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ION CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM Single Channel Intelligent Ion Chromatography system for analysis of Anions.

The system should be capable of running suppressed and non-suppressed conductivity detection for Anions(Fluoride, Chloride, Bromide, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate , Sulphate ,
Borate & Silicate) .The System should able to analysis Cation also (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Ammonium, Lithium etc.The system should be PC based with

data acquisition and system control through the same software. IC system should consist of High Pressure pump, Conductivity detector,Data acquisition software, PC and suitable columns for analysis of different types of Anions. The system should be able to identify various components like Columns, Pump, Detector, etc. automatically and should configure the system as per the components installed.The IC system should have a leak detector. The system should be upgradeable in the near future by adding on various detectors, auto samplers etc. IC PUMP: 1) High pressure pump of serial dual piston type with selectable 0.001 to 10ml / min flow rate with a flow reproducibility of 0.1% . It should be possible to upgrade pump to higher flow rates (upto 20mL/min) for semi-prep applications.. 2) Pump should have the following specifications: Serial dual pistons with two inert check valves. Flow range Resolution of flow rate Pulsation Reproducibility of Eluent flow Pressure range Flow increments : 0.001 to 10.00 ml/min : 1uL : Lower than 1% : 0.1% : 0 5000 PSI : 0.001 ml/min

Optional pulsation dampener should be available A suitable inline mobile phase degasser should be provided which operates on vacuum degassing principle and should not need any inert gas connections.

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CONDUCTIVITY Detector: 1) Conductivity detector should be microprocessor based with a Thermostated micro-flowcell conductivity block with an accuracy of 0.0010 C. The user should be able to set temperature of the conductivity block between 20 50 C. Adjustable temperature coefficient adjustment 0 5%/C Adjustable cell constant Noise (electronic) typically 0.1nS/cm Conductivity measurement range: 0 15000 S/ cm. Resolution : less than 5pS/cm Electronic Noise and Baseline noise: Lower than 0.1nS/cm and 0.2nS/cm respectively.

2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

Column Housing: Housing for columns in a thermostated block with temperature control range between 0to 80C in the steps on 0.1 C (minimum ambient temperature+ 5C ). The housing should be able to identify the columns and set the optimal operating conditions for column operations. It should also be possible to store the data about column use so that the same can be retrieved latter on. Intelligent save guard protection should be provided so that columns cannot be programmed above stated specifications. Suppressor: Suppressor System for increasing theanalyte conductivity. Suppressor should have high loading, Organic Solvent tolerance and high back-pressure tolerance with continuous regeneration. Regeneration of suppressor should be possible even at no flow of Eluent. Suppressor should have at least 5 years warranty. Carbonate Suppressor: An additional inline suppressor to remove dissolved carbon dioxide from suppressed anion mobile phase should be provided. Injector: 6-Port injector valve with fast response time and controlled through software along with degasser for samples.
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IC Columns: IC columns& individual guard column for analyses ofAnions like Fluoride, Chloride, Bromide, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, Sulphate, Borate,Silicateetc. andcatiosSodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Ammonium, Lithium etc. The columns should have electronic chip to store data and history of column use. The system should be able to identify the columns once attached to column holder and configure the maximum flow rate and maximum pressure for the column. It should also be possible to transfer the standard operating conditions for the column automatically. Data Processor: A PC based data acquisition & processing system along with complete system control should be offered. The necessary software should be fully Windows based. The software should be able to control the system. PC hardware should be of latest generation with CD drives, large hard disc and RAM memory etc... and a LaserJet printer. The software should be able to control automatic dilution of the samples and standards, The software should have features like Automatic Data backup, Data Export to LIMS, data exports to various formats like CSV, SLK, and XML etc. OPTIONAL ITEMS: Autosampler: Minimum 50positionsAutosampler should be quoted along with necessary Sample rack, vials, stoppers etc.The Autosampler should be able to take sample volumes from 0.5 500mL samples. Possibility for including automation options like Ultrafiltration, Auto dilution etc... in future.

SPARES & ACCESSORIES: All necessary Spares & Accessories for trouble-free operation for 2 years to be supplied along with the IC system.
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