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Comrade Homer Simpson
Our generation is the most radical in
decades. Hundreds of thousands of militant
youth all around the world fight against
capitalist domination: in Seattle, Prague,
Genoa, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Geneva, and
also in Berlin.
Principally responsible for this are the
Comrade Simpson is one of the best
communist agitators in histoy. Every day at
7pm Red Homer tells us about the merciless
struggle of the workers against exploitation
and the glorious socialist society of the
How else could one explain the
representation of the capitalist class on the
Simpsons? Mr. Burns is not exactly a tribute
to the generosity of the bosses. He is old,
crippled, without friends, evil though and though. Like every capitalist he is prepared to
steal candy from a baby or block out the sun when profits are at stake.
Homer's two best friends are named Lenny and Carl.
Does that mean Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx?
In 1990 the Simpsons had a student from Albania in their home. The young Adil Hoxha
(named after the Stalinist dictator of Albania Enver Hoxha) showed a clear Marxist
understanding of society. For example he told Marge, "Mrs. Simpson, you have been
oppressed enough today. I will clear the dishes." Marge is forced to do house work every
day because she is oppressed by the capitalist patriarchy - but the two Simpsons kids
never batted an eyebrow.
When the left-liberal know-it-all Lisa tries to explain about the "freedoms" of the USA, Adil
observes correctly that these freedoms are meaningless when 95% of society's riches are
in the hands of 5% of the population. Homer chimes in, explaining the true nature of the
free market: The machinery of capitalism is oiled with the blood of the workers!
Could Homer Simpson be a communist? His father says: My Homer is
not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist,
but he is not a porn star! Of course in another episode Grampa
discovers that he is a card-carrying member of the Communist Party
Homer's most important struggle was his term of service as a trade union activist. Mr. Burns
wants to take the dental plan from the workers of the Springfield Nuclear Plant. The union is
corrupt and the old boss, who had promised to clean things up, lies dead under the grass of
a football stadium.
Homer first thinks that Burn's offer is great: a beer keg for the dental plan. But soon he
realizes that the workers need to fight in order to keep their social protection -- they only
have the dental plan as the result of a successful strike in the 80s. Homer explains all this

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to his comrades. He is elected the new head of the union and declares a strike!
Mr. Burns remembers with joy factory life in 1909, when there were no unions and the
bosses could fire, beat, and kill workers at will. But now everything is different: the strikers
stick together, attempts to use strikebreakers are useless, and Burns and Smithers can't
run the plant by themselves.
The strikers form a giant ring in front of the entrance to the plant and sing the eternal truth
of the workers' movement:
They have the plant
but we have the power!
These are but a few of the countless examples of revolutionary propaganda in the
Simpsons. Besides the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg, and other great
revolutionaries, the works of Comrade Homer serve as inspiration on the road to socialism.
Comrade Lenin even
showed up! In a new
episode the Soviet Union is
spontaneously brought back
to life. Lenin's preserved
corpse opens its eyes,
punches through the glass
of the coffin, and leaves the
mausoleum like a
Frankenstein monster:
Grrr. If only that would
happen in real life!
//by Wladek from Berlin //German original in wire #1
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