al-Ømb kn\n-a-Ifn-eqsS Hcp bm{X

]m≥-kv em-_v-dn-¥v

hnP-b-Ip-am¿ ªmØq¿

sa-Iv-kn-t°m & kv-s]-bn≥/kv-]m-\n-jv/35 Fw.Fw. /I-f¿/120 an-\p-´v/2006
kw-hn-[m-\w: Kp-√n¿-tam sZ¬ sSm-tdm


- Øp-]-{¥-≠p h-b- p-{]m-b-ap≈
H-cp s]¨-Ip-´n-bm-Wv H-^o-en-b. A-hfp-sS A-—≥ H-cp ssS-ed- m-bn-cp-∂p. kv]m-\n-jv B-`y-¥c- b
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- v A-t±lw sIm-√s- ∏-´p. A-Ω am-{X-am-Wh
- ƒ°p-≈X
- v. I-Y-I-fm-W-h-fp-sS tem-Iw.

\m-tSm-Sn-°-Y-I-fp-sS hn-kv-a-b-tem-Iw.
1944 sa-bv-am-k-am-Wv Cu kn-\n-a-bnse Im-e-L-´w. kv-s]-bn-\n¬ {^m-t¶mbp-sS ^m-kn-Ãv `-c-Ww. H-fn-t∏m-cm-fn-Iƒ
]-´m-f-hp-am-bn I-Sp-Ø sN-dp-Øp-\n¬-∏nem-Wv. Im-Sp-I-fn¬ kw-Lw tN¿-∂v K-dn√m B-{I-a-W-߃ A-h¿ \-S-Øp-∂p-≠v.
Pqsse 2009


h-S-°≥ A-Xn¿-Øn-bn-se ]¿-Δ-X {]tZ-i-Øn-s‚ Xm-gv-h-c-bn-se {Km-a-Øn-se
]-´m-f Hu-´v-t]m-Ãn-se Iym-]v-‰-\m-Wv
I¿-°-i-°m-c-\pw {Iq-c-\p-am-b hn-Um¬.
]-g-b H-cp an-√m-Wv C-t∏mƒ ]-´m-f Iymºm-°n am-‰n-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. H-^o-en-b-bpsS A-Ω-sb A-Sp-Ø-Im-e-Øm-bn Abmƒ hn-hm-lw sN-bv-Xn-´p-≠v. K¿-`n-Wnbpw A-kp-J-°m-cn-bp-am-b A-Ω-tbmsSm-∏w ]-´m-f A-I-º-Sn-tbm-sS Zo¿-Lbm-{X-sN-bv-Xv A-h¿ Iym-ºn-te-°v hcp-∂ C-S-Øm-Wv kn-\n-a B-cw-`n-°p-∂Xv. H-^o-en-b I-øn¬ I-cp-Xn-b X-s‚
C-jv-S-]p-kv-X-I-ß-fp-sS Iq-sS X-s∂-bmWv bm-{X-bn-epw.
bm-{Xbv-°n-S-bn¬ H-cp Np-≈n-{]mWn-sb A-hƒ Im-Wp-∂p-≠v. A-Xv Ah-sf ]n≥-Xp-S¿-∂v Iym-tºm-fw h-cp-∂p-

32 imkv{X-tI-cfw

≠v. c-≠m-\-—-s\ A-hƒ-°v C-jv-S-am-bn√. Iym-ºn-se G-Im-¥-X-bn¬ A-hƒ°v B-sI-bp-≠m-bn-cp-∂ Iq-´v ]-cn-Nmcn-I-bm-b sa¿-kn-U-kv am-{X-am-Wv.
H-^oen-b-bp-sS tem-e-hpw Im-ev-]\n-I-hp-am-b kz-]v-\-tem-I-Øv \n-∂ XnI-®pw hy-Xy-kv-X-am-Wv ]p-d-sØ bmYm¿-∞yw. dn-∏-ªn-°≥ t]m-cm-fn-I-sf
\n-jvTq-c-am-bm-Wv hn-Um¬ ssI-Im-cyw
sN-øp-∂-Xv. C-Xn-\n-S-bn¬ \n-c-]-cm-[nI-fm-b {Km-ao-W-sc-bpw kw-i-bn-®v tNmZyw sN-bv-Xv {Iq-c-am-bn sIm-e-s∏-Sp-Øp∂p-≠v. Im-´n-se t]m-cm-fn-Iƒ-°v `-£W-hpw, a-cp-∂pw, B-bp-[-ß-fpw, hn-h-cß-fpw e-`y-am-°p-∂ F-√m h-gn-If- pw AS-®v A-h-sc ]p-I-®v ]p-d-Øv Nm-Sn-°m\p-≈ {i-aØ
- n-em-Wv Iym-]‰v- ≥ hn-Um¬.
Iym-]v-‰-s‚ ]-cn-Nm-cn-I-bm-b sa¿kn-U-kpw tUm-Iv-‰-dpw t]m-cm-fn-Iƒs°m-∏-am-sW-∂ c-l-kyw H-^o-en-b a\- n-em-°p-∂p-≠v. a-cp-∂pw, tÃm¿-ap-dnbp-sS Xm-t°m-epw, hn-h-c-ß-fp-sam-s°

c-l-ky-am-bn sa¿-kn-U-kv Im-´n¬ FØn-°p-∂p-≠v. K-dn-√-Iƒ-s°m-∏w A-hcp-sS k-tlm-Z-c-\p-ap-≠v. ssh-In-bm-sW¶n-epw c-l-kyw a-\- n-em-°n-b hnUm¬ tUm-Iv-‰-sd sh-Sn-sh-®v sIm-√p∂p. sa¿-kn-U-kn-s\ ]o-Un-∏n-®v sIm√m≥ {i-an-°p-∂-Xn-\n-S-bn¬ X-s‚ ssIbn-se I-dn-°-Øn-sIm-≠v Iym-]v-‰-s\ apdn-th¬-∏n-®v sa¿-kn-U-kv Im-´n-te-°v
c£-s∏-Sp-∂p. ]-´m-fw ]n≥-Xp-S¿-∂v ]nSn-Iq-Sn-sb-¶n-epw H-fn-t∏m-cm-fn-Iƒ ]-´mf-°m-sc ap-gp-h≥ sIm-∂v A-h-sc c-£s∏-Sp-Øp-∂p.
b-Ym¿-∞ Po-hn-X-Øn-se Cu kw`-h-߃-°v k-am-¥-c-am-bn H-^o-en-b-°v
am-{Xw A-\p-`-h-s∏-Sp-∂ th-sdm-cp I-Ybpw kn-\n-a-bn-ep-≠v. H-^o-en-b-bp-sS k¶¬-]-߃ am-{X-am-tWm b-Ym¿-∞-amtWm F-∂v kn-\n-a-bn¬ ]-d-bp-∂n-√.
- Y
- m-]m-{X-ßf- pw b-Ym¿-∞ Pohn-X-hpw C-S-°n-sS Iq-Sn-°p-gbp-∂p-≠v.
]-´m-f-Iym-ºn¬ F-Øn-b D-S-s\-X-

al-Ømb kn\n-a-Ifn-eqsS Hcp bm{X
s∂ ˛ X-s∂ ]n≥-Xp-S¿-∂ Np-≈n-{]m-Wn-s°m-∏w H-^o-enb Im-Sp-aq-Sn-°n-S-∂ ]u-cm-Wn-I-am-b H-cp em-_v-dn-¥n¬ FØp-∂q-≠v. (A-I-Øp-I-S-∂m¬ ]p-d-Øn-d-ßm-\m-hm-Ø-hn[w h-gn-sX-‰n-°p-∂ \n-c-h-[n I¬-s°-´p-Iƒ \n-d-™ cmh-W≥ tIm-´-I-fm-Wv em-_v-dn-¥v) tKm-Øn-Iv am-Xr-I-bn-ep≈ A-Xn-s‚ I-hm-S-Øn-\-Sp-Øp-sh-®m-Wv sa¿-kn-U-kv Ah-sf B-Zyw I-≠p-ap-´p-∂-Xv. cm-{Xn-bn¬ X-\n-®n-cp-∂v X-s‚
C-jv-S \m-tSm-Sn-°-Y-Iƒ hm-bn-°p-∂-Xn-\n-S-bn¬ ho-≠pw
B Np-≈n-{]m-Wn A-h-fp-sS A-cn-In-se-Øp-∂p. Nn-d-Ip-Ifp-≈ H-cp am-em-J-Øp-ºn-bm-bn am-dn A-h-sf-bpw Iq-´n em_v-dn-¥n-se-Øp-∂p. em-_v-dn-¥n-s‚ a-≤y-Øn-se I¬-s°´p-Iƒ C-d-ßn-sb-Øp-∂ In-W-dn-\p-≈n¬ hn-Nn-{X cq-]n-bmb H-cp th-Xm-f-ap-≠v. a-\p-jy-P-∑w e-`n-®p-t]m-b tam-˛-A∂ cm-P-Ip-am-cn-bm-Wv H-^o-en-b F-∂v B th-Xm-fw A-htfm-Sv ]-d-bp-∂p. ]m-Xm-f tem-I-Øn-se cm-Pm-hm-b A-h-fpsS A-—≥ A-\-iz-c-X-bp-sS tem-I-tØ-°v A-hƒ Xn-cn-®p
h-cp-∂-Xpw Im-Øn-cn-°p-I-bm-sW-∂ hn-h-c-hpw A-hƒ ]-dbp-∂p. B-flm-hn-s‚ ]-hn-{X-X sX-fn-bn-°m-\m-bn aq-∂v ]co-£-W-߃ hn-P-bn-°-W-sa-∂pw-˛-]u¿-Æa- n-°p ap-ºv Ah hn-Pb
- n-°m-\m-bn-s√-¶n¬ F-∂t- ∂-°p-am-bn A-hƒ-°v B
P-∑w \-jvS- a- m-Ip-sa-∂pw A-dn-bn-°p-∂p.
H-∂m-a-sØ ]-co-£-Ww C-Xm-Wv. in-J-c-߃ D-W-ßn
{Z-hn-® H-cp hr-≤-a-c-Øn-s‚ th-cp-Iƒ-°n-S-bn¬ a-c-sØ
Im¿-∂v Xn-∂v Po-hn-°p-∂ `o-am-I-c-\m-b hr-Øn-sI-´ H-cp
X-h-f-bp-sS h-b-‰n-se kz¿-Æ-Xm-t°m¬ ho-s≠-Sp-°-emWv ˛ A-´-I-fpw {]m-Wn-I-fpw ]-gp-Xm-c-I-fpw \n-d-™ a-cØn-s‚ Np-h-´n-se am-f-Øn-eq-sS \q-gv-∂v H-^o-en-b X-{¥]q¿-Δw th-Xm-fw \¬-In-b am-{¥n-I I-√p-Iƒ D-]-tbm-Kn®v kz¿-Æ-Xm-t°m¬ ssI-°-em-°p-∂p. k¥p-jv-S-\m-b thXm-fw c-≠mw Zu-Xy-hpw A-hƒ-°p \¬-Ip-∂p. am-bm-temI-sØ {]-tem-`-\-ß-sf A-Xn-Po-hn-®v c-l-ky A-d-bn-se
ITm-c F-Sp-Øp-sIm-≠p-h-cp-I. F-hn-sS-bpw hm-Xn¬ D-≠m°m-\m-hp-∂ am-{¥n-I-t®m-°v A-hƒ-°p-\¬-Ip-∂p.
h-f-sc {]-[m-\-s∏-´ H-cp hy-h-ÿ-Iq-Sn-bp-≠v; B temI-Øp-\n-∂pw H-∂pw `-£n-®p-t]m-I-cp-Xv. Iq-´n-\m-bn aq-∂v
am-em-J-Øp-ºn-I-sf-bpw A-hƒ-°v \¬-Ip-∂p.
X-s‚ In-S-∏p-ap-dn-bp-sS Np-a-cn¬ tNm-°p-sIm-≠v h-c®p-≠m-°n-b hm-Xn-en-eq-sS A-h¿ am-bm-tem-I-sØ-Øp-∂p.
\n-›-e {]-Xn-a-bm-bv H-cp k-Xzw A-hn-sS C-cn-∏p-≠v. I-ÆpIƒ c-≠pw ap-∂n-se tπ-‰n¬ sh-®n-´p-≠v. kz¿-Æ-Øm-t°m-

ep-]-tbm-Kn-®v A-d-Xp-d-∂v ITm-c H-^o-en-b F-Sp-Øv Xn-cn-®pt]m-cm-s\m-cp-ßp-∂p. ]-s£ A-hn-S-sØ Xo≥-ta-i-bn¬ \n-cØn-bn-cn-°p-∂ `-£-W-]-Zm¿-∞-ß-fpw ]-g-h¿-§-ß-fpw I-≠v
A-hƒ-°v sIm-Xn-b-S-°m-\m-bn-√. am-em-J Xp-ºn-Iƒ X-S-™n´pw A-hƒ ap-¥n-cn-∏-g-sa-Sp-Øp I-gn-®p. A-tXm-sS \n-›-e-\mbn-cp-∂ k-Xzw D-W¿-∂p. tπ-‰n-se I-Æp-Iƒ F-Sp-Øv ssI-Ifn¬ L-Sn-∏n-®v A-Xv H-^o-en-b-°v t\-sc A-Sp-Øp. c-≠v amem-J-Øp-ºn-I-sf ]n-Sn-®v im-∏n-Sp-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp. `m-Kyw-sImPqsse 2009


al-Ømb kn\n-a-Ifn-eqsS Hcp bm{X

≠v H-^o-en-b c-£-s∏-´p.
th-Xm-fw \¬-In-b am-{¥n-It- hcv D-]-tbm-Kn-®v A-Ω-bp-sS A-kpJ-߃ H-^o-en-b am-‰p-∂p-s≠-¶nepw A-h-km-\w A-h¿ {]-k-htØm-sS a-cn-®p-t]m-Ip-∂p.
A- \ p- k - c - W - t °- S p- I m- W n- ® Xn¬ tZ-jyw h-∂ th-Xm-fw A-htfm-Sv aq-∂mw ]-co-£-Ww ]-d-bm≥
B-Zyw k-∂-≤-am-Ip-∂n-√. ]u¿-Æan B-bn-°-gn-™p. A-h-km-\-ambn H-c-h-k-cw X-cm-sa-∂v A-dn-bn°p-∂p. a-dp-tNm-Zy-an-√m-sX A-\pk-cn-°-W-sa-∂pw H-^o-en-b k-ΩXn-°p-∂p. Ip-™-\p-P-\p-am-bn em_v-dn-¥n-se-Ø-Ww. C-Xn-\n-S-bn¬
sa¿-kn-U-kp-am-bn H-fn-t®m-Sm≥ {ian-® C-cp-h-sc-bpw Iym-]v-‰≥ ]n-SnIq-Sn-bn-cp-∂p. H-^o-en-b-sb H-cp apdn-bn¬ A-S-®n-´n-cn-°p-I-bm-Wv. thXm-fw \¬-In-b am-{¥n-I tNm-°p]-tbm-Kn-®v hm-Xn-ep-≠m-°n ]p-dØp-h-∂ H-^o-en-b X-s‚ A-Ω-bv°v D-d-ßm≥ tUm-Iv-S¿ \¬-Im-dp≈ a-cp-∂v Iym-]v-‰-s‚ a-Zy-Øn¬
tN¿-°p-∂p. A-Xv I-gn-®v A¿-≤t_m-[-Øn-em-b Iym-]v-‰-s‚ A-cnIn¬ \n-∂v Ip-™n-s\-bpw F-SpØv em-_v-dn-¥nte-°v Hm-Sp-∂p. ]pd-sI Iym-]v-‰-\p-ap-≠v. sa¿-kn-Ukpw kw-L-hpw C-tX k-a-bw an∂-em-{I-a-W-Øn-eq-sS ]-´m-f Iymºv X-I¿-Øp-I-gn-™p. A-h¿ H-^oen-b-sb Xn-c-bp-I-bm-Wv.
em-_v-dn-¥n-s‚ a-≤y-Øn-se
In-W-dn-se-Øn-b H-^o-en-b-tbm-Sv

34 imkv{X-tI-cfw

Ip-™n-s‚ \n-jv-I-f-¶ c-‡w ITm-c-sIm≠v F-Sp-°m-\m-bv Ip-™n-s\ \¬-Im≥
th-Xm-fw ]-d-bp-∂p. A-\p-P-s\ A-]m-bs∏-SpØp-sa-∂v `-b-∂ A-hƒ hn-k-Ω-Xn°p-∂p. A-tXm-sS th-Xm-fw A-{]-Xy-£am-Ip-∂p. ]p-d-sI-sb-Øn-b Iym-]v-‰≥ Ip™p-am-bn \n¬-°p-∂ H-^o-en-b-sb-bm-Wv
Im-Wp-∂-Xv. A-h-sf sh-Sn-sh-®n-´v Ip-™pam-bn A-bmƒ ]p-d-Øn-d-ßp-∂p. A-hn-sS
sa¿-kn-U-kpw kw-L-hpw Im-Øp-\n¬-∏p≠m-bn-cp-∂p. A-h¿ Iym-]v‰- s- \ sIm-∂v Ip™p-am-bn em-_v-dn-¥n\-I-sØ-Øp-∂p.
sh-Sn-tb-‰v c-‡w-hm¿-∂v a-c-Wm-k-∂-bm-b
H-^o-enb-sb-bm-Wv sa¿-kn-U-kv Im-Wp∂-Xv. H-cp ]p-©n-cn-tbm-sS H-^o-en-b Cu
tem-Iw hn-Sp-∂p. (\n-jv-I-f-¶-am-b X-s‚
c-‡w X-s∂ ho-gv-Øn-s°m-≠v H-^o-en-b
X-s‚ aq-∂mw Zu-Xy-hpw hn-P-bn-°p-I-bmWv sN-bv-X-Xv. ]m-Xm-f tem-I-Øn-se cm-

P-k-`-bn-se B-c-h-߃-°n-S-bn¬ knwlm-k-\-Øn-se cm-Pm-hn-\-Sp-sØ-Øp-∂p
A-hƒ. A-cn-In¬ A-h-fp-sS a-cn-®p-t]mb A-Ω a-lm-dm-Wn-bm-bn C-cn-∏p-≠v. cmP-Ip-am-cn-°m-bp-≈ knw-lm-k-\-Øn-te-°v
A-h-sf B-\-bn-°p-tºm-gp-≈ ]p-©n-cnbm-Wv sa¿-kn-U-kv I-≠-Xv).
^m‚-kn-bpw bm-Ym¿-∞y-hpw C-gt- N¿Øv \n¿-Ωn-®n-cn-°p-∂ Cu kn-\n-a sa-Ivkn-°≥ kn-\n-a-bp-sS I-cp-Øv hn-fn-t®mXp-∂-Xm-Wv. {]-i-kv-X-\m-b kw-hn-[m-bI≥ Kp-√n¿-tam sZ¬ sSm-tdm Cu kn-\na-bn-eq-sS kv-s]-bn-\ns‚ {^m-t¶m-bp-KsØ-bpw \m-tSm-Sn-°-Y-I-fp-sS A-b-Ym¿∞y-sØ-bpw Iq-´n-bn-W-°p-∂p-≠v. aq-∂v
A-°m-U-an A-hm¿-Uv, an-I-® \m-S-Io-b
A-h-X-c-W-Øn-\p-≈ lyq-tKm A-hm¿-Uv
Xp-S-ßn \n-c-h-[n A-¥m-cm-jv-{S Aw-Ko-Imc-߃ Cu kn-\n-a t\-Sn-bn-´p-≠v.
A-¤p-X tem-I-Øn-se B-eo-kn¬
\n-∂pw hy-Xy-ÿ-am-bn sI-´p-I-Y-I-fn-se
amw-k-t`m-Pn-I-fm-b `o-I-c-k-Xz-ß-fp-sS IY b-Ym¿-∞ Po-hn-X-Øn-se ^m-kn-Ãv \riw-k-X-I-tfm-Sv tN¿-Øv hm-bn-°m-\m-Wv
Cu kn-\n-a {i-an-°p-∂-Xv. A-{I-a-ß-fpw
{Iq-c-X-bpw ]-®-bm-bn Nn-{Xo-I-cn-®n-cn-°p∂ Nn-e ko-\p-I-sf-¶n-epw Cu kn-\n-abn-ep-≠v. kz-]v-\-tem-I-sØ Ipcp-°p-I-fgn-°p-∂ \n-jv-I-f-¶-bm-b H-^o-en-b-sbt∏m-se X-s∂-bm-Wv sa¿-kn-U-kpw. Ah-fpw B-]¬-°-c-am-b H-cp I-fn-bn-em-Wv.
kv-s]-j¬ F-^-Iv-‰p-I-fp-sS-bpw B\n-ta-j-s‚-bpw h-en-b-tXm-Xn-ep-≈ D-]tbm-Kw Cu kn-\n-a-bn-ep-s≠-¶n-epw bmYm¿-∞y-ta-Xv A-b-Ym¿-∞y-ta-Xv F-∂v
th¿-Xn-cn-®-dn-bm-\m-Im-Ø-hn-[w a-t\m-lc-am-Wv Cu kn-\n-a-bn¬ A-h D-]-tbmKn-®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. H-^o-en-b-bp-sS Po-hn-Xw

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