Vaccines and Immunization References and Research Citations Vaccines Have Been Linked to Leukemias and Lymphomas:

Bichel, “ ost!vaccinial Lymphadenitis "evelopin# into Hod#kin$s "isease%, &cta 'ed (cand, )*+,, Vol )**, p-./!-.-0

(te1art, &', et al, “&etiolo#y of Childhood Leukaemia%, Lancet, ), 2ct, )*,-, .:+3*! +*40 5Listed under Vaccine &dverse Reactions06

7lathe, H et al, “8vidence of 9umori#enic &ctivity of Candidate Cell (u:strate in Vaccine roduction :y the ;se of &nti!Lymphocyte (erum%, "evelopment Biol (td, )*++, /<:)<-! )<30

Bolo#nesi, " , “ otential Leukemia Virus (u:unit Vaccines: "iscussion%, Can Research, =e: )*+,, /,>. pt .?:,--!,-,0

Colon, V=, et al, “Vaccinia @ecrosum as a Clue to Lymphatic Lymphoma%, 7eriatrics, "ec )*,3, ./:3)!3.0

ark!"incsoy, H et al, “Lymphoid "epletion in a case of Vaccinia 7an#renosa%, Laval 'ed, Aan )*,3, /*:.<!.,0

Hu#oson, 7 et al, “9he 2ccurrence of Bovine Leukosis =ollo1in# the Introduction of Ba:esiosis Vaccination%, Bi:l Haemat, )*,3, /4:)-+!),)0

Hartstock, , “% ost!vaccinial Lymphadenitis: Hyperplasia of Lymphoid 9issue 9hat (imulates 'ali#nant Lymphomas%, &pr )*,3, Cancer, .)><?:,/.!,<*0

&ller:er#er, =, “&n 2ut:reak of (uppurative Lymphadenitis Connected 1ith BC7 Vaccination in &ustria! )**4B)**),% &m Rev Respir "isorder, &u# )**), )<<>.? <,*0

2mokoku B, Castells (, “ ost!" 9 inoculation cervical lymphadenitis in children0% @ C (tate A 'ed )*3) 2ctD3)>))?:),,+!),,30 Vaccines and Chromosome Chan#es Leadin# to 'utations:

Enuutila, ( et al, “&n Increased =reFuency of Chromosomal Chan#es and (C8$s in Cultured Lymphocytes of ). (u:Gects Vaccinated &#ainst (mallpoH,% Hum 7enet, )*+3 =e: ./D <)>)?:3*!*,0

Cherkeziia, (8, et al, “"isorders in the 'urine Chromosome &pparatus Induced By Immunization 1ith a CompleH of &nti!viral Vaccines,% Vopr Virusol, )*+* (ept 2ct, >-?:-<+!--40

5@ote: (C8 means sister chromatid eHchan#e and is an indication that #enetic mutations are occurrin#, 1hich could possi:ly lead to cancer!causin# mutations0 Vaccines and &uto!immunity Citations:

Romanov, V &, et al, IRole of &uto!immune rocesses in the atho#enesis of ost! Vaccinal Lesions of the @ervous (ystemI, 2ct )*++, Jh 'ikro:iol 8pidemiol Immuno:iol, )4:34!3/0

7rachev, V , et al, I=ormation of &uto!anti:odies in La:oratory &nimals &fter Inoculation of Viruses Kith "ifferent Virulence0 I0 Results of (tudies 000, Auly )*+/, &cta Virol > raha?, )+:/)*!/.,0

'ovsesiants, &&, et al, I8Hperimental (tudy of the &:ility of "ifferent (trains of Vaccinia Virus to Induce &uto!&nti:ody =ormationI, Vopr Virusol, 'ay!Aun )*+-D >/?:.*+!/4.0

@e#ina, Iu , IComparative (tudy of &uto!anti:ody =ormation =ollo1in# Immunization Kith "ifferent 9ypes of 9yphoid VaccinesI, Jh 'ikro:iol 8pidemiol Immuno:iol, 'ay )*34D >-?:,*!+.0 Vaccinations and "ia:etes Citations:

(inaniotis, et al, I"ia:etes 'ellitus after 'umps VaccinationI, &rc "is Child, )*+-, -4:+<*0,,

olster, H, I"ia:etes insipidus after (mallpoH vaccinationI, J &erztl =ort:ild >Aena?, ) &pr )*,,, ,4:<.*!</.0

atan, I ostvaccinal (evere "ia:etes 'ellitusI, 9er &rkh, Aul )*,3, <4:))+!))30

Classen, AB, '", I9he 9imin# of Immunization &ffects 9he "evelopment of "ia:etes in RodentsI, &utoimmunity, )**,, .<:)/+!)<-0

Classen AB, I9he dia:etes epidemic and the hepatitis B vaccines,I @ J 'ed A, )4*>)4/4?:/,, )**, (ep .+0 5letter6

Classen AB, “Childhood immunisation and dia:etes mellitus,% @ J 'ed A, )4*>)4..?:)*)**, 'ay .< 5letter6

outasi E, % Immunisation and dia:etes,% @ J 'ed A )**, Aul .,D)4*>)4.,?:.3/0 5letterD comment6 2ther &rticles Linkin# "ia:etes to Vaccines:

"okheel, 9 ', “&n 8pidemic of Childhood "ia:etes in the ;nited (tatesL 8vidence from M0%, "ia:etes Care, )**/, ),:),4,!),))0

arent '8, et al, “Bacille Calmette!7uerin vaccination and incidence of I""' in 'ontreal, Canada,% "ia:etes Care )**+ 'ayD .4>-?:+,+!++.0

House "V, Kinter K8, “&utoimmune dia:etes0 9he role of auto!anti:ody markers in the prediction and prevention of insulin!dependent dia:etes mellitus,% Clin La: 'ed )**+ (epD )+>/?:<**!-<-0

Jei#ler, ' et al , “5&utoanti:odies in type ) dia:etes mellitus6% J &rztl =ort:ild >Aena?0 )**< &u#D 33>+!3?:-,)!- Vaccines and @ervous (ystem Chan#es:

Bondarev, V@ et al, “9he Chan#es of the @ervous (ystem in Children &fter Vaccination%, ediatria, Aun )*,*D <3:.4!.<0

8hren#ut K, “Central nervous seFuelae of vaccinations,% Lancet )*3, 'ay /)D)>3<*.?:).+-!).+,0

rovvidenza, 7 et al, 52n a Case of Beni#n &cute Cere:ellar &taHia in Childhood6, &rch Ital (ci 'ed 9rop, </:)3*!)*<, &pr )*,.0

Eatsilam:ros, L, “59he henomenom of &pathy in 'an and &nimals &fter the InGection of Viruses in Very Hi#h "oses0 Clinical "ata6“, Rev 'ed 'oyen 2rient, .4:-/*!-<,, @ov N "ec )*,/0 Vaccinations and &utism Citations:

8##ers, C, “&utistic (yndrome >Eanner? &nd Vaccinations a#ainst (mallpoH%, Elin aediatr, 'ar )*+,, )33>.?:)+.!)340

Eiln 'R, “&utism, inflammatory :o1el disease, and ''R vaccine0% Lancet )**3 'ay .D/-)>*)).?:)/-30

(el1ay, “''R vaccination and autism )**30 'edical practitioners need to #ive more than reassurance0% B'A )**3 Aun )/D/),>+)<+?:)3.<0

@icoll &, 8lliman ", Ross 8, “''R vaccination and autism )**3,% 'A )**3 'ar +D/),>+)//?:+)-!+),0

Lindley E A, 'illa A, “&utism, inflammatory :o1el disease, and ''R vaccine0%Lancet

)**3 'ar .)D/-)>*)4,?:*4+!*430

Bedford H, et al, “&utism, inflammatory :o1el disease, and ''R vaccine0% Lancet )**3 'ar .)D/-)>*)4,?:*4+0

ViGendra E0 (in#h, (heren O0 Lin, and Victor C0 Can#, “(erolo#ical &ssociation of 'easles Virus and Human Herpesvirus!, 1ith Brain &utoanti:odies in &utism,% Clinical Immunolo#y and Immunopatholo#y, 2ct )**3, Vol0 3*, @o0 ), p )4-!)430 5I@one of the autistic children in the study had measles in the past, :ut all had the ''RI stated "avid Khal#ren0 Vaccines and "emyelination Citations:

Herroelen, L et al, ICentral!@ervous!(ystem "emyelination &fter Immunization 1ith Recom:inant Hepatitis B VaccineI, Lancet, @ov *, )**), //3>3++,?:))+<!))+-0

Eaplanski 7, Retornaz =, "urand A, (ou:eyrand A, ICentral nervous system demyelination after vaccination a#ainst hepatitis B and HL& haplotype0I A @eurol @eurosur# sychiatry )**- AunD -3>,?:+-3!+-*0

'atyszak 'E, erry VH, I"emyelination in the central nervous system follo1in# a delayed!type hypersensitivity response to :acillus Calmette!7uerin0I @euroscience )**=e:D,<><?:*,+!*++0

9ornatore C(, Richert AR, IC@( demyelination associated 1ith diploid cell ra:ies vaccine0I Lancet )**4 Aun .D//->3+4)?:)/<,!)/<+0

&dams, A' et al, I@euromyelitis 2ptica: (evere "emyelination 2ccurrin# Cears &fter rimary (mallpoH VaccinationsI, Rev Roum @eurol, )*+/, )4:..+!./)0

In )*33, "ietrich used 'RI to sho1 that developmentally delayed children had alterations in their myelin0 Coulter descri:ed that central nervous system dama#e can :e eHhi:ited as a:normal :ehavior of the child0 In )*/-, 9homas Rivers, eHperimental aller#ic encephalitis >8&8? can :e the result of a viral or :acterial infection of the nervous system0 I9he fact of the matter is that it is a matter of record that it 1as kno1n that

vaccination produced encephalitis since )*.,0I 9he authors stated, IIn re#ions in 1hich there is no or#anized vaccination of the population, #eneral paralysis is rare0 000 It is impossi:le to deny a connection :et1een vaccinations and the encephalitis >:rain dama#e? 1hich follo1s it0I Vaccines have :een linked to seizures, convulsions and epilepsy0 Vaccinations and (eizures:

Hirtz "7, @elson EB, 8llen:er# A H, I(eizures follo1in# childhood immunizationsI, ediatr )*3/ AanD )4.>)?:)<!)30

Cherry A", Holtzman &8, (hields K", Buch ", @ielsen, I ertussis immunization and characteristics related to first seizures in infants and children,IA ediatr )**/ AunD)..>,?:*44!*4/0

Coplan A, I(eizures follo1in# immunizations,I A ediatr )*3/ (epD)4/>/?:<*,0

Barkin R', Aa:hour A9, (amuelson A (, IImmunizations, seizures, and su:seFuent evaluation,I A&'& )*3+ Aul )4D.-3>.?:.4)0

7riffin 'R, et al, IRisk of seizures after measles!mumps!ru:ella immunization,I ediatrics )**) @ovD33>-?:33)!33-0

7riffin 'R, et al, IRisk of seizures and encephalopathy after immunization 1ith the diphtheria!tetanus!pertussis vaccine,I A&'& )**4 'ar ./!/4D.,/>).?:),<)!),<-0

Cize1ska (, Hu:er J, (luze1ski K, I5 rophylactic inoculations and seizure activity in the 8876,% @eurol @eurochir ol )*3) (ep!"ecD)->-!,?:--/!--+0 5&rticle in olish6

Huttenlocher R, Hapke RA, “& follo1!up study of intracta:le seizures in childhood0% &nn @eurol )**4 @ovD .3>-?:,**!+4-0

Blum:er# "&, “(evere reactions associated 1ith diphtheria!tetanus!pertussis vaccine:

detailed study of children 1ith seizures, hypotonic!hypo!responsive episodes, hi#h fevers, and persistent cryin#0% ediatrics )**/ AunD *)>,?:))-3!)),-0 Vaccinations and Convulsions Citations:

rensky &L, et al, “History of convulsions and use of pertussis vaccine,% A ediatr )*3&u#D )4+>.?:.<<!.--0

Baraff LA, “Infants and children 1ith convulsions and hypotonic!hypo!responsive episodes follo1in# diphtheria!tetanus!pertussis immunization: follo1!up evaluation,% ediatrics )*33 AunD 3)>,?:+3*!+*<0

Aaco:son V, “Relationship of pertussis immunization to the onset of epilepsy, fe:rile convulsions and central nervous system infections: a retrospective epidemiolo#ic study,% 9okai A 8Hp Clin 'ed )*33D)/ (uppl: )/+!)<.0

Cupic V,et al, “5Role of "9 vaccine in the convulsive syndromes in children6,% LiGec VGesn )*+3 AunD )44>,?:/<-!/<30 5&rticle in (er:o!Croatian >Roman?6

okrovskaia @Ia, “5Convulsive syndrome in " 9 vaccination >a clinico!eHperimental study?6,% ediatriia )*3/ 'ayD>-?:/+!/*0 5&rticle in Russian6 Vaccinations and 8pilepsy Citations:

Ballerini, Ricci, B, et al, “2n @eurolo#ical Complications of Vaccination, Kith (pecial Reference to 8pileptic (yndromes,% Riv @eurol, Aul!&u# )*+/, </:.-<!.-30

Kolf (', =orsythe &, “8pilepsy and mental retardation follo1in# fe:rile seizures in childhood,% &cta aediatr (cand )*3* 'arD+3>.?:.*)!.*-0 PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Vaccines and Brain (1ellin#:

I1asa, ( et al, “(1ellin# of the Brain in 'ice Caused :y ertussis M Quantitative "etermination and the Responsi:ility of the Vaccine%, Apn A 'ed (ci Biol, )*3- , /3>.?:-/!,-0

'athur R, Eumari (, “Bul#in# fontanel follo1in# triple vaccine0% Indian ediatr )*3) AunD)3>,?:<)+!<)30

Barry K, Lenney K, Hatcher 7, “Bul#in# fontanelles in infants 1ithout menin#itis0% &rch "is Child )*3* &prD,<><?:,/-!,/,0

(hendurnikar @, “Bul#in# fontanel follo1in# " 9% Indian ediatr )*3, @ovD./>))?:*,40

7ross 9 , 'ilstien AB, Euritsky A@, “Bul#in# fontanelle after immunization 1ith diphtheria!tetanus!pertussis vaccine and diphtheria!tetanus vaccine0% A ediatr )*3* 'arD))<>/?:<./!<.-0

Aaco: A, 'annino =, “Increased intracranial pressure after diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis immunization0% &m A "is Child )*+* =e:D)//>.?:.)+!.)30

"u#more, K@, “Bilateral 2edema at the osterior ole0 Hypersensitivity Reaction to &lavac inGection0% Br A 2phthalmol, "ec )*+., --:3<3!3<*0 Vaccines and @eurolo#ical "ama#e

@edar R, and Karren, R A, “Reported @eurolo#ical "isorders =ollo1in# Live 'easles Vaccine%, )*,3, ed, <):**+!)44)0

aradiso, 7 et al, “'ultifocal "emyelinatin# @europathy after 9etanus Vaccine%, 'edicina >B &ires?, )**4, -4>)?:-.!-<0

Landri#an, A, Khitte, A, “@eurolo#ic "isorders =ollo1in# Live 'easles!virus Vaccination%, A&'&, 'ar .,, )*+/, v../>)/?:)<-*!)<,.0

9urn:ull, H ', “8ncephalomyelitis =ollo1in# Vaccination%, Brit Aour 8Hper ath, +:)3),


Eulenkampff, ' et al, “@eurolo#ical Complications of ertussis Inoculation%, &rch "is Child, )*+<, <*:<,0

(trom, A, “=urther 8Hperience of Reactions, 8specially of a Cere:ral @ature in ConGunction 1ith 9riple Vaccination%, Brit 'ed Aour, )*,+, <:/.4!/./0

Ber#, A ', “@eurolo#ical Complications of ertussis Immunization,% Brit 'ed Aour, Auly -,)*-3D p .<0

Bondarev, V@ et al, “9he Chan#es of the @ervous (ystem in Children &fter Vaccination%, ediatria, Aun )*,*D <3:.4!.<0

Badalian, L2, “Vaccinal Lesions of the @ervous (ystem in Children,% Vop 2khr 'aterin "ets, "ec )*-*, )/:-<!-*

Lorentz, I9, et al, “ ost!Vaccinal (ensory olyneuropathy 1ith 'yoclonus%, roc &ust &ss @eurol, )*,*, ,:3)!3,0

9rump, R C, Khite, 9 R, “Cere:ellar &taHia resumed "ue 9o Live &ttenuated 'easles Virus Vaccine,% A&'&, )*,+, )**:),-!),,0

&llerdist, H, “@eurolo#ical Complications =ollo1in# 'easles Vaccination%, Inter (ymp, Brussels, )*+3, "evelopment Biol (td, Vol </, .-*!.,<0

=inley, E H, “ atho#enesis of 8ncephalitis 2ccurrin# Kith Vaccination, Variola and 'easles, &rch @eur and sycholo#ist, )*/3D /*:)4<+!)4-<0

=roissart, ' et al, “&cute 'enin#oencephalitis Immediately after an Influenza

Vaccination%, Lille 'ed, 2ct )*+3, ./>3?:-<3!--)0

okrovskaia, @ia, et al, “@eurolo#ical Complications in Children =rom (mallpoH Vaccination%, ediatriia, "ec )*+3, >).?:<-!<*0

&llerdist, H, “@eurolo#ical Complications =ollo1in# 'easles Virus Vaccination0 8valuation of the Cases seen Bet1een )*+)!)*++R, 'onatsschr Einderheilkd, Aan )*+*, ).+>)?: ./!.30

8hren#ut, K et al, “2n Convulsive Reactions =ollo1in# 2ral vaccination &#ainst olio%, Elin aediatr, 'ay )*+*, )*)>/?:.,)!.+40

@aumova, R , et al, “8ncephalitis "evelopin# &fter Vaccination 1ithout a Local (kin Reaction%, Vrach "elo, Aul )*+*, >+?:))<!))-0

7os1amy, B', “@eurolo#ical Complications &fter (mallpoH Vaccination%, A &ss hys India, Aan )*,*, )+:<)!</0

(chchelkunov, (@ et al, “9he Role of Viruses in the Induction of &ller#ic 8ncephalomyelitis,% "okl &kad @auk (((R, )**4,/)->)?:.-.!.--0 5Vaccines contain viruses, too6

Kalker &', “@eurolo#ic events follo1in# diphtheria!tetanus!pertussis immunization,% ediatrics )*33 'arD3)>/?:/<-!/<*0

(hields K", et al, “Relationship of pertussis immunization to the onset of neurolo#ic disorders: a retrospective epidemiolo#ic study,% A ediatr )*33 @ovD ))/>-?:34)!34-0

Kilson A, “ roceedin#s: @eurolo#ical complications of " 9 inoculation in infancy,% &rch "is Child )*+/ 2ctD <3>)4?:3.*!3/40

Iakunin Iu&, “5@ervous system complications in children after preventive vaccinations6,% ediatriia )*,3 @ovD <+>))?:)*!.,0 5&rticle in Russian6

7reco ", et al, “Case!control study on encephalopathy associated 1ith diphtheria! tetanus immunization in Campania, Italy,% Bull Korld Health 2r#an )*3-D,/>-?:*)*!*.-0

8hren#ut K at Institute of Vaccinolo#y and Virolo#y, Ham:ur#, 7ermany states, “Bias in the evaluation of C@( complications follo1in# pertussis immunization are the follo1in#: )? @otifications of post!immunization adverse events, .? u:lications :y vaccine producers on the freFuency of adverse reactions, /? Comparison of permanent :rain dama#e after " 9 and "9 immunization, <? ro!immunization, -? Immunization associated viral encephalitis, ,? &ccuracy of statistics, +? ersonal0 & revie1 of these points indicates an underestimation of C@( complications after pertussis immunization0%

Reference: 8hren#ut K, “Bias in evaluatin# C@( complications follo1in# pertussis immunization0% &cta aediatr Apn, )**) &u#D //><?:<.)!<.+0 Vaccinations and ;neHplained "iseases:

Hiner, 8 8, =rasch, C 8, “(pectrum of "isease "ue to Haemophilus Influenza 9ype B 2ccurrin# in Vaccinated Children%, A Infect "isorder, )*33 &u#D )-3>.?: /</!/<30

2lin , Romanus, V, (torsaeter, A, “Invasive Bacterial Infections "urin# an 8fficiacy 9rial of &cellular ertussis Vaccines S Implications =or =uture (urveilance In ertussis Vaccine ro#rammes%, 9okai A 8Hp Clin 'ed, )*33D )/ (uppl: )</!)<<0

(torsaeter, A, et al, “'ortality and 'or:idity =rom Invasive Bacterial Infections "urin# a Clinical 9rial of &cellular ertussis Vaccines in (1eden%, ediatr Infect "isorder A, )*33 (eptD +>*?:,/+!,<-0

Vadheim, C', et al, “8ffectiveness and (afety of an Haemophilus Influenzae type : ConGu#ate Vaccine > R !9? in Coun# Infants0 Eaiser!;CL& Vaccine (tudy 7roup,% ediartics, )**/ &u#D *.>.?:.+.!.+*0 59he vaccines caused fevers, irrita:ility, cryin#, and

seizures, :ut 1ere declared to :e Isafe and 000 effective 000 I06

(tickl, H, “8stimation of Vaccination "ama#e%, 'ed Kelt, 2ct )<, )*+., ./:)<*-!)<*+0

Katers, VV, et al, “Risk =actors for 'easles in a Vaccinated opulation%, A&'&, 'ar .+, )**), .,->).?: )-.+0

(tickl, H, “Iatro#enic Immuno!suppression as a Result of Vaccination%, =ortschr 'ed, 'ar -, )*3), **>*?D.3*!.*.0 Vaccine Citations Linkin# the Vaccine to the “prevented% "isease:

@ko1ane, et al, “Vaccine!&ssociated aralytic oliomyelitis, ;( )*+/ throu#h )*3<, A&'&, )*3+, Vol .-+:)//-!)/<40

Quast, et al, “Vaccine Induced 'umps!like "iseases%, nd, Int (ymp on Immun, "evelopment Bio (tand, Vol </, p.,*!.+.0

7reen, C et al, “& Case of Hepatitis Related to 8tretinate 9herapy and Hepatitis B Vaccine%, "ermatolo#ica, )**), )3.>.?:))*!).40

(has:y, "', et al, “8pidemic 'easles in Hi#hly Vaccinated opulation%, @8A', 'ar )*++, .*,>))?: -3-!-3*0

9esovic, 7 et al, “&septic 'enin#itis after 'easles, 'umps and Ru:ella Vaccine%, Lancet, Aun )., )**/, /<)>33-*?:)-<)0

Aohnson, RH, et al, “@osocomial Vaccinia Infection%, Kest A 'ed, 2ct )*+,, ).-><?:.,,! .+40

'alen#reau, ', “Reappearance of ost!Vaccination Infection of 'easles, Ru:ella, and

'umps0 (hould &dolescents :e re!vaccinatedL% edaitric, )**.D<+>*?:-*+!,4) >.- ref?

Basa, (@, “ aralytic oliomyelitis =ollo1in# Inoculation Kith Com:ined "9 rophylactic0 & revie1 of (iHteen cases 1ith (pecial Reference to Immunization (chedules in Infancy%, A Indian 'ed &ssoc, =e: ), )*+/, ,4:*+!**0

Landri#an, A et al, “'easles in reviously Vaccinated Children in Illinois%, Ill 'ed A, &rp )*+<, )<):/,+!/+.0

@&, “Vaccine!&ssociated oliomyelitis%, 'ed A &ust, 2ct )*+/, .:+*-!+*,0 Vaccine =ailures Citations:

Hardy, 78, Ar, et al, “9he =ailure of a (chool Immunization Campai#n to 9erminate an ;r:an 8pidemic of 'easles,% &mer A 8pidem, 'ar )*+4D *):.3,!.*/0

Cherry, A", et al, “& Clinical and (erolo#ic (tudy of )4/ Children Kith 'easles Vaccine =ailure%, A ediatr, 'ay )*+/D 3.:34)!3430

Ail#, K, et al, “Inoculation =ailure =ollo1in# Hepatitis B Vaccination%, "tsch 'ed 1ochenschr, )**4 2ct ).D ))-><)?:)-)<!)-<30

lotkin, (&, “=ailures of rotection :y 'easles Vaccine,% A ediatr, 'ay )*+/D 3.:+*3! 34)0

Bolotovskii, V, et al, “'easles Incidence &mon# Children roperly Vaccinated &#ainst 9his Infection%, JH 'ikro:iol 8pidemiol Immuno:iol, )*+<D 44>-?:/.!/-0

Landri#an, A, et al, “'easles in reviously Vaccinated Children in Illinois%, Ill 'ed A, &pr )*+<D )<):/,+!/+.0

(tre:el, et al, “&n 2ut:reak of Khoopin# Cou#h in a Hi#hly Vaccinated ;r:an Community%, A 9rop ediatr, 'ar )**), /+>.?: +)!+,0

=orrest, A', et al, “=ailure of Ru:ella Vaccination to revent Con#enital Ru:ella,%'ed A &ust, )*++ Aan )-D )>/?: ++0

Ail#, K, “;nsuccessful Vaccination a#ainst Hepatitis B%, "tsch 'ed Kochenschr, @ov ),, )**4, ))-><,?:)++/0

Coles, =B, et al, “&n 2ut:reak of Influenza & >H/@.? in a Kell!Immunized @ursin# home opulation,% A &m #er (ociolo#ist, Aun )**., <4>,?:-3*!-*.0

Ail#, K, et al, “Inoculation =ailure follo1in# Hepatitis B Vaccination,% "tsch 'ed Kochenschr, 2ct )., )**4, ))-><)?:)-<-!)-<30

Hartmann, 7 et al, “;nsuccessful Inoculation a#ainst Hepatitis B,% "tsch 'ed Kochenschr, 'ay )+, )**), )),>.4?: +*+0

Buddle, B' et al, “Conta#ious 8cthyma Virus!Vaccination =ailures%, &m A Vet Research, =e: )*3<, <->.?:.,/!.,,0

'athias, R 7, “Khoopin# Cou#h In (pite of Immunization%, Can A u: Health, )*+3 'arB&prD ,*>.?:)/4!)/.0

2sterholm, '9, et al, “Lack of 8fficacy of Haemophilus : olysacharide Vaccine in 'innesota%, A&'&, )*33 (ept *D .,4>)4:)<./!)<.30

Aohnson, RH, et al, “@osocomial Vaccinia Infection%, Kest A 'ed, 2ct )*+,, ).-><?:.,,! .+40 Vaccines Causin# &nother Vaccinal "isease:

Basa, (@, “ aralytic oliomyelitis =ollo1in# Inoculation Kith Com:ined "9 rophylactic0 & revie1 of (iHteen cases 1ith (pecial Reference to Immunization (chedules in Infancy%, A Indian 'ed &ssoc, =e: ), )*+/, ,4:*+!**0

athel, AC, et al, “9etanus =ollo1in# Vaccination &#ainst (mall!poH%, A ediatr, Aul )*,4D .+:.-)!.,/0

=avez, 7, “9u:erculous (uperinfection =ollo1in# a (mallpoH Re!Vaccination%, raHis, Auly .), )*,4D <*:,*3!,**0

Quast, ;te, and Hennessen, “Vaccine!Induced 'umps!like "iseases%, Intern (ymp on Immunizations , "evelopment Bio (tand, Vol </, p .,*!.+.0

=orrest, A ', et al, “Clinical Ru:ella 8leven months after Vaccination,% Lancet, &u# .,, )*+., .:/**!<440

"ittman, (, “&typical 'easles after Vaccination%, Beitr Hy# 8pidemiol, )*3*), .-:)!.+< >*/* ref?

(en (, et al, “ oliomyelitis in Vaccinated Children%, Indian ediatr, 'ay )*3*, .,>-?: <./! <.*0

&rya, (C, “ utative =ailure of Recom:inant "@& Hepatitis B Vaccines%, Vaccine, &pr )*3*, +>.?: ),<!),-0

La1rence, R et al, “9he Risk of Joster after Varicella Vaccination in Children 1ith Leukemia%, @8A', 'ar /, )*33, /)3>*?: -</!-<30 Vaccination Citations and "eath

@a, “" 9 Vaccination and (udden Infant "eath N 9ennessee, ;( "ept H8K, ''KR Report, 'ar ./, )*+*, vol .3>))?: )/.0

&revalo, “Vaccinia @ecrosum0 Report on a =atal Case%, Bol 2foc (anit anamer, &u# )*,+, ,/:)4,!))40

Connolly, A H, "ick, 7 K, =ield, C', “& Case of =atal ro#ressive Vaccinia%, Brit 'ed Aour, ). 'ay )*,.D -.33:)/)-!)/)+0

&ra#ona, =, “=atal &cute &drenal Insufficiency Caused :y Bilateral &popleHy of the &drenal 7lands >K=(? follo1in# &nti!poliomyelitis Vaccination%, 'inerva 'edicole#ale, &u# )*,4D 34:),+!)+/0

'o:lus, 7 et al, “ atholo#ical!&natomical =indin#s in Cases of "eath =ollo1in# oliomyelitis and " 9 Vaccination%, "tsch 7esundheits1, Aul .4, )*+., .+:)/3.!)/3,0

@&, “Immunizations and Cot "eaths%, Lancet, (ept .-, )*3., np0

7oetzeler, &, “=atal 8ncephalitis after oliomyelitis Vaccination%, .. Aun )*,), 'uenchen 'ed Kschr, )4.:)<)*!)<..0

=ul#initi, V, “(udden Infant "eath (yndrome, "iphtheria!9etanus 9oHoid! ertussis Vaccination and Visits to the "octor: Chance &ssociation or Cause and 8ffectL%, ediatr Infect "isorder, Aan!=e: )*3/, .>)?: +!))0

Baraff, LA, et al, “ ossi:le 9emporal &ssociation Bet1een "iphtheria!tetanus toHoid! ertussis Vaccination and (udden Infant "eath (yndrome%, ediatr Infect "isorder, Aan! =e: )*3/, .>)?: -!,0

Reynolds, 8, “=atal 2utcome of a Case of 8czema Vaccinatum%, Lancet, .< (ept )*,4, .:,3<!,3,0

&postolov0 et al, “"eath of an Infant in Hyperthermia &fter Vaccination%, A Clin ath, 'ar )*,), )<:)*,!)*+0

Bouvier!Colle, 'H, “(eH!(pecific "ifferences in 'ortality &fter Hi#h!9itre 'easles Vaccination%, Rev 8pidemiol (ante u:liFue, )**-D </>)?: *+0

(te1art 79, “"eaths of infants after triple vaccine0%, Lancet )*+* &u# )3D.>3)/3?:/-<! /--0

=lahault &, “(udden infant death syndrome and diphtheriaBtetanus toHoidBpertussisBpoliomyelitis immunisation0%, Lancet )*33 'ar ).D)>3-3-?:-3.!-3/0

Lar:re, = et al, “=atal &cute 'yocarditis &fter (mallpoH Vaccination%, ediatrie, &pr!'ay )*,,, .):/<-!/-40

'ortimer 8& Ar, “"9 and (I"(: 1hen data differ%, &m A u:lic Health )*3+ &u#D ++>3?:*.-!*.,0 Vaccines and 'eta:olism Citations:

"eutsch A, % 59emperature chan#es after triple!immunization in infant a#e6,% adiatr 7renz#e: )*+,D)->)?:/!,0 5&rticle in 7erman6

@&, “59emperature chan#es after triple immunization in childhood6,% adiatr 7renz#e: )*+,D)->)?:+!)40 5&rticle in 7erman6

5Considerin# that the thyroid controls our Basal 'eta:olism, it 1ould appear that vaccines altered >depressed? thyroid activity06 Vaccines &lterin# Resistance to "isease:

Burmistrova &L, “5Chan#e in the non!specific resistance of the :ody to influenza and acute respiratory diseases follo1in# immunization diphtheria!tetanus vaccine6,% Jh 'ikro:iol 8pidemiol Immuno:iol )*+,D >/?:3*!*)0 5&rticle in Russian6 Vaccinations and "eafness Citations: (o I did a :ack#round check to see if there 1as any scientific

evidence linkin# vaccines to deafness and hearin# loss0 Here are some of the articles I found:

Ea#a, “;nilateral 9otal Loss of &uditory and Vesti:ular =unction as a Complication of 'umps Vaccination%, Int A ed 2to, =e: )**3, </>)?:+/!+/

@a:e!@ielsen, Kalter, “;nilateral 9otal "eafness as a Complication of the 'easles! 'umps! Ru:ella Vaccination%, (can &udio (uppl, )*33, /4:,*!+4

Hul:ert, et al, “Bilateral Hearin# Loss after 'easles and Ru:ella Vaccination in an &dult%, @8A', )**) Auly, ))D/.->.?:)/<

Healy, “'umps Vaccine and @erve "eafness%, &m A "isorder Child, )*+. AunD )./>,?:,).

AayaraGan, (edler, “Hearin# Loss =ollo1in# 'easles Vaccination%, A Infect, )**- 'arD /4>.?:)3<!)3-

ialouH, et al, “Vaccinations and "eafness%, &nn 2tolaryn# > aris?, "ec )*,/, 34:)4).!)4)/0

&n#erstein, K, et al, “(olitary Hearin# and 8Fuili:rium "ama#e &fter Vaccinations%, 7esundheits1esen, 'ay )**-, -+>-?: .,<!.,30

Brodsky, (tanievich, “(ensorineural Hearin# Loss =ollo1in# Live 'easles Virus Vaccination%, Int A ed 2to, )*3- @ovD )4>.?:)-*!),/

Eo#a, et al, “Bilateral &cute rofound "eafness &fter ''R Vaccination! Report of a Case%, @ippon Ai:iin 7akkai Eai, )**) &u#D*<>3?:))<.!-

(eiferth, LB, “"eafness after 2ral oliomyelitis Vaccination N a Case Report and Revie1%, H@2, )*++ &u#D .->3?: .*+!/44

antazopoulos, 8, “ erceptive "eafness =ollo1in# rophylactic use of 9etanus anittoHin%, Laryn#oscope, "ec )*,-, +-:)3/.!)3/,0

Jimmerman, K, “2:servation of a case of &cute Bilateral Hearin# Impairment =ollo1in# reventive oliomyelitis Vaccination >type /?%, &rch 2hr @as Eehlkopfheilk, )*,-, )3-:+./!+.-0 Vaccinations and Eidney "isorders Citations:

AacFuot, C et al, “Renal Risk in Vaccination%, @ouv resse 'ed, @ov ,, )*3., ))><<?:/./+!/./30

7iudicelli, et al, “Renal Risk in Vaccination%, resse 'ed, Aun )), )*3., ).>.-?:)-3+! )-*40

9an, (C, et al, “Vaccine Related 7lomerulonephritis%, B'A, Aan ./, )**/, /4,>,3+.?:.<30

illai, AA, et al, “Renal Involvement in &ssociation 1ith ost!vaccination Varicella%, Clin Infect "isorder, "ec )**/, )+>,?: )4+*!)4340

8isin#er, &A et al, “&cute Renal =ailure after 9&B and Cholera Vaccination%, B 'ed A, =e: )4, )*+*, )>,),4?:/3)!/3.0

(ilina, J', et al, “Causes of ostvaccinal Complications in the Eidneys in Coun# Infants%, ediatria, "ec )*+3, >).?:-*!,)0

@a, “&l:uminurias%, Concours 'ed, 'ar )*,<, 3-:-4*-!-4*30 5vaccination adverse reactions6

2yrl, &, et al, “Can Vaccinations Harm the EidneyL%, Clin @ephrol, )*+-, />-?:.4<!.4-0

'el$man @ia, “5Renal lesions after use of vaccines and sera60% Vrach "elo )*+3 2ctD >)4?:,+!*, 5&rticle in Russian6

(ilina J', 7alaktionova 9Ia, (ha:unina @R, “5Causes of postvaccinal complications in the kidneys in youn# infants60% ediatriia )*+3 "ecD>).?:-*!,), 5&rticle in Russian6

(ilina 8', et al, “5(ome diseases of the kidneys in children durin# the )st year of life, follo1in# primary smallpoH vaccination and administration of pertusis!diphtheria!tetanus vaccine60% Vopr 2khr 'aterin "et )*,3 'arD )/>/?:+*!34, 5&rticle in Russian6 Vaccines and (kin "isorders Citations:

Illin#s1orth R, (kin rashes after triple vaccine,% &rch "is Child )*3+ (epD ,.>*?:*+*0

Lupton 7 , “"iscoid lupus erythematosus occurrin# in a smallpoH vaccination scar,% A &m &cad "ermatol, )*3+ 2ctD )+><?:,33!,*40

Eompier, & A, “(ome (kin "iseases caused :y Vaccinia Virus 5(mallpoH6,% @ed 'ilt 7eneesk 9, )-:)<*!)-+, 'ay )*,.0

Ke:er, 7 et al, “(kin Lesions =ollo1in# Vaccinations,% "eutsch 'ed Kschr, 33:)3+3! )33,, (+ (ept )*,/0

Copeman, K, “(kin Complications of (mallpoH Vaccination,% ractitioner, )*+:+*/! 344, "ec )*,,0

"ennin#, "K, et al, “(kin Rashes &fter 9riple Vaccine,% &rch "isorder Child, 'ay )*3+, ,.>-?: -)4!-))0 Vaccinations and &:cesses:

(terler, HC, et al, “2ut:reaks of 7roup & (teptococcal &:cesses =ollo1in# "9 Vaccination%, ediatrics, =e: )*3-, +->.?:.**!/4/0

"i iramo, ", et al, “&:cess =ormation at the (ite of Inoculation of Calmette!7uerin Bacillus >BC7?,% Riv 'ed &eronaut (paz, Aul!"ec )*3), <,>/!<?:)*4!)**0 Vaccinations and (hock:

Caile:a, & et al, “(hock associated 1ith "isseminated Intravascular Coa#ulation (yndrome follo1in# InGection of "909&B Vaccine, rese 'ed, (ept )-, )*3<, )/>/?:)*440 Vaccines: 9he Keird, 9he Kild and 9he Hilarious Citations: (ometimes there are articles pu:lished a:out the stran#est facts related to vaccines that defies our ima#ination and a:ility to understand them0 9hey 1ere 1ritten seriously :y 1ell!meanin# scientific persons, :ut their titles can :e seen differently0 (ome are funny, some are sad and some are purely scientific folly0 (ee if you can fi#ure these out:

athel, AC, et al, “9etanus =ollo1in# Vaccination &#ainst (mall!poH%, A ediatr, Aul )*,4D .+:.-)!.,/0 5@o1 you need a tetanus vaccinationT6

=avez, 7, “9u:erculous (uperinfection =ollo1in# a (mallpoH Re!Vaccination%, raHis, Auly .), )*,4D <*:,*3!,**0 5(uper means lar#eB:i#B#reatT6

Bonifacio, & et al, “9raffic &ccidents as an eHpression of “Iatro#enic dama#e%, 'inerva 'ed, =e: .<, )*+), ,.:+/-!+<40 5But officer I 1as Gust vaccinatedT6

Baker, A et al, “&ccidental Vaccinia: rimary Inoculation of a (crotum%, Clin ediatr > hila?, &pr )*+., )):.<<!.<-0 52oops, the needle slipped06

8d1ards, E, “"an#er of (un:urn =ollo1in# Vaccination%, apua @e1 7uinea 'ed A, "ec )*++, .4><?:.4/0 5&re vaccines phototoHicL6

(troder, A, “Incorrect 9herapy in Children%, =olia Clin Int >Barc?, =e: )*,,, ),:3.!*40 5&#reed06

Kehrle =, “InGury associated 1ith the use of vaccines,% Clin 9her )*3-D+>/?:.3.!.3<0 5"ahT6

&l:erts '8, “Khen and 1here 1ill it stop%, Io1a 'ed )*3, (epD +,>*?:<.<0 5KhenT6

Breiman R=, Janca A&, “2f floors and ceilin#s S definin#, assurin#, and communicatin# vaccine safety%, &m A u:lic Health )**+ "ecD3+>).?:)*)*!)*.40 5Khat is in :et1een floors and ceilin#sL6

(te1art, &', et al, “&etiolo#y of Childhood Leukaemia%, Lancet, ), 2ct, )*,-, .:+3*! +*40

@elson, (9, “Aohn Hutchinson 2n Vaccination (yphilis >Hutchinson, A?%, &rch "erm, >Chic?, 'ay )*,*, **:-.*!-/-0 5Vaccinations and (9"sT6

'ather, C, “Cotton 'ather &n#uishes 2ver the ConseFuences of His (on$s Inoculation &#ainst (mallpoH%, ediatrics, 'ay )*+<D -/:+-,0 5Is it for or a#ainstL6

9homan ', “9he 9oHic (hot (yndrome%, Vet Hum 9oHicol, &pr )*3,, .3>.?:),/!),,0 5&nimals are not eHempt from vaccination dama#e eitherT6

Aohnson, RH, et al, “@osocomial Vaccinia Infection%, Kest A 'ed, 2ct )*+,, ).-><?:.,,! .+40 5@osocomial means a disease acFuired in a doctorUs office or hospital06

Heed, AR, “Human Immunization Kith Ra:ies Vaccine in (ucklin# 'ice Brain,% (alud u:lica, 'ay!Aun )*+<, ),>/?: <,*!<340 5Have you had your sucklin# mice :rains todayL6

9esovic, 7 et al, “&septic 'enin#itis after 'easles, 'umps and Ru:ella Vaccine%,

Lancet, Aun )., )**/, /<)>33-*?:)-<)0 5&' has same symptoms as poliomyelitisT6

Buddle, B' et al, “Conta#ious 8cthyma Virus!Vaccination =ailures%, &m A Vet Research, =e: )*3<, <->.?:.,/!.,,0

=reter, R et al, “2ral Immunization &nd roduction of Coproanti:ody in Human Volunteers%, A Immunol, "ec )*,/, *):+.<!+.*0 57uess 1hat copro! means 0000 =eces06

@&, “Vaccination, =or and &#ainst%, )*,<, Bel# 9 7eneesk, .4:).-!)/40 5Is it for or a#ainstL6

(ahadevan, '7 et al, “ ost!vaccinal 'yelitis%, A Indian 'ed &ss, =e: ),, )*,,, <,:.4-! .4,0 5"id I mention myelitisL6

Castan, et al, “Coma Revealin# an acute Leukosis in a child, )- days after an 2ral &nti!poliomyelitis Vaccination,% &cta @eurol Bek#, 'ay )*,-, ,-:/<*!/,+0 5Coma from vaccinesT6

(tickl, H, et al, “ urulent 5pus6 menin#itides =ollo1in# (mallpoH Vaccination0 2n the ro:lem of ost! Vaccinal "ecrease of Resistance%, "eutsch 'ed Kschr, Aul .., )*,,, *):)/4+!)/)40 5Vaccines are the inGection of viruses cultured from pus 000 6


I9he vaccinations are not 1orkin#, and they are dan#erous0 Ke should :e 1orkin# 1ith nature0I !! Lendon (mith '"

II once :elieved in AennerD I once :elieved in asteur0 I :elieved in vaccination0 I

:elieved in vivisection0 But I chan#ed my vie1s as the result of hard thinkin#0I !! "r Had1en '"

II have no faith in vaccinationD nay, I look upon it 1ith the #reatest possi:le dis#ust, and firmly :elieve that it is often the medium of conveyin# many filthy and loathsome diseases from one child to another, and no protection 1hatever a#ainst small poH0 Indeed, I consider 1e are no1 livin# in the A8@@8RI&@ epoch for the slau#hter of innocents, and the unthinkin# portion of the adult population0I !! K0 A0 C2LLI@(, '0"0, B0(0, B0(c0 >Lond0? '0R0C0( >Letter to Vaccination InFuirer?

I9he evidence >vaccines cause autism? is no1 over1helmin#, despite the misinformation from the Centers for "isease Control and revention, the &merican &cademy of ediatrics and the Institute of 'edicine0I !! 9he > retendin# to? Com:at &utism &ct By Bernard Rimland

II am no lon#er Utryin# to di# up evidence to proveU vaccines cause autism0 9here is already a:undant evidence,000000 9his de:ate is not scientific :ut is political0 5Auly *, .44, Blo#Bletter6 "iscoverin# the causes, treatment of autism0I !! "avid &you:, '"

@o:ody needs to :e confused :ut 8V8RCB2"C :etter :e darn 1ell fri#htened a:out takin# &@C vaccine, under &@C circumstance, for &@C reason, at &@C time in their life0I !! "r "an "uffy "C

II have :een on the staff of the @e1 Aersey (tate "epartment of Health, and 1as in complete char#e of the 'onmouth County Cere:ral alsy 9reatment Center0 =or the past three years I have :een director of the Homestead Reha:ilitation Institute >and still am as of this 1ritin#?0 'y eHperiences have ena:led me to o:serve from 1ithin the 1orkin#s of official medicine0 &t first I could not :elieve 1hat I sa1000Kere the truth concernin# medical treatment and so!called prevention ever to leak out, the stench of it 1ould o:literate the pu:lic confidence in the medical profession and put an end to the fantastic dru# profits0I !! "r0 'ilton =ried, "0C0, )*-, > oisoned @eedle :y 'cBean p)*.?

IKhat, then, is the value of vaccinationL Ke firmly :elieve that it has no value at all0 Its supposed value has :een deduced from incorrect reasonin# on the part of its advocates0

Kere small!poH as prevalent and as fatal no1 as in the ei#hteenth century, it mi#ht even :e Gustifia:le to have recourse to inoculationSeither :y variolous or vaccine matter0 History, ho1ever, has demonstrated that to1ards the close of the last century, 1hen Aenner introduced his system, small!poH had #radually died out, as 1e shall presently sho10 8ven in AennerUs day small!poH had lost its virulence0I !! "r0 Charles 90 earce, '0"0 5)3,3 Book: 8ssay on Vaccination6

IIt is difficult to conceive 1hat 1ill :e the eHcuse made for a century of co1poHin#D :ut it cannot :e dou:ted that the practice 1ill appear in as a:surd a li#ht to the common sense of the t1entieth century as :lood!lettin# no1 does to us0 Vaccination differs, ho1ever, from all previous errors of the faculty, in :ein# maintained as the la1 of the land on the 1arrant of medical authority0 9hat is the reason 1hy the :lo1 to professional credit can hardly help :ein# severe, and 1hy the efforts to 1ard it off have :een, and 1ill continue to :e so in#enious0I 5)33*6 Aenner and Vaccination & (tran#e Chapter of 'edical History :y Charles Crei#hton '0"0

IIf you 1ant the truth on vaccination you must #o to those 1ho are not makin# anythin# out of it0 If doctors shot at the moon every time it 1as full as a preventive of measles and #ot a shillin# for it, they 1ould :rin# statistics to prove it 1as a most efficient practice, and that the population 1ould :e decimated if it 1ere stopped0I !! "r &llinson

I9he anthraH vaccine 1as approved 1ithout every doin# a controlled clinical study0 9here is no lon# term safety data on the anthraH vaccine0 9he #overnment admitted this in con#ressional hearin#s0 It is a distortion of the truth to say there is su:stantial safety data0I !! Bart Classen

I@ot one case receivin# homeopathic care died, 1hile the Iold schoolI doctors lost t1enty percent of their >smallpoH? cases00000I #ave a:out three hundred internal vaccinations, five to adults actin# as practical nursesD to the man 1ho installed the telephone and li#hts in the pest!houseD to mothers 1ho slept 1ith their children 1hile they had smallpoH in its severest form0 &ll of these people, eHposed daily, 1ere immune0I !! K0 L0 Bonnell, '"

I"urin# the last ten years, I have treated and cured all kinds of serious acute diseases 1ithout resortin# to allopathic dru#s0 In a very eHtensive practice, I have not in all these years lost a sin#le case of appendicitis >and not one of them 1as operated upon?, of typhoid fever, diphtheria, smallpoH, scarlet fever, etc0, and only one case of cere:ro!

spinal menin#itis and of lo:ar pneumonia0 9hese facts may :e verified from the records of the Health "epartment of the City of Chica#o0I !! Chapter ),: 9he "iphtheria &ntitoHin >@ature Cure: hilosophy V ractice Based on the ;nity of "isease V Cure :y Henry Lindlahr, '0"0?

IBased on 1hat I no1 kno1, I 1ould not #ive my children the com:ined ''R vaccine0 I 1ould consider either usin# the vaccines sin#ly >not availa:le in this country :ut possi:le in mainland 8urope? or not vaccinatin# at all0 It may :e safer for healthy children to catch these illnesses rather than run the risk of immunisation0I !! "r Richard Halvorsen

I'enin#itis is not a transmissi:le disease, 1e do not IcatchI it from one another0 'y first lesson in vaccine propa#anda is 1hen I learned, :ack in the forties, that the IepidemicsI of menin#itis amon#st military recruits 1ere not epidemics :ut clusters, and the second thin# I learned 1as that only the freshly vaccinated recruits Icau#htI menin#itis0 9he mess ser#eant didnUt, the drill ser#eant didnUt, only the recruits did0 @ot even the #irls 1ho 1orked at the :ase eHchan#es and service clu:s, 1ith 1hom the recruits played kissy face Icau#htI menin#itis ! only the freshly vaccinated recruits Icau#htI it0 In over thirty years of clinical practice I have never seen an infectious hepatitis Icau#htI :y another mem:er of a household and :elieve me 1hen I say I really looked hi#h and lo1 for one of those0 If I found one I 1ould look for a source of the poisonin#, not for a #erm or a virus0I !! "r "aniel H "uffy (rD =amily doctor of chiropractic 7eneva, 2hio ;(&

I&I"( and (&R( are 1ays for epidemiolo#ists >e0#0, the C"C, KH2, etc0? to secure their Go:s and continued fundin# for their a#encies0 @o ne1 emer#in# epidemics, may:e no C"C, no KH2, so 1eUve #ot an infrastructure that R8Q;IR8( the IdiscoveryI of ne1, threatenin# epidemics0 &nd the media pick a ne1 one every year0 9his year, itUs (&R(0 =or the past couple of years, itUs :een Kest @ile Virus0 @eHt year itUll :e somethin# else0I !! "r "an "uffy "C

I(oldiers "I" die follo1in# the inGections 1hich contained mercurous chloride other1ise kno1n as C&L2'8L0 9here K&( a 1idespread campai#n for mercury containin# vaccines0 9here K&( also an outpourin# of propa#anda 5such as our present day (&R(, '2@E8C 2O, ('&LL 2O hype6 to fri#hten the pu:lic, there K8R8 lar#e num:ers of deaths at the time, all :lamed on “(panish =lu%0 2f course the (panish =lu 1as Gust as :o#us in the early )*44s as (1ine =lu 1as in the +4s 1hen resident =ord faked his vaccination and helped set our country up for a R8&L epidemic 5vaccine induced, iatro#enic, 7uillaine Barre syndrome60 (panish =lu 1as as :o#us as the more recent K8(9 @IL8 VIR;(, &I"(, (&R(, ('&LL 2O and '2@E8C 2O is today0 9hey are killin# the innocent and the i#norant today, Gust as they have in the past0 9he deaths

from the #reat flu epidemic of )*)3 1ere caused :y the use of C&L2'8L, the maGor :iolo#ical poison used to treat “sepsis% as it 1as called in those days0 C&L2'8L is mercurous chloride and 1as used :y the medical Fuacks of that day for “anythin# that ailed you%0 'ercury is a deadly poison0I !! "r "an "uffy "C

IIt is no1 /4 years since I have :een confinin# myself to the treatment of chronic diseases0 "urin# those /4 years I have run a#ainst so many histories of little children 1ho had never seen a sick day until they 1ere vaccinated and 1ho, in the several years that have follo1ed, have never seen a 1ell day since0 I couldnUt put my fin#er on the disease they have0 9hey Gust 1erenUt stron#0 9heir resistance 1as #one0 9hey 1ere perfectly 1ell :efore they 1ere vaccinated0 9hey have never :een 1ell since0 I !! "r0 Killiam Ho1ard Hay

I'y o1n personal vie1 is that vaccines are unsafe and 1orthless0 I 1ill not allo1 myself to :e vaccinated a#ain0 000009he :ottom line is that infectious diseases are least likely to affect >and to kill? those 1ho have healthy immune systems0 I no lon#er :elieve that vaccines have any role to play in the protection of the community or the individual0 Vaccines may :e profita:le :ut, in my vie1, they are neither safe nor effective0 I prefer to put my trust in :uildin# up my immune system0I !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B

IIt is clear to me that the #overnmentUs immunization policies, :oth the military and civilian, are driven :y politics and not :y science000000009he anthraH vaccine 1as approved 1ithout every doin# a controlled clinical study0 9here is no lon# term safety data on the anthraH vaccine0 9he #overnment admitted this in con#ressional hearin#s0 It is a distortion of the truth to say there is su:stantial safety data0000I have pu:lished many articles linkin# vaccines and dia:etes0 In one study, a clinical trial on the hemophilus vaccine, I sho1ed that the risk of the vaccine eHceeds the :enefit0 9his is pu:lished :y the British medical Aournal0I !! Bart Classen >testimony?

I9he C"C did t1o studies, one study on dia:etes and one on asthma0 9he studies represent pure Gunk science that is primarily propa#anda0I !! Bart Classen >letter?

IVaccines are hi#hly dan#erous, have never :een adeFuately studied or proven to :e effective, and have a poor riskBre1ard ratio0 'ost sur#ery is unnecessary and most teHt:ooks of medicine are inaccurate and deceptive0 &lmost every disease is said to :e idiopathic >1ithout kno1n cause? or #enetic ! althou#h this is untrue0 In short, our main stream medical system is hopelessly inept andBor corrupt0 9he treatment of cancer and

de#enerative diseases is a national scandal0 9he sooner you learn this, the :etter off you 1ill :e0I !! "r0 &llan 7reen:er# ).B.<B.44.

I9he Uvictory over epidemicsU 1as not 1on :y medical science or :y doctors!!and certainly not :y vaccines00000the decline000has :een the result of technical, social and hy#ienic improvements and especially of improved nutrition0 Here the role of the potato000deserves special mention00000Consider carefully 1hether you 1ant to let yourself or your children under#o the dan#erous, controversial, ineffective and no lon#er necessary procedure called vaccination, :ecause the claim that vaccinations are the cause for the decline of infectious diseases is utter nonsense0I !! 9he Vaccination @onsense >.44< Lectures? !! "r0 med0 70 Buch1ald I(B@ /!3//<!.-43!/ pa#e )430

IUll talk a:out vaccines0 @um:er one, vaccines make people sick0 9hey donUt 1ork0 9hey donUt protect0 9he use of vaccines is totally 1ron#T ItUs perfect nonsense :ased on fear0 ItUs fear of the disease0 (o, in order for you not to #et the disease I, as your doctor, am #oin# to #ive the disease to you ri#ht a1ay, :ut not as stron#0 9his 1ay your :ody 1ill kno1 a:out the disease and, if you ever #et it in the future, you 1onUt :e as sick the second time000000Khat they say is total nonsense0 If I came to you and said, IIUm #oin# to perform a little seHual assault on you!!!a small rape!!!:ecause, one day you could meet a rapist and you could :e raped0 But, it 1onUt :e as :ad the second time as the first time0I 9his is eHactly the same thin# as #ivin# someone a vaccine, or a little :it of disease0 ItUs nonsenseT Immunization is total nonsenseT 'ore than that is 1hatUs hidden from people a:out vaccines0 9hey are dan#erous0 2ne child out of five has over1helmin# disa:ilities from vaccines!!!neurolo#ical pro:lems, seizures0 IUve #ot a 1hole list0 9here are plenty of :ooks on this su:Gect0 "octors donUt even read a:out this0 &n Intervie1 Kith 7uylaine Lanctot, '0"0 By Eenneth V "ee Burke

I9he #reatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dan#erous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them throu#h mass immunization000009here is no convincin# scientific evidence that mass inoculations can :e credited 1ith eliminatin# any childhood disease0I !! "r Ro:ert 'endelsohn, '0"0

IIn the ;E the #overnment Health &uthority Fuotes fi#ures of the measles vaccine as :ein# *4W effective >1hich means that? *4W of the recipients of the vaccine, produce a certain level of anti:odies to the viral a#ents in the vaccine, )4W have produced no or undetecta:le levels of anti:ody0 9his information has @29 :een derived from population studies and as 1e have already ackno1led#ed, this does @29 indicate 1hat percenta#e of those people are actually immune, >or, for that matter, ho1 lon# that apparent

immunity lasts?0 (o, to state that the vaccine is *4W effective is some1hat misleadin# and at any rate inaccurate 1ith re#ard to a statement of immunity in a real disease situation0I !! 9revor 7unn B(c

Ithe ;( @ational &cademy of (ciences pu:lished a report in (ept )**/ in 1hich the &merican &cademy of paediatrics reaffirmed Iits lon# standin# position that the :enefits of immunisation far out1ei#h the risksI0 Ho1ever, Russell &leHander, a panel mem:er and professor of epidemiolo#y at the ;niversity of Kashin#ton, says he is disappointed that the panel did not compare the risk of vaccination 1ith the risks of #oin# unvaccinatedT00000(ince there 1as no comparison of immunisation 1ith another procedure, or 1ith :ein# unimmunised, the conclusions of the &merican &cademy of aediatrics are not :ased on scientific reasonin# and are almost meanin#less0 9heir position only serves to illustrate the preGudice that eHists 1ithin many of those interested in promotin# vaccines0I !! 9revor 7unn B(c

I 0&a:y et al, ediat Infec "isA 3:)*+!.44,)*3*!!!By comparin# #roups of children 1ith apparently different vaccination status, this study su##ests that measles vaccination reduces mortality :y /4W0 Ho1ever, their comparisons in this study 1ould lead one to have serious mis#ivin#s a:out their conclusions0 9he #roup used as a Inon!vaccinatedI #roup 1ere in fact vaccinated :et1een certain dates0 9hey 1ere found to have undetecta:le levels of anti:ody and therefore it 1as assumed that the vaccine did not 1ork, hence this 1as used as a Xcontrol$ non!vaccinated #roup0 'ost of a second #roup of )./ individuals, vaccinated at another time 1ere found to have responded and 1ere therefore used as the vaccinated #roup0 Ho1ever )- of this vaccinated #roup did not seroconvert and they 1ere eHcluded from the resultsT 9hree of these children diedTI !! 9revor 7unn B(c

I 1as the first to announce the Iautism epidemicI, in )**-, and I pointed out in that article that eHcessive vaccines 1ere a plausi:le cause of the epidemic0 &s you kno1, an enormous amount of clinical la:oratory research >as opposed to epidemiolo#ical research?, has :een accumulated since that time, supportin# my position0 >I did not kno1 then that the vaccines contained mercury, althou#h I had :een collectin# data since )*,+ from the mothers of autistic children, on any dental 1ork they may have had durin# their pre#nancy0? 9he evidence is no1 over1helmin#, despite the misinformation from the Centers for "isease Control and revention, the &merican &cademy of ediatrics and the Institute of 'edicine0 9he > retendin# to? Com:at &utism &ct By Bernard Rimland

I9he evidence that vaccines are a maGor cause of the increase comes from a num:er of directions0 2ne direction thatUs :een lar#ely i#nored are the la:oratory studies0 9here are at least seven la:oratory studies, clinical studies, of :lood, cere:ral, spinal fluid, :iopsies of autistic children 1hich sho1 hu#e differences :et1een autistic children and normal children in terms of the presence of thin#s like measles vaccine virus in their intestinal tract, for eHample, or their neurons0 (o, thereUs one line of evidence0 &nother, of course, is that 1e have data from thousands of parents 1ho testify, often 1ith videotapes and photo#raphs and eye1itness reports, that their kid 1as perfectly normal0 &nd they can demonstrate it, as I say, very conclusively 1ith tapes until after the vaccine0 9he kid retreated into autism0 9hereUs Gust conver#in# evidence from many, many directions0I !! >@ov .44.? Bernard Rimland h"

I'cCully is :ut the most recent of a lon# list of pioneers 1ho suffered outra#eous inGustices at the hands of do#matic authorities 1ho are so sure that they are ri#ht that they never trou:le themselves to consider the evidence0 Ho1 many millions of lives 1ould have :een saved if the authorities had :een less smu#LI !! "r Rimland http:BB1110autism0comBariBeditorialsBdo#ma0html

IKhen the link :et1een the use of unsafe, mercury!laden vaccine and autism, &"H", asthma, aller#ies and dia:etes :ecomes undenia:le, mainstream medicine 1ill :e sportin# a hu#e, self!inflicted and 1ell!deserved :lack eye0 9hen 1ill come the :illion! dollar a1ards, :y enra#ed Guries, to the children and their families0 I canUt 1ait0I !! "r Rimland

I&utism is not the only severe chronic illness 1hich has reached epidemic proportions as the num:er of >profita:le? vaccines has rapidly increased0 Children no1 receive // vaccines :efore they enter school N a hu#e increase0 9he vaccines contain not only live viruses :ut also very si#nificant amounts of hi#hly toHic su:stances such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde0 Could this :e the reason for the upsur#e in autism, &"H", asthma, arthritis, Crohn$s disease, lupus and other chronic disordersLI !! "r Rimland

I'uch attention has :een focused on the ''R shot itself, 1hereas in all pro:a:ility it is a com:ination of the three factors listed a:ove: the increasin# num:er of vaccines, the lar#e amount of mercury, and the inherent dan#er of the triple vaccine000009he ''R vaccine is also especially suspect :ecause la:oratories in 8n#land, Ireland, and Aapan have found evidence of ''R vaccine viruses in the intestinal tracts of autistic children, :ut not in control #roup, non!autistic children0I !! "r Rimland

I9hey claim that autism naturally occurs at a:out )3 months, 1hen the ''R is routinely #iven, so the association is merely coincidental and not causal0 But the onset of autism at )3 months is a recent development0 &utism startin# at )3 months rose very sharply in the mid!)*34s, 1hen the ''R vaccine came into 1ide use0 & coincidenceL HardlyTI !! "r Rimland

I& num:er of clinical la:oratory studies demonstrate that vaccines may cause chronic dama#e to the 70I0 tract, immune system, :rain, and other or#ans0 (everal such studies have :een reported in past issues of the &RRI0 Kakefield, (a:ra, (in#h, 2ULeary and Ea1ashima are amon# the authors 1hose 1ork documents lin#erin# vaccine effect on children on the autistic spectrum, compared to normal controls0 9he I2' report pays little heed to this evidence, instead focusin# attention on several deeply fla1ed epidemiolo#ical studies0I !! "r Rimland

I9he only safety testin# that has ever :een done on the pertussis vaccine in the past -4 years is an unproven method called the 'ouse Kei#ht 7ain 9est0 9he IscientistsI inGect the vaccine to :e tested into the stomachs of :a:y mice0 If the mice continue to #ain 1ei#ht and donUt die ri#ht a1ay, it is assumed the vaccine is safe and effective for humans0 9hatUs itT IUm not makin# this upT00000009he only toHicity test reFuired for the initial licensin# of the " 9 vaccine in the ;nited (tates 1as this mouse 1ei#ht!#ain test ,4 years a#o0I !! 9he (anctity of Human Blood By 9im 2U(hea p0 ,*

IKhenever 1e read vaccine papers the '" researchers al1ays assume that if there are hi#h anti:ody levels after vaccination, then there is immunity >immuno#encity?0 But are anti:ody levels and immunity the sameL @oT &nti:ody levels are not the same as I'';@I9C0 9he recent ';' ( vaccine fiasco in (1itzerland has re!emphasized this point0 9hree mumps vaccines!Ru:ini, Aeryl!Lynn and ;ra:e >the one 1ithdra1n :ecause it caused encephalitis? all produced eHcellent anti:ody levels :ut those vaccinated 1ith the Ru:ini strain had the same attack rate as those not vaccinated at all, there 1ere some 1ho said that it actually caused out:reaks0I S Ref: (che#al ' et al Comparative efficacy of three mumps vaccines durin# disease out:reak in (1itzerland: cohort study0 B'A, )***D /)*:/-.!/0I !! 9ed Eoren "C

I9he =9C la1yers said I couldnUt criticize childhood vaccinations0 9hey said I >1e? terrify parents 1ith statements a:out chiropractic, childhood vaccinations and natural health care0I !! 9ed Eoren "C

IChildhood vaccines are #ivin# us a 1orld of chronic illness: autism, developmental disorders, &sper#erUs (yndrome, :rain tumors, leukemia, cancers, information processin# disorders, impulsive violence, aller#ies, asthma, dia:etes, CrohnUs disease, intestinal disorders0>all conditions rare :efore mass vaccination? are Gust some of the vaccine associated disorders0I 9ed Eoren "C

IKhen I 1as seven I had pneumonia0 "r0 Iserson >'"? made a house call and #ave me a shot0 It accidentally struck a nerve and I 1as left partially paralyzed 1ith unrelentin# inner le# pain0 I 1alked around our apartment #ra::in# furniture so I 1ouldnUt fall0 Khen "r0 Iserson neHt arrived my #randmother :rou#ht him to my :edroom to see me0 IKhat did you do to my #randchildLI she yelled at him0 He stood there mute0 (he physically thre1 him out of our apartment >really? and called the chiropractor0 &fter "r0 =riedlandUs first adGustment I could 1alk a#ain0 &fter the second one my pneumonia 1as #one, and after the third I 1as as #ood as ne10 He char#ed Y-044 a visit0I !! 9ed Eoren "C

I'any viral infectious diseases have :een cured and can continue to :e cured :y the proper administration of Vitamin C0 Ces, the vaccinations for these treata:le infectious diseases are completely unnecessary 1hen one has the access to proper treatment 1ith vitamin C0 &nd, yes, all the side effects of vaccinations000are also completely unnecessary since the vaccinations do not have to :e #iven in the first place 1ith the availa:ility of properly dosed vitamin C0I !! "r 9homas Levy '0"0, A0"0 >Vitamin C, Infectious "iseases and 9oHins p/4?

I&mazin#ly, vitamin C has actually already :een documented in the medical literature to have readily and consistently cured :oth acute polio and acute hepatitis, t1o viral diseases still considered :y modern medicine to :e incura:le0I !! 9homas 80 Levy, '", A"

&ll three children had different doctors0 9he little #irl under ElennerUs care 1as #iven )4,444 m# of vitamin C as a slo1 intravenous IpushI 1ith a -4 cc syrin#e every ei#ht hours for the first .< hours and then every ). hours for t1o more doses0 =ollo1in# this she 1as #iven ),444 m# of vitamin C every t1o hours :y mouth0 Elenner also notes that a <4,444!unit dose of antitoHin 1as inGected into the little #irlUs a:domen0 9he other t1o children received the antitoHin as 1ell, :ut they did not receive any vitamin C0 9hey :oth died :ut ElennerUs patient survived, later :ecomin# a nurse0 !! Vitamin C, Infectious "iseases, and 9oHins: Curin# the Incura:le :y 9homas 80 Levy, '0"0, A0"0

I&cute viral hepatitis000is easily and completely cura:le 1ith treated promptly 1ith adeFuate doses of vitamin C 000some evidence indicates that a hi#h dose of vitamin C for a lon# enou#h period of time 1ould pro:a:ly resolve >chronic hepatitis? as 1ell in many of the cases0000000& si#nificant :enefit of properly dosed vitamin C 1ould :e the elimination of any need or reason to vaccinate people a#ainst hepatitis0I !! Levy '0"0, A0"0 >Vitamin C, Infectious "iseases and 9oHins p#s ,4, ,,?

I&s a clinician, my current :elief 1hich #uides my practice 1ith these children is that any child #iven the HepB vaccination at :irth and su:seFuent :oosters alon# 1ith " 9 has received unaccepta:le levels of neurotoHin in the form of the ethyl mercury in the thimerosal preservative used in the vaccine0 In any child 1ith a #enetic immune suscepti:ility >pro:a:ly a:out one in siH? this sets off a series of events that inGure the :rain!#ut!immune system0 By the time they are ready to receive the ''R vaccination, their immune system is so impaired in a #reat num:er of these children that the triple vaccine cannot :e handled :y the no1 dysfunctional immune system and they :e#in their o:vious descent into the autistic spectrum disorder0I !! AaFuelyn 'cCandless, '0"

IIn )*.,, )/4 mem:ers of the "allas >9eH0? Cham:er of Commerce cancelled their trip to 'eHico :ecause vaccination 1as reFuired as a precedent to entrance0 @early a )44 medical men, at a conference in "allas, 1ent to 'eHico, after they o:tained permission to enter 1ithout :ein# vaccinated0 9hink this over :efore you su:mit your child to this evil and superstitious rite0I !! "r (helton "C Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

Cdr0 'e#an Ryan has found that 1omen vaccinated for anthraH durin# the first trimester have a hi#her rate of :irth defects in offsprin# than unvaccinated 1omen0 &pparently this research 1as compellin# enou#h, despite an army study to the contrary, for the ="& in .44. to chan#e the pre#nancy 1arnin# on the vaccine la:el from a C >no data on risk? to a " >data su##ests increased risk durin# pre#nancy?0 Ho1ever, the data have not yet :een pu:lished0 "r0 'aria &raneta, also associated 1ith the @aval Health Research Center and ;niversity of California, has sho1n that 7K veterans are also likelier than controls to have children 1ith certain :irth defects0 'y understandin# of the safety of anthraH vaccine and its role in 7K(0 !! 'eryl @ass '"

IKith the polio vaccine 1e are 1itnessin# a rerun of the medical reluctance to a:andon the smallpoH vaccination, 1hich remained as the only source of smallpoH!related deaths for three decades after the disease had disappeared0 9hink of itT =or thirty years kids died from smallpoH vaccinations even thou#h no lon#er threatened :y the disease0I !! "r

Ro:ert 'endelsohn, '0"0

IBein# a skeptical soul, I have al1ays :elieved that the most relia:le 1ay to determine 1hat people really :elieve is to o:serve 1hat they do, not 1hat they say0 If the #reatest threat of ru:ella is not to children, :ut to the fetus yet un:orn, pre#nant 1omen should :e protected a#ainst ru:ella :y makin# certain that their o:stetricians 1onUt #ive them the disease0 Cet, in a California survey reported in the Aournal of the &merican 'edical &ssociation, more than *4 percent of the o:stetrician!#ynecolo#ists refused to :e vaccinated0 If doctors themselves are afraid of the vaccine, 1hy on earth should the la1 reFuire that you and other parents allo1 them to administer it to your kidsLI !! "r 'endelsohn '"

I"octors maintain that the >''R? inoculation is necessary to prevent measles encephalitis, 1hich they say occurs a:out once in ),444 cases0 &fter decades of eHperience 1ith measles, I Fuestion this statistic, and so do many other pediatricians0 9he incidence of )B),444 may :e accurate for children 1ho live in conditions of poverty and malnutrition, :ut in the middle!and upper!income :rackets, if one eHcludes simple sleepiness from the measles itself, the incidence of true encephalitis is pro:a:ly more like )B)4,444 or )B)44,4440I !! "r 'endelsohn

II 1ould consider the risks associated 1ith measles vaccination unaccepta:le even if there 1ere convincin# evidence that the vaccine 1orks0 9here isnUt0 Khile there has :een a decline in the incidence of the disease, it :e#an lon# :efore the vaccine 1as introduced0 In )*-3 there 1ere a:out 344,444 cases of measles in the ;nited (tates, :ut :y )*,.!the year :efore a vaccine appeared!the num:er of cases had dropped :y /44,4440 "urin# the neHt four years, 1hile children 1ere :ein# vaccinated 1ith an ineffective and no1 a:andoned Ikilled virusI vaccine, the num:er of cases dropped another /44,4440 In )*44 there 1ere )/0/ measles deaths per )44,444 population0 By )*--, :efore the first measles shot, the death rate had declined *+0+ percent to only 404/ deaths per )44,4440I !! "r 'endelsohn, '0"0

I9here are si#nificant risks associated 1ith every immunization and numerous contraindictions that may make it dan#erous for the shots to :e #iven to your child00009here is #ro1in# suspicion that immunization a#ainst relatively harmless childhood diseases may :e responsi:le for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since mass inoculations 1ere introduced0 9hese are fearful diseases such as cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Lou 7ehri#Us disease, lupus erthematosus, and the 7uillain!Barre syndrome0I !! "r 'endelsohn, '"

I"id you kno1 that the 1hoopin# cou#h #erm, Bacillus pertussis, 1hen inGected into animals, has lon# :een kno1n to lead to the secretion of insulinL In )*+*, at the =ourth International (ymposium on ertussis, held in Bethesda, 'aryland, it 1as sho1n that this same result occurs in those 1ho have received pertussis vaccine0 In their pu:lication, I&dverse Reactions after ertussis Vaccination,I "rs0 K0 Hennessen and ;0 Quast su##est, IIt seemed of interest to eHamine these reactions in comparison 1ith the hypo#lycemia syndrome0 9here 1as a close relation :et1een the t1o0$ If your child has Guvenile dia:etes >a disease characterized :y 1ide s1in#s in :lood su#ar levels?, ask your doctor if he has ever heard of this effect of 1hoopin# cou#h vaccine0 'ay:e it$s time to investi#ate 1hether the pertussis vaccine has anythin# to do 1ith the rapidly risin# num:er of people 1ith Guvenile dia:etes, adult dia:etes, and hypo#lycemic all disorders of insulin meta:olism0I !! "r 'endelsohn '" >the eoples "octor Vol , @o)4?

I(tudy after study has demonstrated that many 1omen immunized a#ainst ru:ella as children lack evidence of immunity in :lood tests #iven durin# their adolescent years0 2ther tests have sho1n a hi#h vaccine failure rate in children #iven ru:ella, measles, and mumps shots, either separately or in com:ined form0I !! "r 'endelsohn

IBecause routine immunizations that :rin# parents :ack for repeated office calls are the :read and :utter of their specialty, pediatricians continue to defend them to the death0 9he Fuestion parents should :e askin# is: XKhose deathL$% !! Ro:ert 'endelsohn, '"

I=or a pediatrician to attack 1hat has :ecome the I:read and :utterI of pediatric practice is eFuivalent to a priest denyin# the infalli:ility of the pope0 !! "r Ro:ert 'endelsohn, '0"0

I;p to *4W of the total decline in the death rate of children :et1een )3,4!)*,- :ecause of 1hoopin# cou#h, scarlet fever, diptheria, and measles occured :efore the introduction of immunisations and anti:iotics0I !! "r &rchie Ealokerinos, '0"0 >Introduction to &I"( 9ime Bom: :y Aohn Kest?

IIn )*+, I 1as 1orkin# in the 7ulf Country around Cape Cork, in an a:ori#inal community of a:out /44 people0 9he Health "epartment sent around a team and vaccinated a:out )44 of them a#ainst flu0 (iH 1ere dead 1ithin .< hours or so and they 1erenUt all old people, one man :ein# in his early t1enties0 9hey thre1 the :odies in

trucks to take to the coast 1here autopsies 1ere done0 It appeared they had died from heart attacksI0 !! &rchie Ealokerinos '0"0

I9he role of vaccines, particularly the 1hole!cell pertussis >1hoopin# cou#h? vaccine can :e understood 1hen it is realised that this vaccine contains a varia:le and uncontrolla:le amount of endotoHin that is inGected and a:sor:ed, unaltered, into the :lood0 It does not even #o first to the liver 1here attempts to detoHify it could :e made0 If an infant happens to :e particularly sensitive to endotoHin 1hen the vaccine is inGected, :rain dama#e or death can result0000It should :e no1 apparent that any infant 1ith #astrointestinal pro:lems ! a:normal or#anisms, intestinal parasites, loose :o1el motions resultin# from the use of anti:iotics, and mala:sorption of food >includin# lactose intolerance? ! is lia:le, 1hen further stressed, to produce endotoHin and this can end in a (I"(0000If the Vitamin C status of an infant is :orderline, the administration of a vaccine, particularly >:ut not only? pertussis vaccine, can result in endotoHaemia0 9his results in a severe reaction to the vaccine, a tremendous increase in the need for Vitamin C, and the precipitation of some of the si#ns andBor symptoms of acute scurvy0 9he onset of this may :e so rapid that the classical si#ns of scurvy may :e a:sent0 (udden death, sudden unconsciousness, sudden shock or sudden spontaneous :ruisin# and haemorrha#e >includin# :rain and retinal haemorrha#es? may occur0 Haemorrha#e and :ruisin# in such cases can :e 1ron#ly attri:uted to the X:attered :a:y syndrome$0I !! "r Ealokerinos '" >'edical ioneer of the .4th century p)3,

I& Xcold$, a viral infection, or anythin# that distur:s immune responses can result in su:tle chan#es in the #ram ne#ative :acterial flora of the the #ut, stimulatin# them to produce endotoHin0 9his is a:sor:ed into the :lood stream, not adeFuately detoHified, and results in inflammatory responses in the mucous mem:rane linin#s of the middle ear000000000000 that endotoHin is the initial cause of the inflammatory response in acute otitis media000000000000 "r Ro:ert Reisin#er in &merica had first alerted me to this #roup of su:stances and their relationship to (I"(0000009he reason 1hy proper :reast!feedin# provides a kno1n and lar#e amount of protection a#ainst otitis media :ecomes o:vious0 Breast!feedin# tends to prevent the over#ro1th of a:normal forms of intestinal or#anisms that tend, under certain conditions, to produce endotoHin00000000=inally, there are t1o su:stances that are kno1n to :e effective as rapid detoHifiers of endotoHin ! Vitamin C and erythromycin !they are :oth in X&rchie$s triple inGection$0 9he relationship :et1een (I"(, sudden uneHplained shock, sudden uneHplained unconsciousness, and otitis media is 1orthy of consideration0 If endotoHin is the Xcause$ of otitis and also the Xcause$ of (I"(, sudden uneHplained unconsciousness and uneHplained shock S as I no1 kno1 >at least there is a association?, then otitis media should :e found in a si#nificant num:er of (I"( cases0 9hat this is so is clearly demonstrated in a num:er of reported studies0I !! "r Ealokerinos '" >p/)) 'edical ioneer?

IIf the Vitamin C status of an infant is :orderline, the administration of a vaccine, particularly >:ut not only? pertussis vaccine, can result in endotoHaemia0 9his results in a severe reaction to the vaccine, a tremendous increase in the need for Vitamin C, and the precipitation of some of the si#ns andBor symptoms of acute scurvy0 9he onset of this may :e so rapid that the classical si#ns of scurvy may :e a:sent0 (udden death, sudden unconsciousness, sudden shock or sudden spontaneous :ruisin# and haemorrha#e >includin# :rain and retinal haemorrha#es? may occur0 Haemorrha#e and :ruisin# in such cases can :e 1ron#ly attri:uted to the X:attered :a:y syndrome$0I !! "r Ealokerinos '" >'edical ioneer of the .4th century p)3*?

Iforced me to look into the Fuestion of vaccination further, and the further I looked the more shocked I :ecame0 I found that the 1hole vaccine :usiness 1as indeed a #i#antic hoaH0 'ost doctors are convinced that they are useful, :ut if you look at the proper statistics and study the instances of these diseases you 1ill realize that this is not so 0 0 0 'y final conclusion after forty years or more in this :usiness 5medicine6 is that the unofficial policy of the Korld Health 2r#anization and the unoffical policy of the U(ave the ChildrenUs =undU and 000 5other vaccine promotin#6 or#anizations is one of murder and #enocide0 0 0 0 I cannot see any other possi:le eHplanation0 0 0 0 Cou cannot immunize sick children, malnourished children, and eHpect to #et a1ay 1ith it0 CouUll kill far more children than 1ould have died from natural infection0I !! "r Ealokerinos >International Vaccine @e1sletter Aune )**-?

IIt 1as similar 1ith the measles vaccination0 9hey 1ent throu#h &frica, (outh &merica and else1here, and vaccinated sick and starvin# children0009hey thou#ht they 1ere 1ipin# out measles, :ut most of those suscepti:le to measles died from some other disease that they developed as a result of :ein# vaccinated0 9he vaccination reduced their immune levels and acted like an infection0 'any #ot septicaemia, #astro!enteritis, etcetera, or made their nutritional status 1orse and they died from malnutrition0 (o there 1ere very fe1 suscepti:le infants left alive to #et measles0 ItUs one 1ay to #et #ood statistics, kill all those that are suscepti:le, 1hich is 1hat they literally did0I !! "r Ealokerinos, '0"0

I2nly after realisin# that routine immunizations 1ere dan#erous did I achieve a su:stantial drop in infant death rates0I !! "r Ealokerinos

II 1ell remem:er, some years a#o, listenin# to a kni#hted medical researcher as he spoke, on the radio, a:out vaccines0 He told t1o classical stories form the history :ooks0 9he first concerned 8d1ard Aenner 1ho, accordin# to history, 1atched as the milkmaid

cau#ht co1poH and this protected her from smallpoH0 (o Aenner #ot some of the Uco1poHU and inoculated it into someoneUs arm ! it fostered and the pus 1as then inoculated into someone else ! )44W success 1as claimed0 )44WTT Ho1 a:surd ! complete 1ith all sorts of #erms includin# hepatitis, syphilis and 1hatever0 If one did that today, 1ithout anti:iotics, the death rate 1ould :e hu#e0I !! "r Ealokerinos, '0"0

IIn 2cto:er, )*+.0 a seminar on ru:ella 1as held at the "epartment of atholo#y, ;niversity "epartment, &ustin Hospital in 'el:ourne, &ustralia0 "r0 Beverly &llen, a medical virolo#ist, #ave over1helmin# evidence a#ainst the effectiveness of the vaccine0 (o stunned 1as she 1ith her investi#ations that it caused her, like a #ro1in# num:er of scientists, to Fuestion the 1hole area related to herd immunizations0 "r0 &llen descri:ed t1o trials: the first trial concerned army recruits 1ho 1ere selected :ecause of their lack of immunity as determined :y :lood tests0 9hese men 1ere #iven CendevaH, an attenuated ru:ella virus that is supposed to protect0 9hey 1ere then sent to a camp 1hich usually has an annual epidemic of ru:ella0 9his occurred three to four months after they 1ere vaccinated, and 34W of the so!called immune recruits :ecame infected 1ith ru:ella virus0 & further trial shortly after this took place at an institution for mentally retarded people 1ith similar effects0 &dditional distur:in# evidence 1as sent to us :y a 'el:ourne 7 1ho 1as in the ;nited Ein#dom at the time that Chief Health 2fficer (ir Henry Cello1lees, had released a press statement >=e:ruary .,, )*+,? informin# doctors that, in spite of hi#h vaccination fi#ures, there had :een no detecta:le reduction in the num:er of :a:ies :orn 1ith :irth defects0I !! "r &rchie Ealokerinos V 7len "ettman I"oes Ru:ella Vaccination rotectL,I &ustralian @urses Aournal, reprinted in 9he "an#ers of Immunisation p-<

2ne findin# 1as that 1hen vaccines are tested for viral contamination, results of these tests differ accordin# to the time frame in 1hich they are performed0 Readin# from the report, (need says, “9he testin# of cell cultures used in vaccines is commonly done )< to .) days after the cells are planted, the usual period for most virolo#ic studies0 &t that time, only .!< percent sho1 viral infections, :ut if the same lots are eHamined .* to -days after plantin#, a si#nificantly hi#her percenta#e of cultures sho1 viral infection0% !! Vaccines: & (econd 2pinion :y 7ary @ull

2ther viruses, (need states, appear in their complete form0 (he mentions the e:ola virus0 “9his is a virus commonly found in the #reen tree monkey0 Ke also have a flurry of respiratory illnesses in small children, called R(V0 8veryone is sayin# that they don$t kno1 1hy so many children are comin# do1n 1ith this disease0 But it is a common contaminant of the vaccines that children #et at an early a#e0% !! Vaccines: & (econd 2pinion :y 7ary @ull

I@o1 1hatever virus is in the cancer cells, 1hatever virus is in the monkey cells, 1hatever virus is in the solutions that they use to make these cells #ro1, 1ill pass in part to#ether 1ith #enetic material from the monkey and #enetic material from the cancer cells, there are pieces of chromosome, some #enes etc0 into the :re1 1e call vaccine0 Khen you #o to the doctor you may see a very clear liFuid in an inGection or the pink :re1 that 1as #iven to us on su#ar cu:es0 &nd 1e may think it is very sterile and very purified :ut it$s not0 It$s Gust a :unch of dirty monkey soup0I !! 8va (nead, '0"0

I9hey are runnin# a monopoly and they 1ill lie, cheat and steal to keep it that 1ay0000000 I think that no person 1ould permit any:ody to #et close to them 1ith an inoculation if they 1ould really kno1 ho1 they are made, 1hat they carry, 1hat has :een lied to them a:out and 1hat the real percent of dan#er is of contractin# such a disease, 1hich is minimal000000&nd accordin# to those fi#ures as compared to those from the 8ncyclopaedia Britannica for that same year they had inoculated >in &frica? accordin# to their statement, t1enty million people more that the total population, every man 1oman and child of the countries in Fuestion0 @o1 if you can lie so crassly and have enou#h people to :ack you up a:out lyin# a:out ho1 many you inoculate the Fuestion may arise of have you inoculated any at allL "id you use the same M001hat did you doL Ke don$t kno1 anythin# they are sayin# :e cause they are lyin# from the moment #o0 (o you kno1 you really have very little frame of reference eHceptin# that there$s somethin# very fishy in the 1hole process0I !! "r 8va (nead

IKithin a fe1 years of the polio vaccine 1e started seein# some stran#e phenomena like the year :efore the first /44,444 doses 1ere #iven in the ;nited (tates childhood leukaemia had never struck in children under the a#e of t1o0 2ne year after the first onslau#ht they had the first cases of children under the a#e of t1o that died of leukaemia00000000 "r Her:ert Radnor o:served that in a small area of this little to1n, in an area 1here no cases of leukaemia had :een eHpected or at the most one in < years accordin# to previous statistics, they suddenly had a rash like an epidemic 1ithin a fe1 :locks0I !! "r 8va (nead

I9he fact is that sooner or later, &ndre1 Kakefield 1ill :e eHonerated, his theory 1ill :e accepted and a vaccine!autism connection 1ill :e proven0 &s the @e1 Cear comes around, KakefieldUs research is :ein# duplicated in presti#ious centers in the ;nited (tates0 In addition, viral culture results are eHpected soon from the @ational Institutes of Health la:oratories0I 5letter B'A .44-6 =0 8d1ard Caz:ak

I9he su:Gect of Vaccination, 000 is, fortunately, one on 1hich anyone capa:le of appreciatin# fi#ures can form a sound opinion0I !! 9he Case &7&I@(9 Vaccination By '0 B8""2K B&CLC '0R0C0(0, L0R0C0 0

Compare these 1ell vaccinated countries 1ith &ustralia, the least vaccinated country in the 1orld0 In )/< years, not one!fifth of the children :orn have :een vaccinated0 Cet only three &ustralian children under five have died of that disease0 In the last -4 years, no child under five has died of smallpoH, and in the 1hole of her history, less than one person per annum has died of it, althou#h allo1in# five years protective period, only . per cent, of her population have ever :een Iprotected0I 5)*/, amphlet6 9he Case &7&I@(9 Vaccination By '0 B8""2K B&CLC '0R0C0(0, L0R0C0 0

It 1ould seem to :e impossi:le for a rational mind to conceive that a filthy virus derived from a smallpoH corpse, the ulcerated udder of a co1, or the runnin# sores of a sick horseUs heels, and cultivated in sca::ed festers on a calfUs a:domen could fail to have disastrous effects 1hen inoculated into the human :ody0 &s rofessor 'clntosh remarked in the Lancet in )*.,, I(cientifically it cannot :e disputed that from every point of vie1 the inGection of virus capa:le of multiplyin# in the :ody of the individual is :ad0I

"r0 'c@alty told the Con#ress of the Royal (anitary Institute, in )*.+, that acute nervous diseases are on the increase, and are Itakin# the place of the old epidemics0I 5)*/, amphlet6 9he Case &7&I@(9 Vaccination By '0 B8""2K B&CLC '0R0C0(0, L0R0C0 0

Holland, on account of this, suspended her compulsory la1s, and in this country, more and more doctors are echoin# the Fuestion raised :y "r0 Aameson, 1hen he 1rote in the Lancet last &u#ust: UU1hat Gustification had they for riskin# childrenUs lives :y vaccination as a protection a#ainst a disease 1hich does not imperil their livesL I IIt 1as only a matter of time,I he continued, I :efore the persons responsi:le for the vaccination of those children 1ho die of post!vaccinal encephalitis 1ill :e considered :y some as #uilty of constructive murder0I 5)*/, amphlet6 9he Case &7&I@(9 Vaccination By '0 B8""2K B&CLC '0R0C0(0, L0R0C0 0

"r0 Louis arkes, Chairman of the Council of the Royal (anitary Institute, declared in )*..: I 2ur freedom from smallpoH, therefore, could not :e attri:uted to vaccination0 It 1as lar#ely due to the preventive measures taken at the ports, to the isolation of cases in hospitals, and to the steps taken to control persons 1ho had :een eHposed to infection0I 9he Case &7&I@(9 Vaccination By '0 B8""2K B&CLC '0R0C0(0, L0R0C0 0

I erhaps the #reatest evil of immunization lies in its diversion of pu:lic attention from true methods of disease prevention0 It encoura#es pu:lic authorities to permit all kinds of sanitary defects and social pro:lems to remain undressed, particularly in schools0 It i#nores the part played :y food and sunli#ht and many other factors in the maintenance of health0 It eHa##erates the risk of diphtheria and 1orks upon the fear of parents0 9he more it is supported :y pu:lic authorities, the more 1ill its dan#ers and disadvanta#es :e concealed or denied0I '0 'eado1 Bayly, '0R0C0(0, )*<<

I9he Chief 'edical 2fficer of the Board of 8ducation, (IR 782R78 @8K'&@, has descri:ed the procedure as a Isafe, practical and efficient method of protection0I 000@o reference to the disasters 1hich have :een recorded in various parts of the 1orld, nor to the severe reactions 1hich are a freFuent seFuel to the inoculation, is made in these official statements0I !! Beddo1, Bayly

Ca1adias >)*-/? has said that Ithe history of medicine has sho1n that, 1henever medicine has strayed from clinical o:servation, the result has :een chaos, sta#nation, and disaster0I!!British 'edical Aournal, 2ct 3th, )*--, p03,+ >Quoted in Clinical 'edical "iscoveries :y Beddo1 Bayly?

IIn the thirty years endin# in )*/<, /,)). people are stated to have died of Ichicken! poH,I and only -+* of smallpoH in 8n#land and Kales0 Cet all the authorities are a#reed that chicken!poH is a nonfatal disease0I !! '0 Beddo1 Bayly, Case &#ainst Vaccination, London, Aune )*/,, p0 -0

I"r0 9homas =rancis did not mention in his key evaluation of the )*-< (alk field trials that those 1ho contracted polio after their first innoculation and :efore their second inoculation 1ere placed in the Unot!inoculatedU list0I !! >'aurice B0 Bayly, 9he (tory 2f 9he (alk &nti!poliomyelitis Vaccine, )*-,?0

I"r0 R0 V0 (outhcott >'ed0 Aour0 0&ust0 )*-/0 ii0 .3)? :elieves that a child 1hose tonsils 1ere removed at the usual a#e of -!+ yrs suffers trauma to the nerves of the pharynH 1hich increases suscepti:ility to :ul:ar poliomyelitis for at least ten years0 In an out:reak in (outh &ustralia in )*<+!<3 he found that in /- out of /* cases of :ul:ar poliomyelitis the patient had :een tonsillectomised?0I !! '0 'eado1 Bayly, '0R0C0(0

I9here is no dou:t, ho1ever, that the risk has :een, for some years, vastly eHa##erated, seemin#ly to prepare the pu:lic mind to accept the ne1 vaccine0I !! '0 'eado1 Bayly, '0R0C0(0

I9here can :e little dou:t, therefore, that even the vaccination of children a#ainst poliomyelitis itself may provide the very conditions 1hich favour an attack and so increase the incidence of the disease0I !! '0 'eado1 Bayly, '0R0C0(0

IIn the British 'edical Aournal, Aune -th, )*/+ >p0 ))3.? 1ill :e found an account of the death of a Katerford #irl, a#ed )., and the illness of ./ other children, tu:erculosis havin# developed follo1in# the inoculation of 9oHoid &ntitoHin =loccules0I !! Beddo1 Bayley >)*/* Book: 9he (chick Inoculation &#ainst "iphtheria?

In )*)*, at "allas, 9eHas, ;0(0&0, ten children 1ere killed and siHty others made seriously ill :y toHin!antitoHin 1hich had passed the tests of the @e1 Cork (tate Health "epartment0 9he 'ulford Company, at hiladelphia, the manufacturers, paid dama#es in every case0 .0 In )*.<, t1enty!five children in Brid#e1ater and t1enty in Concord, ;0(0&0, 1ere poisoned :y toHin!antitoHin0 'any had hi#h fevers, and their arms turned :lack and s1elled to t1o or three times their normal size0 /0 In )*.< >(eptem:er? of <4 children immunised 1ith toHin!antitoHin in a home for infants at Baden, near Vienna, siH died and a num:er suffered from skin necroses of various sizes at the site of the inGection00000<0 In )*.3, the Lancet of =e:ruary <th >p0 .<*?, refers to Ia more recent Russian disaster I >Bull0 Hy#iene, &u#ust )*.+, p0 ,,+? in 1hich I )< children received toHin in place of anatoHin >i0e0, toHoid?D ei#ht of them died 1ithin t1o 1eeks, four of polyneuritis 1ithin a month and t1o recovered after symptoms of #eneral intoHication0I -0 In )*.+ also there 1ere five deaths in immunised children in China, thirty!seven others :ein# made seriously ill0 ,0 In )*.3, at Bunda:er#, &ustralia, t1elve children out of seventeen 1ho 1ere inoculated 1ith toHin!antitoHin died, the five others :ein# critically ill for some time0 9he material had :een issued and declared safe :y the u:lic Health "epartment of Queensland00000+0 In )*/4, at 'edellin, Colum:ia, (outh &merica, forty! ei#ht children 1ere inoculated, 1ith the result that many 1ere taken ill durin# the same ni#ht, one died the follo1in# afternoon, fourteen others 1ithin siHty hours and t1o more 1ithin siH 1eeksSa total of siHteen deaths0 00000030 In )*/., at Charolles, in =rance, )+. children 1ere immunised 1ith anatoHin >toHoid?0 &ll 1ere taken ill soon after1ards, developin# local a:scesses 1ith a:undant suppuration, necessitatin# sur#ical intervention in several cases0 In one case the child died0 9he parents of the children demanded an official enFuiry, :ut no eHplanation of the tra#edy has so far :een forthcomin#000000000In the province of Chiavari over 34 inoculated children 1ere #ravely

affected, some :ein# paralysed in arms and le#s, others havin# their si#ht inGured0 2ne child died0 In Venice and Rovi#o severe symptoms, includin# paralysis, supervened and death occurred in ten cases0I !! Beddo1 Bayley >)*/* Book: 9he (chick Inoculation &#ainst "iphtheria?

IIn )*/), "R, I0 H&RRI(2@ 9;' 88R descri:ed the follo1in# case >Aournal of &merican 'edical &ssociation, &pril .-th, )*/), pp, )/+a!,?:!& #irl of five years had received the usual three inGections of toHin!antitoHin in )*., 1hen one year old0 In )*.+ she 1as pronounced (chick!ne#ative0 (he developed diphtheria in )*/4, and an inGection of serum 1as #iven in the left #luteal re#ion, follo1ed three days later :y a second dose on the opposite side0 In three :ours the :uttock :e#an to s1ell and :ecame eHtremely tender, until eventually the 1hole re#ion :ecame :lack and #an#renous0 00000In spite of assiduous irri#ation of the 1ound she :ecame rapidly 1orse, sufferin# considera:le pain0 =ollo1in# a :lood transfusion on the t1enty!seventh day of illness, she :ecame cyanotic, vomited, lost consciousness and died a fe1 hours after1ards00000 9he third case 000 reported 0000 occurred in a :oy a#ed t1o years and four months0 >Aournal of &merican 'edical &ssociation, =e:ruary )3th, )*/3, p0 <*40? 0000 9he three usual toHin!antitoHin inoculations had :een performed at the a#e of eleven months0 9he serum 1as inGected into the :uttocks and 1as follo1ed :y an urticarial eruption over the entire :ody, the edematous s1ellin# of the face :ein# sufficient to close the eyes0 00000 He 1as then #iven a further inGection of serum in the left :uttockD 1ithin an hour the site :ecame purple, and on the follo1in# day a similar inGection into the ri#ht :uttock resulted in a similar reaction0 "urin# the neHt fe1 days the areas of purple s1ellin# eHtended from the :uttocks over the front of the a:domen and ri#ht thi#h, and lar#e :le:s a:out one and a half inches in diameter appearedD siH days later these #ave rise to a :loody 1atery dischar#e0 &t this time the child 1as admitted into hospital, and presented #an#renous areas on :oth :uttocks, :oth sides of the a:domen, and the thi#hs0 9here 1as a patch of pneumonia in the ri#ht lun# and a left otitis media0 "espite the removal of lar#e masses of necrotic tissues, sur#ical draina#e and three :lood transfusions, the child died in t1enty!one days from admission to hospital0 >(ee =i#s0 <, - and ,0?I !! Beddo1 Bayley >)*/* Book: 9he (chick Inoculation &#ainst "iphtheria?

9hey say that if children are not vaccinated a#ainst measles millions of children could die durin# a measles epidemic0 9hey kno1 this is nonsense0 Khat they are usin# is eHamples taken from developin# countries 1ith poor nutrition and poor immune function in 1hich such epidemic death can occur0 In the ;nited (tates 1e 1ould not see this :ecause of :etter nutrition, :etter health facilities and :etter sanitation0 In fact, most deaths seen 1hen measles out:reaks occur in the ;nited (tates occur either in children in 1hich vaccination 1as contraindicated, the vaccine did not 1ork or in children 1ith chronic, immune!suppressin# diseases0 In fact, in most studies these children catchin# the measles or other childhood diseases have :een either fully immunized or partially

immunized0 9he :i# secret amon# Ivaccinolo#istsI is that any1here from .4 to -4W of children are not resistant to the diseases for 1hich they have :een immunized0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

9hey 1ere o:viously terrified that the information 1ould leak out to the pu:lic0 (tamped in :old letters at the top of each pa#e of the study 1as the 1ords!I"2 @29 C2 C 2R R8L8&(8I and IC2@=I"8@9I&L0I 9his is not the 1ordin# one 1ould eHpect on a clinical study of vaccine safetyD rather you 1ould eHpect it on top!secret @(& or CI& files0 Khy 1as this information :ein# secretedL 9he ans1er is o:vious!it mi#ht endan#er the vaccine pro#ram and indict the federal re#ulatory a#encies for i#norin# this dan#er for so many years0 2ur society is littered 1ith millions of children 1ho have :een harmed in one de#ree or another :y this vaccine policy0 In addition, let us not for#et the millions of parents 1ho have had to 1atch helplessly as their children have :een destroyed :y this devastatin# vaccine pro#ram0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

He continues :y sayin# that the increase in neuro:ehavioral pro:lems is pro:a:ly real0 He tells them that he 1orks in a school system 1ith special education pro#rams and II have to say the num:er of kids #ettin# help in special education is #ro1in# nationally and state :y state at a rate not seen :efore0 (o there is some kind of increase0 Ke can ar#ue a:out 1hat it is due to0I >pa#e .4+? 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

&t this point "r0 Aohnson tells the #roup of his concerns for his o1n #randchild0 He says, >pa#e .44? I=or#ive this personal comment, :ut I #ot called out at ei#ht oUclock for an emer#ency call and my dau#hter!in!la1 delivered a son :y c!section0 2ur first male in the line of the neHt #eneration and I do not 1ant that #randson to #et a 9himerosal containin# vaccine until 1e kno1 :etter 1hat is #oin# on0 It 1ill pro:a:ly take a lon# time0 In the meantime, and I kno1 there are pro:a:ly implications for this internationally, :ut in the mean1hile I think I 1ant that #randson to only :e #iven 9himerosal!free vaccines0I (o, 1e have a scientist sittin# on this panel 1hich 1ill eventually make policy concernin# all of the children in this country, as 1ell as other countries, 1ho is terrified a:out his ne1 #randson #ettin# a thimerosal!containin# vaccine :ut he is not concerned enou#h a:out your child to speak out and try to stop this insanity0 He allo1s a cover!up to take place after this meetin# adGourns and remains silent0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

It is only durin# the last day of the conference that 1e learn that most of the o:Gections concernin# the positive relationship :et1een thimerosal!containin# vaccines and &"" and &"H& 1ere :o#us0 =or eHample, "r0 Rapin on pa#e .44 notes that all children in the study 1ere :elo1 a#e , and that &"" and &"H" are very difficult to dia#nose in pre! schoolers0 (he also notes that some children 1ere follo1ed for only a short period0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

(everal of the participants tried to imply that autism 1as a #enetic disorder and therefore could have nothin# to do 1ith vaccines0 "r0 Keil put that to rest 1ith this comment, IKe donUt see that kind of #enetic chan#e in /4 years0I In other 1ords, ho1 can 1e suddenly see a /44W increase in a #enetically related disorder over such a short periodL It is also kno1n that there are t1o forms of autism, one that is apparent at :irth and one that develops later in childhood0 9he former has not chan#ed in incidence since statistics have :een keptD the other is epidemic0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R! ; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

@o1 this neHt statement should shock everyone, :ut especially the poor 1ho in any 1ay think that these Ivaccinolo#istsI eHperts have their :est interest in mind0 "r0 Aohnson says on pa#e )+, IKe a#ree that it 1ould :e desira:le to remove mercury from ;0(0 licensed vaccines, :ut 1e did not a#ree that this 1as a universal recommendation that 1e 1ould make :ecause of the issue concernin# preservatives for deliverin# vaccines to other countries, particularly developin# countries, in the a:sence of hard data that implied that there 1as in fact a pro:lem0I (o, here you have it0 9he data is convincin# enou#h that the &merican &cademy of ediatrics and the &merican &cademy of =amily ractice, as 1ell as the re#ulatory a#encies and the C"C alon# 1ith these or#anizations all recommend its removal as Fuickly as possi:le :ecause of concerns of adverse effects of mercury on :rain development, :ut not for the children in the developin# countries0 I thou#ht the 1hole idea of child health pro#rams in the ;nited (tates directed to1ard the developin# 1orld 1as to #ive poor children a :etter chance in an increasin#ly competitive 1orld0 9his policy :ein# advocated 1ould increase the neurodevelopmental pro:lems seen in poor children >also in this country? of developin# countries, impairin# their a:ility to learn and develop competitive minds0 Remem:er, there 1as a representative of the Korld Health 2r#anization >KH2?, "r0 Aohn Clements, servin# on this panel of IeHpertsI0 He never challen#ed this statement made :y "r0 Aohnson0 It also needs to :e appreciated that children in developin# countries are at a much #reater risk of complications from vaccinations and from mercury toHicity than children in developed countries0 9his is :ecause of poor nutrition, concomitant parasitic and :acterial infections and a hi#h incidence of lo1 :irth 1ei#ht in these children0 Ke are no1 1itnessin# a disaster in &frican countries caused :y the use of older live virus polio

vaccines that has no1 produced an epidemic of vaccine related polio, that is, polio caused :y the vaccine itself0 In, fact, in some &frican countries, polio 1as not seen until the vaccine 1as introduced0 9he KH2 and the Ivaccinolo#ist eHpertsI from this country no1 Gustify a continued polio vaccination pro#ram 1ith this dan#erous vaccine on the :asis that no1 that they have created the epidemic of polio, they cannot stop the pro#ram0 In a recent article it 1as pointed out that this is the most deran#ed reasonin#, since more vaccines 1ill mean more vaccine!related cases of polio0 But then, Ivaccinolo#istI have difficulty 1ith these IuncertaintiesI0 !! >Aaco: A90 & developin# country perspective on vaccine!associated paralytic poliomyelitis0 Bulletin KH2 .44<D 3.: -/!-30 (ee commentary :y "0'0 (alis:ury at the end of the article0? 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

It should also :e noted that it is a misnomer to say Iremoval of thimerosalI since they are not removin# anythin#0 9hey Gust plan to stop addin# it to future vaccines once they use up eHistin# stocks, 1hich entails millions of doses0 &nd, incredi:ly, the #overnment allo1s them to do it0 8ven more incredi:ly, the &merican &cademy of ediatrics and the &merican &cademy of =amily ractice similarly endorse this insane policy0 In fact, they specifically state that children should continue to receive the thimerosal!containin# vaccines until ne1 thimerosal!free vaccine can :e manufactured at the 1ill of the manufacturers0 &re they afraid that there 1ill :e a sudden diphtheria epidemic in &merica or tetanus epidemicL 9he most o:vious solution 1as to use only sin#le!dose vials, 1hich reFuires no preservative0 (o, 1hy donUt they use themL 2h, they eHclaim, it 1ould add to the cost of the vaccine0 2f course, 1e are only talkin# a:out a fe1 dollars per vaccine at most, certainly 1orth the health of your childUs :rain and future0 9hey could use some of the hundreds of millions of dollars they 1aste on vaccine promotion every year to cover these cost for the poor0 Cet, that 1ould cut into some fat!catUs :ud#et and 1e canUt have that0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

&s they :e#in to concentrate on the pro:lem at hand 1e first :e#in to learn that the #reatest pro:lem 1ith the meetin# is that, they kno1 virtually nothin# a:out 1hat they are doin#0 2n pa#e )-, for eHample, they admit that there is very little pharmacokinetic data on ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal0 In fact they say there is no data on eHcretion, the data on toHicity is sparse, yet it is reco#nized to cause hypersensitivity, it can cause neurolo#ical pro:lems and even death, and it is kno1n to easily pass the :lood!:rain :arrier and the placental :arrier0

9herefore, 1hat they are admittin# is that 1e have a form of mercury that has :een

used in vaccines since the )*/4s and no one has :othered to study the effects on :iolo#ical systems, especially the :rains of infants0 9heir defense throu#hout this conference is I1e Gust donUt kno1 the effects of ethylmercury0I 5.44<6 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

9he medical literature is a:ound 1ith studies on the deleterious effects of mercury on numerous enzymes, mitochondrial ener#y production, synaptic function, dendritic retraction, neurotu:ule dissolution and eHcitotoHicity, yet, he sees only a Itheoretical riskI associated 1ith an ever increasin# addition of thimerosal!containin# vaccines0 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

9his is an incredi:le admission0 =irst, 1hat is a vaccinolo#istL "o you #o to school to learn to :e oneL Ho1 many years of residency trainin# are reFuired to :e a vaccinolo#istL &re there :oard eHamsL ItUs a stupid term used to descri:e people 1ho are o:sessed 1ith vaccines, not that they actually study the effects of the vaccines, as 1e shall see throu#hout this meetin#0 'ost important is the admission :y "r0 Aohnson that he and his fello1 Ivaccinolo#istI are so :linded :y their o:session 1ith forcin# vaccines on society that they never even considered that there mi#ht :e factors involved that could #reatly affect human health, the so!called Iuncertainties0I =urther, that he and his fello1 Ivaccinolo#istsI like to think in concrete terms!that is, they are very narro1 in their thinkin# and 1ear :linders that prevent them from seein# the numerous pro:lems occurrin# 1ith lar#e num:ers of vaccinations in infants and children0 9heir #oal in life is to vaccinate as many people as possi:le 1ith an ever!#ro1in# num:er of vaccines0 2n pa#e )+ his Iconcrete thinkin#I once a#ain takes over0 He refers to the Bethesda meetin# on 9himerosal safety issues and says, Ithere 1as no evidence of a pro:lem, only a theoretical concern that youn# infantsU developin# :rains 1ere :ein# eHposed to an or#anomercurial0I 2f course, as I shall point out later, it is a lot more than a Itheoretical concernI0 He then continues :y sayin#, IKe a#ree that 1hile there 1as no evidence of a pro:lem the increasin# num:er of vaccine inGections #iven to infants 1as increasin# the theoretical mercury eHposure risk0I ItUs hard to conceive of a true scientist not seein# the incredi:le irony of these statements0 9he medical literature is a:ound 1ith studies on the deleterious effects of mercury on numerous enzymes, mitochondrial ener#y production, synaptic function, dendritic retraction, neurotu:ule dissolution and eHcitotoHicity, yet, he sees only a Itheoretical riskI associated 1ith an ever increasin# addition of thimerosal!containin# vaccines0 It is also important to note that these #eniuses never even sa1 a pro:lem in the first place, it 1as pressure from outside scientists, parents of affected children and #roups representin# them that pointed out the pro:lem0 9hey 1ere, in essence, reactin# to pressure from outside the Ivaccinolo#ist clu:I and not discoverin# internally that a pro:lem Imi#htI eHist0

In fact, if these outside #roups had not :ecome involved these Ivaccinolo#istsI 1ould have continued to add more and more mercury!containin# vaccines to the list of reFuired vaccines0 2nly 1hen the pro:lem :ecame so o:vious, that is of epidemic proportion >close to that no1? and the le#al profession :ecame involved 1ould they have even noticed there 1as a pro:lem0 9his is a recurrin# theme in the #overnmentUs re#ulatory a#encies, as 1itnessed 1ith fluoride, aspartame, '(7, dioHin and pesticides issues0 5.44<6 9H8 9R;9H B8HI@" 9H8 V&CCI@8 C2V8R!; By Russell Blaylock, '0"0

I9here have never :een any safety studies done for any vaccine in use today that 1ould meet the criteria of scientific proof0 &ll 1e have are epidemiolo#ic studies, 1hich are indicators :ut not proof in and of themselves0I 52ct .44<6 Letter to the British 'edical Aournal :y Harold 8 Buttram, '"

IIn )**/ ViGendra (in#h, h" ;niversity of Illinois, pu:lished a study in 1hich they found anti:odies to myelin :asic protein in -4 to ,4W of autistic children tested0 Recently at a pu:lic meetin# "r0 (in#h presented information on an unpu:lished, preliminary study of .+ autistic children in 1hich he found nearly -4W correlation :et1een ''R anti:odies and anti:odies to myelin :asic protein in serum dra1n from the children0 "r0 (in#h emphasized that this study 1as very preliminary and that no conclusions could :e dra1n from it0 Ho1ever, it does raise a hi#her indeH of suspicion that the ''R vaccine may result in encephalitis and its various complications on a fairly lar#e scale0I !! Harold Buttram, '"

I'ost infants have :een receivin# up to )- doses of mercury!containin# vaccines :y the time they are , months old0 It is almost inconceiva:le that these heavy :urdens of forei#n immunolo#ic materials, introduced into the immature systems of children, could fail to :rin# a:out disruptions and adverse reactions in these in these systems0I !! Harold Buttram '"

IIn )*-, "r0 Rimland, 1hose h0"0 is in research psycholo#y, had a son 1ho 1as later found to :e autistic0 In his annual "&@ >"efeat &utism @o1? conferences "r0 Rimland is fond of tellin# the story a:out the early days 1ith his son durin# 1hich he had #reat difficulty in findin# a pediatrician 1ho kne1 anythin# a:out or 1ho had ever seen a case of autism0 Ho1 different it is no10 Childhood autism has :ecome so prevalent that there are very fe1 1ho do not kno1 of a family 1ith an autistic child0I !! "r Buttram '" http:BB11101hale0toBvB:uttram-0html

I(afety studies on vaccinations are limited to short time periods only: several days to several 1eeks0 9here are @2 >@2@8? lon# term >months or years? safety studies on any vaccination or immunization0 =or this reason, there are valid #rounds for suspectin# that many delayed!type vaccine reactions may :e takin# place unreco#nized at to their true nature0I !! "r Buttram '"

I&ccordin# to the records of the 'etropolitan Life Insurance Company, from )*)) to )*/- the four leadin# causes of childhood deaths from infectious diseases in the ;0(0&0 1ere diptheria, pertussis, scarlet fever, and measles0 Ho1ever, :y )*<- the com:ined death rates from these causes had declined :y *-W :efore the implementation of mass vaccine pro#rams0I !! "r Buttram '"

I9he Uvictory over epidemicsU 1as not 1on :y medical science or :y doctors!!and certainly not :y vaccines00000the decline000has :een the result of technical, social and hy#ienic improvements and especially of improved nutrition0 Here the role of the potato000deserves special mention00000Consider carefully 1hether you 1ant to let yourself or your children under#o the dan#erous, controversial, ineffective and no lon#er necessary procedure called vaccination, :ecause the claim that vaccinations are the cause for the decline of infectious diseases is utter nonsense0I!!9he Vaccination @onsense >.44< Lectures? !! "r0 med0 70 Buch1ald I(B@ /!3//<!.-43!/ pa#e )430

I9he >smallpoH? unvaccinated 7a:riele did not :ecome ill as the vaccinated Kaltraut0 9his did not a#ree 1ith medical opinion0 In their 9eHt:ook on Infectious "iseases, the authors 7(8LL and '2HR reproduced a photo of the t1o #irls, :ut 1ithout their heads, and claimed that the #irl 1ith considera:ly more pustules on her :ody 1as the unvaccinated 7a:riele, the #irl 1ith the less pustules the vaccinated Kaltraut0 It 1as ho1ever eHactly the other 1ay round: 9he unvaccinated 7a:riele 1as less ill than the vaccinated Kaltraut0I !! 9he Vaccination @onsense >.44< Lectures?!!!"r0 med0 70 Buch1ald I(B@ /!3//<!.-43!/ .. 8uro pa#e 3)0

IIn the Gournal I&87I( I' ;L(I @o0 )+B.44<, Vlado etek!"immer sho1s in his article I olioI0 &n illness caused :y pesticidesLI that the num:er of polio cases very closely matches the production fi#ures for chlorine!:ased pesticides and especially the application of ""90 He concludes: IIt is Fuite clear that the authorities are keepin# certain inflrmation secret0 9hey do their :est to hide their contri:utin# role concernin# the production and misuse of ""9 :ehind a polio!virus and a supposed miracle!vaccine0 9he 1hole of medicine and every medical doctor is there:y made a victim of ar:itrariness and financial interests0I !! 9he Vaccination @onsense >.44< Lectures? !! "r0

med 70 Buch1ald I(B@ /!3//<!.-43!/ pa#e <)0

I"r0 med 'artin Hirte 1rites on pa#e .4 of his :ook UVaccination!! ro and ContraU: I9o create fear amon# parents to stren#then their motivation to vaccinate is an important part of the pu:licity used to promote vaccinations0 & 1hole :ranch of research is eHaminin# the Fuestion: UKhat level of fear needs to :e created to appear as convincin# as possi:leLUI !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)4<?

I9he reason vaccinations are promoted 1ith such intensity is to prevent people from realisin# that vaccines do not protect and also in the event of an out:reak or an epidemic the vaccinated are as much at risk of :ecomin# infected as the unvaccinated0 9he truth can :e kept hidden if peopleUs vaccination status remains unkno1n and if everyone is vaccinated, makin# a comparison 1ith unvaccinated people impossi:le0 9his is also the real reason for the relentless push to vaccinate as many children as possi:le0I !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)4)?

IVaccinations are no1 carried out for purely commercial reasons :ecause they fetch hu#e profits for the pharmaceutical industry0000009here is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any :enefit, :ut it is clear that they cause a #reat deal of harm0009oday there are 344,444 children and youn#sters under the a#e of )- years >7ermany? 1ith asthma0 344,444T @eurodermitis, once a rare complaint, has :ecome so common that there are several support net1orks 1ith many thousands of mem:ers0 9he U=rankenpostU of &pril .44< reported an estimated .+ million people no1 suffer from hayfever, neurodermitis and aller#ic asthma in 7ermany0I !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)/4, )/., )/<0?

IIn the pu:lications of the pharmaceutical industry the :lessin#s of vaccinations in #eneral are :ein# praised 1ith prayer!like repetition0000to instil the :elief in the :enefit and the necessity of vaccinations00008vidence 1hich disproves such claims is conveniently i#nored0I !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)/<0

IKhen in 7ermany, vaccinations a#ainst 1hoopin# cou#h 1ere suspended :et1een )*+- and )**), the declinin# trend in the num:er of deaths from the disease continued

as :efore0I !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)/-?

I"urin# )4 out:reaks of smallpoH :et1een )*<+ and )*+< nearly )44 people :ecame ill 1ith smallpoH!!!even thou#h they had :een vaccinated0I !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)/<?

IClear and certain medical kno1led#e, namely that the BC7!vaccine is not only ineffective :ut also harmful, 1as kept Fuiet for .+ years >in 7ermany? 1hile the vaccine continued to :e used and children 1ere :ein# harmed :y it0000almost -44 >estimated? cases of vaccine dama#e per year0I !! 9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p))*B))+0

II have lectured all over the 1orld000 I have al1ays had a special interest in ne1spapers0 &ll of them have one thin# in common, there is al1ays some reference made to some epidemic in some part of the 1orld0 =or instance, t1o years a#o, one paper referred to a polio epidemic in Holland0 =or the past three years, our ne1spapers have commented on the diphtheria epidemic in Russia0 By these means, the population is constantly threatened 1ith epidemics, they have :een made to fear them, and the reports al1ays conclude: I7o and #et vaccinatedI0 !! "r Buch1ald '"

IIt turned out that the material produced and used for vaccination contained neither co1poH viruses or did it contain the human smallpoH virus, :ut that it in fact contained viruses 1hich until then had :een unkno1n and 1hich 1ere later called IsmallpoH virus vacciniaeI or Ivaccine virusesI0 9his virus! up to that time unkno1n ! has never :een found in nature and is therefore only kno1n to eHist in the vaccine0 &t the time it 1as claimed that the co1poH virus had ! 1hile artificially propa#ated ! chan#ed into the vaccine virus0 & dispute amon# the vaccine doctors 1as the result0 7erman doctors claimed it 1as possi:le to chan#e the co1poH virus into the vaccine virus :y artificial propa#ation0 2thers disputed such a possi:ility and 1ere of the opinion that the t1o forms of viruses 1ere t1o completely different entities0 9he =renchman Chaveau 1as the chief proponent of this opinion, to#ether 1ith numerous =rench and 8n#lish authors0 It turned out that these viruses are indeed t1o different entities and that it is not possi:le to modify co1poH viruses into vaccine viruses or :ack the other 1ay durin# propa#ation0 In other 1ords, the claims made :y IresearchersI that they had succeeded in :reedin# vaccine viruses from co1poH viruses 1ere a fa:rication0 It is 1ith this vaccine material ! 1hich does not occur in free nature, of 1hich the ori#in is unkno1n, 1hich is completely unkno1n Fuantity and of 1hich it can only :e said Iits ori#in vanishes in the darkness of

the past I! that 1e have vaccinated millions of our children 1ith for the past )44 yearsTI !! "r 7 Buch1ald '" >Book: Vaccination!!& Business Based on =ear?

IVaccines have never had the proclaimed preventive effect on infections0 9he re#ression of infectious diseases started over .44 years a#o, 1hich means lon# :efore the introduction of vaccination, and it 1as due to the improved social conditions of the population: nutrition and hy#iene0 Contrary to #eneral :elief, the vaccinations have had a ne#ative influence on the decrease of the infective maladies and mortality0 (tatistics started off at a period 1hen the infectious diseases 1ere already on the do1n#rade0 Careful studies over a period of many years have revealed that each introduction of a mass vaccination has o:tained only one result the immediate recrudescence of the malady that the vaccine should have prevented, :ut 1hich has solicited instead0 9he temporary :ut immediate isolation of infected patients has each time proved sufficient to prevent an epidemic000Vaccines don$t protect0 :ut do harm0 & scientific proof of their usefulness has never eHisted, 1hereas the severe, sometimes fatal, dama#es they cause are a proven fact0I !! "r0 Buch1ald '" in CIVI( @e1sletter :y Hans Ruesch, @o 3, p/

I9oday, there are a:out )-4 vaccines :ein# 1orked on, and 1ithin the neHt decade, 1e could have a flu vaccine for the left nostril and one for one ri#ht nostril0 'ankind 1ill :e used as a pin cushion0 =or every vaccination, minimal encephalopathy destroys :rain cells0 &s a result, in 7ermany, there are )0. million children 1ho have contracted hyperkinetic syndrome 1ho are then treated 1ith sychopharmeca >a dru# similar to Ritalin? used to calm them do1n000 Ke have hundreds of thousands of so!called minimal cere:ral dysfunction cases and millions of neurodermatitis patients0 In 7ermany, there are millions of people 1ith aller#ies0 Ke don$t Gust produce minimal encephalopathies in the :rain, :ut 1e also produce modifications of the #enetic code0I !! "r Buch1ald '"

IIn )3,,, an 8n#lish physician descri:ed a very stran#e illness0 Children looked like 'on#ols0 His name 1as "o1n0 9hat$s 1hy 1e call it "o1n$s (yndrome today000 I should add that this syndrome is a result of the vaccinations carried throu#hout 8n#land :y Aenner in )+*,000 It >"o1n$s (yndrome? is pro:a:ly the first con#enital disease caused :y vaccinations0 In 7ermany, the first child 1ith evidence of "o1n$s (yndrome 1as reported in )*..0 9oday, one in every +44 ne1:orns has it000 But the most terrifyin# fact is still to come000 Ke already kno1 today of <,444 illnesses caused :y #enes0 9en years a#o, 7ermany had / million illiterate people0 9oday, it$s < million0 &merica has three times the population, a:out .<4 million, meanin# they should have a:out ). million illiterate people000I !! "r Buch1ald '"

IHepatitis B stayed at the same level even after vaccine introduction0 It 1as :elieved in 7ermany that 1e made a mistake, itUs not :ein# passed throu#h :lood :ut :y seHual contact0 Ke eHpected the response to :e to vaccinate everyone 1here the event of seHual intercourse 1ould :e a factor000Ho1ever, the response 1as to vaccinate everyone0 &nd this is 1here you can see that it all revolves around money0I !! "r Buch1ald0

I9here is no such thin# as a flu vaccine0 Ke have to distin#uish :et1een, on one side, a cold!like symptom for 1hich there is no vaccination000 9he vaccine 1ill only protect a#ainst influenza, :ut :ecause it sounds #ood in terms of advertisin#, they still stick to the term IfluI in 7erman :ecause no:ody 1ould take any vaccine if it 1ere called influenza vaccination0I !!"r Buch1ald '"

IVaccinatin# a#ainst measles is not Gust useless, :ut harmful0 In the past, infants 1ould not #et measles0 9hey 1ould #et the protection throu#h their mothers, 1ho used to have measles themselves0 'others 1ho 1ere vaccinated a#ainst measles cannot pass on the protection to their infants, so infants no1 #et measles0I !! "r Buch1ald '"

I&s soon as homoseHuals si#ned up as #uinea pi#s for #overnment!sponsored hepatitis B vaccine eHperiments, they :e#an to die 1ith a stran#e virus of unkno1n ori#in0 9he hepatitis B eHperiments :e#an in 'anhattan in the fall of )*+3D the first fe1 cases of &I"( >all youn# #ays from 'anhattan? 1ere reported to the C"C in )*+*0 (cientists have also failed to eHplain ho1 a :rand ne1 herpes virus 1as also introduced eHclusively into #ays, alon# 1ith HIV, in the late )*+4s0 9his herpes virus is no1 :elieved to :e the cause of EaposiUs sarcoma, the so!called I#ay cancerI of &I"(0 Before &I"(, EaposiUs sarcoma 1as never seen in healthy youn# men0 Identified a decade after HIV, in )**<, this E( virus is closely related to a primate cancer!causin# herpes virus eHtensively studied and transferred in animal la:oratories in the decade :efore &I"(0 &lso do1nplayed to the pu:lic is a ne1 micro:e >'ycoplasma penetrans?, also of unkno1n ori#in, that 1as introduced into homoseHuals, alon# 1ith HIV and the ne1 herpes virus0 9hus, not one :ut three ne1 infectious a#ents 1ere ineHplica:ly transferred into the #ay population at the start of the epidemic >HIV, the herpes E( virus, and '0penetrans?0I !! &lan Cant1ell '" .44)

IIn an effort to Fuell concerns a:out the safety of vaccines, scientists are finally takin# another look at the Inon!infectiousI particles of :ird!cancer viruses >avian leukosis virus? in the mumpsBmeaslesBru:ella vaccines routinely #iven to kids0 Could this :e the reason the ="& held a meetin# in (eptem:er, )***, to reconsider usin# human tumor cell lines >like HeLa? rather than monkey kidneys and chicken em:ryos 1hich are no

lon#er #uaranteed )44W safeL 000 9he :i# Fuestion everyone seems to avoid is: Can vaccines cause cancerL 9here is certainly evidence connectin# contaminated vaccines to &I"(0 &nd HIV is a cancer!causin# virus0 Ro:ert 7allo, the co!discoverer of HIV in )*3<, has clearly stated &I"( is an epidemic of cancer0 &nimal and avian viruses can contaminate vaccines and have all :een studied as cancer!causin# a#ents0 &nd cancer and vaccine research 1ould :e much more difficult 1ithout the use of cell lines, some of 1hich are derived from cancer0I !! "r Cant1ell

I;sin# kids as #uinea pi#s in potentially harmful vaccine eHperiments is every parentsU 1orst ni#htmare0 9his actually happened in )*3*!)**) 1hen Eaiser ermanente of (outhern California and the Centers for "isease Control >C"C? Gointly conducted a measles vaccine eHperiment0 Kithout proper parental disclosure, the Cu#oslavian!made Ihi#h titreI 8dmonston!Ja#re: measles vaccine 1as tested on ),-44 poor, primarily :lack and Latino, inner city children in Los &n#eles0 Hi#hly recommended :y the Korld Health 2r#anization >KH2?, the hi#h!potency eHperimental vaccine 1as previously inGected into infants in 'eHico, Haiti, and &frica0 It 1as discontinued in these countries 1hen it 1as discovered that the children 1ere dyin# in lar#e num:ers0I !! "r &lan Cant1ell '"

9he serious pro:lem of HeLa cell contamination in cancer and vaccine research is revealed in 'ichael 7oldUs I& Conspiracy of Cells: 2ne KomanUs Immortal Le#acy and the 'edical (candal It Caused0I 8ven Aonas (alk, 1ho developed the le#endary (alk polio vaccine, 1as fooled 1hen HeLa cells contaminated his animal cell lines0 He admitted this years later in )*+3 :efore a stunned audience of cell :iolo#ists and vaccine makers0 In eHperiments performed in the late )*-4s on dyin# cancer patients, (alk tried inGectin# them 1ith a cell line of monkey heart tissue S the same cell line he used to harvest polio virus for his famous vaccine0 He hoped the monkey cell inGections 1ould stimulate the immune system to fi#ht cancer0 Ho1ever, 1hen a:cesses developed at the site of inGections (alk :e#an to suspect that he mi#ht :e inGectin# HeLa cells rather than monkey cells, and he stopped the eHperiment0

I9here is no Fuestion that HIV 1as introduced into the ;0(0 male homoseHual population via the #ay hepatitis B vaccine eHperiment that took place :et1een )*+3 and )*3)0 'y research clearly supports the out:reak of &I"( cases in Los &n#eles and (an =rancisco shortly after the eHperiment :e#an in those cities0 @ot surprisin#ly, the #overnment has refused to release data on the num:er of &I"( deaths that have occurred in the lar#e #roup of #ay men 1ho initially volunteered for the vaccine eHperiment0I !! "r &lan Cant1ell

I'y o1n personal vie1 is that vaccines are unsafe and 1orthless0 I 1ill not allo1 myself to :e vaccinated a#ain0 000009he :ottom line is that infectious diseases are least likely to affect >and to kill? those 1ho have healthy immune systems0 I no lon#er :elieve that vaccines have any role to play in the protection of the community or the individual0 Vaccines may :e profita:le :ut, in my vie1, they are neither safe nor effective0 I prefer to put my trust in :uildin# up my immune system0I !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B http:BB1110vernoncoleman0comBvaccines0htm

I(imilar o:servations 1ere made a:out the hyena do#, 1hich 1as in )*3* threatened 1ith eHtinction0 (cientists vaccinated individual animals to protect them a#ainst ra:ies :ut more than a dozen packs then died 1ithin a year N of ra:ies0 9his happened even in areas 1here ra:ies had never :een seen :efore0 Khen researchers tried usin# a non! infectious form of the patho#en >to prevent the deaths of the remainin# animals? all mem:ers of seven packs of do#s disappeared0 &nd yet the ra:ies vaccine is no1 compulsory in many parts of the 1orld0 Is it not possi:le that it is the vaccine 1hich is keepin# this disease aliveLI !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B http:BB1110vernoncoleman0comBvaccines0htm

I2ne of the medical profession$s #reatest :oasts is that it eradicated smallpoH throu#h the use of the smallpoH vaccine0 I myself :elieved this claim for many years0 But it simply isn$t true0 2ne of the 1orst smallpoH epidemics of all time took place in 8n#land :et1een )3+4 and )3+. N nearly t1o decades after compulsory vaccination 1as introduced0 &fter this evidence that smallpoH vaccination didn$t 1ork the people of Leicester in the 8n#lish midlands refused to have the vaccine any more0 Khen the neHt smallpoH epidemic struck in the early )3*4s the people of Leicester relied upon #ood sanitation and a system of Fuarantine0 9here 1as only one death from smallpoH in Leicester durin# that epidemic0 In contrast the citizens of other to1ns >1ho had :een vaccinated? died in vast num:ers0 000000"octors and dru# companies may not like it :ut the truth is that surveillance, Fuarantine and :etter livin# conditions #ot rid of smallpoH N not the smallpoH vaccine000000It is 1orth pointin# out that 8d1ard Aenner, 1idely feted as the inventor of the smallpoH vaccine, tried out the first smallpoH vaccination on his o1n )4 month old son0 His son remained mentally retarded until his death at the a#e of .)0 Aenner refused to have his second child vaccinated0I !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B http:BB1110vernoncoleman0comBvaccines0htm

IVaccination a#ainst tu:erculosis is often #iven as the reason 1hy this disease stopped :ein# Fuite the threat to life that it had :een in the )3th century0 But a#ain, this isn$t true0 Ro:ert Eoch discovered the patho#en that causes 9B :ack in )33/0 &fter that BC7 vaccination 1as introduced and then, su:seFuently, mass treatment pro#rammes 1ere devised 1ith chemotherapy0 @one of these discoveries or introductions had any effect on

the incidence of tu:erculosis0 Contractin# 9B doesn$t provide any immunity a#ainst a second infection0 &nd if a natural infection doesn$t provide protection then a vaccination certainly 1on$t provide protection0 Ho1 on earth can itL It 1as noticed decades a#o that in the lun# sanatoriums that specialised in the treatment of 9B patients there 1as no difference in the survival rates of patients 1ho had :een Xprotected$ a#ainst 9B 1ith BC7 vaccination 1hen compared to the survival rates of patients 1ho had received no such Xprotection$0 9he tu:erculosis vaccination >the Bacillus Calmette!7uerin N kno1n as BC7? consists of a 1eakened, livin# :ovine myco:acterium0 9he vaccine 1as used for many years :ut a KH2 trial in India sho1ed that the vaccine offers no protection a#ainst the disease0 Indeed, 1hen ne1 cases of tu:erculosis increased annually in the areas 1here people had :een vaccinated a#ainst the disease the trial seemed to su##est that there mi#ht :e a link :et1een the vaccine and out:reaks of the disease0I !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B http:BB1110vernoncoleman0comBvaccines0htm

IVaccination a#ainst diphtheria 1as introduced to 7ermany in )*.-0 &fter the introduction of the vaccine the num:er of cases of diphtheria steadily increased until, shortly after the (econd Korld Kar, production of the vaccine 1as halted0 9here 1as a decline in the incidence of the disease 1hich coincided 1ith the fact that the vaccination 1as no lon#er :ein# used0 Khen the vaccine 1as su:seFuently reintroduced the decline in the incidence of the disease slo1ed do1n0 &s 1ith 1hoopin# cou#h, tetanus and other diseases the incidence, and num:er of deaths from diphtheria, 1ere in decline lon# :efore the vaccine 1as introduced0I !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B http:BB1110vernoncoleman0comBvaccines0htm

I9he 1hoopin# cou#h vaccine has never had much of an influence on the num:er of children dyin# from 1hoopin# cou#h0 9he dramatic fall in the num:er of deaths caused :y the disease came 1ell :efore the vaccine 1as 1idely availa:le and 1as, historians a#ree, the result of improved pu:lic health measures and, indirectly, the use of anti:iotics0 00000 9he introduction of the vaccine really didn$t make very much, if any, difference to the fall in the incidence of the disease0 8ven today >)*33? thirty years after the introduction of the vaccine, 1hoopin# cou#h cases are still runnin# at a:out ),444 a 1eek in Britain0 (imilarly, the fi#ures sho1 that the introduction of the vaccine had no effect on the num:er of children dyin# from 1hoopin# cou#h0 0000'y second point is that the 1hoopin# cou#h vaccine is neither very efficient nor is it safe00000 the #overnment >in the form of the "H((? has consistently lied a:out the 1hoopin# cou#h vaccine, has distorted the truth and has deceived :oth the medical profession >for the maGority of doctors and nurses 1ho #ive these inGections accept the recommendations made :y the "H(( 1ithout Fuestion? and millions of parents0 9he "H(( may have saved itself a tidy sum in dama#es0 But the cost to the nation$s health has :een enormous0 &nd this, remem:er, is merely one more eHample of the 1ay in 1hich the truth has :een distorted :y those 1hom 1e trust to provide us 1ith honest, accurate advice a:out medicine and

health care0I !! "r Vernon Coleman 'B http:BB1110vernoncoleman0comBvaccines0htm

I9he (alk vaccine failed completely >1eUll issue a special report on that at a later date?0 &nd the (a:in vaccine 1as a disaster0 It caused many cases of polio and sho1ed no relationship to the disease eHcept for an increase in polio durin# the early U,4s, caused :y the vaccine itself0 &nd no1 1e have the sensational findin#s from the &nnals of the @e1 Cork &cademy of (ciences, 1hich stron#ly indicate that polio did not #o a1ay at all, :ut no1 manifests itself as chronic fati#ue syndrome000000Khen the CoHsackie viruses 1ere first isolated from C=( patients, it 1asnUt realized that 1e 1ere simply dealin# 1ith a ne1 form of polio0 9his ne1 polio 1as caused :y the replacement of the polio viruses 1ith their :rothers, the CoHsackie viruses0 &s the researchers didnUt #et the connection at first, these ne1 polio cases 1ere la:led Upost!polio syndrome,U Uchronic fati#ue syndrome,U and Umyal#ic encephalomyelitis0UI !! Killiam "ou#lass '"

IKhat the vaccinators donUt tell you is that communica:le diseases have :een declinin# at a steady rate for )-4 years and that there is no relationship :et1een the various diseases and the onset of immunization0 Kithout eHception, the vaccine pro#ram for each of the childhood diseases 1as inau#urated after that paticular diseases had :e#un to disappear0 Contrary to 1hat you have :een told, this includes polio0 Khat the vaccines have done is cause the various childhood diseases to :ecome adulthood diseases!! 1ith far more serious implications, mumps in men and ru:ella in 1omen for eHample0I !! Killiam "ou#lass '"

I9he evidence for indictin# immunizations for (I"( is circumstantial, :ut compellin#0 Ho1ever, the keepers of the keys to medical!research funds are not interested in researchin# this very important lead to the cause of an on#oin#, and possi:ly preventa:le, tra#edy0 &nythin# that implies that immunizations are not the #reatest medical advance in the history of pu:lic health is i#nored or ridiculed0 Can you ima#ine the economic and political import of discoverin# that immunizations are killin# thousands of :a:iesLI !! "r "ou#lass '0"0

IVaccination stops children havin# their childhood diseases at the :eneficial a#e >/! <yrs?0 Children are no1 suscepti:le to Ru:ella and 'umps at Gust the a#e 1hen #irls can conceive and :oys can :e made sterile0 &nti:odies from vaccination do not cross the placenta to make very youn# :a:ies immune 1ith the result that children of less than one year old are more likely to #et them0 In the case of Khoopin# cou#h this is Gust the time that the disease is likely to cause neurolo#ical dama#e0I !! "r Aayne "one#an

II vaccinated :oth my children 1ith the ''R Ga:, :ut this 1as :efore I started my research into the pro:lems associated 1ith it0 Eno1in# 1hat I kno1 no1, I 1ould not vaccinate my children and run the risk of them #ettin# dia:etes, asthma, eczema, :ecomin# more suscepti:le to menin#itis and endin# up chronically disa:led0I !! "r Aayne "one#an

I& study :y Ronne >Lancet, -B-B3- )!-? sho1ed that adults 1ho had had natural measles 1ith a rash had a decreased incidence of various cancers, includin# cervical0 &nother study sho1ed that 1omen are less likely to contract ovarian cancer if they have had mumps durin# childhood0I !! "r Aayne "one#an

IKhen I heard a:out the )< year old :oy 1ho died of #roup C menin#itis I remem:er 1onderin# ho1 soon :eforehand he had had his BC7 vaccination >another vaccine 1ith a Xlive$ or#anism?0I !! "r Aayne L ' "one#an

IBC7 is a #oldmine for ear, nose and throat specialists0I !! "r Aean 8lmi#er '"

I8very time you hear of the tra#ic death of an infant, carried off in the first 1eeks of life :y Xviral menin#itis$, you have the ri#ht to suspect that BC7 is at 1ork, even if the autopsy confirms a viral dia#nosis0 'y 1ife lived throu#h this tra#edy in a maGor (1iss hospital 1here she 1orked0 9he autopsy of the child revealed the tu:ercular nature of the Xviral$ menin#itis follo1in# a BC7 inoculation, :ut all the assistants and nurses had received very clear instructions to say nothin# or risk terri:le conseFuences0 &s 1ith all secret societies, the la1 of silence is a:solute amon# doctorsTI !! "r Aean 8lmi#ar >Rediscoverin# Real 'edicine? I(B@ )3,.4<)**+?

I9he launchin# of the BC7 vaccine 1as a model of economic #an#sterism, a #i#antic dishonest commercial operation0 @othin# is missin# from the scenario: an eccentric inventor, falsified la:oratory eHperiments, a pseudo!scientific varnish, #ar:led statistics, shameless pu:licity, the purchased support of po1erful ma#nates, and, the final masterly touch, a UfreeU product financed :y the taHpayerT =or the =rench pu:lic, unfortunately used to scandals, none of this is very uncommon0 But 1hat really sets the BC7 story apart is the hei#hts of machiavellism that it reaches0 =or Chavanon reveals that the .4 or so families that hold hosta#e the nationUs health !i0e0 its teachin#, its la:oratories, its temples000 and its commerce! succeeded in )*<* in havin# the =rench #overnment hurriedly vote to make the BC7 vaccination compulsory0 (ince that :lack year not one =rench person has escaped this fatal toHin0I !! "r Aean 8lmi#ar

>Rediscoverin# Real 'edicine?

I(evere constraints are placed on the media in the name of Iresponsi:le GournalismI 1ith the result that the &merican pu:lic very seldom hears :oth sides of the vaccination story, and comes to have an unFuestionin# faith in vaccinations as our #reatest hope a#ainst future ima#ined disease pla#ues0 In this fear!:ased scenario, the Fuestionin# voice of reason is dro1ned out amid the hysteria surroundin# the emer#in# Ikiller infectionsI 1hich are such a favorite media topic0 9his propa#ation of fear :y the media and :y its sources in the pu:lic health industry has resulted in a #ro1th of po1er of this industry far :eyond the usual checks and :alances of our democracy0I !! IncaoUs Hepatitis B Vaccination 9estimony

I(ince Auly )**4, )+,<*+ cases of hospitalizations, inGuries and deaths in &merica follo1in# hepatitis B vaccination have :een reported to the Vaccine &dverse 8vent Reportin# (ystem >V&8R(? of the ;0(0 #overnment0 9his fi#ure includes )<, deaths in individuals after receivin# only hepatitis B vaccine 1ithout any other vaccines, includin# +/ deaths in children under )< years old0 In )**, alone there 1ere 3+. serious adverse events in children under )< years old reported to V&8R(0 ,-3 of those inGuries 1ere follo1in# hepatitis B vaccination in com:ination 1ith other vaccinations and .)< of these inGuries 1ere after hepatitis B vaccination alone0 In these children under )< years old, there 1ere /- deaths after hepatitis B vaccination in com:ination and )/ deaths after hepatitis B vaccination alone, for a total of <3 deaths0 Compare these statistics 1ith the total num:er of hepatitis B cases nation1ide reported that same year >)**,? in children under )<, Gust .+*, and the conclusion is o:vious that the risks of hepatitis B vaccination far out1ei#h its :enefits0I !! IncaoUs Hepatitis B Vaccination 9estimony

I& critical point 1hich is never mentioned :y those advocatin# mandatory vaccination of children is that children$s health has declined si#nificantly since )*,4 1hen vaccines :e#an to :e 1idely used0 &ccordin# to the @ational Health Intervie1 (urvey conducted annually :y the @ational Center for Health (tatistics since )*-+, a shockin# /)W of ;0(0 children today have a chronic health pro:lem , )3W of children reFuire special health care or related services and ,0+W of children have a si#nificant disa:ility due to a chronic physical or mental condition0 Respiratory aller#ies, asthma and learnin# disa:ilities are the most common of these0I !! IncaoUs Hepatitis B Vaccination 9estimony

II o:served that my unvaccinated children 1ere healthier, hardier and more ro:ust than their vaccinated peers0 &ller#ies, asthma and pallor and :ehavioral and attentional distur:ances 1ere clearly more common in my youn# patients 1ho 1ere vaccinated0 'y

unvaccinated patients, on the other hand, did not suffer from infectious diseases 1ith any #reater freFuency or severity than their vaccinated peers: their immune systems #enerally handled these challen#es very 1ell0I !! IncaoUs Hepatitis B Vaccination 9estimony

I9he :est 1ay to determine the risk!:enefit profile of any vaccination is 1ell kno1n and in theory is Fuite simple: 9ake a #roup of vaccinated children and compare them 1ith a matched #roup of unvaccinated children0 If the #roups are 1ell!matched and lar#e enou#h and the len#th of time the children are o:served follo1in# vaccination lon# enou#h, then such a study is deemed the I#old standardI of vaccine research :ecause its data is as accurate a reflection as medical research is capa:le of achievin# of ho1 vaccinations are actually affectin# our nation$s children0 Incredi:le as it sounds, such a common!sense controlled study comparin# vaccinated to unvaccinated children has never :een done in &merica for any vaccination0 9his means that mass vaccination is essentially a lar#e!scale eHperiment on our nation$s children0I !! IncaoUs Hepatitis B Vaccination 9estimony IIn my medical career IUve treated vaccinated and unvaccinated children and the unvaccinated children are far healthier than the vaccinated ones0UI !! hilip Incao, '", "enver, C2

IIn those infants 1ho died under one month of a#e, most of the deaths are classified as (udden Infant "eath (yndrome >(I"(?0 Ho1ever, in the past this syndrome has never struck infants so youn#, and (I"( is officially defined as :e#innin# only after one month of a#e0 Kith ,,444 children dyin# of (I"( every year, 1e have no idea ho1 many of these deaths are actually caused :y hepatitis B vaccination0I !! IncaoUs Hepatitis B Vaccination 9estimony

IIf 1e look closely, 1e realise that health for all, accordin# to the KH2, means medicalization and vaccinations for all0 9hat is to say sickness for all0I !! 7uylaine Lanctot, '0"0

IKe are tau#ht :y the authorities that vaccines protect us a#ainst eventual a##ressive viruses and micro:es, and, therefore, prevent conta#ious illnesses and epidemics0 9his lie has :een perpetuated for )-4 years despite the I@8==8C9IV8@8(( of vaccines in protectin# a#ainst illnesses000the ;(8L8((@8(( of certain vaccines, nota:ly, 9B V 9etanus00"iptheria0000Influenza and hepatitis B0I !! 7uylaine Lanctot, '0"0

I(o, more than that, vaccines are used to test :iolo#ical 1eapons0 >In my research? I found that vaccines are used to spread diseases0 9hey are used for tar#eted #enocides0I !! &n Intervie1 Kith 7uylaine Lanctot, '0"0 By Eenneth V "ee Burke

I9he reason vaccinations are promoted 1ith such intensity is to prevent people from realisin# that vaccines do not protect and also in the event of an out:reak or an epidemic the vaccinated are as much at risk of :ecomin# infected as the unvaccinated0 9he truth can :e kept hidden if peopleUs vaccination status remains unkno1n and if everyone is vaccinated, makin# a comparison 1ith unvaccinated people impossi:le0 9his is also the real reason for the relentless push to vaccinate as many children as possi:le0I !! "r Buch1ald >9he "ecline of 9u:erculosis despite I rotectiveI Vaccination :y "r0 7erhard Buch1ald '0"0 p)4)?

I9oday, there are a:out )-4 vaccines :ein# 1orked on, and 1ithin the neHt decade, 1e could have a flu vaccine for the left nostril and one for one ri#ht nostril0 'ankind 1ill :e used as a pin cushion0 =or every vaccination, minimal encephalopathy destroys :rain cells0 &s a result, in 7ermany, there are )0. million children 1ho have contracted hyperkinetic syndrome 1ho are then treated 1ith sychopharmeca >a dru# similar to Ritalin? used to calm them do1n000 Ke have hundreds of thousands of so!called minimal cere:ral dysfunction cases and millions of neurodermatitis patients0 In 7ermany, there are millions of people 1ith aller#ies0 Ke don$t Gust produce minimal encephalopathies in the :rain, :ut 1e also produce modifications of the #enetic code0I !! "r Buch1ald '"

I9here are .-,444 of us in the ;nited Ein#dom, and 1e stick to#ether more closely than any other profession0 Cou may take the La1 or the Church, and you 1ill find in neither the same intense devotion to corporate interests0 If one makes a mistake, the others are ready to hide it0 'any coroners are medical men, and 1hen a case occurs that is not favoura:le to the profession, it is more or less deHterously slurred over0 By means of this trade unionism 1e have acFuired immense po1er, 1hich is yearly increasin#0 La1 and Church 1ill soon :e accounted second and third0 eople cannot :e :orn 1ithout usD they cannot die 1ithout usD and it 1ill come to pass that they cannot :e married or take a situation 1ithout us0 &ll this tends to make the medical profession pretty unanimous on a Fuestion 1hich is supposed to :e one of its &rticles of =aith0 0000000000&nd then the money 1e make out of itT 0000000(eein# ho1 it pays, you certainly must not #o to the parties paid for disinterested advice0 If you 1ant the truth on vaccination you must to those 1ho are not makin# anythin# out of it0 If doctors shot at the moon every time it 1as full as a preventive of measles and #ot a shillin# for it, they 1ould :rin# statistics to prove it 1as a most efficient practice, and that the population 1ould :e decimated if it 1ere stopped0 9hey are :red in the faith that vaccination is a preventive of

small!poH, and #o on to practise it and to live :y it0 Be fair, therefore, to the doctors, and ask yourselves 1hether you 1ould not :elieve as they do, and act as they do, if your trainin# and interest coincided 1ith theirs0 Ke :elieve our teachers0 I never heard of anti! vaccinators eHcept as fools and fanatics, 1hose eHistence 1as marvellous0 9he only kno1led#e of vaccination I had 1as from a medical lecture eHplainin# the nature of the process and the usual effects that follo1 it0I !! "r &llinson )33/ http:BB11101hale0toBvaccinesBsmallpoH.40html

I9he :ody responds to the vaccine 1ith an immune reaction that attacks its components0 (ometimes the immune reaction also attacks a constituent of the :ody itself, 1hich :ears some chemical resem:lance to a constituent of the vaccine0 Reports of cases in 1hich nerve cells have :een attacked have :een pu:lished for tetanus, influenza and measles vaccines0 9he Iself!attackI is the result of a cascade of :iochemical chan#es 1hich takes at least five days to cause clinically o:serva:le disease, and may take at least up to siH 1eeks0I !! 'arcel Ein#s:ourne

IVaccination and sulpha dru#s have :een reco#nised as :ein# directly responsi:le for the production of leukemia in humans0I !! "r B0 "uperrat of the (aint!Louis Hospital in aris, 1ritin# in the =rench medical Gournal resse 'edicale, march )., )*--0

I&ll vaccination has the effect of directin# the three values of the :lood into or to1ard the zone characteristics of cancer and leukaemia000Vaccines do predispose to cancer and leukaemia0I !! rofessor L0 Vincent ! founder of Bioelectronics

I&lready pu:lished reports, as 1ell as our o1n o:servations indicate that smallpoH vaccination sometimes produces manifestations of leukemia0 In children and adults o:served in the clinics of Craco1, smallpoH vaccination has :een follo1ed :y violent local and #eneral reactions and :y leukemia0I !! rofessors Aulian &leksandro1ickz and Bo#uslave Halileoko1ski of the 'edical &cademy of Craco1, oland 1rote as reported in Lancet, 'ay ,, )*,+0

IHad my mother and father kno1n that the poliovirus vaccines of the )*-4s 1ere heavily contaminated 1ith more than ., monkey viruses, includin# the cancer virus (V<4, I can say 1ith certainty that they 1ould not have allo1ed their children and themselves to take those vaccines0 Both of my parents mi#ht not have developed cancers suspected of :ein# vaccine!related, and mi#ht even :e alive today0 I !! "r ;rnovitz

I"urin# the polio epidemics it 1as found that people 1ho had their tonsils removed 1ere /!- times more likely to develop paralysisM09here 1ere many at that time that su##ested that polio 1as an iatro#enic diseaseM001e caused thousands of cases of paralysis0 Ke did not cause the polio , :ut 1e converted people 1ho 1ould have recovered from a vial illness into people 1ith a paralytic illness0I !! "r 'ark "onohoe 'B B(

I(ince vaccine development information is considered proprietary 5protected :y nondisclosure policies6 #overnment officials and researchers must shield potential safety issues from pu:lic scrutiny0 9his censorship is rationalized :y the all too persuasive ar#ument that vaccines cannot :e criticized lest the pu:lic :ecome non!compliant in takin# them0 =inally, this silence is :uttressed :y the small num:er of people capa:le of critically evaluatin# vaccine manufacturin# and safety testin# procedures0 In essence, health care professionals and the #eneral pu:lic kno1 little a:out the possi:le dan#ers of live viral vaccines0I !! "r Aohn 'artin

IIn speakin# 1ith an &'& lo::yist, I understood they I1ould not 1ant the pu:lic to kno1 that their doctors 1ere not in the kno1led#e loopI0000009he 1orld and, in particular, its children appear to :e at risk for stealth adapted viruses0 9he contri:ution of vaccines to the formation and dissemination of these viruses should :e an open topic for scientific discussion0 9his is not occurrin# 1ith those presently in char#e of overseein# the safety of the @ationUs immunization pro#ram0I !! "r Aohn 'artin http:BB1110ccid0or#Bsafety0htmZ

I&s an illustration, the issue of possi:le simian cytome#alovirus >(C'V? contamination of live polio virus vaccines has :een suppressed since )*+.0 2n the eve of @iHonUs 1ar on cancer, a Goint Lederle CorporationB="& Bureau of Biolo#ics study sho1ed that eleven test monkeys, imported for polio vaccine production, tested positively for (C'V0 9he reluctance of the ="& to act on this matter 1as revealed in a corporate memo delivered the follo1in# year0 8ven in )**-, follo1in# a report to ="& officials concernin# a patient infected 1ith a (C'V!derived virus, no ne1 in!house testin# of polio vaccines for (C'V has occurred0 'oreover, this authorUs specific reFuests for vaccine material to undertake specific testin#, 1ere denied on the :asis of protectin# IproprietaryI interests0I !! "r 'artin

I&s an illustration, the issue of possi:le simian cytome#alovirus >(C'V? contamination of live polio virus vaccines has :een suppressed since )*+.0 2n the eve of @iHonUs 1ar on cancer, a Goint Lederle CorporationB="& Bureau of Biolo#ics study sho1ed that

eleven test monkeys, imported for polio vaccine production, tested positively for (C'V0 9he reluctance of the ="& to act on this matter 1as revealed in a corporate memo delivered the follo1in# year0 8ven in )**-, follo1in# a report to ="& officials concernin# a patient infected 1ith a (C'V!derived virus, no ne1 in!house testin# of polio vaccines for (C'V has occurred0 'oreover, this authorUs specific reFuests for vaccine material to undertake specific testin#, 1ere denied on the :asis of protectin# IproprietaryI interests0I !! "r 'artin

I9he first rule of medicine is to do no harm0 Cet, 1e kno1 that immunizin# children a#ainst hepatitis B confers almost no :enefit and su:Gects our children to harm0I !! 7re#ory 9etrault, '0 "0

IBased on 1hat I no1 kno1, I 1ould not #ive my children the com:ined ''R vaccine0 I 1ould consider either usin# the vaccines sin#ly >not availa:le in this country :ut possi:le in mainland 8urope? or not vaccinatin# at all0 It may :e safer for healthy children to catch these illnesses rather than run the risk of immunisation0I !! "r Richard Halvorsen

I9he vaccinations are not 1orkin#, and they are dan#erous00 Ke should :e 1orkin# 1ith nature0I !! Lendon (mith '"

IAust a 1ord a:out vaccines0 I tell all my clients not to take the neumovaH >vaccine for pneumococcal pneumonia?, and under no circumstances take the flu vaccine, Gust donUt :other0 9hereUs no evidence that these vaccines 1ork in people 1ith &I"(0 But thereUs a lot of evidence that the vaccines are very detrimental0 &s far as #eneral HIV vaccines #o, theyUre :ein# researched to the tune of a lot of media hype, supposedly to protect us a#ainst the &I"( virus0 Kell, there is some disconcertin# evidence and statistics that 1onUt #o a1ay, that the &I"( virus may have :een introduced into our population :y means of a vaccine0 &nd I can tell you no one is ever #oin# to stick an I&I"( vaccineI into my :ody0 IUd rather take my chances 1ith the &I"( virus0 &t least then I kno1 1hat IUm dealin# 1ith, rather than 1hatever virus is in the so!called vaccine0I !! Aoan riestley, '0"0 http:BB1110orthomed0or#BlinksBpapersBpriest0htm

IVaccination ena:les the selection of populations to :e decimated0 It facilitates tar#eted #enocide0 It permits one to kill people of a certain race, a certain #roup, a certain country0 &nd to leave others untouched0 In the name of health and 1ell!:ein#, of course0I !! "r Lanctot '"

I'y o1n vie1, :ased upon some years of o:servation and eHperience, is Fuite firm0 I supported the use of the vaccine in )*-) and su:seFuently 1ith very little hesitation until a:out )*+., and #ave pertussis vaccine :et1een )*-) and )*-, to each of my four children0 I 1ould not dream of doin# so a#ain :ecause it has :ecome clear to me not only that the vaccine is incompletely protective, :ut also that the side!effects 1hich I thou#ht to :e temporary are in fact dan#erous, unpredicta:ly so0 9here is no dou:t in my mind that in the ;E alone some hundreds, if not thousands, of 1ell infants have suffered irrepara:le :rain dama#e needlessly and that their lives and those of their parents have :een 1recked in conseFuence0I !! rof 7ordon (te1art )*34

IIf 1e look closely, 1e realise that health for all, accordin# to the KH2, means medicalization and vaccinations for all0 9hat is to say sickness for all0I !! 7uylaine Lanctot, '0"0

I"elay of " 9 immunization until . years of a#e in Aapan has resulted in a dramatic decline in adverse side effects0 In the period of )*+4!)*+<, 1hen " 9 vaccination 1as :e#un at / to - months of a#e, the Aapanese national compensation system paid out claims for -+ permanent severe dama#e vaccine cases, and /+ deaths0 "urin# the ensuin# siH year period )*+-!)*34, 1hen " 9 inGections 1ere delayed to .< months of a#e, severe reactions from the vaccine 1ere reduced to a total of ei#ht 1ith three deaths0 9his represents an 3- to *4 percent reduction in severe cases of dama#e and death0 >Ref.)?0I !! "r 2:omsa1in h"

IIt is pathetic and ludicrous to say 1e ever vanFuished smallpoH 1ith vaccines, 1hen only )4W of the population 1as ever vaccinated0I !! "r 7len "ettman0

I9here is insufficient evidence to support routine vaccination of healthy persons of any a#e0I aul =rame, '0"0, Aournal of =amily ractice

I'any here voice a silent vie1 that the (alk and (a:in olio Vaccines, :ein# made from monkey kidney tissue, has :een directly responsi:le for the maGor increase in leukaemia in this country0I !! =0 Elenner '"

II al1ays said that private interests 1ere hidden :ehind official vaccination policy

makin#0 I 1as 1ron#0 It is not hidden, it happens in the open0 9he po1ers concerned do not even feel the need to :e secret a:out it0 9hey feel so almi#hty they can pu:licise their malicious intentions in Xofficial$ reports 1ithout any si#nificant opposition to it0 9he vaccination lo::y shamelessly takes all the children of this 1orld as hosta#es to still their #reed for money and po1er0 9hey relentlessly a:use our compassion for the 1eaker and our concern a:out health to promote their #i#a!:usiness0 @o matter 1hat0 @o matter ho1 many more vaccine victims 1ill suffer death or side!effects0 @o matter ho1 many financial resources this strate#y devours at the eHpense of essential social investments like housin# and employment0 @o matter 1hat0 (hockin#TI !! Eris 7au:lomme '"

IIt is a pretty :ad ha:it of vaccine researchers to #ive several vaccines simultaneously 1here the effect of only one of them has to :e studied and evaluated0 2:viously this leads to confoundin# results0000000000for evaluation of side!effects in most studies 1as restricted to <3 to +. hours0 @eedless to say that many serious adverse effects sho1 up lon# after that time spanD :y definition they could never :e mentioned in those studies0 @evertheless most of these studies pretend to prove the safety of the vaccine0I !! Eris 7au:lomme '"

8veryday 1e ask ourselves 1hat did 1e do that 1as perceived as so 1ron# that an entire #overnment, or at least a very stron# and controllin# faction in our #overnment and military, should mount a continual harassment campai#n a#ainst our familyL In truth, all 1e 1anted to do 1as help our soldiers, and no1 their family mem:ers and many of our citizens, to overcome a horrific chronic illness that is dia#nosa:le and treata:le0 Ke never intended to uncover a massive, ille#al Biolo#ical Keapons development and testin# pro#ram, nor 1as it our intent to em:arrass the "efense esta:lishment or certain sectors of the scientific community0 Because of our naive faith in our #overnment, 1e ultimately set ourselves up for a Fuest that involved :etrayals from people 1ith 1hom 1e have 1orked for over t1o decades and 1hose very careers and livelihoods 1ere helped si#nificantly :y our uns1ervin# loyalty0 http:BB1110immed0or#BreportsB#ulfP1arPillnessBcriene0html

I9here 1ere several potential sources of chronic :iolo#ical a#ents in the ersian 7ulf 9heater 5*, ./60 =irst, deployed soldiers 1ere #iven multiple inoculations, in some cases 1ith eHperimental vaccines in unproved immunization schemes, such as vaccines that 1ere #iven all at once instead of usin# an appropriate schedule of inoculations over months or years0 'ultiple vaccinations #iven simultaneously can result in immunosuppression and leave an individual suscepti:le to opportunistic infections0 (ome of these eHperimental vaccines could also have :een contaminated 1ith small amounts of slo1!#ro1in# microor#anisms0 In fact, some of the vaccine lots to :e sent to the 7ulf 1ere removed :ecause of Imicroor#anism contamination0I "r @icolson


Cet our medically controlled Health Boards cook up fake epidemics, create panics for profit, such as the ones in Eansas City in )*.), itts:ur#h in )*.<, hiladelphia, Baltimore, Kashin#ton in )*.-0 &n effort 1as also made to create a panic in @e1 Cork in )*.-, :ut due to the open fi#ht a#ainst it :y the @e1 Cork 8venin# 7raphic, the Commissioner of Health called it off0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

Cou are vaccinated and have smallpoH0 9he vaccine 1as of Iinsufficient potency,I althou#h this 1as discovered too lateSthat is, after you have the smallpoH0 Cou are vaccinated and do not develop smallpoHSit is assumed that the vaccine 1as potent0 It is like the old test for mushroomsSeat them and live they are mushroomsD eat them and die, they are toad stools0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

9he 1hole purpose of this propa#anda is not to secure the health and 1elfare of children, :ut to #uarantee the steady inflo1 of profits to the physicians and manufacturin# dru# houses0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

In )*.< at Concord and Brid#e1ater, 'ass0, other #roups in schools suffered severely0 9he 1hite!1ash in these cases 1as that the serum had :een allo1ed to freeze :efore usin#0 In )*., 1hen the famous pu:licity stunt 1as pulled off, 1here:y, a do# team carried serum over land to @ome, &laska, 1hich did not have an epidemic of diphtheria and 1hich kne1 nothin# of the Herculean efforts to save it, it 1as eHplained that freezin# the serum does not dama#e it0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

Bitten on the hand :y a do# on &u#0 / anti!ra:ies shots 1ere started the follo1in# day0 9hese are said to have :een follo1ed :y a Imild reaction,I that is, mild symptoms of poisonin#0 He 1as sent home and then Itrou:le struck hard0I He 1as rushed to the post hospital 1here he died0 9he fact that they thou#ht he 1as out of dan#er and sent him home reveals ho1 little they kno10 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

I9he serum employed 1as that concocted :y the notorious Calmette, of =rance, the B0 C0 70 vaccine that is said, thou#h falsely, to prevent tu:erculosis0 9his vaccine has left a

trail of disaster :ehind it 1herever it has :een used0 It does not and, of course, cannot protect from tu:erculosis0 9he only prevention of tu:erculosis is scrupulous hy#iene0 7iven this and no one need fear the disease0 @ot even children of tu:ercular parents, thou#h in constant association 1ith them, 1ill develop tu:erculosis, if they are cared for hy#ienicalily0I Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

I9he &merican 'edical Aournal, 'arch ),, )*.* tells us that t1o Chica#o physicians sent out a Fuestionnaire to <,<., picked medical men, askin# their opinions on vaccine and serum therapy0 (ome ),.,) physicians replied0 9heir replies are descri:ed as IeHceedin#ly unfavora:le,I 1hile over *4W of those replyin# state that they do not employ vaccines and serums0 9hey say: I2f the /*, physicians in the list 1ho ans1ered as mem:ers of the Con#ress of &merican hysicians and (ur#eons, not one considered the use of vaccines a superior method of treatment of infectious diseases0I !! "r0 (helton "C

@or1ay suspended vaccination :ecause of hoof and mouth disease :ein# spread :y the practice0 In this country our "epartment of &#riculture traced the epidemics of foot and mouth disease in )*4., )*43 and )*)< to smallpoH vaccine0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

LockGa1 is a comparatively rare disease eHcept 1here a vaccination epidemic ra#es0 In his rinciples and ractice of 'edicine, (ir Km0 2sler says of tetanus as a disease transmitted :y vaccination: 'c=arland collected *- cases practically all &merican0 (iHty! three occured in )*4), in 1hich R0 K0 Kilson demonstrated the tetanus :acillus0 'ost of these cases occurred a:out hiladelphia0I Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

9he (tates u:lic Health Report, 'arch .4, )*.- says that several fatal cases of tetanus in vaccinated individuals has recently occurred in the ;nited (tatesI 9he Report for Aune .,, )*.-, contains accounts, in its first siH pa#es, of eleven cases of tetanus follo1in# vaccination0 Boys are more suscepti:le than #irls to post!vaccinal tetanus0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

In a letter dated &u#0 *0 )*.*, and addressed to (enator Ro:t0 =0 Ka#ner, "r0 Hu#h (0 Cummin#s0 (ur#eon 7eneral of the ;0(0 u:lic Health (ervice, says the fi#ures 1hich his letter sho1s are incomplete, for deaths due to post!vaccinal tetanus are as follo1s: )*.-!!!.*D )*.,!!!)-: )*.+!!!)+, )*.*!!!)0 &s most of these deaths occur after school

opens in (eptem:er, at 1hich time the #reat or#y of vaccination :e#ins, the apparent reduction in )*.* is pro:a:ly very deceptive0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

In the early part of )*.-, 1hile the 1hole of the 8ast 1as in the throes of a vaccination epidemic, the @e1 Cork 8venin# 7raphic uncovered at least t1o deaths from post! vaccinal tetanus, and many other cases of vaccinal inGury in Baltimore0 &fter they pu:lished the accounts of these cases, the hospitals in Baltimore esta:lished a ri#id censorship and suppressed the horrid truth a:out this criminal practice0 But a truce 1ith tetanusD the ne1spapers carry freFuent reports of such deaths and I can only touch the hi#h spots here0 8veryone can kno1 of these cases 1ho cares to investi#ate0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

In the Brooklyn 9imes, 'arch .), )*.*, Health Commissioner Kynne, @e1 Cork, is reported to have said in an address to the 2ptometrical Clu:: IHere is the ans1er >to the physician$s economic pro:lem?0 Let them take in .4 children an hour, one hour a day, / days a 1eek at a char#e of Y- for each anti!diphtheria inoculation0 9hat 1ill :rin# a revenue 1orth 1hile to the doctor0I Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

9hese various or#anizations collect many millions of dollars yearly from a #enerous and 1ell meanin#, :ut uninformed people, spend the maGor portion of the money in fat salaries and overhead or administration costs, spendin# much of it to pay for cruel and futile eHperiments on animals >research? and precious little of it for the purposes for 1hich it is #iven0 Like all or#anized charity, these thin#s are soulless rackets0 Vaccines and (erum 8vils :y Her:ert (helton >c)*<4Us?

I9he :est, indeed the only, method of promotin# individual and pu:lic health is to teach people the la1s of nature and thus teach them ho1 to preserve their health0 Immunization pro#rams are futile and are :ased on the delusions that the la1 of cause and effect can :e annulled0 Vaccines and serums are employed as su:stitutes for ri#ht livin#D they are intended to supplant o:edience to the la1s of life0 (uch pro#rams are slaps in the face of la1 and order0 Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity0I > RI@CI L8( 2= @&9;R&L H8&LI@7 S p0 <+3 !! (helton?

II 1ould not #o so far as to say that vaccination has never saved a person from smallpoH0 It is a matter of record that thousands of the victims of this superstitious rite

have :een saved from smallpoH :y the immunizin# potency of death0 But it is a fact that the official statistics of 8n#land and Kales sho1 unmistaka:ly that, 1hile vaccination has killed ten times more people than smallpoH, there has :een a decrease in smallpoH concomitant 1ith the decrease in vaccination0 0 0 It mi#ht :e appropriately asked, in the 1ords of the Vaccination InFuirer >London, =e:0 )*<+? XHo1 could an operation that 1as declinin# :e responsi:le for the eHtermination of smallpoHLI >Vaccine and (erum 8vils, p0 ./, :y "r0 H0 '0 (helton?

ILet me eHplain 1hy I am opposed to vaccination and 1hy I have had none of my four children immunised for anythin#, all of 1hom are healthy0000000'y o:Gections are that it does not 1orkD it is unnatural, that the human race has survived healthily for countless #enerations 1ithout them and that homeopathy provides a :etter alternative that is :oth safe and effective0 Cet, I am not typical :ecause many of those 1ho oppose vaccination kno1 nothin# a:out homeopathy, and as you say, they o:Gect for political or reli#ious reasons, that lie :eyond the scope of medical practice0 Ho1ever, once you use homeopathy and can rely on it, as I have done for over t1enty years, then one can see the dan#ers and pitfalls of vaccination as another Russian roulette #ame not 1orth the risk00000"octors essentially :elieve the pro!vaccine propa#anda and Gust keep repeatin# it like a mantra 1ithout lookin# at the facts0 It is like a form of voluntary :rain1ashin#0 In truth, every maGor infection for 1hich vaccines eHist 1as ori#inally in massive decline :efore a sin#le vaccine 1as introduced0 9his certainly applies to "iphtheria, 9u:erculosis, Khoopin# Cou#h and 'easles0I 5eLetters .444 C'&6 Vaccination: the 1ider pictureL In response to: Vaccination: refutin# the refusals :y eter 'orrell

I@ot one case receivin# homeopathic care died, 1hile the Iold schoolI doctors lost t1enty percent of their >smallpoH? cases00000I #ave a:out three hundred internal vaccinations, five to adults actin# as practical nursesD to the man 1ho installed the telephone and li#hts in the pest!houseD to mothers 1ho slept 1ith their children 1hile they had smallpoH in its severest form0 &ll of these people, eHposed daily, 1ere immune0I !! K0 L0 Bonnell, '"

IHomeopathy is 1holly capa:le of satisfyin# the therapeutic demands of this a#e :etter than any other system or school of medicine0I S "r0 Charles 'ennin#er '0"0, =ounder 'ennin#er Clinic

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