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Startup Kit

From vision to venture; One partner for all your technology needs

Youve got an impressive new ideaan innovation that will improve lives, or help businesses work smarter. Youre ready to line up investors, launch R&D, and protect your inventions and you need sound answers to about a million questions. Weve been there, and we want to help. Moogilu has a long track recordand an absolute passionfor helping entrepreneurs launch new businesses.

Leverage our experience; to increase your opportunity!
Weve worked for decades with early stage companies in Financial , Healthcare and Information technology and many other sectors, and theres truly nothing wed like more than to be part of your success. Thats why we offer For a nominal fee, we will work with you side by side to assist you to establish your business.

Start-up Kits.

How can we help?

We have over 12 years experience launching software systems that implement business channels for a wide range of industries. We can help you create software for PCs, Mobile and the web to connect your services with consumers.

IT Infrastructure
From computer clusters, to connectivity to the Cloud we can supply the right infrastructure for your business fledgling.

Expert Consultation
Knowing is half the battle, and we can bring in veterans to help you make the right decisions

Pick and Choose a team that suits your need either full time parttime. Also pick and choose 24x7 IT/Software support.
Architects and Product Managers Software Engineers QA Engineers Manual and Automation Experts Project Managers Data Analytics (Traditional and Big Data) DBAs Sys-admins (Windows, Unix, Cloud) Domain Experts Financial, HealthCare, Mobile, Social Media, Marketing IT and Cloud Support (24x7)

Software Development Quality Assurance Software Maintenance Professional Web Design Web Hosting

a complete Service spectrum

Search Engine Optimization


Product and Project Management

Data Analytics

Cloud computing and Monitoring

Product Management
Product Definition
Agile Methodology Automated Builds
Integrated Wiki, Trac, and

SVN or any other tools desired

Tools available on Cloud

from Day One

PMs can define their own

Releases week to 3 weeks

processes we are flexible!

Application Programming
JavaScript/JQuery PHP Java EE Java SE
Microsoft .NET Microsoft C# Microsoft VB Android SDK Perl Python

Adobe Flash & Flex SDK

Application Server Technologies

SUN-Oracle Glassfish Server JBOSS Application Server
Apache Tomcat Server Zend Server
Microsoft Internet

Information Service
Macromedia ColdFusion

OS Technologies
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Apple Mac OSX Server
Ubuntu Community Edition 10
Ubuntu Server Edition Debian Based Linux Distributions

Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux

OpenSUSE 11.3

Database Technologies
Oracle Database
MySQL Database
IBM DB2 Database

PostGreSQL Database
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2008

QA Services & Technologies

Manual QA
Automation Testing Regression Testing Performance Testing Load Testing on Cloud

Dynamic Infrastructure

(Amazon EC2)

Data Analytics Services

ETL Process
Reporting Drill Down Analysis

Hbase Cloud Provisioning

Data Analytics

(Amazon EC2)

Build your


In the cloud

Best for Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting
Amazon, Google, Heroku, Azure and

Business Consulting
We can assist you in developing your cloud based strategy

Traffic and Health Monitoring

24/7 support and service for software installations

Cloud Migration
Reach for the sky with a strategy that reduces risk and improves Your chances of success.

System Security
Our consultation can help you run a secure service, with support all the way.

Monitor end-user experience for applications hosted in the Public / Private cloud. Analyze transactions end-to-end, to quickly determine the root cause of performance problems.

Diagnose performance bottlenecks in web, application, and database tiers, as well as the network.
Determine whether application performance is impacted by the cloud, the network used to access the cloud, or your internal environment. Receive real-time alerts when network latency or throughput impacts the performance for your end-users. Cost-effectively size your bandwidth requirements as you migrate applications to public clouds. Determine the impact that cloud migration will have on application performance. Generate accurate application dependency maps to ensure that the right components are migrated to the cloud.

The best in cloud infrastructure

Unparalleled support So you are never alone!

Moogilu Support Team

Offers complete range services to help you get the most of your Software investments and consistently achieve your business objectives. In addition to start-up services and 24x7 global support for both software and hardware, you also get unrivaled technical expertise from our world-class support organization. Provide a single point of accountability so when you do need help, you can count on consistent, integrated support for your complete Software solution

What you get?

Unlimited, 24x7 access to Moogilu software specialists
Essential patches, feature enhancements, new releases, and lifetime support for covered software. Knowledgebase access and configuration-specific update recommendations. Personalized, proactive support tools. Services that cover the full solution lifecycle.

How we Help!
Free your staff to concentrate on core business challenges with consistent,

well-defined Support services, helping you manage and resolve issues quickly
and efficiently.

Save time and money when you reduce IT and management complexity with a single point of service accountability.

Run your business technology confidently with secure, dependable support. Protect your data and help maintain data availability.

Moogilu & You!

A Bigger Future Phone: +1 408 884 0325