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Japanese-English Sworn and Authorized Translation Office

In this modern world of globalization many companies have challenged to expand their boundaries and access other
international markets with the desire to gain new customers and new business opportunities. Hence, communication has now
become borderless and is considered a main tool to the further development of business.

In the world of business, Japan plays a key role as a major player in the global business arena and there are many benefits
gained by conducting business with the Japanese market. Japanese is the official language of Japan - the second largest
economy in the world. Although Japanese isn’t spoken in other parts of the world except as a second language, Japan’s
economic strength has brought the Japanese language to the forefront in international business. Based on such a
background it is essential to overcome language barriers when conducting business.

To facilitate this need, "JET" possesses a highly qualified and professional staff of Translators who are experts at translating
languages of Japanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia. Our translation constantly takes YOUR unique needs in to account
and customize our services to achieve your satisfaction. We are committed to assure an excellent translation service that is
above industry standards and guarantee that your needs will be met on time and precisely while maintaining the cost-
effectiveness of the project.

JET is a full-service online translation agency in Jakarta Indonesia. We offer Japanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia
translation services, interpreting services, subtitling service and various documents legalization service for corporative
clients and individuals. All services are offered by a team that consists of experienced translators, proofreaders, and quality
assurance managers with a solid professional background. If you need quality along with competitive rates, you have
reached to the right place!

JET is specialized in the languages of Japanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia. Quality is our top priority - so we may not
always be the cheapest. But our clients definitely get something in return: our quality standard is ten times as strict as the
Indonesian standard. Also, all of our translators are qualified, they only translate into their native languages and they have at
least ten years of translating experience in their fields of expertise. We guarantee top-quality translations. Translations which
you can send to your foreign relations without hesitation.

Our mission at the JET is to aid good communication based on language. This includes translation, interpreting and
conference management, personnel dispatch, planning and production of graphics and multimedia, and various other ways
in which we serve our clients' needs. We understand the value of quality and service of the highest order, and our highly
experienced staff deliver outstanding quality and service in satisfying a broad range of requests in the field of language.

Our experience for around 8 years in this field assures a high quality of translation of any subjects and encourages us to
market our services more globally and shares mutual benefits between us and the clients. By employing a staff of highly
skilled and educated translation specialists in computer and communication technologies, JET avoids errors that might be
made by translators with only language training.

Our staff keep up to date with the translation terminology in these rapidly changing fields. New dictionaries are evaluated,
and purchased if they meet our standards. We also utilize the latest specialized glossaries published on the Internet. And
because your needs are different from those of any other agency, we build and maintain a customized list of terms used in
each client's texts. They come from diverse backgrounds such as business, IT, law, medical, and is able to fully comprehend
a range of different subject fields and related cultural nuances.
As navigating the subtleties of the Japanese Language can certainly be a challenge, our specialized translators can assist
your every Japanese/English translation need.

As the Internet grows in popularity, more users will want to access websites in their native languages. According to a report
by the World Intellectual Property Organization, two-thirds of all Internet users by 2004 will be non-English speakers and will
need translation services.

We also provide interpreting services, both consecutive and simultaneous, in various languages for business dealings,
meetings, company trainings, guides, court hearings, workshop, presentation and any other purposes.

To complete our services, we also provide services for web translation, video subtitling, certification/legalization document
by Notary Public, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies in Indonesia for various purposes such as
overseas study, visa application, permanent residency application, etc. and bilingual web designing service.

Call us now (+62-21) 7059-9511 to speak to our friendly team ! or send an email if you require more information!