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- / - , - - Promotion activities - / - + - - Pepsio 1938 The Pepsi Trademark is registered in the Soviet Union (However, it took a long time

the Soviet Union (However, it took a long time to begin selling the drink on the local market.) 1959- The first American National Exhibition, where Nikita Khrushchev tasted Pepsi.

company became a distributor of Stolitchnaya vodka in the USA.

In July 1959, Pepsi-Cola executive Donald Kendall brought Pepsi to the first American National Exhibition in the USSR. On the exhibitions opening day, US Vice President Richard Nixon, who lead the American delegation, invited Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev to the Pepsi-Cola stand and offered him the chance to taste Pepsi. Khruschev drank a few cups of the soft drink with evident pleasure. Pictures of Khruschev treating his colleagues with Pepsi spread all over the world. It was an indisputable success over 3 million cups of Pepsi were drunk during the exhibition. Despite this breakthrough, it took another ten years to sign an agreement between Donald Kendall, who was now PepsiCo President and CEO, and Alexey Kosygin, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, to produce and sell Pepsi-Cola in the USSR. As a part of the deal, the company became a distributor of Stolitchnaya vodka in the USA. 1974- First Pepsi bottling plant opens in Novorossiysk. 1992- PepsiCo introduces Lays potato chips in Russia. 1997- Pepsi bottling plant opens in Samara. 1998-- Pepsi bottling plant opens in Ekaterinburg 1999- Pepsi bottling plant opens in St. Petersburg

2002- The first Russian plant for the production of Frito Lay savory snacks opens in Kashira. 2008- PepsiCo acquires Lebedyanskiy OJSC, Russia's largest producer of natural juices. 2011: One of the biggest deals in the company's history:PepsiCo acquires Wimm-Bill-Dann, Russia's largest producer of dairy products and juices.

operates more than 30 production plants and employs around 27,000 people in Russia. Russia's largest industrial processor of potatoes and one of the largest processors of raw milk. 2013:I nvested $70 million in programs to support our agricultural partners in Russia.

Shares of various categories in revenue ( Russia)


snacks 30%

beverages 70%

juices 15% snacks 12% beverages 18% diary 55%