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The Search. AUSTRALIA knows her son.

Let this word be said Of the great deed done: In the path of the wind and the swallow Others shall follow and follow; But he led. Into the northern blue, With white wings spread, Circling and soaring he flew Like a thing cloud-bred. Higher and over higher! Then, with an eagles sweep Upon some far prey, Towards the goal of a great desire He seemed to leap And pass away. Waves that wander to and fro, Tides at ebb and tides at flow, Crested breakers curving green, What have ye seen, what have ye seen? We have raced the wide seas oer From Finisterre to Labrador; And we have watched the ice-fleet sail Upon the midnight gleaming pale From ports where yet the winter lay In shrouded night on Baffins Bay. We have met the summer breeze Blowing a scent of tropic trees Above the warm and weedy flow That sings and dreams of Mexico. We, with all our million lips, Laughing, have kissed a thousand ships; And day on day, twixt shore and shore, We run to kiss a thousand more. What else, what else, oh, rovers green, At dawn or midnight have ye seen?

Twice we ran before the gale With low clouds on our spumy trail; For half a night, close-reefed, we lay At shelter snug in Galway Bay; Then northward, with the piping wind, We left the Arran rocks behind, And up and up, through all the seas, We tossed about the Hebrides. We have seen the fisher fleet Hard-driven through the blinding sleet And marked a fathom-depth beneath The granite rocks, with weedy teeth, That waited till the fall of day To snare a blind and fluttering prey; And we have touched the fogs that stole With chill white wings above the shoal. What else, what else? Oh, wondering eyes, Saw ye that passed along the skies? We have seen the white stars shine, And meteors flash a fiery line Across the darkness, as if night Were blown to spray of flying light; And we have seen the great moon make Our racing paths a golden lake, While oft by day, twixt cloud and cloud, The sun looked out with glances proud, Or stayed an hour in open laughter To tell how summer followed after. What else, what else? What thing went by On broad white wings below the sky?

We have seen and we have seen; And crests are white and waves are green. The young tides run, the old tides sleep; And there are secrets still to keep. Spanish gold lies very deep, But who shall tell you where? This ye know, that green seas weep Sorrows none may share. We have seen and we have seen; And ways are wide and winds are keen; But the ships that come and the ships that go Seek a haven that none may know. Ship of the sky and ship of the sea Are sport of the wind, even as we, The young tides rove and the old sleep well, But their secrets none may tell. Sea and sky, sea and sky, Ye have spoken an ancient lie, Keep your wealth of Spanish gold. Keep the treasures that ye hold But ye cannot hold the Man He was free since earth began. Lo, in his place above the kings, He has beaten you with wings; And out of the heart of a mystery vain He comes again, he comes again! Into the western cloud, With white wings spread, He went with a heart too proud The winds to dread. In the path of the fern and the swallow Others shall follow and follow; But he led!
David McKee Wright. N.S.W. The Bulletin, 5 June 1919.

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