Mobile Web 2.

And Monetizing the Mobile Internet
London, UK | 17-18th September 2007 Key Themes
Mobile Web 2.0, or the phenomenon of leveraging mobility and the handset to enhance user’s relationships via web-enabled communities and other two-way interactions, is fast gaining traction with mobile network operators as a way to drive differentiation and enhance user experience. Advances in operating systems, browser technology, and user interface, have enabled high profile Mobile-Web deals, including Vodafone’s agreement with MySpace and Orange’s link-up with Bebo, T-Mobile’s partnership with eBay. With high interest from operators on all continents and increased user data usage, Mobile Web 2.0 is poised to alter the way people interact with their phone and their world. However, fragmentation in devices and systems, combined with questions about user experience and the business models that will effectively monetise Mobile Web 2.0 for operators, have led some to doubt the maturity of Mobile Web 2.0 The current Mobile Web 2.0 is characterised by More and more mobile operators are migrating to flat-rate pricing schemes, including recent announcements by TeliaSonera and Telefonica, enabling full uptake of mobile web services Potential for using location based tagging to enhance user generated content identification, and community networking Development of mobile browsers and widgets to manage the web experience on the the device. Moves towards standardisation and efforts to create a seamless webmobile experience for long tail sites High interest in mobile advertising as a new revenue stream for users and as an effective marketing tool Early adopters already demonstrating the potential for leveraging device features to enable on-the spot blogging In the first European event dedicated exclusively to Mobile Web 2.0, Informa T&M is responding to the emerging questions on how diverse players can capitalise on mobility by hosting a 2-day Mobile Web 2.0 conference in London, the week of September 17th, 2007. Informa Telecoms and Media’s Mobile Web 2.0 and Monetizing the Mobile Internet conference will provide a forum for the leading industry thought leaders from across the globe to discuss the most pertinent strategic and technical issues in the field. The event will build on Informa’s strong conference experience, the expertise of our invaluable advisory board, and market research to produce a truly market-driven conference. More than 20 speakers, over two days, will deliver their knowledge and insight through an

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innovative conference format that will encourage interaction and discussion of the critical issues throughout.

Advisory Board
To help Informa realise this conference, we are consulting our invaluable Advisory Board of those leading the development and innovation in Mobile Web 2,0 Advisory Board members to date are: Ajit Jaokar, FutureText and Co-author of Mobile Web 2.0 Tony Fish, Co-author of Mobile Web 2.0 (TBC) Daniel Appelquist, Vodafone, and W3C Best Practices Working Group Prof. Ed Candy, Technology Director, Hutchison Whampoa Ken Blakeslee, Web Mobility Ventures Tomi Ahonen, 3G Strategy Consultant We are currently looking to expand the advisory board with representatives from the enabling technologies and the internet world. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us directly.

Benefits of Attending
Participating in the conference will enable you to:

1- Interact and discuss critical issues with leading industry figures from

across the Mobile Web 2.0 value chain. 2 3-Understand why mobile network operators are exploring Mobile Web 2.0: who are they and in what markets are they operating?

1- Discover what Mobile Web 2.0 applications—blogging, dating,
communities, and user generated content— are on the market and in development, and examine why operators want them on their network 2 3- Learn from pioneering thought leaders about the future prospects for Mobile 2.0 applications that will drive user adoption

1- Determine business models that will generate revenue for operators while
attracting customers through flat-rate pricing.

1-Investigate what browser and user interface challenges they see to
providing superior user experience.

Event Format
Informa Telecoms and Media produces over 100 specialised telecoms conferences every year, providing timely and relevant business intelligence to established telecoms operators as well as media and web partners looking to capitalise on mobility. Informa conferences have acted as forums for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and technical know-how, as well as providing a valuable opportunity for full value chain interaction in a variety of fields

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The Mobile Web 2.0 and Monetizing the Mobile Internet conference will be the premier opportunity for device, OS and application platform vendors, crossplatform designers and advertising solution providers to meet with mobile operators, internet giants, developers. This event has a unique format, which will make Informa’s tested and professional conference highly accessible to innovative start-ups through developer discounts.


Keynote sessions will occur on each of the three mornings, with established, exciting and innovative players in the sector presenting their MVNO strategies and viewpoints in both presentation and interview form Networking Breaks and social events will also form an integral part of the event, to allow you to interact with you peers in a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere.


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Networking Opportunities

Networking and Meeting System All pre-registered delegates at the Mobile Web 2.0 & Monetizing the Mobile Internet will be given the unique opportunity to access the whole attendee list online 2 weeks prior to the event, during the event and for up to 3 months after the event. Initiate introductions, network and set up meetings with hundreds of participants of your choice, in order to maximise your investment in the event. Ensure you register early enough to take full advantage of this valuable networking tool! Speed Networking A chance to get to know your peers before the start of the conference each morning and help set a relaxed and informal atmosphere! Cocktail Drinks Reception All participants at the Evolving Mobile Partnerships and MVNOs Boston Conference will be invited to join a cocktail drinks reception at the end of day 2. This opportunity will give you the chance to discuss the topics of the day in a more informal environment with other delegates, speakers and sponsors.

Interactive round table discussions Interactive sessions where all delegates and speakers are encourages to speak up, facilitating name recognition and increased networking opportunities post session Online Conference Blog A before the event forum where you can meet virtually and get to know each other before meeting in person, and update your entries via the mobile while at the conference!

Rosalind Piggot Conference Researcher, Strategies and Markets Informa Telecoms and Media Email:

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Conference Workshops
Pre and post conference workshops will form an integral part of the Mobile Web 2.0 and Monetizing the Mobile Internet Conference. Successful workshop titles may include:


‘How to encourage websites to take their portal mobile’ ‘Scripting for web and mobile’ ‘How to work with application developers’ ‘Leveraging the advertising potential of Mobile Web 2.0’ ‘Providing customer support to Mobile Web 2.0 users’

If you would like to develop any of these ideas further, or if you have new ideas for prospective workshops at the event, please contact: Rosalind Piggot, Conference Researcher, Strategies and Markets +44 (0)207 017 5240

Expected Audience
We are expecting 100+ delegates from the following backgrounds: Vice Presidents, Senior Directors, Heads of Department and Managers of:  Service Discovery ,Business Development, Global Development, Product Management, Emerging Products, Business Development and Marketing, Marketing, Channel Marketing, Strategy, Technology Strategy, Strategic Partnerships, Strategy and Planning, Wireless Services, Services, Operations, Sales, User Experience, User Interface, i-mode, Multimedia, 3rd Party Services, Portal revenue, Research Company  Web Communities and Bloggers that drive the growth of Web 2.0 and will contribute to mobilising user generated content and social network activity  Search Engines that have successfully utilised advertisement to generate new revenue and that will enable effective sharing of Mobile Web 2.0 generated content  Mobile Operators that are already partnering with web communities, offering open-access to the web, and those exploring user experience options  Device Manufacturers enabling use of the mobile web by providing key advances in battery life and integrated features  Browsers that make Mobile Web 2.0 possible by providing access to the internet  Operating systems vendors that partner with operators, device makers and web communities to enable partnerships preference high user experience quality  Application Developers who are creating Mobile Web 2.0 applications leveraging remote access and mobile device


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 

capabilities that mobile operators will use to differentiate and drive uptake Advertising Companies bringing revenue solutions for mobile operators Cross-platform enablers and consultants that enable websites and content providers to leverage mobile

Geographical Breakdown  Europe - 50%  Asia Pacific- 12%  North America – 15%  Middle East – 10%  Rest Of World – 13%

Who attended Informa Telecom and Media Mobile Web 2.0 related events?
Vodafone, TeleSonera, Helio, MoBlog, MySpace, MyStrands, Three, Google, Yahoo, Orange, Mozilla, Opera, Cosmote, France Telecom, Symbian, Sony Ericsson, Verizon, Eyeka, ChangingWorlds, Tapuz Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, Universal Mobile, Telenor, Turkcell, i-mode, BSkyB, Panasonic, NTT DoCoMo, Magyar Telekom, T-Mobile, Widsets, PlusMo, Loopt, AdMob, Sun Microsystems, dotMobi, FT, Ask, Flirtomatic, Entriq, Nokia, Palm, Trolltech, Sprint Nextel, Cingular, OMTP, Research in Motion, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Qualcomm, Shozu, BBC, AOL, WeeWorld, Sony Pictures, Openwave, Cyworld, M6 Networks, MTV, Coca Cola, 02, MTV Mobile

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Projected Attendance by Sector*

Operator 27% Internet Company/ Search Engine 15% OS/ Browser 15% Handset Manufacturer 9%

Application Developer/ Web 2.0 Developer 18% Blogger/ Consultant/ Press 11% Ad Companies 6% Other 4%

Projected Senior Level Attendance*

CxO, Board Level and VP 45% Marketing/Sales 8%

Project/ Product Manager 25% Technical 7%

Analyst/ Consultant/ Journalist 15%

* indicates projections based on previous Informa Mobile Communities and User Generated Content (2006) Mobile Search (2006 and 2007) and Mobile Application Platforms and Operating Systems Conferences (2005 and 2006)

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Event Background
The Mobile Web 2.0 Conference is the 1st event in Informa Telecoms and Media’s in Europe to dedicate itself exclusively to enabling and monetising Mobile Web 2.0. Related past events include: Mobile Search and Discovery- London, January 2006 MAPOS – London, September 2006 Mobile Search and Discovery- London, September 2006 Mobile Communities and User Generated Content– London, November 2006 Mobile Search and Off Portal – London, April 2007

Mobile Search • ‘Excellent Opportunity to examining the relevance of this emerging trend for our content technologies’ (M.W. T-Mobile International) 2006 • ‘The confer3nce addressed cutting edge issues for mobile carriers and content providers’ ( Fast Search and Transfer) 2006 • ‘A thought provoking event and a welcome addition to the conference schedule’ (Mobile Commerce) 2006 Mobile Communities and User Generated Content– London, November 2006 • ‘An invaluable source of market intelligence and learning, a genuine networking opportunity’ (GW Primedia Ltd) • ‘A good start to an unknown area’ (SA Turkcell) Mobile Application Platforms and Operating Systems events – • ‘High-calibre of attendees- everyone I met added real value’ (DW, Symbian) 2005 • ‘Great Crowd—First time, glad I came, now wondering how to put the group topics into action’ (R.K. Intrinsyc) 2006 Mobile Press:

• • •

“…[C]arriers/operators are now linking their brand name to web 2.0/mobile 2.0 related content…” (Guest author, “Understanding Mobile 2.0” blog on Read/WriteWeb “Mobile is going to be the next big internet phenomenon. It holds the key to greater access for everyone – with all the benefits that entails.” Eric Scmidt, CEO Google in FT afticle “ Let more of the world access the internet” March 2006

“The social networking phenomenon is leaving the confines of the personal computer. Powerful new mobile devices are allowing people to send round-the-clock updates about their vacations, their moods or their latest haircut.” (B. Stone and M. Richtel, New York Times, April 30. 2007)
“As 2006 winds down, Mobile Web 2.0 winds up to punch its way into prominence next year and beyond.” (Judy Breck “Mobile Web 2.0 on little cat feet.” Smart Mobs "Mobile 2.0 is not "the Future." it is services that already exist all around us. These services are maturing at an amazing rate and what they are doing is effectively knitting together Web 2.0 with the mobile platform to create something new: a

• •

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new class of services that leverage mobility but are as easy to use and ubiquitous as the Web is today. These services point the way forward for the mobile data industry." Daniel Appelquist, Dan’s Blog (2.0)

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About Informa Telecoms and Media
Informa Telecoms & Media is the leading provider of business intelligence to global telecoms and media markets. Our aim is to provide actionable, strategic advice and forecasting on all aspects of converging mobile, fixed, entertainment and IT markets. Driven by constant first-hand contact with the industry our team of analysts and researchers produce over 300 annual events and intelligence services including news and analytical products, in-depth market reports and data sets We benefit from outstanding people, including 100+ analysts, researchers and journalists across 14 countries. Our customers include major blue-chip vendors, operators, and regulators in addition to key players from the financial and content communities. We are proud of the role we play in bringing the industry together and keeping 100,000 individuals better informed.

For more information on Mobile Web 2.0 and Monetizing the Mobile Internet, please contact:
For programme content and speaking opportunities: Rosalind Piggot, Conference Researcher, Strategies and Markets Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5240 For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities: Elizabeth Carter, Portfolio Sales Associate Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5829 For marketing opportunities and registration: Kate Lewis, Marketing Manager, Strategies and Markets Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5753

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