document30001 looking and waiting for dayz/ my life seems so dark and gloomy/ why does this stuff

happen to me/ this isn't how it is suppose too be/ even though they even said it would be this way for me/ everything is suppose to be ok/ i shouldn't see so much grey/ but hey its gonna be a another day/ and things just might change / and that would be great/ cause i don't want to be full of hate/ sit and have debates/ i would rather be loving a mate/ but things always happen when it seems too late/ and i begin too think that all of this is fake/ but a lot of things work out of me / they just don't always go my way/ and sometimes i am better that way/ cause then i am able to carry on during a bad day/ some times i wonder where I lost my ways/ as i watch my heart decay./ and try to make sense of it all and pick up the ball before i really fall and hit the ground hard i'm even sure i will get bard cause there is no one that sends me cards yeah life can be hard feel like someone is throwing a dart right at your head but what you don't realize you aint gonna be dead you still got a chance too live but if your gonna go down that way take the chance too kill and know that what its like too be filled full of hate and rage cause you will

so if you wanna be like me follow these things and then you will see what its like to be like me and you will wanna deek cause your gonna freak hit a peak that you never even dreamed document30002 i always fought to be with you/ and now i have finally caught up too you/ now what am i do / besides romance you/ make you feel like your wanted/ but i don't want you too haunted/ i was lead/ too you/ and there is no one else i would rather be with but you/ all's i need a clue/ so tell me what you want me to do / causei just wanna be with you/ i don't wanna own you/ but its on you/ so please tell me what to do/ i need you / don't you see/ how it could be / jsut you and me/ gee, i am falling for this lady/ and it doesn't feel like me / i never let anyone in/ but now i feel like she is more then just a friend/ and she will never be a trend/ tell me about this thing called love again/ cause it really don't seem blend/ into my mind/ cause there is so many things goin on inside / of this heart of mine/ where did i find the time/ too fall in love with her/ will this love ensure / let alone endure/

cause i really need her / and i wanna marry her/ but how do i tell her / that she's my world/ she makes my mind swirl./ my stomach curl/ wow what a girl/ i never knew it could be like this/ i will always remember our first kiss/ that night i made a wish/ after our fancy dish/ well it was kish/ but i will always remember it/ when we too and sit/ right next too each other/ we didn't even seem to bother/ one another/ we went together like too peas in a pot/ that is why i fought / too keep her around/ i kinda remember talking like a clown/ cause i didn't know what to say/ my words seemed to stumble out of my mouth/ when we were on the couch/ there is no doubt in my mind/ that she is so kind/ and so very fine/ she is the woman i would love to wine and dine/ and have my binded too / i would never tell her too shoo/ oh what am i to do / i am falling in love/ she makes me feel like i am dove/ flying in the clouds up above/ there is nothing else this could be but love/ we should go and hide in a cove/ after we get married / maybe have a little girl and name her terri/ cause you make me feel so marry/ document30003 i don't care that your not or got blonde and have blues / unlike most guys/ i don't care if

your not a tooth pic/or even a little thick/ cause most of those people seem liek they are a bitch/ and they really make you twich/ and i know why they are such a witch/ but your not like them / your totally different/ and i know that you hurt deep down inside/ and you are taking a chance with me/ i can see it in your eyes / i just want you too be you/ i don't want you to wear a disguise/ that i totally despize/ cause then your just full of lies/ and when your like a part of you dies/ why can't guys/ see the beauty that i see inside/ you don't belong in dark of the night/ but in the light/ wait what am i saying you are the light/ that shines so bright/ and i will fight/ just too keep you around/ cause you cheer me up when i am down/ and my head hangs low to the ground/ and i wear a frown/ you always turn it upside down/ your the clown/ that makes me smile. / and takes me out of denile./ i know your just another computer file./ but some so specail./ cause your kettle/ that boils me up/ if i was water in a pot man you are so hot/ you always know where to touch me / that specail spot/ and i know you will never get caught /up in all this worldlyness/ that makes a lot of people hug and kiss/ cause they think they are in love/ and not in lust/ until their water busts/ cause you are more specail then you ever thought/ and you can't be bought/ i like you a whole lot ./ but i try to keep you back/ so that i don't have too worry about my life being attacted./ even though i am attracked to you / and there is nothing that i can do / but run too you / let me give you clue / i love you/ more then you will eever know / your not sore on my big toe/ or a foe/ and i don't have too worry about you cause your as hot as a piece of cole/ you always bring me out of my hole/ you have tooken your tole/ and i know you've heard i love you/ its so old/ but i really mean it / so come on and sit/ right next to me/ cause baby that is where you should be/ right here with me / i don't and won't treat and think of you as a peice of meat/ that i can eat / when i please/ or tease / this is the real me / that not too many people are able to see/ so please come stay with me / i don't want you leave / i wanna spend my nights with you/ there's nothing more i would rather do / i just wanna be with you / girl you know what to do / document30004 i take things to jurassic / my anger stretches around like an elastic/ i aint plastic/ i don't need to act shit/ tell people too let go of it/ cuase they don't know shit/ they never had to do a bit/ or worry about if they fit in/ let alone they next time they are gonna get hit/ this is it / last draw / thats all /

thats it / i aint gonna deal with another fuckin peice of shit/ i'm gonna make youse hate me/ so that you won't except me / and i won't be who you expect me to be/ but be plain old little me / cause i am so free/ gee, my shrinks even said i need more people to help me/ that i never should've been let out of a cage/ cause i am a little to deranged/ they didn't even think i acted my age/ cause i am so full of rage/ an anger youngstera/ why do people think i am a gangstera/ and call me a wangstra/ so many things just occur/ that make my life seem like blur/ when will i be able to buy a woman some fur/ but for now i will just endure/ all of these things/ and spread my wings/ try to sing/ put a big ding/ in the world as i see it / the one i try not to believe in / cause it leads right back to where it always begins not really having any friends but a like that seems like a trend and then comes the big end when you donm't know where you going or who you be known your head just keeps flowin and your girl keeps blown but you are known you'll always keep goin you won't ever stop until your head pops and you decide to flop or yet become a robot you better careful cause you might get shot in the back of a parking lot

document30004 I leave you crying tears into the night/ letting you think about the romance that you dream of/ when your floating in the sky/ making you feel like you are high/ stoned out of your mind/ but at the same time/ the feelings are mutaul / and they constantly take their toll/ with out you i feel like i am in a deep dark whole/ with no way to escape/ out of this place/ that leaves me so full of hate/ but i keep i trying to find a way/ so i can be with you/ cause your more important/ than what you'll ever know/ you take me out of the cold/ and not make me feel so old/ make be bold/ and not alone/ i know i could always call you up on the phone/ you are so fine too me/ i don't care if anyone else see's let aone thinks/ but i've opened my eyes too see the beauty that lays inside/ i just don't care what you look like on the outside;/ but you take me out of this place/ full of its worldy ways/ and decrease/ its almost like i am in a totally different place/ when i am with you/ girl you know what i wanna do / but doesn't involve and sexaul things with you/ i just wanna go too a nice quite place/ where we can spend the best of our dayz/ just me and you / until we get married and have a family too/ your so great too me/ you don't try too change me/ you just except me for me/ where we can look at each other face to face/ without saying anything/

you mean so much too me/ when i am carressed/ and held by you/ it makes me melt/ when you hold me in your arms so tight/ and my legs get weak / even though out the night/ cause i am just thinking about you and i/ as i ly/ in my bed /with these thoughts and things/ running through my head/ waiting for everything to be ok in the end / i can't help but think about being with you time and time again/

document30005 i think about being with you / and sometimes cry / through out the night/ but i just keep going/ i wanna be with you / i have for a while/ but you got a b/f and the relationship is going good for you./ i don't wanna take that away from you/ so there is nothing else for me too do/ but bottle my emotions / that cause me a lot of comition/ its like you slipped me a love position/ and it leads me to this distorion/ so i try not too tourture myself / when it comes too thinking of you / but its so hard for me not to do / its so hard not too think of you/ wonder what you are up too/ how things are going for you / i wonder what it would be like to be with you/ ..and not just for sexaul reasons either/ but for love itself/

but sometimes i feel like i am in stelph mode/ cause i feel like i gotta be so cold / i see something in you that i rarely see/ that drives me crazy/ i see a passion for love/ and i know you want to be loved / and so much more / and my heart just goes out too you/ i wanna help you/ be there for you/ but sometimes i wonder if my feelings go deeper then more then just liking you/ waht i find great about you is that you are you/ your always just being yourself/ document30011 sometimes when i think of you/ father theres nothing more then i want but to be with you/ when i think of the time of that we had shared/ the world seems almost too much to bare /but i know i will see you again/ in my dreams you will always be/ together in the happiest of ways /i can't stop but to think of those days/ then i know everything will be ok its been so long since i have seen you/ i wonder where i would be with out you/ i feel like you left here in the cold/ only to be alone/ why did you have to leave this place/ i just wish i could see your face/ did my love matter/ i couldn't be more madder/ and now my life has been such a disaster/ and i can't stop running faster/ its been 5 years/ and i still got no place to go / i feel like i am getting so old/ watching my body turn cold/ as i see my heart start to decay/ and roat away/ i ly awake and cry in my sleep / cause pain just won't let me rest/ this is really a hard test / these walls are closing in on me/

leaving me with no place to go / i'm so anger and mad at you/ yet i miss you so much/ i wish i could touch / that face of yours/ you had to take yourself away though/ even though i sought you out/ you still turned away and walk about/ i always thought/ that you loved me / that you would never leave me/ but i guess i was wrong/ other wise i wouldn't be trying to write a song/ that is about you/ i feel like there is nothing else i could ever do/ there was nothing as important too me then you/ you were everything to me/ then you just picked up and decided to leave/ i just wanna know what you were thinking/ so i can stop blaming myself/ i know i wasn't the one who put that rope around your thoart/ that made you choke/ or always left you broke/ document30006 i was constantly neglected/ infected by societys ways/ i watch parts of me start too fade away/ and so many things seemed like they were coved with a haze/ life began to seem like a maze/ i knew i was going to see better days/ and they were gonna come my way/ all i had to do / was jsut make it through/ now i am the desease / they all fear/ and makes them cry so many tears/ i can remember the year/ when it all began/ so many people laughed at me / cause i failed a grade/ tehy said iw as stupid/ but now look it / i aint the one in jail/ never even had to see the place/ look into deep dark faces/ and i always tied my laces/ i was never caught/ but i was never taught/ i just did it on my own/ i never acted like another clone/ i was always myself/ cause any other way i jsut wanted to ralph/but those who made fun of me/ never found the key/ so that they could see/ and i don't play the game/ that use to bring me so much fame/and the wrong kind of name/ nor do i point the finger and blame/ but its cause of you'se /that i do what i do/ and i don't feel so down and blue/walk in a good pair of shoes/ who /did you think you were / sir/ or even

miss/ i could make a giant list/ of all of yhou/ but when i think of you i feel so bad/ and mad /cause you just couldn't leave me be/ you just felt like you had to tease/ a poor little white boy/ who really had no good toys/ but could aways make a lot of noise/ i am the poison that you see. right in from you/ go ahead and take a drink/ maybe it will make you think/twice/ don't worry its not from mice / and it won't give you lice/ i am trying to be nice/ and open your eyes/ cause your too blind for me/ i see the way you treat women/ like a piece of meat/ you expect them too kiss your feet/ please / it should be the other way around/ give them the crown/ and you wear the gown/ you really need to know what its like/not want too always fight / and have to be right/ always getting high so you fly higher then a kite/ its really not alright / a woman doesn't deserve a guy like you/ you know what you should do/ loose that attitude/ that makes you so rude/ dude/stop being so crued/ so other guys like you / just be you/ take it from me / the kid you use too love to tease/ document30007 women want a guy loving and caring/ still kinda daring/ that gazes into their eyes / and bring them a surprise but not all the time/ i know even though i don't have one i could all mine/ but when i find one/even then i wil never call her mine/ cause i don't own her/ but i will always give her the time/ of day/ and try to make everything ok/ even when i am old and grey/ i think thats women want these days/ even though i am still kinda weiry / and can't figure out their ways/ but that is ok / with me/ cause i aint trying to be/ a mister know it all/ i just wanna have a ball/ and yeah i do love them all/ and i love too get phone calls/ especail from them/ no matter the time of day/ wheather i am asleep or awake/ and i will never be fake/ but always try too be understanding / as much as i can/ show them that i am a fan/ never give them one last dance/ or cook them up in a frying pan/ cause i got nothing but love for them/ i will always try to be their friend/ when they are in need/ i don't care if they are fat and ugly and have no teeth/ at least/ iam willing to give it a try/ cause too me its thier heart/ that is important to me/ maybe that is the way you should be /or give it a try at least/ they might be pleased/ and its ok when they tease/ they are just trying to have some fun/ and when they are done / look into their eyes / don't depise/what they just did/in the mist of it all ./ tell them you love them / and you wanna be with them/ then give them one last kiss./ before they finally leave to go to bed/ and rest their pretty little heads/ they are the princess and queens of the world/ so when your stomach starts to curl / give your heart a swirl/ and you just might see/ that she is more then a piece of meat/ that she is your queen/ and when you see/ what iam mean / you will finally know/ the way you should've treated the women before document30008 maybe if you just open your eyes too see our love wouldn't be such a mystery

won't you come to a secret place with me where we can forget all things that don't come true where our dreams seem to become reality a place that is filled with lonelyness full of coldness that that freezes you up not allowing love to flow into your heart cause of the feelings around jsut tear you apart and you don't want that i would get down on my knees and ask you to come with me please so we can be one again but the time has not come yet so for now i will ask this of you and maybe it will come true but this is only for you no other woman will i say this too we started out of friends a long time ago and we never made each others lives seem bored some where down the line one of us struck the others cord this aint never happend before just off in a far away dream and yet brings up things that we never dreamed we would see i could never choose another woman after meeting you getting to know you for you and what you do you use to be just a dream that i could barely see you were such a blur and then suddenly all of this started to occur after i gazed into your eyes seen there was nothing about you i could depise and that your heart wasn't full of lies how could i ever denie that i knew you were for me i kinda already what you think but i really look at you as if your my queen the one that causes me too sing about this love in life so please don't turn me away and cut my heart out with a knife

cause i really think you are alright and i will put up a fight if you leave i will be crying into the night missing you for the rest of my life girl you make my life complete yeah it sounds weak and i can really stand on my own to feet but your more then just a peice of meat i can't express my love for you enough and sometimes its so tough thinking you are gonnna leave me here alone out in the cold watching my body grow mold cause its so old i really couldn't live with out you and this i know document30009 i wake up in the morning and i see the sun shining but i sit and wait to see the clouds forming hoping they will start to role in cause it brings a smile to my face and i think of so many ways and its kind hard for me to explain some times i wonder how came back to this place alls i see are the faces but it still makes me feel like i am in outer space i feel like i don't belong to this world cause when i look around and see it it makes me stomache curl I know that i need a referral to get out of this world that i just can't stand and see so many people wearing bands it almost seems like they are all the same in so many different ways sometimes i wonder how i ever make it through the day

cause nothing ever seems to be ok life never goes my way so i sit and stare out the window wish my dreams would come true i really got nothing else better to do cause this world all seems to be stuck to gether with crappy glue i see it falling apart right before my eyes and no matter what i can't disquise the fact that i see so many different things and it always brings a little more pain my way this world is so gay and so many people try to relay the same thing just in different ways but today is a new day filled with more emotions besides love and hate reason to start a new debate and to be fake and its not too late to your life around so that one day you can wear a crown there is so many reason why the clouds bring a smile to my face and maybe you can start to understand when you see the world through my eyes waiting to go to a different place

some times i wonder how i ever got to be with you you opened up my mind and eyes to the light that stood out in the night the one thing that i always figured wasn't right but it made me feel like everything will be alright and you never have left my side I often wonder though if i got to hide all of the feelings i got inside cause i know when i look at you theres something about you that makes me fly

you send me up too the sky make me feel as if i am high leaving me too wondering why how on earth did I get a women like you one that treats me like gold too you are so much more pression to me then the rest of world no matter how much you made my twirl feel like i am going in curcle waiting for a mircle but you really touched my soul then you went away now i don't know what too say when i look at you cause the sky looks so dark and grey making everytthing seem like it will be ok but this is the way you made it all to be at least that is what i believed instead of thinking that it was me and that i couldn't see all's i wanted was our love to exist and i still do even though you left me kinda pissed i didn't even get one final last kiss and that is what i truely miss i even tried to to asist even though you always resisted no matter how much i insisted but i want you too know you are truely missed deep down inside this heart of mine and i know that you were truely kind someone like you is hard to find cause you don't play with peoples minds you just didn't want to give me the time to find this place in the world that is mine yet your heart was so valuable to me but you never even seen how much you meant too me I never even realized it was ok to show some emotion and start a little comotion

up inside of this heart of mine even take a bit of some love poiton instead of living a life full disortion moving too this the worldly motion that will never be as deep as the ocean

document30010 i have dreamed of being with you for so many years and cried so many tears through those years yet i still do cause all i wanna do is be with you too sit and talk to you it just feels so right i don't wanna let you go but let my love flow out too you cause all i wanna do is be with you from the moment i first say you girl i knew i wanted you especailly when i gazed into you eyes i felt like i had died and gone too heaven but i know i aint deserven enough too kiss you good night hold you in my arms so tight yet i still fight too show you the love i got for you on the inside and i can't denie it i just wana sit close too you watch the sun go down cause you turn my frown upside down so go ahead and take a bow you are allowed you plowed me right into the ground you made it so i couldn't even stand up and since then i felt like i am in slump cause i don't have you by my side

only having a craving too curl up too you cause theres nothing else i would rather do but be with you you are so lovely too me you look better then the open sea can't i just have a little peak your really the only thing that i am able too seek right at this very time i will do what evera i have too jsut too be with you and we both know i don't wanna change but i will if i have too just too be with you cause there is nothing i would rather do but show my love too you without you i feel do dark and gloomy its almost like people are booing me and they can't see what you do too me so let me show them just one line will you allow me too be that kind so maybe they can find that one true thing that is so important too them they won't be acting like clowns taking life as a joke teaseiing people cause they are broke and leave the open hearted foke alone insteand of them feeling cold and disowned let me just throw them a bone if only they could hear your sweet voice on the phone they would truely know why i would do anything to be with you cause really thats all i wanna do

document30012 i don't wanna see you in a cell locked up behind some bars and walls

hear about you watching many others walking down the so called halls just waitin too get their hand on you your so small what are you going to do shooooot there aint nothing else that i can do i have turned too every possible way so i don't gotta go out this way and i know its not ok or good for the kids but when it coems right down too it i guess i gotta do my bit cuase societ is pushing me towards it even though i don't like the shit but there are so many other choices and what about the unborn child that your about too have think about them when you are making that choice befor you go and destroy all that you have what would about you dad what would he do if he was this sad and life was treating him bad i really don't know i thought i knew before but i know your right that i really shouldn't go too this fight but i just see no other way things will work out ok i know this is true so don't get all teary eyed and turn blue maybe you should jsut leave me too i aint gonna go away yeah things will be ok but hey at least think about these things before you walk back down this road you know it could only leave you cold

so why are you being so bold when you know what it did too you before i know its hard for you too understand and i try too explain it to you over and over again to try and keep you sane so you don't loose your mind but you don't hear me when i say i will be fine no matter the day or the time and i will come running back to and for you on a drop of dime cause i was meant for you and you were meant for me i remember when we first met it start out with a tease then as we got older you asked me out and used the word please gee's only if you knew what you did too and for me then you would see how much i really care its a lot more then i did before cause are older now so go on and take a bow cause you've become a man and i am huge fan i remember it all too and if it wasn't for you i wouldn't have changed any of my ways things defeantly wouldn't be ok but think of this day that you have the choice to walk away and you aint doin it but you stay here and sit right next too me hopeing and wishing things will be ok and we will both get too walk away safe and sound you are the only woman that i want to wear the crown of love that comes from heart i know this could tear us part

but don't see i aint anothe shark i won't run off like a bat out of hell so go ahead make the wedding plans so we can ring that bell that will be the great sound document30013 someones always trying to get back in the darkness of the night thinking its alright even though i might get my throat slice with a knife cause they need me too fight (chorus) and i think its right but at the same time i know they aint gonna be around when i am down they will ingore the sound that comes out my mouth and then boast sayin they were down i was jsut being stupid and acting like a clown and wear a frown instead of a crown (chorus) they wouldn't even come too my funeral too be see me being barried in the ground you wouldn't even see them a wearing a black gown i have always fought too be in the light my goals and aims are at amazing hieghts and i don't get high so i can fly like a kite (Chorus) but i just might turn my life around and up side down once again just too see aht kind of man i can really be i just feel like i am being used and abused constantly having my heart bruised and i know i sound like i am starting to accuse and it might be a little too soon but hey i could be doomed

then what would i do (chorus) who would be there for me since when did people think i was the key too the way of life sometimes i wonder if i should have lineince too carry a knife and make everything alright yet i still hang on too this twig that keeps me from falling cause i really don't want to start balling (chorus) so i jsut keep callin out too the lord too take me away with his sword like he could've done so many times before cause he is the only that has really struck a cord and the only one i can afford too allow in this heart of mine maybe i shouldn't be so kind but its so hard for me too find the time when this world has me in a bind man i wish i could have a simple mind and a closed off heart that way i wouldn't worry about it being torn apart chorus: life gets cold as i grow old i never thought i would go through this like before and its tearin me apart inside there isn't a way i can comprimise any of my time

Document30015 i sit quit and relax/ but if you look into my eyes/ you can see that i am ready to burst/

let out a gaint power serge/ cause my earge/ and i know this seems a little observe/ but you kinda deserve what you are about too get/ jsut move a little over too the left/ and i bet / there you will find / a bigt peice of my mind/ cause i aint impressed/ you haven't been doing your best/ and i am off too go find another man/ go out and get a tan/ why couldn't you just be a man i'm kinda wild and crazy/ but at least i got some style/ one of my own/ and just too let you know it don't matter if you pick up the phone/ cause you are as useless as a bone/ cause your as foney as can be / and too think/ i even helped you too be/ someone i didn't like/ maybe that is why we always fight/ i can't stand to put up with you for a whole night/ i don't think you can handle me/ we will just have to wait too see/ what you think and believe/ cause i want you too be apart of my dreams/ along wiht a few of my fanstys/ but if you aint for me/ then they will never be/ no matter how hard we try to successed/ at any kind of thing/ so you better be able to bring/ everything i am look for/ and if not before/ we go any farther/ don't even bother/ jsut take and walk on out/ and please don't pout/ especailly out loud/ cause i don't need a crowd../ too know what i do /

so if you gotta cry the boo wooo's ./ go some place and tell someone who / cares / and will sit and cry tears with you/

document30014 you aren't always around jsut too talk / yet your so kind and fine/ i wish i had like you be mine/ but you really wouldn't be mine/ cause then i would be holding you captive/ and that wouldn't help you too be relaxed/ but i will use my word too attack your heart/ cause you really smart/ and a great peice of art/ i wonder what it would be like too be with a woman like you/ let alone if i handle it / i really don't know what i would do/ i guess i would hope you would throw me a shoe/ give me some kind of clue/ what you want me too do/ cause i just wanna be with you/' your so important too me/ but you really don't see/ what you mean too me/ sometimes you even seem like a tease/ and i almost feel like i gotta bag and say please/ but if that is what i gotta do/ to be with you / then that is what i will do / cause i would do anything for you/ and i will prove it too you / even if i gotta live in a shoe/ eat garbage out of the shoot/ after you give me the boot/ but the little time i would get too spend with you would be a hoot/ but this is my Q/ too let you knnow what i would do/ if i was with you/ i would romantices you/

until you turn blue/ feed you and lay with you/ prove that i am worthy too be with you / watch i will show you/ i will bring you to wine and dine/ tell everyone that you aint mine/ but you are with me / even if it only seems like a tease/ and have everyone laugh at me/ for being with you and doing everything that you ask me too / cause i got nothing but love for you /so please now hand me a shoe/ and let me walk out of here/ before i start too shead afew tears/ cause of my fears/ i don't wanna cry in front of my peers/