Sharon Anne Firth, C.M. (b.

For over two decades twin sisters Sharon and Shirley Firth were among the top crosscountry s iers in !anada.

Sharon and Shirley Firth (!anadian S i "ssociation# $%%$) Sharon "nne Firth received an "boriginal "chievement "ward (Sports# now the &ndspire "wards) in $%%5. 'he (ollowing biography was presented at her induction) Sharon Firth# 1% minutes younger than her twin-sister# Shirley# was born in the remote trapping community o( " lavi # *orthwest 'erritories. +hen she was 5# her (amily moved to &nuvi where ,s. Firth completed high school. &n 19-.# she was introduced to cross-country s iing with the 'erritorial /0perimental S i 'raining 1rogram ('/S'). &n her (irst competition in "nchorage# "las a# she placed third# an unprecedented accomplishment (or a 13-year-old who was new to the sport and saw it as (un and a way to travel. ,s. Firth2s (irst taste o( 3lympic competition came in 19.$ at the +inter games in Sapporo# 4apan. She competed again in the 3lympic +inter 5ames in 19.-# 196%# and 1967. &n 1965 she competed in the 5reat "merican S i !hase and too the overall title. She has also competed in three world championships. ,s. Firth is now a 8outh 1rogram "dvisor (or the 5overnment o( the *orthwest 'erritories. 'he sub9ect o( documentaries including the !:! production ;'he 3lympians# 'he Firth Sisters< and ;*orthern 5old<# ,s. Firth is a highly


regarded role model who delivers motivational speeches to schools throughout the *+'. She gives much credit to the role o( elders in her li(e. She has been awarded the 4ohn Semmelin ,emorial "ward (rom the !anadian S i "ssociation in 19.$# the !ommissioner2s "ward (rom the 5overnment o( the *orthwest 'erritories in1961# the 3rder o( !anada in196.. She was inducted into the !anadian S i ,useum and S iing =all o( Fame in 199% and she received the >ueen2s 5olden 4ubilee ,edal in $%%$. She is wor ing to restart the 'erritorial /0perimental S i 'raining 1rogram# which was phased out in the 196%s. Sharon Firth lives in 8ellow ni(e# *orthwest 'erritories. Sharron is the daughter o( Stephen Firth (,etis) born *ovember $%# 19$$ at *+' and Fanny ?ose 5reenland (,etis) born 4an $1# 19$$ in *+'.1 ,etis Scrip) Firth# 4ames - !oncerning his ,@tis grant o( A$7%.%% - ?esidence# ,c1herson - :orn# 166$ at ,c1herson - 3ccupation# trapper - Father# 4ohn Firth# ( +hite man) - ,other# ,argaret Stewart# (,@tis) - ,arried# 19%. to Bisa :onnetplume at ,c1herson - !hildren# (ive living - "nnie# 19%9# 4ames *oel# 1911# ,aria# ,aggie# 1917# Sarah# "nn# 191-# 4ohn# !lay# 1919 - !laim no. 11.

!ompiled by Bawrence :ar well !oordinator o( ,etis =eritage and =istory ?esearch Bouis ?iel &nstitute

Stephen Firth was the son o( 4ames Firth born Feb. 1$# 1669 at Fort ,c1herson and /liCa :onnetplume born 4uly $-# 19%.. Stephen was the grandson o( 4ohn Firth born in the 3r ney &slands (1653) and ,argaret Stewart (,etis b. 16-3). 4ohn Firth wor ed (or the =:! at the 1eel ?iver 1ost (Fort ,c1herson) and Ba 1ierre =ouse and ?ampart =ouse where he was the manager. =e was a 4ustice o( the 1eace prior to the arrival o( the ?oyal *orth +est ,ounted 1olice in 19%3.


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