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St. Clement’s circa 1979 photo by Mary Clark POETRY READINGS & PERFORMANCES 1978 to 1983 (along with some of the Theater at St. Clement’s productions) The Poetry Festival was founded by Richard Spiegel, directed by Richard Spiegel until Spring 1979, and then directed by Mary Clark 1979 to 1983 with the assistance of Hal Sirowitz, Kathyrn Nocerino and Sheri Sussman 1978 Theater at St. Clement’s - “Of Men and Of Angels” two one-act plays by Martin Halpern, directed by Paul Austin April 17 - Susan Axelrod, Linda Stern, Kathryn Cullen DuPont, Keelin Curran, and Amy Roth Theater at St. Clement’s - “Voices” by Susan Griffin, directed by Estelle Parsons April 22 - Liturgy Post Easter Worship Event Paddy Chayevsky’s “Gideon,” directed by Ann Folke Wells May 1 - “Ordinary Women Poets” - Nina Silver and Isabel Martin, poets, in audience May 8 - “Travellers” by Ilsa Gilbert and Jim Green, chamber theater, musical director Skip Kennon, directed by Maurice Edwards

April or May - Bob Heman, poet and publisher of Clown War Theater at St. Clement’s May 17 Ira Lewis’ play “Every Place Is Newark” May 22 - Ted Berrigan June 12 - Dramatic Reading of “Redman Is Redman’s Mommy” by Fritz Hamilton & Ellie George June 19 - New Scribes June 26 - Open Reading July 3 - Kim Chi Ha, South Korean Poet in prison, work of read by Isabel Martin & others July 10 - Bill Packard & Friends, Chamber Theater, William Packard July 17 - Paul Johnston “PJ” Bohemian artist and writer reading his “word work” on his 79th birthday (PJ is the subject of Mary Clark’s book Tally: An Intuitive Life, All Things That Matter Press 2013) July 24 - East River Review, readers included Daniel M.J. Stokes, editor July 31 - Open Reading - Richard Rees, Michael Ponder, Barbara Holland, Isabel Martin, Leah Gilliard, Magdalena Gomez, recorded by WBAI August 6 - Hiroshima Day - New Interpretation of The Odyssey August 14 - Michael Ponder & Mary Grace - Tales, Poems, Music August 21 - Ko Won (Won Ko), South Korean Poet September 11 (1978 or 1979?) - “An Evening of (Mostly) New York Poets,” the Sunday Brunch Company October 9 - Leah Gilliard End of October - probably Open Reading November 6 - Donald Lev November - Reading of “Ty Cobb,” a play by William Packard December - “Trinity,” a play by Harry Smith

1979 January 15 - Michael Braude & Bernard Livingston January 22 - “Barbara Holland In Concert” January 29 - Open Reading February 5 - East River Review, Daniel M.J. Stokes, sponsored by Poets & Writers February 12 or 18 - “Lyrics and Letters of Edna St. Vincent Millay” with actors Jon Imparato and Elissa Napolin Theater at St. Clement’s February 15 March 4 - “A Barbershop In Pittsburgh” by Jasper Oddo February 19 - “Spoon River Anthology” dramatic reading March 5 - Rose Lesniak & others, Out There Press, sponsored by Poets & Writers March 12 - “Four Quartets” by T. S. Eliot, performed by Jim Curran (may have been postponed to May 14) March 19 - “Nightcoil,” a play by Jeff Jones, dramatic reading March 26 - Open Reading - Ilsa Gilbert, Karl Kulokowski, Shel Horowitz April 2 - Contact/II benefit reading? Maurice Kenny, Josh Gosciak & others April 9 - “Quicksilver Messenger Service,” by Edmond Chibeau Good Friday Service with Raul Julia & cast of “Dracula,” Tally Brown and others April 16 - Rochelle Ratner, “Tellings,” chamber theater directed by Barbara Fisher April 23 - Margot da Silva, Shirley Powell & Jack Ramey April 30 - Open Reading May 7 - Jana Harris, film and poetry by Alexis Krasilovsky May 14 - “Four Quartets” performed by Jim Curran at 8 p.m.; Gegenschein Review party, 9 p.m. May 21 - Mark Nepo, Barbara Winder and Russ Williams

May 28 - Memorial Day reading for James Ryan Morris June 4 - Freshtones anthology reading and book party June 11 performance of e e cummings poetry postponed Rest of June not yet reconstructed July - Kurtis Lamkin and Regina Williams, Metamorphosis Writing Collective “Summer Poetry Festival” July/August 1979 Productions: “Colosseum” by William Packard, directed by Martin Donegan - July 27 “Four Quartets,” performed by Jim Curran - July 28 Shakespeare’s Sonnets - July 29 Midsummer Clyde, performing the work of Diane Ackerman, Emily Dickinson, Barbara Holland, Ulf Goebel, Sappho and Shakespeare among others - August 3 - 4 “Divining Crystals” performed by the White Mask Players, directed by Doloris Holmes - August 5 -6 St. Marks Poets Theater, including “Clear The Range” by Ted Berrigan, directed by Bob Holman - August 9, 10, 11 “Eliot Among The Nightingales,” performed by the Sunday Brunch Co. - August 12- 13 “Zelda,” play by Kaye McDonough - August 16, 17, 18 “Damn Everything but the Circus,” e e cummings poetry with music & dance - August 19, 20, 21, 1979 September - first week, Encore presentation of “Damn Everything but the Circus” Rest of month yet to be reconstructed End of month - probably Open Reading October 15 - Rose Drachler and Janet Bloom November 5 - Home Planet News Marathon Reading, Donald Lev & Enid Dame, publishers, readers included: Don Lev, Enid Dame, RobertOh Faber, John Burnett Payne, Shirley Powell, Daniela Gioseffi, Virginia Scott, Joel Lewis, David Gershator, William Packard, Roberta Gould, Ed Butscher, Stanley Barkan, Marjorie Finnell, Layle Silbert, Zack Rogow, Vincent Corvaia, Steve and Gloria Tropp, Shelley Messing, Susan Kronenberg, Linda Gutterman, Arlene Goldberg, Boruk Glasgow, Eunice Wolfgram, James C. Story, Richard Davidson, Alison Colbert, Lehman Weichselbaum, Phyllis Stern, Robert Kramer, Fred Bauman. November 12 - Russell Marano, “Poems from a Mountain Ghetto,” read by the author & Ann Folke Wells

End of November - probably Open Reading circa December 3 - Mideastern Poetry, with poet and translators Mirene Ghossein, translator Minoo Southgate, reading in English by Joe Santore and Ferda Calis December 17 - Kurt Lamkin and Regina Williams, followed by Christmas Party at 9 p.m. 1980 January 21- Margot da Silva, Nancy Ancrom, Joel Seltzer and Ilsa Gilbert January 28 - Jean Sirius, Edmund Pennant, Shel Horowitz, Open Reading February 4 - Carol Polcovar, Tiresias Press, publication reading February 11 - Virginia Scott & Zoe Anglesey, Sunbury Press publication party for Fay Chiang’s book February 18- Elaine Kraf, book published by New Directions; Zoe Anglesey introduces her new workshop at St. C’s (Hell’s Kitchen Workshop, Thursdays 7 p.m.) February 25 - Joan Larkin, Out & Out Books, publication reading March 3 - Ronnie Wathen, Irish poet and piper, performed his poetry and part of Finnegan’s Wake Theater at St. Clement’s - “Easy Money” March 10 & 17 - Edna St. Vincent Millay program, maybe rescheduled to April (21?) - “The Phrase In Air: Edna St. Vincent Millay,” performed by Roselee Blooston March 24 - Open Reading, Virginia Terris March 31 - Muriel Rukeyser Memorial Reading, scheduled readers: Barbara Holland, Leonard Lamb, Myrna Lamb, Judith Johnson Sherwin, Grace Shulman, Richard Spiegel, Gerald Stern & others April 14 - Spanish Civil War Veterans Poetry with Abraham Lincoln Brigade April 21 - “The Phrase in Air”? April 28 - Jean Baur, Susan Fawcett, Open Reading May 7 - Wednesday - Janet Bloom & Tess Gallagher Janet Bloom workshops on the poetry of Tess Gallagher, Tuesdays 7:30 p.m.

May 19 - Open Reading June 2 - ? June 9 - Milton Mbembe Smith, Open Reading June 23 - Robert Prochaska, Open Reading July yet to be reconstructed “Summer Poetry Festival” August 1980 Productions: Poetry Performance Troupe, affiliated with St. Marks Poetry Project, directed by Rose Lesniak August 1, 2, 3 “Paterson” by W. C. Williams, performance by Sunday Brunch Co. - August 7 - 8, 1980 “Four Quartets” by T.S. Eliot, performed by Jim Curran - August 9 - 10, 1980 “The Phrase In Air: Edna St. Vincent Millay,” Roselee Blooston - August 15, 16, 17 “This Living Hand, A Visitation by John Keats,” performed by Mark Stevenson - August 21, 22, 23 November 3 - “Fashions in Poetry: Important but Forgotten Women Poets,” with Virginia Stevens, Alicia Ostriker, Louise Bernikow, Virginia Scott November 10 - Home Planet News Benefit, readers included: Eric Baizer, Stanley Barkan, Sidney Bernard, Enid Dame, Cornelius Eady, Marjorie Finnell, Roberta Gould, Don Lev, Barbara Holland, Richard Spiegel, Dan Stokes, Steve & Gloria Tropp late November or early December - Modern Yiddish Women Poets Circa December 9 - December 13 - Women’s Salon with Mira Rothenberg, Valerie Miner, Open Reading 1981 February 2 - “Raise the Roof” benefit for St. Clement’s Church with Eve Merriam, Kurt Lamkin, Regina Williams and Kathryn Nocerino Rest of February and early March not yet reconstructed Late Feb or early March? - Andrew Glaze March 16 - William Packard March 23 - Vincent Ferrini and Edward Kaplan

April Theater at St. Clement’s “Escoffier: King of Chefs” April 20 - Central Park magazine’s first issue May 4 - Robert Peters & Carolyn Stoloff Poetry Therapy workshop - started May 1981 Theater at St. Clement’s “Battery,” directed by George Ferencz June 8 - Center magazine Benefit, Carol Bergé, Michael Lally, Michael Andre, Bill Higginson, Susan Sherman, (Frank Murphy?), Jana Harris, (Harry Lewis?) & others June 15 - Box 749 Benefit, David and Mary Ferguson Circa June 22-26 - Jack Hirschman, Tuli Kupferberg July 27 - probably Open Reading “Summer Poetry Festival” August 1981 Judith Gorman Jacobs & Eleanor Wilner - Fri, August 7 Barbara Holland - August 8 Miguel Hernandez’s poetry, translated by James Hennessy - afternoon, Sunday, August 9 August 28, 29 - “Irrevocably Yours,” poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, with actors Jon Imparato & Elissa Napolin Barbara Holland workshop - started August 6 September 1981 - Erick Hawkins Dance Company upstairs September 11-13 - a program on Emily Dickinson September 14 - Robin Morgan September ? Maurice Kenny, Contact/II, Native American Poets/Third World Poets? October 5 - Hudson Review Benefit, Frederick Morgan, introducing Dana Gioia, Emily Grosholz Upstairs rental: “2 by South,” one act plays by Frank South, directed by Robert Altman

October 12 - Laura Boss and others from LIPS magazine October 18 - “Afternoon for Argentina,” Sunday afternoon October 19 - Four Feminist Poets: Jana Harris, Jeanne Lance, Jelena Jevremov, Frances Jaffer November 2 - Slow Motion Poetry Collective with Kip Zegers, Mark Zuss, Zack Rogow, Mary J. Sullivan November 9 - no program listed in PoCal November 16 - Joel Oppenheimer and Vincent Ferrini November 23 - Benefit Reading for the Poetry Calendar, Robert Hershon, Donna Brook and Brenda Connor-Bey November 29 - Central Park magazine and Open Reading November 30 - Toi Derricotte, Philip Mahony, Open Reading December 7 - Kenneth Pitchford, reading his translations of Rilke and his own poetry December 14 - Judith Johnson Sherwin December 20 - Friends of Walt Whitman Society, reading & discussion, poet Lawrence Homer, 2 short verse plays, Sunday 3 p.m. December 21 - Kathryn Nocerino and Cornelius Eady December 27 - “Cultural Festival for World Peace” with Indian dancer Salya Charka, Mideastern dancer Jini Flowers, and poets George Bailin and R.M. Mishra, paintings by Radha Krishnan, miniature fair, Sunday 3 p.m., $2 December 29 - Warren Woessner and Charlie Mosler? 1982 January 4 - Low Tech Press Benefit, editor Ron Kolm, Max Blagg, Tuli Kupferberg, Hal Sirowitz, John Yau, Richard Kostelanetz and others Upstairs: Rehearsal of “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean,” starring Cher, Karen Black and Sandy Dennis, directed by Robert Altman

January 10 - Luis Rivera, Shamal Books Benefit, 3: 30 p.m. January 11 - Hugh Seidman January 18 - Siv Cedering January 25 - Open Reading, Eliot Schein andJames Yates February 1? - “A Call for an Impartial Panel,” re: NEA and New York State Council on the Arts funding practices Theater at St. Clement’s - “Philistines” Kenneth Pitchford Workshop - February 2 to March 9, 1982 March 8 - Ilsa Gilbert & Maxine McCants March 15 - Laura Boss, Warren Woessner, Maria Gillan, Lois Van Houten, Juanita Tobin Theater at St. Clement’s - March 16 April 1 - “Nightcoil” by Jeff Jones March 21 - Walt Whitman celebration, 4 p.m. March 29 - Michael Rosenblum & Sheldon Biber Neighborhood Documentation/Hell’s Kitchen Workshop with Joe Doyle - Tuesday eves Theater at St. Clement’s “Chieftains” by James Childs April 5 - Joan Larkin, poet and publisher/editor of Out & Out Books NY Small Press Book Fair - April 10 &11 April 12 or 13 - Colette Inez Barbara Holland workshop, Thursday eves, $1 April 17, 18 and 24 & 25 - Edna St. Vincent Millay - “Irrevocably Yours” with actors Jon Imparato and Elissa Napolin April 19 - Robert Peters & Felice Picano, book party May 3 - Helen Review, third birthday party and benefit for Brooklyn-based magazine, scheduled readers: Gerard Malanga, Robin Morgan, Kenneth Pitchford, Quincy Troupe, Paul Zaloom &

Jana Harris May 17 - Home Planet News Benefit, Don Lev and Enid Dame, publishers and editors May 24 - Smoke Signals magazine, Mike Golden and others - reading turtle race & other activities, upstairs space Sunday programs coordinated with Vicar Martha Blacklock, probably “Poems on the End of the World,” and June Anderson, dancer , with poet Paul Zaloom, among them June 28 - reading July 11- Paul Zaloom August - no Summer Poetry Festival September 13 - Virginia Scott Kenneth Pitchford and Barbara Holland workshops begin September 18 - Bookstore opening, Kathy Nocerino and others, Sunday “Poppie Nongena” South African musical upstairs September 25 - “Commedia Del’Arte” Sunday evening Circa/before October 3 - Poems by Walt Whitman & T. S. Eliot, performed by Jim Curran October - Jan Castro Enid Dame’s Workshop Theater at St. Clement’s “The Wake of Jamey Foster” with Holly Hunter & Belina Moreno October 25 - “Save Poetry at St. Clement’s” benefit with Robin Morgan, Yvonne, Helen Adam, Colette Inez, Joan Larkin, and Honor Moore November 8 - Another LIPS reading? Laura Boss, Warren Woessner, Michael Andre, Nick Kolumban? Possible readings on November 22 and November 29 December 6 - Benefit for the Poetry Festival

Events in my diary for December 12 and 13, but no specific information 1983 Linda Mussman’s theater troupe in late 1982 or early 1983 January and February not yet reconstructed March 7 - “Rock’n’Poetry,” Poetry Festival Benefit with Allen Ginsberg, Marilyn Hacker, Amiri Baraka, Spalding Gray, Alice Notley, & Fred’s Band March 14 - 13th Moon Series begins with Bertha Harris and Sharon Olds March 21 - Enid Dame and Irena Klepfisz March 28 - Mia Albright and Women In Theater April 4 - Smoke Signals magazine benefit April 11 - 13th Moon Series: Yvonne and Michelle Cliff April 18 - Ted Berrigan and Tom Savage April 25 - Benefit for The Public Press May not yet reconstructed

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