given the ommand3 7hat is that s!pposed to mean3 123 425#6 1576 TH34 68 28 B22.# 28 616CT85C5TY. Program C F2& B6&54# T2 8211 54. TH6Y 1227 '8234 'F8'5 . Flash stage lights on and off at this time for added effect. 8oman soldier appears from the fog. He is dragging a cross. He has three nails and a hammer in his hand. 7ids shrink back. Soldier: )in anguish* 7hy333 7hy333 7hy did +e r! ify Jes!s333 -e +as an inno ent man555 #olider looks up and points at video screen and watches as crucifi+ion scene unfolds. 1ights dim down while video is pla$ing. He reacts in anguish as he watches. :ideo ends and lights come back up. 7ids watch as 8oman soldier slowl$ turns and looks at them in anguish. Soldier: 7hy333 7hy did +e do it3333 7hy did +e r! ify Jes!s333 #oldier la$s down the hammer,nails,cross; turns; and e+its through the fog as the kids watch him. Sis: See96 told yo!555 Bro: >/ay96 #elieve yo!555 )looking astonished and somewhat paral$0ed; he practicall$ throws the dice at her as if it were a spider* -ere" it,s yo!r t!rn555 #ister rolls dice; gets <; and counts out loud as she moves along the spaces on the board. Sis: ?$$$29.9@ )looks at board* 6t says to move ahead A spa es$ )hesitates* >/ay9 here goes$ ?929.9@9A5 6 landed on the spa e that has a stone on it$ )picks up and looks under it% Sis: -ere9yo! read it5 Bro: 4o +ay555 6,m not reading it555 8o! started this555 Sis: )takes a deep breath and reluctantl$ reads the space* &a/en from the ross and #!ried in a tom# all alone$$$the entran e sealed +ith a stone5 Bro: B!ried in a tom#333 &his is getting s ary555 !9

123 425#6 1576 TH34 68 28 B22.# 28 616CT85C5TY. Program C !9 F2& B6&54# T2 8211 54. TH6Y 1227 '8234 'F8'5 . Flash stage lights on and off during this time for added effect. =oseph of 'rimathea appears from the fog. He is rolling or carr$ing a large stone. He stops in front of the kids. He is muttering something to himself and is oblivious to the fact that the brother and sister are there. The brother and sister look at each other and nod their heads in agreement. The$ cautiousl$ approach =oseph and tap him on the shoulder from behind. He whirls and faces them. A: 7e #!ried him in my tom#555 7e #!ried him in my tom#555 7e #!ried him in my tom#555 Sis: 7ho9+ho9+ho are yo!3 A: 6 am Joseph of Arimathea5 After Jes!s died on the ross" 6 too/ -is #ody" +rapped it +ith a #!rial loth" and pla ed -im in my tom#$ Bro: 7hy are yo! arrying that stone3 A: 6t,s a reminder of the large stone 6 rolled in front of the tom#$ 6t +as s! h a sad day$$$+e didn,t /no+ if +e,d ever see Jes!s again$ 6 mean9he +as dead5 =oseph points to the screen and the$ watch the burial video. 1ights fade down during the video. Sis: )sad* So9that,s it3 Jes!s, story ended li/e that3 &hat,s so sad5 Bro: 8eah9that,s a #!mmer5 A: 6t,s +asn,t over yet5 &here,s more5 Points slowl$ at the game; la$s down the stone; and then turns and e+its through the fog$ The kids are now reall$ into the game and are eager to continue. Bro: )grabs dice* 6t,s my t!rn5 6 +ant to see +hat happens ne*t5 Sis: )looks eager as well but still a bit nervous of what to e+pect* >/ay9go on9 let,s get this over +ith$ Brother rolls dice; gets >; and counts out loud as he moves along the spaces on the board.

Bro: ?929.9@9A9B5 -ey$$$there,s a +hite pie e of loth on this spa e5 )picks it up* 7hat does it say !nderneath it3 Sis: )reads space* >n the third day9the stone rolled a+ay$ Jes!s rose from the dead C!st as -e said9-is #!rial loth left #ehind9for the dis iples to find5 Bro: )confused* Jes!s rose from the dead C!st as -e said3 123 425#6 1576 TH34 68; B22.#; 28 616CT85C5TY. Program C !9 Flash stage lights on and off during this time for special effect. F2& B6&54# T2 8211 54. TH6Y 1227 '8234 54 '4T5C5P'T524.

Peter appears from the fog. He is carr$ing a white cloth in his hands. He is ver$ e+cited. Peter: &he tom# is empty555 -e,s alive555 -e,s alive555 -e has risen from the dead555 SisD -o+ are yo! so s!re3 Peter: 7e ame to his tom# on the third day and the grave +as empty5 &he lothes -e had #een #!ried in )holds up white cloth* +ere lying in the tom#9#!t Jes!s +asn,t5 -e +as alive5 Peter points to the screen and the$ watch the resurrection video pla$. 1ights fade down during the video. 'fter the video is over; Peter hands the burial cloth to one of the kids and turns to leave. He pauses before he goes back into the fog; turns back to the kids; and sa$s? Peter: Jes!s is alive555 Peter e+its. The kids turn and look at each other in ama0ement@ Bro: 7o+5 &hat +as ama=ing5 Sis: 8o! an say that again5 Bro: 7o+5 &hat +as ama=ing5 #ister pla$full$ slaps his arm. Sis: 8o!,re s! h a dor/ sometimes5 Brother laughs.

Bro: Serio!sly9this game has really made me +ant to /no+ more a#o!t this man named Jes!s$ Sis: 6 #et 2n le Ro#0A!nt Rose an help !s9$sin e he0she gave !s the game$ Let me go get him0her$ #ister runs out for a few seconds and returns with 3ncle 8ob,'unt 8ose. #he is talking with him,her e+citedl$ as walks back in. Sis: )ver$ h$per; e+cited; and talking fast*9and then this man named Joseph ame in and left a stone and then this d!de named Peter gave !s this +hite loth and9 UR!AR: >/ay9slo+ do+n or yo!,re going to hyperEventilate$ Loo/s li/e yo! g!ys have #een playing the ;Game Alive< 6 gave yo!$ Are yo! enCoying it3 Bro: )gets e+cited* 6t,s a+esome5 &hat,s for s!re5 Sis: 8eah9and it really got !s thin/ing more a#o!t this man named Jes!s$ Everyone that ame o!t of the game /ept tal/ing a#o!t -im$ And they left !s these items$ Brother and sister gather up the hammer; nails; cross; stone; and cloth and show them to 3','8. Bro: 1an yo! tell !s more a#o!t +hat all this means3 UA!AR: S!re96,d #e glad to$ 7ids sit down on the stage with 3ncle 8ob,'unt 8ose. UA!AR: Let,s start +ith the hammer" nails" and ross$ Brother and sister can interact and ask Auestions as 3','8 shares with them. &hese items +ere #e a!se of !s$ 8o! see +e have this pro#lem alled sin$ )bring out the sin card* Sin is +hen +e diso#ey God$ 8o! /no+9things li/e lying" stealing" heating" diso#eying o!r parents" getting mad" et $ &he Bi#le says everyone has sinned$ Romans .D2. says this9(or everyone has sinnedF +e all fall short of God,s glorio!s standard$< )verse on screen* Brother and sister agree and admit the$ have sinned.

6 have some sad ne+s to share$ Be a!se of o!r sin9+e have a #ig pro#lem$ &he Bi#le says in Romans BD2.a9<(or the +ages of sin is death9< )verse on screen* Tape the death card onto the sin card. Brother and sister ask what that means. 6t means #e a!se of o!r sin9if +e are not forgiven9instead of living +ith God forever in -eaven9+e +ill #e separated from -im$ Brother and sister comment on how bad that is. 8es9#!t 6 have some good ne+s$ &hat doesn,t have to happen$ 8o! see9God /ne+ +e +ere going to sin" so -e made a +ay for !s to #e forgiven$ Brother and sister ask what &od did. -e sent -is Son" Jes!s" do+n to the earth for !s$ Jes!s +as #orn in a manger in a ity alled Bethlehem$ )picture of =esusB birth on screen* 7ids make a few comments. Be a!se Jes!s +as God,s Son" -e +as a#le to live a perfe t life$ -e never sinned$$$not even on e5 -e had 0 sins5 )C on screen* 7ids ask if he committed certain sins and 3','8 sa$s no. 7ids are ama0ed. 4o+ this is +here these items ome in$ &he man +ho gave yo! the oins +as J!das$ -e +as one of Jes!s, dis iples +ho #etrayed -im$ -e ame +ith some Roman soldiers and they falsely a !sed Jes!s and arrested -im$ &hen9as the soldier told yo!" they p!t Jes!s on a ross$ -e +as nailed to the ross +ith a hammer and nails li/e these$ -e then gave !p -is o+n life on the ross$ Have brother and sister help hold up the items. And here is +hat Jes!s did +hen -e died on the ross$ &he Bi#le says in Romans ADG that even tho!gh +e +ere sinners" 1hrist died for !s$ )verse on screen* -e too/ o!r sins and paid for them on the ross$ Remem#er +hat the penalty for sin is3 Brother and sister sa$ death. &hat,s right5 And +hat did Jes!s do on the ross3 Brother and sister sa$ He died.

8es$ And -e +asn,t dying for -is sins9remem#er9-e didn,t have any$ So +hose sins +as -e dying for3 Brother and sister sa$ ours. &hat,s orre t$ -e +as dying on the ross for o!r sins9 )nails the sin,death sign to the cross* for all the sins +e,ll ever do$ -e died in o!r pla e on the ross5 Brother and sister are ama0ed and sobered at the thought?pause for a few seconds in thought. Let,s ta/e a loo/ at the item Joseph of Arimathea #ro!ght$ )points to brother to hold it up* After Jes!s died" -e +as +rapped in a #!rial loth and pla ed in a tom#$ A large stone +as rolled in front of the tom#$ Jes!s +as in the tom# for three days$ 6t +as a sad time9#!t then something in redi#le happened5 7ids asked what happened with anticipation. Jes!s rose from the dead5 &he gro!nd shoo/ as the stone rolled a+ay and Jes!s ame o!t alive5 -e had on:!ered death5 7ids respond with awe and e+citement. 38,3' points to the cloth and asks the sister to pick it up. Jes!s had #een +rapped in a #!rial loth5 7hen the dis iples arrived at the tom#" the #!rial loth +as lying there5 6t +as a sign that Jes!s had risen from the dead C!st li/e -e said -e +o!ld5 7ids respond how cool that is@ 7ids look on the game board. 7hat do yo! see in the spa e after the loth3 Brother responds he sees a picture of a gift. &ets e+cited and asks if he lands on it will a gift come out for himD He hopes it is an Ebo+ ">C. 6t,s a t!ally tal/ing a#o!t the greatest gift yo! an ever re eive$ 6t,s the gift of God,s forgiveness and eternal life$

&he Bi#le says in Romans BD2.#9<the gift of God is eternal life thro!gh Jes!s 1hrist o!r Lord$< )verse on screen* Jes!s has already died for yo! and paid for yo!r sins9#!t yo! have to rea h o!t and a ept -is gift of forgiveness$ 7ids ask how $ou do that. &he Bi#le says in John .D?B9<(or God loved the +orld so m! h that -e gave -is one and only Son so that anyone +ho #elieves in -im +ill not perish #!t have eternal life$< )verse on screen* Pra$er music starts and pla$s lightl$ in the background through the end of skit Program C !" 6f yo! #elieve that Jes!s died" +as #!ried" and rose again for yo!r sins then yo! an #e forgiven and live +ith -im forever$ 7ids reflect contemplative mood for few seconds. Loo/ at the last spa e$ 7hat do yo! see3 #ister looks and sa$s she sees a heart. 'o yo! /no+ +hat that heart represents3 7ids respond the$ would like to know. 6t represents yo!r heart$ &he Bi#le says in Romans ?0D99<6f yo! onfess +ith yo!r mo!th that Jes!s is Lord and #elieve in yo!r heart that God raised him from the dead" yo! +ill #e saved$< )verse on screen* Jes!s is ready to forgive yo!$ 8o!r part is to ome to -im9open yo!r heart and life to -im9pray and as/ -im to #e yo!r Leader" (orgiver" and (riend$ 7hen yo! do that" yo! +ill dis over that -e is alive5 7ids respond that the$ would like to do that. A+esome5 7hy don,t +e go tal/ more a#o!t it over some l!n h at H 'onalds$ 7ids respond that would be great. 38,'8 starts walking out the door with the kids. He pauses. 8o! g!ys go ahead and get in the ar$ 6,ll #e o!t in C!st a min!te$

7ids walk out. 38,'8 turns to audience. Iids9+hat 6 shared +ith #rother and sister is for yo! also$ &he people yo! sa+ represent real people +ho sa+ Jes!s$ And Jes!s really +as God,s Son5 -e died for yo! and rose from the dead for yo!5 -e is alive5 -e loves yo! and +ants to #e yo!r Leader" (orgiver" and (riend$ &here is an a+esome lass alled ;&he Jo!rney< )on screen* that yo! an attend +ith yo!r parents to learn more a#o!t this$ 6f yo!,d li/e to attend" C!st let yo!r parents /no+ and +e an help yo! get signed !p$ Turns to leave and then turns back like remembered something. >h9and #y the +ay$ 6 have a ;Game Alive< for yo! as +ell$ 8o!,ll get it +hen yo! leave today$ &a/e it home and !se it to tell yo!r friends and family a#o!t Jes!s rising from the dead5 7ell9#etter go5 Brother and sister are +aiting for me5 Later5 38,'8 e+its as lights fade down and %&ame 'live( is seen on screen.

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