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Individual Volunteering Role Description

Role Title Role Type Number of Roles Available Location

JOURNALIST Journalism Many (3-5) Belfast office reportage geograp!y limited only "y your #illingness to travel $o intervie# and produce original articles -- print% audio% video -- for pu"lication on our #e"site& • !ttp&''nifoundation(net

Purpose of Position

Key Activities

• )rganising intervie#s of interest • *onducting intervie#s #it! provided e+uipment • ,diting recorded material • #it! company Director

Period of Opportunity

• /o limit& in-term and out-of-term • 0le1i"le start'stop time periods $o "e agreed #it! Director t!at you !onour t!e commitment you agree to underta.e ,1ample& 2 ne#% original article per #ee. • ,ssential "asic 3ournalism • -illingness to use audio and'or video recorder • 4"ility to manage assignments

ommitment !"pected

S#ills re$uired

S#ills volunteer %ill &ain

• Development of intervie# and reporting s.ills • 4ddition to portfolio of #or. • Introduction to interesting su"3ect matter • 5lenty of intervie# su"3ects provided • Instruction on camera and editing soft#are • 6se of office and e+uipment at company premises

Trainin&'support available to volunteer

(olunteer)s !"penses

$ravel and incidentals covered

*et+od of Selection

Informal intervie#% to learn suita"ility of mutual interests