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Press Release Writing Sample by copywriter and journalist Lindsay Oberst

eFront Expands in Brazil Beyond O$$ice

P !n"estimentos Wit# t#e Opening o$ !ts Sao Paulo

eFront, a leading software provider of solutions for managing alternative investments, is pleased to announce the opening of its Sao Paulo office in Brazil. This is the companys first office in the region and offers first-level support for fund managers, investors and fund administrators. lready, the largest private e!uity firm in "atin merica is an eFront client. The company, #P $nvestimentos, focuses on alternative investments and has a strong presence in asset management. $n %&&', it was the first private e!uity company to go pu(lic in the area. ) (out a year ago, we chose eFront to improve our front-office operations (ecause of the company*s growth, usa(ility and openness to product innovations,+ ,oao ,un!ueira, -F. at #P $nvestments, says. )/ith this new office, $m sure many more will find the company easy-to-use and helpful in (etter managing their alternative investments, as we have. + .livier 0ellen(ach, founder, president and -1. of eFront, says, )This new office will help us provide solutions for the areas growing alternative investment and private e!uity mar2et. .ur software solutions helped streamline and automate the front office operations of #P $nvestimentos, and were confident we can help others, too.+ 3ey product capa(ilities of eFronts solutions4 5 5 5 The centralization of contact information and related documents. The a(ility to view (usiness interactions, such as meetings and tas2s across an entire organization. The a(ility to !uic2ly streamline investor relations, investment opportunities pipeline management and portfolio management.

For more information a(out eFronts management team or its products and services, please visit %bout eFront eFront is a leading software provider of end-to-end solutions dedicated to the financial services industry with a recognized e7pertise in enterprise ris2 management and alternative investments. eFront*s solutions serve more than 89: customers in 8: countries, including companies in the private e!uity, real estate investment, (an2ing and insurance sectors. eFront*s primary product suites, Front$nvest, $nvestment -af;, Pevara, Front-<= and Front1<=, offer tightly integrated solutions for streamlining the management of alternative investments and corporate ris2. Founded in %&&&, eFront services clients worldwide from offices in sia, 1urope, the =iddle 1ast and >orth merica. For more information visit and follow us on "in2ed$n

at www.lin2edin.com6company6efront.

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