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n 2 1B “ Is 16 7 8 1» a 2 23 Py 25 26 7 28 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA October 2012 Grand gury oR No, 12-2128(B) -DMG UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintite, SAMUEL LOPEZ, aka “Dower,” ROBERT HOLGUIN, ‘aka "Robert Olguin,” aka ‘Night Owl,” CARLOS, HERNANDEZ, ‘aka "Oso," RALPH SANTANA, ‘aka "Little Ralph,” aka “Indio,” GEORGE VERA, SR. ‘aka “Rascal,” JOSEPH BLIZARRARAS, ‘aka “Sniper,” ULIAN MERIT, ARVANDO ALVARADO, aka “Rebel, * CORINA CASTELLANOS, ‘aka “Littles, * JOLENE. MONTOYA, ‘aka "Willow,” KARINA VALDEZ, LENA DOKTORCZ¥K, and MARIA VERA, Defendants. ) ) d S.C, § 1962 (a): Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations conspsracy; 21 U.S.C. § 846: Conspiracy to Possess with Intent €o Distribute and to Distribute Methamphetamine; 21 U.5.C. 55 eat (a) (1), B42 (b) (1) (a) twas), ‘941 (b) (2) (B) (viii) + 841 (b) (1) (C) : Posaéasion with intent to Distribuce and Distribution of Methamphetamine; 38.U.S.c. § 922(9) (1): Felon in’ Possession of a Pirearm and Ammunition; 18 U,5.c. § 2 Aiding and’ abetting] 10 u 2 B “ 3 16 ” 18 9 a 2 3 4 25 26 7 28 ‘The Grand Jury charges: GENERAL ALLEGATIONS 2. At all times relevant to thie Indictment, defendants SAMUEL LOPEZ, also known as ("aka") “Downer* (*LOPE2"), ROBERT HOLGUIN, aka "Robert Olguin,” aka ‘Night Owl’ (*HOLGUIN"), CARLOS HERNANDEZ, aka ‘Oso ("HERNANDEZ"), RALPH SANTANA, aka “Little Ralph,” aka *Indio" (*SANTANA"), GEORGE VERA, SR., aka ‘Rascal’ (*G. VERA SR."), JOSEPH ELIZARRARAS, aka “Sniper? (ELIZARRARAS"), JULIAN MERRIT (*MERRIT"), ARMANDO ALVARADO, aka “Rebel” ("ALVARADO"), CORINA CASTELLANOS, aka “Littles (OCASTELLANOS"), JOLENE MONTOYA, aka “Willow (*NONTOYA"), KARINA VALDEZ (*VALDEZ"), LENA DOKTORCZYK (*DOKTORCZYE"), and MARLA VERA (wagA VERA") (collectively *defendante"), and co-conspirators Marcus Vera, aka “Solo” (‘Marcus Vera"), George Vera, aka “Little Rascal” (°C. vera"), ana Ronan Aguayo, aka “Problems (“aguayo*), land others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, were menbers and associates of an organization engaged in, anong other things, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, narcotics trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion, car jacking, and intimidation of witnesses. at all times relevant to this Indictment, this organization, known as the Southside Montebello criminal street gang (che “Southside Montebello gang’), operated in the Central District of california, and elsewhere 2. The Southside Montebello gang is a multi-generational street gang that is believed to have been formed in the 19608. In the mid-1970s, the Southside Montebello gang aligned 2 1] thensetves with an organization known as the ‘Mexican Mafia.” ‘The Mexican Mafia, often referred to as “La Ene’ (derived fron the spanich pronunciation of the letter *s"), is a criminal organization that operates from within the California state prison aystem, the federal prison system, the streets and 2 3 4 5 6| suburbs of large cities throughout southern california, and 7) elsewhere. Members of the Mexican Mafia cone from the ranks of 8] 10cai Souther California street ganga. By controlling the 9) criminal activities occurring within prison facilities, providing (0| protection for imprisoned members and associates of Hispanic 11] gangs, and imposing discipline, often in the form of acts of 12] violence, against both individuals and atreet gangs who fail to 13] adhere to its dizectives, the Mexican Mafia has risen to the 14] position where it now exercises control over the Hispanic street 15] gange of Southern California, including the Southside Montebello 16] sang. ” 3. The Southside Montebello gang claims as its territory 18] portions of the City of Montebello, which is located within the 19| southwestern San Gabriel Valley region of Southern California, 20|| within the Cental District of California. specifically, the 21| southside Montebello gang claims the area of the City of 22) Montebello that has as its boundaries Bluff Road on the east, 23) Mapie Avenue on the west, Olympic Boulevard on the north, and 24| retegraph Road on the south. Menbers of the Southside Montebello 25] gang consider Chet Holifield Fark in the City of Montebello, as 26| weil ae the apartment complexes and residences in the 1200 and 27) 1300 blocks of South Greenwood Avenue and South Spruce street, to 28] be the epicenter of the gang's territory. Members of the gang 3