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Having its registered address at …………………………
VAT number: …………………..
Hereafter called:_____________________________________


Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, acting as Coordinator of the Proposal

and having its registered address at:
's-Gravendijkwal 230
3015 CE Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Hereafter called: EMC

(Individually and collectively referred to as the ‘Party’ or ‘Parties’, respectively)

The Parties have agreed to submit a proposal for a project in response to the call FP7-
HEALTH-2010-Single Stage 1.1.1-1 ‘Harmonisation of phenotyping and biosampling for
human large-scale research biobanks’

The purpose of the Letter of Commitment is to:

Implement a legal framework organising the dissemination of information and to
guarantee that it will not be communicated to third parties,
Detail the obligations of the Parties during the preparation of the Project Proposal.


Each Party will perform its services and complete their share of work with due care,
efficiency and diligence, in accordance with the best professional practices as well as
internationally accepted quality standards. It will also guarantee to all reasonable efforts
to write a competitive FP7 proposal.

As a consequence, each Party will actively contribute to the Project by fully participating
in the preparation of the Project proposal: to deliver the needed information (technical,
financial, economic, etc.), to participate in the Project definition, to attend meetings and
to allocate resources. Furthermore, each party will agree to meet the work schedule and
required deadlines.

Such individual Party contribution will be at each Party’s sole risk and expense. Indeed,
each Party bears its own costs accumulated thus far in connection with this Letter of

Letter of Commitment Confidential

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Commitment. In particular, these include expenses for travelling, investigation,
consulting, planning, etc.

Parties are not bound to share information that is not related with the Project purpose or
scope. The involvement of each party on the project does not prejudice further

For the purpose of the Proposal Preparation, the Parties will supply each other with
necessary information, which may be confidential. The term "Information" includes any
information or data revealed by one of the Parties to the other, either orally or in writing,
including and without limitation to any written or printed documents, samples, models or
more generally any means of divulgation of the Information that may be chosen by the

The receiving Parties shall keep the Information received from a disclosing Party
confidential during the term of this agreement and after the submission of the Proposal
for a period of 3 years and use it solely for the Proposal Preparation and for no other
purpose whatsoever.

The Parties shall in no way use the provided confidential Information for any other
purpose than that of preparing the intended proposal. The confidentiality clause included
in this paragraph is not applicable to Information that the Parties have obtained from
other sources in legally permitted ways, or information that has been known in advance.

By signing this Letter of Commitment, the Parties agree not to join or support any other
consortium in the preparation of any competing proposal for this specific call line.

During the time of the Proposal Preparation, EMC shall provide the Consortium with
information, advice and assistance in setting up and submitting a proposal under this call.

It is therefore unambiguously agreed that each participating Party shall retribute EMC for
his supporting action and that the corresponding fee shall amount to € 750.00, VAT
excluded, per Party involved.


This Letter of Commitment will come into force as of the date of its signature by the
Parties and will continue in full force and effect until the signature of the Grant
Agreement or the rejection of the Proposal, whichever comes first.


Letter of Commitment Confidential

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The disclosure of Information will not be construed as granting to other Parties or
agencies any other rights (except for the Proposal Preparation).

Disputes that might arise over the interpretation or execution of this Agreement will be
settled amicably. In the event of a continued disagreement, it will be referred to the Court
of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Drawn up in Rotterdam on 21/October/2009

In two original copies

Party 1

Organisation name: EMC

Representative name: Prof. Peter RIEGMAN

Position: Coordinator of the Project

Signature and stamp:

Party 2

Organisation name: ………………………………………………

Representative name: ……………………………………………..

Position: ………………………………………………………..

Signature and stamp:

Letter of Commitment Confidential

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