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show you how to make Windows work better for you
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` 120
March 2014, Vol. 9, Issue 3
The mini tablet now comes with pixels galore
If you’re looking for a great budget Android
phone, buy this now



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4 Computer active March 2014
From the Editor
In the increasingly
technological and complex
world, getting scared of
atttempting complicated
tasks is not an option. Tis
month’s cover story has easy
to follow tweaks, that take
the complexity out of the
Registry and command
prompt of your computer.
Other features detail apps
and games to keep your mind
agile, download huge files
faster and play all your music
anywhere you like.
Do let us know what you
liked, or hated in this issue.
Till next month,
Happy reading.

Amit Tewari, Editor
Hack Your
Own PC
Don’t be scared by the complexity of the Registry
and Command Prompt. Our easy-to-follow tweaks
show you how to make Windows work better for you
In this issue…
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8 Letters
10 News
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29 Best Free Software
59 What’s All the Fuss
86 Problems Solved
92 Fast Fixes
93 Jargon Buster
94 The Final Straw
Hack Your Own PC
Don’t be scared by the
complexity of the Registry and
Command Prompt. Our easy-to-
follow tweaks show you how to
make Windows work better for you
How you can run XP
Two months from now Microsoft will
withdraw all support for Windows XP.
We explain how to keep XP running
safely beyond that point

Keep Your Mind Active
Fatigue and advancing years
take their toll on our mental agility, but
apps and games can help.

Download huge fles faster
It can be a trial getting large
files to download. we look at ways to
speed up the process
Keep Your
Mind Active p54
How you
can run XP
6 Computer active March 2014
March 2014 Issue 3
30 Google Nexus 5
32 Motorola Moto G

34 Apple iPad Mini with
Retina Display

36 Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
37 iBall Andi Uddaan
Seagate Backup Plus (3TB)
38 RescueTime
39 Asus PB278Q
Nokia Lumia 1320

40 Transcend JetFlash 380G (32GB)
Galaxy Grand 2
41 Ashampoo Burning Studio 14
42 Livescribe 3
Google Nexus 5 p30
Apple iPad Mini p34
Motorola Moto G p32
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom p36
24 pages of brilliant workshops
61 Use a webcam with your Raspberry Pi
64 Create your own free online comics
67 Make Excel charts look more exciting
69 Keep emails private for free with Thunderbird
and Enigmail
72 Organise notes and webpages with Evernote
75 Get the most Firefox for Android
77 Read Kindle books on any device
79 Track fundraising progress with a free Excel template
80 Readers’ Tips
81 Tablet & Phone Tips
83 Make Windows Better
84 Make Office Better
85 Defraggler
7 March 2014 Computer active
Computer active March 2014
Tell us what’s on your mind
Post: Letters,CA, Next Gen Publishing Ltd., 2nd Floor, C Wing, Trade World,
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Last month’s winner: Ramcharan T N
There’s ‘no advantage’
in upgrading
I sympathise with Stuart Andrews’ tirade against
Windows 8 Tere is a fundamental problem
with Windows 8. It’s a marketing one and it’s likely to
persist. Microsoft has tried to emulate touchscreen
smartphone and tablet operations on desktop PCs and it
hasn’t worked. Te market reaction speaks for itself. Te
illusion is created that for
desktop PC users, such as myself,
Windows 8 may confer some
useful advantage over its
predecessor and that it may be
a good idea to
upgrade. But it
doesn’t offer any
useful advantage
and there’s no
point in upgrading.
Windows 7 is well
suited to desktops
and Windows 8 is a
confusing backward
Te 8.1 enhancement highlights the difficulty Microsoft is
having in satisfying traditional expectations and those of
people who use touchscreens. In retrospect, Microsoft
should have developed two distinct product streams for two
distinct markets.
After reading all the reviews, and talking to people who have
used Windows 8, I’ll not be moving to it any time soon. If
support for Windows 7 should cease, then I’ll move to Apple,
whatever the cost.
Nitish cheda
Web shopping is ‘closing local stores’
I read with interest the letter from the reader who wants
to return a digital camera to his local high-street shop
because he has found it cheaper online. Te store says they can’t
because he couldn’t produce a receipt.
I quite agree with Computeractive’s answer, and the shop is quite
right. I think I has been very cheeky asking the shop for a refund
because he found the camera cheaper online. Tat’s tough – his
problem! He should have looked online in the first place! I have
no sympathy for him. Tis is the reason why local shops are
closing down.
We no longer have a photography shop in our town. We bought
our first digital camera from a photography shop in our high
street many years ago. We had problems with it and received an
excellent, first-class service. Te shop owner went over and
above the call of duty and got the problems sorted out for us.
Some time after this, the shop owner told me that he was closing
down. People were going in to look at the equipment, leaving
without buying, and going off to buy it over the internet.
Sudeep Bahua
Transferring books meant ‘jumping

through hoops’
When e-readers first came out, I wasn’t sure that I would
use one often enough to make it worthwhile buying one.
It wasn’t until earlier this year that I decided it actually was
something that would let me rekindle my love of reading,
especially as I have mobility problems which make leaving the
house awkward, and the prohibitive postage cost on books made
me lose my love of the written word. Earlier in the year I saw a
nice wee Sony PRS-300 ( which was
just ideal. However, as it had no backlight, my hubby kept
moaning when he was trying to sleep, and I was reading with the
light on.
When I saw a Nook GlowLight (
I decided this was the answer. What I didn’t appreciate was the
hoops I would have to jump through to transfer my ebooks from
the Sony PRS-300 to the Nook. When I buy a printed book from
a shop, I’m not asked where I’m going to be reading it so I can be
sold the correct version for the intended reading location. Once a
physical book has been bought I can do more or less what
I want to with it, except lend it for profit. As an ebook costs
almost the same cover price as its printed edition, to say I was
‘pure miffed’ is more than a slight understatement.
I ended up trawling through many websites and watching a host
of YouTube lessons to find out what to do, and how to do it –
Adobe Digital Editions ( came out
tops for me. In the end transferring my ebooks was a fairly
straightforward procedure, but as I am only just computer
literate I think a young child, or an elderly person, may find
the whole caboodle too much hassle.
Ajay R Kumar
Round up of the top stories of the month
10 Computer active March 2014
LG Launches World’s First Curved, Flexible Smartphone in India
Establishing a new milestone in the
evolution of smartphones, LG
Electronics has launched its flagship
curved smartphone LG G Flex in India.
LG G Flex, the latest device in LG’s
premium G Series, is the first
smartphone that is designed to fit the
palm of the hand and follow the contour
of the face. It incorporates proprietary
innovations from other LG companies in
the form of never-seen-before display
and battery, and also boasts of a new
User Experience (UX) that takes
advantage of its curved form factor.
The vertically curved design of the LG
GFLEX, in landscape mode, offers a true
immersive cinematic viewing pleasure.
It bestows the most comfortable viewing
angle for watching videos or playing
games. After analyzing the findings of
exhaustive studies, LG designed the G
Flex to curve from top to bottom, which
facilitates a comfortable grip, better
comfort and excellent call & sound
volume quality. The vertical curve
creates an environment where users can
easily be immersed when viewing
videos or playing games in landscape
The vertically curved design of the LG
G Flex reduces the distance between
one’s mouth to the microphone when
the device is held against the ear, as
traditional telephone handsets used to.
The LG G Flex employs a curvature arc
that is optimized for the average face, to
deliver improved voice and sound
quality. The curved form increases the
sound level by 3dB compared to typical
flat smartphones. The curved design also
offers a more reassuring grip and fits
more comfortably in one’s back pocket.
LG G Flex also features the Rear Key
that was first introduced in the LG G2.
Devoid of any buttons on the sides, there
is less chance of accidentally powering
off the phone and the convenience of
using one’s index finger to adjust the
volume when talking over the phone.
The Rear Key gives intuitive user
experience where users can operate the
power button and volume rocker using
their index finger, without the need to
actually see them while holding the
device in one hand.
The LG G Flex will be available in India
starting February 2014 and is priced at
MRPRs. 69,999/-
ill Gates steps up to new role as
Technology Advisor; John
Thompson assumes role as Chairman
of Board of Directors.
Microsoft Corp has announced that
its Board of Directors has appointed
Satya Nadella as Chief Executive
Officer and member of the Board of
Directors effective immediately.
Nadella previously held the position
of Executive Vice President of
Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise
Since joining the company in 1992,
Nadella has spearheaded major
strategy and technical shifts across
the company’s portfolio of products
and services, most notably the
company’s move to the cloud and the
development of one of the largest
cloud infrastructures in the world
supporting Bing, Xbox, Office and
other services. During his tenure
overseeing Microsoft’s Server and
Tools Business, the division
outperformed the market and took
share from competitors.
Microsoft also announced that Bill
Gates, previously Chairman of the
Board of Directors, will assume a new
role on the Board as Founder and
Technology Advisor, and will devote
more time to the company,
supporting Nadella in shaping
technology and product direction.
John Thompson, lead independent
director for the Board of Directors,
will assume the role of Chairman of
the Board of Directors and remain an
independent director on the Board.
Microsoft Board names Satya Nadella as CEO
11 March 2014 Computer active
Facebook has announced that it has
reached a definitive agreement to
acquire WhatsApp, a rapidly growing
cross-platform mobile messaging
company, for a total of approximately
$16 billion, including $4 billion in cash
and approximately $12 billion worth
of Facebook shares.
The agreement also provides for an
additional $3 billion in restricted stock
units to be granted to WhatsApp’s
founders and employees that will vest
over four years subsequent to closing.
The acquisition supports Facebook and
WhatsApp’s shared mission to bring
more connectivity and utility to the
world by delivering core internet
services efficiently and affordably.
The combination will help accelerate
growth and user engagement across
both companies.
Lenovo and Google have entered into a
definitive agreement under which
Lenovo plans to acquire the Motorola
Mobility smartphone business. With a
strong PC business and a fast-growing
smartphone business, this agreement
will significantly strengthen Lenovo’s
position in the smartphone market. In
addition, Lenovo will gain a strong
market presence in North America and
Latin America, as well as a foothold in
Western Europe, to complement its
strong, fast-growing smartphone
business in emerging markets around
the world.
The purchase price is approximately
US$2.91 billion (subject to certain
adjustments), including US$1.41 billion
paid at close, comprised of US$660
million in cash and US$750 million in
Lenovo ordinary shares (subject to a
share cap/floor). The remaining US$1.5
billion will be paid in the form of a
three-year promissory note.
Lenovo, which in 2005 acquired IBM’s
PC business and its legendary PC brand,
will now acquire world-renowned
Motorola Mobility, including the
MOTOROLA brand and Motorola
Mobility’s portfolio of innovative
smartphones like the Moto X and Moto G
and the DROID™ Ultra series. In addition
to current products, Lenovo will take
ownership of the future Motorola
Mobility product roadmap.
Google will maintain ownership of the
vast majority of the Motorola Mobility
patent portfolio, including current patent
applications and invention disclosures.
As part of its ongoing relationship with
Google, Lenovo will receive a license to
this rich portfolio of patents and other
intellectual property. Additionally
Lenovo will receive over 2,000 patent
assets, as well as the Motorola Mobility
brand and trademark portfolio.
Lenovo to Acquire Motorola Mobility from Google
Facebook to Acquire WhatsApp
12 Computer active March 2014
Te much-awaited Lenovo Vibe Z – the
latest addition to the premium Lenovo Vibe
series of smartphones, is an ideal
combination of striking looks, exquisite
design, captivating performance and
cutting-edge technology to help you to “Do
more” in lesser time. Equipped with
high-speed LTE (4G) connectivity,
astoundingly fast processor, advanced
cameras and brilliant 5.5” 20/20 vision
display, Vibe Z is just the right choice for
people, who want the best of everything; be
it work or play. Vibe Z’s super-sleek,
ultra-light form factor is certainly a
With a thickness of 7.9 mm and weighing
just 147 grams, Vibe Z is ultra-light for a 5.5
inch display smartphone and certainly has
the looks-to- die-for coupled with advanced
features. Promising supreme-efficiency,
Vibe Z packs Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
quad-core processor that helps you run all
your apps and multi-task at a flashing-
speed of 2.2 GHz.
Vibe Z comes packed with advanced
optics; sports a 13 MP rear camera with BSI
sensor and dual LED flash. Lenovo has fitted
the Vibe Z camera with a large f/1.8 aperture
lens. With the largest aperture lens available
on a smartphone, the Vibe Z promises an
enhanced exposure to low light for better
imagery when the conditions are not
optimal. It also sports a 5MP front camera
with 84 degree wide viewing angle allowing
you to capture all your memories in
supreme clarity and vivid colours you will
cherish forever.
To handle all these functions and to
ensure that you easily get by your day, the
Vibe Z is powered by an integrated 3000
mAh battery. Te smartphone also sports
USB OTG that enables you to access data
from pen drive while on the go or even
charge other smartphones. Tis
exceptionally thin, blazing-fast device
complete with gesture controls, photo
enhancement software, premium
technologies and in-demand innovative
features is sure to steal the limelight in the
premium smartphone category.
Te Vibe Z smartphone is priced at INR
35,999 for the Indian market and will be
available across the country through Lenovo
Exclusive Stores (LES), LFRs, leading
multi-brand outlets and
from February this year.
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Amit Tewari
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14 Computer active March 2014
Te company’s 5th generation Galaxy S
redefines how technology innovation
enhances our lives
Samsung Electronics has announced the
fifth generation of the Galaxy S series, the
Galaxy S5, designed for what matters most
to consumers. Te new Galaxy S5 offers
consumers a refined experience with
innovation of essential features for
day-to-day use.
Te Galaxy S5 combines an advanced
camera, the fast network connectivity,
dedicated fitness tools and enhanced device
protection features as consumers stay fit and
connected in style.
Te Galaxy S5 offers the world’s fastest
autofocus speed up to 0.3 seconds and the
advanced High Dynamic Range (HDR),
reproduce natural light and color with
striking intensity at any circumstances. Also
new Selective Focus feature allows users to
focus on a specific area of an object while
simultaneously blurring out the
background. With this capability, consumers
no longer need a special lens kit to create a
shallow depth of field (DOF) effect.
Te Galaxy S5 offers the most advanced
LTE experience and Wi-Fi performance
available today,
ensuring blazing fast
data speeds for unrivalled
media consumption and productivity. With
the enhanced S Health 3.0, the new Galaxy
S5 offers more tools to help people stay fit
and well. It provides a comprehensive
personal fitness tracker to help users
monitor and manage their behavior, along
with additional tools including a pedometer,
diet and exercise records, and a new,
built-in heart rate monitor. Galaxy S5 users
can further customize their experience with
an enriched third party app ecosystem and
the ability to pair with next generation Gear
products for real-time fitness coaching.
Te Galaxy S5 blends iconic Samsung
design with modern trends to appeal to a
range of consumer tastes and interests.
Te Galaxy S5 features a perforated pattern
on the back cover creating a modern glam
look. Its new sleek, contoured shape comes
in an array of vivid colors, including
charcoal Black, shimmery White, electric
Blue and copper Gold, to complement the
style of the individual consumer.
Te Galaxy S5 is IP67 dust and water
resistant. It also offers a Finger Scanner,
providing a secure, biometric screen locking
feature and a seamless and safe mobile
payment experience to consumers.
Te Ultra Power Saving Mode turns the
display to black and white, and shuts down
all unnecessary features to minimize the
battery consumption.
Te device will be available globally
through Samsung’s retail channels,
e-commerce and carriers in April.
Samsung unveils Galaxy S5 to focus on
what matters most to consumers
LaCie has announced Fuel: a go-anywhere
wireless hard drive for iPad, iPhone and
Mac. Without requiring Internet access, the
LaCie Fuel adds 1TB of external storage
capacity to compatible mobile devices. Users
can store up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs
or 190,000 photos, and share them with up
to five devices at a time. What’s more,
AirPlay compatibility means users can easily
stream movies onto the big screen via Apple
TV or music to compatible speakers.
Te LaCie Fuel lets users access enormous
media libraries right from their iPad. With
1TB of storage at their fingertips, they don’t
need to pick and choose what they load
onto their mobile device. Not only does the
LaCie Fuel let them access all their media
files while they’re on the go, it also has
plenty of extra space to accommodate future
LaCie Fuel marks the first product
collaboration between Seagate and LaCie.
Te wireless hard drive features streamlined
file access, thanks to the free Seagate Media
app – available for iOS, Android, and
Amazon Kindle. It automatically organizes
files by type, making them easy to browse.
Users can stream videos or music, open
office documents, and enjoy full-screen
navigation. Te app makes browsing a
media library a visual experience with
support for photo and video thumbnails,
plus cover art for music. Te Lacie fuel is
available at a MRP of Rs. 25000.
LaCie Fuel Expands iPad Capacity to 1TB
16 Computer active March 2014
SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in
flash storage solutions, has announced the
new 128GB2 SanDisk Ultra microSDXC
UHS-I memory card, the world’s largest
capacity microSD card. Smaller than the size
of a fingernail, the new SanDisk Ultra
microSDXC card enables consumers to use
their phones and tablets as if storage
limitations were never a concern, allowing
users to capture thousands of songs and
photos, and hours of video on a single,
removable card.
Designed for Android smartphones and
tablets, the new SanDisk Ultra microSDXC
card provides consumers the highest storage
capacity available in a removable form factor.
Ideal for shooting Full HD video and
high-quality pictures, the 128GB SanDisk Ultra
microSDXC card delivers twice the speed of
ordinary microSD memory cards and offers the
highest video recording performance available.
Compared to when the microSD card format
was first launched in 2004 with 128MB of
capacity, SanDisk has increased storage
capacity of microSD cards 1,000 times over in
less than a decade with the 128GB SanDisk
Ultra microSDXC card. To enable 128GB of
storage on a removable microSD card, SanDisk
developed an innovative proprietary technique
that allows for 16 memory die to be vertically
stacked, each shaved to be thinner than a
strand of hair.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd,
showcased a range of category-defining
products in TVs, home appliances,
printing and mobile devices at its
Southwest Asia Forum .
Trough its broad product range,
Samsung demonstrated how it is bringing
consumers seamless navigation, intuitive
control and smart solutions into the home
and workplace. Samsung’s key products
shown at its Southwest Asia Forum
include: Te 78-inch U9000 Samsung
Curved UHD TV is the most curved TV in
the world with 4,200 radii for the perfect
viewing experience. Te UD590 is
Samsung’s 2014 Ultra High Definition
(UHD) monitor that delivers detailed,
high-pixel imaging and stunningly
realistic colors. Te UD590 delivers
unrivaled detail color quality as it is
capable of displaying one billion colors,
which is 64 times more colors than the
standard monitor. It also includes UHD
up-scaling technology that converts low
resolution content to UHD-level picture
quality and creates sharper images.
For easy, on-the-go printing that
combines NFC and Wi-Fi Direct
technologies, Samsung unveiled a
complete range of new mono laser
printers and multi-function printers: the
Xpress M2885 Series, as well as its series
of color laser printers and multi-function
printers, the Xpress C1860 Series.
Samsung’s 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePRO
presents mobile users with an industry-
leading WQ-XGA display, offering crystal
clear resolution with more than 4 million
pixels, for a best-in-class tablet
experience for both content consumption
and powerful productivity. Galaxy
NotePRO tablet is running the most
recent version of Android 4.4.
Te NX30 interchangeable-lens camera
has an advanced 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS
Sensor, Tiltable Electronic Viewfinder
(EVF) and exceptionally fast 1/8000 sec
Shutter Speed and 9 FPS continuous
shooting capability, to create high quality
images with faster than ever performance.
Te NX30 features NFC and Wi-Fi
capabilities—including the ‘Tag & Go’
function—that lets users tap to share
memories instantly and easily when
paired with NFC enabled mobile devices.
Furthermore, the Galaxy Camera 2
captures images quickly and beautifully
with revolutionary technology for instant
sharing capabilities, thanks to its 16.3
effective megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, 21x
optical zoom lens, 1.6GHz Quad Core
processor and the Android platform.
At the Samsung Southwest Asia Forum 2014,
Samsung Puts the Curve into UHD, Customization
into Your Kitchen and the Best Viewing and
Productivity into Your Tablets
18 Computer active March 2014
Introduces full portfolio
including Nokia X, Nokia X+ and
Nokia XL smartphones to bring
Internet and cloud services to
‘next billion’
At Mobile World Congress,
Nokia underscored its
commitment to connecting the
next billion to the Internet by
releasing five new affordable
handsets, including Nokia X, a
family of smartphones that run
Android(TM) apps, Microsoft
services and signature Nokia
The Nokia X family features
Nokia’s renowned handset quality
and design, with a fresh,
tile-based user interface inspired
by our Lumia family. All devices
come with Fastlane, a screen
which lets people switch between
their favorite apps more smoothly.
People can access curated,
quality-tested apps from Nokia
Store, more than a dozen third-
party app stores and by
sideloading. Out of the box, they
can enjoy signature Nokia
experiences including free HERE
Maps, with true offline maps and
integrated turn-by-turn
navigation, and Nokia MixRadio
for free music streaming and
downloadable playlists. All
devices are also pre-loaded with a
variety of third-party apps and games.
The Nokia X family is also an
affordable introduction to popular
Microsoft services, including free cloud
storage using OneDrive. With the
purchase of any Nokia X family
smartphone in select markets,
people will get one month of Skype’s
Unlimited World Subscription for a
limited time, ideal to make
international calls to landlines in
more than 60 countries and to
mobile phones in 8 countries.
The first device, the Nokia X,
comes with a 4” IPS capacitive
display and 3MP camera. The Nokia
X+ is optimised for multimedia
enthusiasts, who can enjoy even
more games, music, photos and
video thanks to more memory and
storage. Both the Nokia X and Nokia
X+ will be available in bright green,
bright red, cyan, yellow, black and
white. The third family member, the
Nokia XL, boasts a 5” display with
2MP front-facing camera - ideal for
Skype video calls - and a 5MP
rear-facing, autofocus camera with
flash. The Nokia XL will be available
in bright green, orange, cyan, yellow,
black and white. The entire Nokia X
family is powered by the
Qualcomm® Snapdragon(TM) dual
core processor and supports Dual
SIM, letting people switch SIM cards
to get better tariffs.
The Nokia X will go on sale
immediately, in Asia-Pacific, Europe,
India, Latin America, the Middle East
and Africa. The Nokia X+ and Nokia
XL are expected to roll out in these
markets starting early second quarter.
Nokia connects the next billion with
affordable smartphones
20 Computer active March 2014
Kingston, the independent
world leader in memory
products, today announced its
fastest addition to the Secure
Digital product line. Te new
3 (U3) card allows professionals
and consumers to capture 4K
and other Ultra-HD video
resolutions. Te new card is
available in 16GB, 32GB, and
64GB capacities. Te SD
Association’s latest
specification, UHS-I U3 (Ultra
High-Speed Bus, Speed Class 3),
guarantees performance of at
least 30MB/s read and write,
enough bandwidth to record
and playback 4K video without
interruption. Kingston’s SDHC/
SDXC UHS-I Speed Class 3 card
provides speeds of 90MB/s read
and 80MB/s write, which is up
to 9x faster (read) and up to 8x
faster (write) than standard
Class 10 SD cards. Te faster
speeds ensure the best video
and photo integrity by reducing
stutter as well as faster PC
upload time especially when
using USB 3.0 card readers.
Class 3 is compatible with all
SDHC and SDXC host devices. It
allows users to capture cinema
quality Full HD (1080p), Ultra
HD (2160p), 3D, and 4K2K
videos on high-performance
cameras such as Digital Single
Lens Reflex (D-SLR), Digital
Single Lens Mirrorless (D-
SLM), camcorders and video
cameras. In addition to 4K
video capture, it can also be
used for high-density
photograph capture in burst or
continuous capture mode,
television recording, and live
broadcasts. Users can capture
up to 60 minutes of 4K HD
video or shoot high-density
image files in RAW or JPEG (up
to 8,000 24MP images) on a
64GB card.
Class 3 is backed by a lifetime
warranty and free technical
Kingston Introduces Fastest UHS-I Speed Class
3 (U3) Flash Card in India for 4K and Ultra-HD
Video Capture
For 60 years, the iF product
design award has been an
internationally recognized
label for award-winning
design and the iF brand has
become a symbol for
outstanding achievements in
design. ASRock M8 was
entered in the computer
category then won an iF
product design award 2014
and will be recognized with
the renowned iF label!
ASRock’s M8 features an
aluminum exterior, while
hidden magnets hold the
whole case together. On the
front, there’s a control knob
and monitor hybrid called
A-Command for users to setup
their unique gaming rig.
Inside the box lies a Z87
mini-ITX motherboard for
advanced portability and
space efficiency.
Te functionality of this
gaming PC lives up to its
awesome appearance too. Te
case may contain any standard
mini-ITX for future upgrades,
and M8 is sold as a barebone
system so that gamers have
the freedom of choosing their
own components, such as
swappable DDR3 DIMMs, any
standard PCIe x16 graphics
card, and also has 6 SATA3
ports lined up for storage.
ASRock M8 has Won an iF Product Design Award 2014
22 Computer active March 2014
ZOTAC International, a global
innovator and manufacturer of
graphics cards, mainboards and
mini-PCs, has combined the power of
3rd Generation Intel Core i3
processing with
640 graphics to
create the ultimate
4K ready HTPC. The
new ZBOX ID45 series
delivers the perfect
synergy of energy-
efficiency and
high-quality video
processing in a
compact form factor.
The NVIDIA GeForce
GT 640 graphics
enhances the video
playback capabilities
ID45 series with
high-quality HD
processing and 4K
video decode
capabilities for a superior
HTPC experience. An Intel Core i3
3227U processor delivers outstanding
CPU performance with dual
processor cores and Intel
HyperThreading technology for
unmatched multitasking
responsiveness and quick video
transcoding capabilities.
Dual Gigabit Ethernet enables
excellent wired networking
capabilities for redundant
connectivity or to transform the
ZBOX ID45 series into a
high-performance network router.
802.11ac networking
technology delivers a wireless
experience that’s comparable to
wired Ethernet on the ZOTAC
ZBOX ID45 series.
The ZOTAC ZBOX ID45 series
ships as a barebones and as a PLUS
version with 4GB DDR3 and 500GB
hard drive preinstalled. Users can
install a variety of operating systems
on the ZOTAC ZBOX ID45 series
including Windows 7, 8 and
ZOTAC Combines 3rd Generation Intel Core i3
with NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
26 Computer active March 2014 26
Protect Your Tech
Scams and threats to avoid, plus new security tools
Bitdefender’s Safepay is a
browser with a
difference. Unlike
Internet Explorer,
Chrome and Firefox it
operates from your
Desktop and doesn’t
interact with any other
software and add-ons. As
you browse, it checks
webpages for malware
and phishing attacks,
and stops websites
tracking what you do
online. Tere’s also a
virtual keyboard (see
image) that prevents
keylogging, making it
ultra-safe for shopping
and banking online
when you need to type
personal details such as
credit-card numbers. It
does all this for free, but
there’s a paid-for version
that adds protection for
Wi-Fi hotspots and costs
£3.25, £9.95 and £23.95
for a one-week,
one-month and one-year
pass respectively. Safepay
is still in beta, so read
the testers’ guide first if
you’re not sure of
anything: www.snipca.
New tools
What happened?
Microsoft warned that hackers
successfully exploited a previously
unseen flaw that could affect all
supported versions of Internet Explorer.
Although it said there had only been a
“limited number” of attacks targeted
at Internet Explorer 8 and Internet
Explorer 9, the company rushed to issue
a fix, saying the hole could hit IE 6 to 10.
Te flaw allows remote code execution
if a user visits a malicious site from a
vulnerable browser. “Tis would typically
occur when an attacker compromises the
security of trusted websites regularly
frequented, or convinces someone to
click on a link in an email or instant
message,” said Microsoft.
Microsoft didn’t reveal how many
attacks had been reported and said it was
still monitoring the problem.
What should I do?
Install the CVE-2013-3893 MSHTML
Shim Workaround (www.snipca.
com/10119), which Microsoft issued as a
temporary fix. It’s important you do this
yourself because Microsoft won’t do it
automatically. Te company is working
on a full security update.
Microsoft also said you should set your
internet and local
security zone
settings to “high”. Do
this by clicking the
top-right cog in IE, ‘Internet options’,
then the Security tab. Move the slider to
Te company admits this “may affect
usability”, so you should add sites you
trust, and visit often, to the IE trusted
sites zone. Do this by visiting a site you
trust, then clicking the top-right cog in
IE, ‘Internet options’, then the Security
tab. Next, click the green ‘Trusted sites’
arrow, then the Sites button and click
Add in the box that appears (see screen
grab left). You’ll need to make sure the
URL suffix is ‘https://’
You can, of course, use Chrome, Firefox
or Opera until Microsoft releases a
permanent security fix.
Internet Explorer faws
Bitdefender Safepay
Ultrabook with dual screens
ASUSTek Computer Inc.
iPin Laser Presente
Mobile accessory
Android TV box
OAXIS Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Air Penetrator AP123
Computer fan
SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
The COMPUTEX d&i awards present...
award winners
going around the world!
The winning products for
innovation awards are going on a
global tour by visiting every major
ICT show, including IFA (Berlin),
GITEX (Dubai), CES (Las Vegas),
Mobile World Congress (Barcelona)
and CeBIT (Hannover).
COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the year’s most
important ICT event, was held from
June 4
to 8
in 2013. That’s where
the ICT world met and mingled as
1,724 top exhibitors used 5,042
booths to attract 131,300 ICT
professionals, including 38,300
international visitors (6% increase
on last year) from 173 countries.
COMPUTEX d&i awards represent
the core of COMPUTEX TAIPEI.
Since 2008, these awards have won
industry acclaim for ushering in a
new wave of design concepts. The
last event welcomed 254 product
entries from 101 manufacturers, an
increase of 24% and 16%
respectively from the previous year.
The winners, the crème de la crème
of ICT, were selected upon such
criteria as design quality, degree of
innovation, utility, functionality,
safety, environmental friendliness
and workmanship, and judged by an
independent jury organized by the
Hannover-based iF International
Forum Design.
And the winners are...
For COMPUTEX d&i awards 2013, the jury
selected 90 d&i award winners which
included five Gold awards.
The Golds went to...
Included among the 90 d&i winning products
were the wireless hard disc drive by ASUS; a
mobile scanner by Avision; and Pebble, the
Smart Watch by Foxlink. The winning list also
had several outstanding POS terminals &
systems and accessories.
iPin laser presenter
Air Penetrator AP123
See the global greats unfold with a glow for innovation, quality &
Mobile World Congress Feb. 24
to 27
, 2014 Hall 7 / Booth 7n67
CeBIT March 10
to 14
, 2014 Hall 17 / Stand H04
IFA Sept. 5
to 10
, 2014
GITEX October 12
to 16
, 2014 Hall 8 / Booth E8-20
CES January 7
to 10
, 2015 ,South Hall 1 / Booth 21642, LVCC
Registration open till 31
March, 2014
The Future ICT Begins with Your Leading Innovation Today
For more info on COMPUTEX d&i awards:
Ashampoo UnInstaller 5 comes with additional
cleaning tools toremove redundant registry
entries and clean your drives.
OS Supported : Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
· SkctchUp Makc
· Swcct Homc 8D
· Microsoft Intcrnct FxpIorcr 82Bit
· Microsoft Intcrnct FxpIorcr 64Bit
· MoziIIa Fircfox FuII
· Avidcmux
· DoubIc Commandcr
· Iobit UninstaIIcr
· OS Mavcricks Transformation Pack
Full Software
Boost your creativity:
Internet Mates:
Power Editor:
Smart Managers:
CD Contents
28 Computer active March 2014
March 2014
From the Editor
Dear Readers,
Tis month’s CD contains a wide mix of software
and utilities for everyday use. We hope you will find
these useful. Do let us know your views on the


PS:-Please reach us on
with your suggestions. Some of the software
provided on this disc requires a product key from
the publisher.
Best Free Software
29 March 2014 Computer active
Our pick of the most interesting websites, articles and
videos from around the world
Freemake Music Box 1.0
Ghostery monitors what online
trackers are up to and blocks
their attempts to track your
web movements. Rather than
blocking all cookies and trackers,
Ghostery encourages you to
find out more about the tracking
organisations. New to version
5.0 are options to allow website
comment feeds on a site-by-site
basis, so, for example, you can
have Disqus active only on your
favourite blog. Ghostery has not
yet launched a version for IE11.
Music Manager
Freemake Music Box is a music manager that
combines a Spotify-style music-streaming
service with your own music collection,
including your iTunes library. The desktop
player will even play audio tracks from
YouTube (previous glitches with this feature
have now been fixed). Not only is the program
free, but you don’t need to register or log in,
and there are no annoying embedded adverts.
But make sure you decline the extra software
when you install it.
Type songs, artists or musical genres into
Music Box’s search field and it will try to find
them online. Music Box then shows you a
selection of tracks and albums (it only finds
legal music). Click the play icon to listen to a
song online or press ‘+’ to add
it to your Music Box library.
You can’t download or buy
songs through Music Box, but
it will save songs so you can
stream and play tracks online.
To play music stored on your
PC, click ‘Add files’ then the
tracks you want to add to
your library. You can create
playlists, and import and
combine playlists you’ve
made in Winamp and VLC
Player. Freemake’s range of
supported music formats (Ogg, Flac, AIFF,
WAV, MP3 and MP4, WMA and M4A) is more
limited than VLC’s, but the program’s mix of
streamed music and tracks saved on your PC
works well. An Android app is in the pipeline.
Online Privacy
Ghostery 5.0
Program uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller 3.0 beta 1
What you need: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
(you may need to run as an administrator to get IObit to work)
AVG AntiVirus Free 2014
AVG AntiVirus Free 2014 is a brilliant
free antivirus program.
Its new File Shredder completely
deletes any malware it finds, while
the new PrivacyFix tool warns you if
our acebook page or Google settings
are leaving you exposed. As part of its browser protection, AVG provides
a malicious-link checker and blocks any spyware that attempts to install
on your computer. When you restart your PC, a pop-up message tells
you how much faster your PC starts up now AVG is installed.
Uninstaller 3.0 obliterates software
that the Windows Uninstall Programs
tool can’t shift and deletes leftover
files. A particularly useful addition to
version 3.0 also deletes unwanted
browser add-ons from Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
Start IObit, click the add-on you want
to uninstall then click Remove. Next,
click Powerful Scan to remove any
leftover files. and click Next. IObit will
automatically quit once it’s finished.
What you need: Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari
What you need: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
30 Computer active March 2014
Google Nexus 5
Google’s afordable 4G phone with the latest version of Android
New Android smartphones with the latest
features usually cost Rs.40,000 or even
more, but that isn’t the case with the new
Google Nexus 5. While this latest model
isn’t quite as cheap as the previous
Nexus 4, which cost just about Rs.20,000
when it was released last year, it is still
affordable. It costs Rs.20,000 for the
16GB version or Rs.33,000 for the 32GB
Surprisingly few corners have been cut
to keep the price low. There’s no SD card
slot and the phone is made out of black or
white plastic, instead of metal like the
similarly priced HTC One Mini, but this
phone feels robust and not at all cheap.
The rear has a soft rubbery touch to it
which makes it feel like a Nexus 7 tablet,
although the Nexus 5 isn’t as curvy with a
boxier shape than its tablet counterpart.
The Nexus 4 was a 3G-only phone, but
the Nexus 5 also works on 4G. We used
the phone for making calls, browsing the
web, navigating the streets using Google
Maps and taking photos. On Vodafone’s 3G
network in central Mumbai the battery
lasted just over 21 hours.
This is in line with other 3G phones,
although the admittedly much heavier and
larger Nokia Lumia 625 managed 21 hours.
Although better, other phones can last
It can take a long time for Android
phones to get updated to the latest version
of the operating system, so you may have
to be patient. Some phones will never be
upgraded to 4.4 KitKat.
One notable example is the Samsung
Galaxy Nexus, which won’t receive any
more Android updates, leaving it stuck
on 4.3 Jelly Bean. Here’s a list of phones
publicly confirmed by their manufacturers
to get KitKat. If your phone isn’t listed, it
doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t get
KitKat – just that the manufacturer has
yet to confirm it.
NOW Google Nexus 4.
JANUARY 2014 Motorola Moto G,
HTC One (2013), HTC One Mini and
HTC One Max.
SPRING 2014 LG G2. Sony Xperia Z, ZL,
Z Ultra and Z1.
even longer on 3G.
Battery life when
playing videos
continuously was
disappointing at
just under eight
The Nexus 5 is the
first Nexus phone
to have a 5in
screen, but this
means the phone is
too wide to hold
and use
comfortably if you
have small hands.
The screen does at
least look good –
it’s dazzlingly bright
with vivid colours,
while text looks
sharp thanks to the
high 1080p
One of the biggest
flaws with the
Nexus 4 was its mediocre camera.
The Nexus 5 has a much better eight-
megapixel camera – colours are fairly
accurate, details are reasonably sharp and
low-light photos are respectable thanks to
the optical stabilisation.
It’s not as good as the cameras found in
the iPhone 5s or the HTC One Mini, which
produced sharper, more detailed photos
and have quicker focus, especially in low
light. The camera app was slow to open
and surprisingly sluggish when trying to
quickly take action shots one after the
other. A lot of older Android smartphones
suffer from poor responsiveness, where
the touchscreen can’t quite keep up with
finger movements, which we find very
annoying. That isn’t a problem with the
Nexus 5, though. Apart from a handful of
occasions, it was just as responsive as the
iPhone 5s and the best Windows Phone
handsets.This is thanks, in part, to the fast
2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core
processor which sped through our
demanding 3D graphics and webpage-
loading benchmark tests.
New Products tested by our experts
31 March 2014 Computer active 31 March 2014 Computer active
Computeractive’s reviewers follow
strict guidelines to ensure the
opinions expressed in the
magazine are fair, accurate and
independent. Every product or
service we review is thoroughly
examined and tested by experts.
The manufacturer has no
involvement in our tests and is
never told the result of a review
prior to publication. Please note
that our reviews grade products,
not customer service. We welcome
feedback on our reviews –
send us an email to
We provide a clear verdict for every
product we review. Each verdict is
accompanied by a star rating.
Here’s what those stars mean:

An excellent purchase ★★★★★
A good purchase ★★★★☆
OK by us ★★★☆☆
Below average quality ★★☆☆☆
Very poor quality ★☆☆☆☆
Our Buy It! stamp of
approval is a sign that
a product has
exceeded our high
expectations in both
quality and value. If you see the
Buy It! logo you know we were
impressed with the product and we
think you will be too. The Try It!
Stamp is our equivalent award for
software and services that are free
of charge.
The prices we print are the
suggested retail prices set by the
manufacturer. Products can often
be found much cheaper on the
internet or in shops.
While we try to keep our reviews
free from technical language or
jargon, it is sometimes unavoidable.
See the Jargon Buster column for
concise explanations of highlighted
VERDICT: A good Android phone at a great
price, but let down by a couple of flaws

Android 4.4 has a new brighter look with
more transparent graphics
Android KitKat
The slick responsiveness of the Nexus 5 is
also due to numerous under-the-bonnet
improvements in the new version of
Android, 4.4 KitKat. The Nexus 5 is the
first and, currently, the only Android phone
to come with KitKat pre-installed.
Although most of the improvements in
KitKat, named after the chocolate bar, are
very technical ones aimed at developers,
there are more visual changes too.
Google has largely replaced the black and
blue theme used by Android since 3.0
Honeycomb with a brighter look that uses
transparent graphics, such as the status bar
and the button bar at the top and bottom of
the home screen respectively.
One of our favourite features is Google
Now, which tries to make your life easier
using the phone’s sensors, online data and
information you’ve shared with Google
through its services and apps although it
works best with fast internet connections.
If you have an appointment in your Google
Calendar, Now will remind you about it and
show you directions for getting there.
Google Now also recognises your speech,
so you can tell it to call people, set
reminders, transcribe what you say and
more. Although it’s much faster than Siri
(iOS)at recognising what you say, you have
to phrase your requests more carefully. For
example, saying “Show me my calendar”
works, but asking “Do I have any meetings
today?” doesn’t. These are quirks in Now’s
design, which will be ironed out over time.
Disappointingly, the ability to trigger Google
Now simply by saying ‘OK Google’ when at
the home screen is currently limited to
people in the US, but it’s still much easier to
get to the main Google Now interface than
in older Android versions. Simply swipe left
from the first home screen.
The phone app tries to integrate Google’s
web search in two ways. You can do a
Google search for phone numbers within
the phone app, although it’s not that clever
- searching for ‘curry’ lists nearby
electronics stores rather than Indian
restaurants. The phone app also attempts
to match unknown incoming phone
numbers with business names by
automatically searching the web when you
get a call, but in our tests the accuracy of
these results wasn’t great.
Typing on the onscreen keyboard is now
more convenient thanks to improved
spelling corrections. Simply tapping a word
brings up a bar just above the keyboard
with spelling suggestions. This is much
less fiddly to tap than the small bubbles
that pop up above words in iOS.
The old text-messaging app has been
replaced by the new Hangouts app which
can also send messages for free through
Google+. The interface is cluttered and
confusing, though. For example, the app
lists Google+ and text messages from the
same person separately rather than
collected together.
It can, however, be replaced with another
texting app from the Google Play store,
such as 8sms (
The Nexus 5 is a great phone.
It has the fastest performance and
responsiveness of any Android phone
we’ve seen, a good quality screen and
some useful software features.
It’s let down by its disappointing battery
life and average camera, though, so it just
misses out on a Buy It! award.
only ring if someone urgently needed to get in
Finally, Moto Care is a brilliant app filled with
tutorials on how to use your phone.
It can suggest beneficial changes to the
settings and even make those changes for
you. For example, it told us we could increase
battery life by setting the screen brightness to
automatic and having it enter standby after 30
seconds rather than two minutes. Tere’s also
a free text-chat service where you can ask for
help from a friendly Motorola technical-
support advisor.
Call and photo quality
Call quality on the Moto G is impressive.
We could clearly hear the person we were
speaking to, and received no complaints
32 Computer active March 2014
Motorola Moto G
If you’re looking for a great budget Android phone, buy this now
Te Moto G changes everything. Until now
most sub Rs.14,000 Android phones have
been complete rubbish, with slow
processors, meagre amounts of memory,
terrible screens and poor battery life.
Te Moto G bucks this trend entirely, giving a
lie to the platitude ‘you get what you pay for’.
For a phone that costs just Rs. 12,500 the
Moto G makes surprisingly few
compromises. Te only things you’ll give up
are 4G, an SD card slot and the amount of
built-in storage. Te 8GB of storage won’t be
enough for some, but the 50GB of Google
Drive cloud-storage space (included free for
two years) helps make up for this. If you need
more on-board storage the 16GB Moto G
costs Rs. 14,000.
Unlike more expensive phones crafted
from glass and metal, the Moto G is made
from colourful plastic, which is cheerful
without feeling or looking cheap.
A selection of multi-coloured
interchangeable covers (called shells – see
lemon shell, right) are sold separately for
which means you can liven up the phone
with a splash of white, yellow, purple,
red or blue.
Te 4.5in screen is very
bright, and while its 720p
resolution isn’t as high as the
1080p screens on more
expensive phones, text is still
crisp, while photos and videos
are sharp and vivid.
A common complaint aimed at
cheap Android phones is the
delay between tapping the
screen and anything
Tis isn’t the case with the
Moto G, which is very
responsive. It’s also fast, racing
along in our 3D graphics and
webpage- loading benchmark
tests thanks to its quad-core
processor and 1GB of memory.
Android Jelly Bean
Te responsiveness of the Moto
G is helped along by a lack of
superfluous apps and add-ons.
While other manufacturers
slow their devices down with
pointless customisations you
can’t remove, Motorola has
made very few changes to
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on the
Moto G. An update to Android
4.4 KitKat – the latest version
– has been promised for early
Te few tweaks Motorola
has made to Android are for the
better. When you turn on the
Moto G for the first time, a
service called Motorola Migrate
offers to wirelessly transfer all
your texts, call records, photos
and settings from your old
phone. Tis only works if your
old phone runs Android and
both phones are connected to
the same Wi-Fi network. Tanks to Migrate
we were up and running much more
quickly than expected.
Te Motorola Assist app works
with your calendar app,
automatically silencing your phone
when you’re busy – in a meeting, for
example – so you’re not disturbed.
You can also set Assist to
automatically text any callers to let
them know that you can’t answer
the phone at that moment. It can
also silence the phone when you’re
sleeping unless it’s a call from
contacts you specify, such as your
kids or elderly relatives.
Te idea is that you can sleep safe in
the knowledge that your phone will
33 March 2014 Computer active
New Products tested by our experts
of poor call quality from family and friends
when chatting. Battery life was an exemplary
41 hours when making calls, taking photos,
browsing the web and using GPS. When
playing videos continuously, it lasted nine
hours 15
which is
what we’d
Te Moto
G’s biggest
flaw is
its five-
camera. Te
photos we
took often
looked too
dark with
colours and
fuzzy details.
Low-lit photos were especially bad and more
or less unusable. Using the flash didn’t help as
it made photos too harsh and bright. Tis is a
shame, because the camera app works well.
Tere’s no camera button, so you have to tap
the screen to take pictures. Holding down on
the screen takes a burst of photos, which is
handy if you’re trying to get the perfect action
shot or capture people smiling naturally rather
than grinning awkwardly. If you want more
control over focus and exposure you can drag
a small green target icon around the screen.
Tese settings are then adjusted depending on
the icon’s position. Tis works especially well
for macro shots and scenes with a significant
contrast between dark and light. Te camera
app also features an easy-to-use panorama
mode for taking photos of epic scenery.
At Rs. 14,000 the Moto G is excellent value.
It looks great, works brilliantly and has
specifications comparable to smartphones
costing twice as much. In short, the Moto G is
an absolute steal. If your budget won’t stretch
to the even better HTC One Mini or Nexus 5
respectively, then this is without a
doubt the Android phone to get.
VERDICT: Better than many phones that
cost twice as much, the Moto G is the
best budget Android phone available


The Motorola Migrate app wirelessly transfers
everything from your old phone
The Assist app checks your
calendar and silences your
phone so you’re not disturbed
34 Computer active February 2014
Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display
The mini tablet now comes with pixels galore
Our biggest criticism of the original
Apple iPad Mini was that its 8in screen,
with its low 1024x768- pixel resolution,
wasn’t as sharp as rival mini tablets.
That’s no longer a problem with this
latest model, which now has a
whopping resolution of 2048x1536
The new display makes this new
iPad Mini much easier on the eyes.
Text is now very sharp, where it was
blurry on the original, while photos
and high-definition video are vibrant
and detailed. Colour accuracy is
slightly off compared to the Amazon
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and the Asus
Nexus 7 In particular, blue skies in
landscape photos look a little
washed out, but this is barely
noticeable, so it’s still a great tablet
The other big new feature is the
A7 1.3GHz dual-core processor.
While the A5 chip in the original
iPad Mini was no slouch, the A7 is
even faster and blitzed through
our webpage-loading and 3D
graphics benchmark tests,
making this Mini the fastest
tablet under 10 inches we’ve
The super-high resolution screen and
fast processor require a bigger battery
than that found in the original Mini, so this
new model is slightly thicker and heavier
to accommodate that. The Wi-Fi-only
model weighs 331g, which is 30g more
than its predecessor, but it’s still light for a
mini tablet. The battery lasted just under
10- and-a-half hours when playing video
continuously, which is in line with Apple’s
claims. Although that’s two hours less
than the original Mini, it’s still good.
While the metal design feels rigid and
looks classy, the thin border on the left-
and right-hand edges of the screen (when
held vertically) makes it somewhat tricky
to hold. Although Apple maintains that the
screen can intelligently detect when your
thumb is resting on the screen’s edge –
rather than actively swiping or tapping – it
was a little unpredictable
and in our tests correctly ignored our
thumb presses only 75 per cent of the
time. A slightly thicker border would be
more effective and make life easier.
Like all iPads, the Mini has access to
Apple’s App Store which is full of quality
apps designed for its high-resolution
screen. This – along with its long battery
life, blistering performance and sturdy
build quality – gives it an edge over the
Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.
However, all this comes at a price – the
cheapest Wi-Fi-only Mini is Rs. 28,900
more expensive than the equivalent
VERDICT: An excellent mini tablet, but its
great design and wide selection of apps
come at a high price
Nexus 7. Add 3G to the mix, and the Mini is
Rs. 37,900 more expensive than the
equivalent Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HDX.
If you’re likely to make heavy use of apps
then this premium is worth paying,
but if you only want a tablet for watching
video and reading then the Nexus 7 is the
one to get.
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36 Computer active March 2014
Many people take more photos with
their smartphone than with a dedicated
camera. Not because it’s better quality
(most unlikely), but because it’s the
camera they carry with them wherever
they go. This usually means foregoing
an optical zoom, but not if you have a
Galaxy S4 Zoom – the new Android
smartphone with
a 10x zoom lens.
Its phone specifications are almost
identical to those of the Samsung
Galaxy S4 Mini It has the same 4.3in
screen with 960x540- pixel resolution.
While this is small compared to other
Android phones, it’s larger and more
detailed than the screens you’ll find on
most compact cameras.
The dual-core processor runs at 1.5GHz
instead of 1.7GHz, but there’s little
difference in performance – the Android
4.2 interface and most apps ran smoothly
in our test. However, unlike the Mini, it
only supports 3G rather than 4G.
The biggest difference between the
Mini and the Zoom is the latter’s camera,
which has specifications similar to
dedicated compact cameras. The 10x
zoom lens has optical stabilisation to
counteract hand shake and the
16-megapixel sensor is larger than most
smartphones’ sensors, which should have
boosted image quality, particularly in low
light. Sadly, however, image quality falls
short compared to dedicated cameras
with 10x zooms. Photos we took in bright
daylight looked fine at first glance, but
close scrutiny revealed a lack of detail and
a slight graininess. This noise became
more prominent when shooting in low
light, putting image quality on a par with
other similarly priced smartphones.
However, the 10x zoom makes it easier to
frame subjects more creatively and
capture distant subjects without the
compromise to image quality that comes
with a digital zoom.
The Zoom’s camera controls work
An Android phone that tries to be a proper camera
VERDICT: An average alternative to a
separate camera and phone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
elegantly. The ring
surrounding the
lens controls zooming, plus there are
well-organised touchscreen menus for
all the functions we’d expect to find
on a dedicated compact camera. Oddly
though, you have to unlock the phone
before you can use the camera, which
makes it harder to capture fleeting and
spontaneous moments. Performance isn’t
bad, capturing a photo every 1.6 seconds.
The inevitable downside is that the
zoom makes it roughly twice as heavy and
three times as chunky as a conventional
smartphone, and we got a few strange
looks in public when holding what
appeared to be a camera to our ears. But
we didn’t find it excessively cumbersome
to use as a phone, even if the lens makes
it relatively uncomfortable to hold when
reading and watching videos.
It’s easy to take photos with the zoom,
thanks to the handgrip, something most
phones lack. But it’s not as comfortable to
use as a camera because there’s not
much at the back to hold onto because the
screen virtually fills the entire back.
There’s just 5.3GB of available storage,
but a micro SD slot lets you add more.
Battery life was a little below average,
lasting 17-and-a-half hours when taking
photos, browsing the web, making calls
and navigating with GPS, but the battery is
easily replaceable so you can take a spare
along with you. Call quality on O2 in
central London was poor – voices often
sounded harsh and distorted, especially at
high volumes, and the phone didn’t
do a very good job of blocking out
background noise.
The Galaxy S4 Zoom is neither the best
smartphone nor the best camera. In fact,
you could spend the same amount on the
Motorola Moto G and a better quality
camera such as the Fujifilm XF1 If you
want the convenience of one device to
carry and charge, as well as seamless
sharing of photos online, the Nokia Lumia
1020 is a better choice. It has generally
better image quality, especially in low
light, and isn’t as chunky.
New Products tested by our experts
37 March 2014 Computer active
iBall Andi Uddaan
Seagate Backup Plus (3TB)
A budget phone with safety features
An external hard drive with a social media twist!
Unfortunately, women’s safety has become
a serious issue in our country with harrowing
incidents on the rise over the past few months.
Tere are a few companies that are trying to
contribute towards curbing this menace and
one of them is iBall, who recently launched a
device dedicated to this cause. Dubbed Andi
Uddaan, the phone integrates an SOS button,
tracking, geo-fencing and ICE (In case of
Emergency) functionality aiding in the task of
keeping women safe.
Te device comes in white, but is clearly
targeted at the female crowd. Te home button
is adorned with a Swarovski Zirconia Crystal
while the SOS button at the back is heart-
shaped. If these design cues weren’t enough to
announce its target market boldly, iBall even
bundles a back cover, flip cover and a small
purse, all in pink. Te default theme on the
phone is also in pink and shiny to match the
physical look.
Te phone features a respectable 5-inch IPS
display and supports qHD resolution
(960x540), which is decent for a phone at this
price point. It is powered by a 1.3GHz dual-core
MediaTek processor and has 512MB RAM,
given the limited resources,
the phone performs well
barring occasional lag and
slow performance.
Te phone has an 8MP
camera at the back with dual
LED flash and BSI sensor,
this improves pictures taken
in low light, claims iBall.
However, we found the
image quality to be average
in low light situations, with a
visible amount of noise. Te
front facing camera is a 5MP
one and also faces the same
issue in low light. On the video front, the main
camera is capable of recording at 720p while
the front camera records at VGA resolution.
Moving onto Andi Uddaan’s USP – security
features. First is the Emergency Help app that
allows users to input all the vital details like
blood group, medical history, details of persons
to be contacted in emergency and so on. Next
up is the SOS app that activates when the SOS
button at the back is pushed or the app is
activated on screen. Te app switches on a
loud siren to alert the people
nearby and sends messages or
calls to the five pre-defined
contacts. It can also post an
update on Facebook. Te
Locate app enables tracking of
the user by up to 10 people and
supports geo-fencing, if the
user goes ot of a predefined
area, an email or SMS can be
sent to pre defined contacts.
To sum up, we feel Andi
Uddaan is a good effort with the
tracking, SOS, emergency help
and the feminine design, but it
comes up short on performance and features.
If tracking and checking the whereabouts of
your loved one is all it matters, Andi Uddaan
won’t disappoint you. Price: Rs. 8,999
VERDICT: Handy safety features with
mediocre smartphone performance
VERDICT: Won’t disappoint if backing up
social media content is a priority
How do you differentiate your product from
the clutter when there’s a wide choice for
consumers to choose from? Some companies
rely on the aesthetics, while others like
Seagate rely on the software and the
hardware combo.
Te Backup Plus range from Seagate allows
users to store their data on its capacious hard
drive while its software works to automatically
backup data from social media networks. Tis
month, we take a look at Seagate’s Desktop
edition of Backup Plus.
On the face of it, Backup Plus looks like a
run-of-the-mill desktop hard drive but there is
a surprise at the bottom end. Te bottom of
the hard drive is detachable, it allows the user
to use an interface of his choice. For instance,
the default interface supported by the drive is
USB 3.0 but you can swap it with a FireWire
800 or a Tunderbolt adapter, that are sold
separately. Speaking of USB 3.0, in our tests
the Backup Plus averaged around 115MB/s
and 110MB/s read/write speeds respectively.
Moving onto the software, Seagate bundles
the Seagate Dashboard software with the
Backup Plus.
Te software is easy to configure and
supports automatic backup of content from
Facebook, Flickr and YouTube social networks.
It even allows direct sharing directly from the
external or the user’s internal drive.
To sum up, Backup Plus from Seagate is just
another external hard drive but it’s the
software that makes it different. if you want to
store and safeguard your online data locally,
seamlessly, Backup Plus is the way to go.
38 Computer active March 2014
if you’re using multiple PCs, but
you can edit RescueTime’s logs
later to rectify this.
Although we like RescueTime,
the interface could be refined
further. We’d prefer all
time-related settings to be on
one screen, for example, rather
than spread out across different
Even so, RescueTime is one of
the best time-management
tools we’ve used to increase
personal productivity and
analyse working patterns to
highlight where improvements
can be made. People who work
from home and freelancers, in
particular, would benefit from
RescueTime, which is easily
worth its modest price.
If both your work and
personal life revolve around
computers, it’s easy to let the
lines between the two get
blurred. Online shopping and
social-media activity can eat
into your working hours, which
can leave you working late and
wondering where the day went.
If you often find yourself falling
behind schedule, you need
RescueTime – software that can
help you optimise every hour of
the day.
RescueTime uses a Desktop
program to track exactly what
you’re doing with your time. It
lets you set goals and then
classify tasks based on how
productive they were. If, for
example, you find that replying
to emails or attending certain
meetings take up more time
than they should, then you can
mark those tasks as
When you first sign up to
RescueTime, a ‘getting started’
guide introduces you to the
main dashboard and prompts
you to set goals. Here, you can
block distracting websites,
access a full record of your
productivity over time and log
any time spent away from your
To test RescueTime, we set
some basic goals: to spend less
than two and a half hours being
unproductive between 6am and
8pm; and more than two and a
half hours hours being
productive in both the morning
and afternoon, including our
lunch break.
Over the course of a day,
RescueTime monitors your
activity and
calculates what it
calls your
‘productivity pulse’,
which displays how
efficient you’re
being in a handy
percentage score.
Carrying out
activities you’ve
classified as
productive will raise
the productivity
pulse, while
spending time on
wasteful activities
lowers it.
Over the first few
days, you’ll probably need to
refine your initial settings and
goals. Based on our definition of
what constituted productive
time, we almost never met our
morning goal, but exceeded our
afternoon goal. We used this
data to gauge how realistic our
goals were and in which periods
of the day we were most
efficient. We found that Friday
afternoons were our least
efficient period when working in
the office, but our most
productive time when working
from home.
Tose who tend to overwork
– whether at home or in the
office – can take advantage of
the feature that lets you
configure alerts notifying you
via email or a pop-up message
that you’ve hit a certain goal for
the day. You can also use the
alert system to give you a
nudge if it looks like you’re
falling behind. Moreover,
RescueTime’s Advanced Filters
A program that stops you wasting time and helps you be more productive
settings let you monitor
different periods for different
days, handy if you work
different hours at the weekend,
for example. A free Android app
lets you log and track activities
when you’re away from your PC
If, like us, you work on
multiple computers in different
locations over
the course of a day, you can
install RescueTime on each of
your PCs. Following five
minutes of inactivity, the
software starts wondering what
you’ve been up to and asks via
a dialogue box to explain your
absence. Tere’s a risk of
accidentally logging activities
for the same time period twice
VERDICT: Te best method we’ve found to show how
we’re wasting time

New Products tested by our experts
39 March 2014 Computer active
We’ve reviewed quite a few Asus monitors in
the past but the one we’re reviewing today,
takes the cake. It’s the PB278Q we’re taking a
look at and it sits in the top tier of the range
offered by Asus.
As per Asus the PB278Q is ergonomically
designed, enabling users to tilt (up to 20
degrees), swivel, pivot (up to 90 degrees) and
even adjust the height for a better viewing
experience. We found all these claims to be true.
Te monitor is also equipped with a streamlined
cabling system that takes away the normal
cable clutter.
On the I/O side, the PB278Q supports HDMI
1.4, D-Sub, Display Port, Dual-Link DVI-D, a
3.5mm headphone jack and an audio in port
along with two 3W stereo speakers. Te
onscreen display (OSD) menu buttons are
placed on the bottom of the monitor with the
text painted on the front side. Te PB278Q
features a 27-inch PLS (Plane-to-Line
Switching) display panel and though there’s a
good amount of debate if an IPS panel is better
or a PLS one, we would say this PLS-equipped
monitor from Asus is at par. Te monitor offers a
178° viewing angle along with a fast refresh rate
of 5ms for smooth visuals. Te monitor’s selling
point is the huge display size complemented
with the high resolution. Te PB278Q supports
WQHD resolution (2560x1440 pixels), which is
about 109 pixels per inch (PPI) or about four
times the resolution of a 720p display!
In short, working on this monitor is a treat. Te
colour accuracy and image accuracy is very
good since it supports 100% sRGB and results in
a crisper text and sharper images, thanks to the
high resolution.
Te monitor also features 80,000,000:1 ASUS
Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR), Splendid Video
Intelligence Technology and six preset modes
like scenery, theater, sRGB, standard and two
user-customizable modes for an improved
viewing experience.
Te PB278Q also has something called as
QuickFit Virtual Scale that allows to preview
photos and documents on-screen in their actual
size prior to printing via a dedicated key.
Te Asus PB278Q is priced at Rs. 44,250 and
is a good buy for designers and other
professionals with all the features it
packs in.
Tere’s no denying of the fact that large screen
phones are in demand these days. Even Nokia
knows this, which is why they introduced new
devices like the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520.
While Lumia 1520 is a high-end device in every
sense, we take a look at the Lumia 1320 that tries
to bring all the goodness of a large screen on
Windows Phone platform at an affordable price.
Te first thing you’ll notice about the Lumia
1320 is its size. Te device is big and maybe
unwieldy to hold for some. Design of the Lumia
1320 is very much on the lines Nokia have
adopted for its Lumia range. It comes in a variety
of colours, features rounded edges that gives a
better grip and sports the usual key and port
placement that are typical of a Lumia device.
Te Lumia 1320 has a 6-inch ClearBlack IPS
display that supports a 1280x720 pixel resolution
and achieves a pixel density of 245 ppi (pixels per
inch). Admittedly, not as sharp as you’d find in
some of the high-end
devices these days but
the resolution on the 6-inch
display does its job well. Viewing
angle is pretty good with saturated
colours, the display is quite legible outdoors.
Lumia 1320 is powered by Qualcomm’s
Snapdragon dual-core 1.7GHz processor and 1GB
RAM. Given how optimized Windows Phone 8 is,
the hardware is enough to deliver a smooth
performance, unlike Android devices with similar
Te phone runs Windows Phone 8 OS with the
Lumia Black update that brings in additional
functionality over the regular Windows Phone 8.
Te Lumia Black update includes software
enhancements like improved Glance Screen,
better multitasking of apps, ability to customize
ringtones, display rotation lock, Nokia Beamer
and Nokia Camera app.
Speaking of camera, the Lumia 1320
houses a 5MP at the back and a VGA one on
the front. Te camera UI is pretty much the
same and even supports lenses to spruce up the
images. As for the quality, the 5MP camera fares
up well under good light and is fairly competent
compared to other devices in the same price
range. Te camera also supports Full HD video
recording. Te Lumia 1320 features a 3400mAh
non-removable battery that gives more than a
day of mixed use consisting of calls, videos,
games and some music. Lumia 1320 is a good
first attempt by Nokia to offer a large screen
experience at an affordable price. It retails in India
for Rs. 24,000
Asus PB278Q
Nokia Lumia 1320
Large-screen monitor with high resolution
A big screen experience at a mid-range price
VERDICT: A performance driven monitor
with good colour accuracy

INFO: www.
VERDICT: A big phone packed with the
latest Windows Phone 8
INFO: www.
40 Computer active March 2014
Transcend JetFlash 380G (32GB)
USB OTG (On-the-go) has
evolved over the last few
years. What started as a data
cable that plugged one end in
to the smartphone and the
other to a USB flash drive, has
now been fused together into
a compact and pocket able
This month we take a look at
Transcend’s JetFlash 380G
OTG flash drive, for the
uninitiated, OTG basically
allows you to use your regular
USB flash drive with your
smartphones and tablets.
Design-wise the JetFlash
380G is really sleek and
compact and comes in a gold
finish that gives it a premium
feel. Making the drive work is a
piece of cake. If the drive is
compatible with your device
( check
compatibility here), just plug
the drive in the mobile device
and it should detect it right
Transcend even has an
Android app, downloadable for
free from the Play Store that
enables users to setup
one-touch backup of pictures,
music, movies or even
USB fash drive and expandable storage for your phone
VERDICT: Simple, compact and
affordable expandable storage for
your phone

★★★ ☆

manually copy or move the
content from the device to the
drive and vice versa.
The 32GB Transcend
JetFlash 380G is priced at Rs.
1,570 and offers a good bang
for the buck. Just check out for
the compatibility before
investing in one!
Galaxy Grand was a grand success in the
Indian market, it successfully tapped consumers
who desired a big screen at an affordable price.
Building on the success of the original Galaxy
Grand, Samsung announced the Galaxy Grand
2 in December last year. Let’s check out if it is a
worthy successor.
Te design is more or less in line with rest of
the devices in the Galaxy line, but there’s one
distinguishing factor that sets it apart: the faux
leather back. Just like the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy
Grand 2’s rear is covered with a soft touch cross
stitch design, giving the device a premium look.
Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy Grand 2
in the hardware department. Compared to the
original, the second iteration comes with a
faster processor and more RAM. Te Galaxy
Grand 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s
Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad-core processor
and 1.5GB RAM ensuring a smooth
Galaxy Grand 2
Galaxy Grand successor gets more premium
VERDICT: Good performance
but pricey compared to the
★★★ ☆
performance without any
lag in the interface.
Speaking of the interface, the Galaxy
Grand 2 runs the TouchWiz user interface atop
Android 4.3 OS. We’re not certain when, but
rest assured that Galaxy Grand 2 will get the
Android 4.4 KitKat update. Samsung’s
customisation also extends to some of
software features like My Magazine app that
displays news, personal content and social
media feeds in an aesthetically pleasing
tile-based interface. Tere’s also the new and
improved Multi Window from carried over from
Galaxy Note 3, and the Club Samsung app
exclusive to India. Tis gives consumers a large
variety of content like music and movies.
Access to Club Samsung will be free for first
three months.
Galaxy Grand 2 features two cameras – an
8MP at the back and 1.9MP on the front.
Camera quality is good with both cameras
supporting HD video recording (main camera
supports 1080p and front camera supports
720p) and variety of camera modes and filters
to spruce up images. As for the battery life, the
Galaxy Grand 2 features a 2600mAh battery
and with two SIMs with Always On connectivity,
you can easily get about a days work on a full
charge. Te battery lasts longer than a day if
you use a single SIM.
Galaxy Grand 2 is a good device and delivers
on every front that a successor should deliver
but it faces stiff competition from devices like
Moto G that offer a similar feature set at a more
affordable price.
Galaxy Grand 2 retails for Rs. 23,000.
New Products tested by our experts
41 March 2014 Computer active
Ashampoo Burning Studio 14
Depending on which version
of Windows you use, your
operating system’s built-in
disc-writing capabilities will
vary from virtually non-existent
to surprisingly difficult to use.
One alternative
is Ashampoo Burning Studio 14,
which provides a range of
disc-writing options for CDs,
DVDs, Blu-ray discs, video discs
and backups. But, unlike other
disc-writing software suites –
such as Nero or Roxio Creator
– Burning Studio doesn’t
include extra media editing and
conversion programs. Tis
limits the range of video-file
formats you can write to a
video disc for playback in a DVD
or Blu-ray player.
Burning Studio lets you put
your favourite videos and
images onto a DVD – with
slideshows and a slick video
menu – using basic video-,
photo- and menu-editing tools.
Unfortunately, the lack of a
video- conversion program
means you can’t use any of
your MKV videos, because the
format isn’t supported. It does
support H.264 and MPEG4
videos, but we found this to be
plagued by problems. Te
program failed to recognise
several of
our high-definition H.264 test
files, which worked fine in other
disc-writing programs we
tested. Nor could it recognise
the MPEG4 videos produced by
our Google Nexus 5 phone and
Creative Vado HD video
camera. Given how few video
formats are supported, you’ll
certainly need separate
video-conversion software,
such as the free Handbrake
All the standard disc-writing
capabilities we’d expect are
present and work fine: creating
ISO images, writing an audio
CD, writing ISO images to a disc,
adding and removing files from
discs as if they were a USB
stick, and creating a data disc
that can be read by almost any
device. You’ll also find a very
basic backup feature, but this is
also limited because you can’t
schedule backups, nor can you
set it to back up only those files
which have changed since the
last backup. More useful are the
options to create encrypted
discs, which is new in version 14,
and automatically spread large
amounts of data across multiple
discs. But you can’t use Burning
Studio to create backups of
copy-protected discs.
Ashampoo’s disc-writing program isn’t a runaway success
Tere are a few unusual
features in the program’s
advanced options, such
as the ability to create a
modified copy of an existing
disc. Tat’s handy if, for
example, you want to add an
extra bit of documentation or a
licence key reminder to a disc,
but most people won’t need
this feature. More advanced
users will be disappointed to
find that it’s not possible to
modify existing ISOs in the
same way.
Te program’s updated
interface is fairly slick, although
VERDICT: Although it’s not bad and does have some
worthwhile features, this program isn’t polished enough
to justify its £35 price

some elements still feel dated.
For example, its file browser is
cramped and doesn’t let you
drag and drop files and folders
unless you first minimise the
program into Compact mode.
Folders on a NAS that are
mapped to a drive letter won’t
show up in the file browser.
Instead you have to manually
navigate to them.
Once you’ve
begun the
disc-writing process,
you won’t be able to
do anything else
with the program,
such as putting
together another
disc, until the disc
you’re burning has
Burning Studio 14
isn’t bad, it’s just
rather average and,
for existing users,
little has changed
since Burning Studio
2013. It has some
useful features such
as disc encryption and is fine
for basic disc-writing tasks, but
the interface is a little old
fashioned, it has poor video-file
support and most of its features
can be found in other better-
designed programs.
42 Computer active March 2014
appointment in your
calendar. However,
only dates written in
the format ‘29th
October 2013’ were
successfully sent to
our calendar. Dates
using slashes were
mistakenly identified
as phone numbers.
You can also create
Pencasts (a
combination of audio
recording and notes)
but, oddly, only on an
Tis lets you jot down
notes as you make the
recording and review
both the notes and
audio in sync at a later
time. You
can export and share
pencasts with other iOS 7 users
via Apple’s AirDrop wireless
sharing feature, or by uploading
to Evernote or Livescribe’s own
online pencast-sharing service.
Despite its imperfect
transcription technology and its
current incompatibility with
Android, the Livescribe 3 is a
very useful tool. Te ability to
convert handwritten notes into
legible, editable digital text
quickly and easily is invaluable,
especially if you’re not a
particularly fast typist.
Livescribe 3
Te Livescribe 3 is a
smartpen that lets you take
notes anywhere – in
meetings and lectures, for
example – and transfer them
to your iPad or iPhone. You
can then turn the notes into
text to be edited and
distributed to other people
the free Livescribe+ iOS app.
Te Livescribe 3 uses the
same technology as its
predecessors to capture
every detail of what you write
or draw. A tiny built-in camera
tracks the location of the
pen’s nib when used on
special paper that has a
unique pattern, just visible to
the naked eye, printed on it.
You can either buy this paper
in the form of notebooks or you
can print the pattern using a
laser printer. Te pen comes
with a 50-page starter
Like previous Livescribe pens,
the 3’s internal storage keeps
digital copies of everything you
scrawl on the paper. But unlike
its predecessors, which connect
to a PC using USB or Wi-Fi,
Livescribe 3 only works with
iOS 7 devices equipped with a
version of Bluetooth called
Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE.
Compatible models include the
iPad 3 or later, the iPhone 4S or
later and the fifth generation
iPod Touch. Tis is why the
Livescribe 3 doesn’t currently
work with Android –
comparatively few Android
devices have BLE built in.
Te Livescribe 3 transmits
whatever you write on the
paper pad to your Livescribe+
app, virtually in real time.
Because BLE doesn’t consume
much power and the pen has a
battery life of around 14 hours,
it’s feasible to keep the device
and pen paired and active for
long periods.
Te Livescribe 3 is much
lighter than previous versions,
so it looks and feels more like a
normal pen. It lacks the built-in
screen and voice recorder that
previous versions had, but you
can record audio using the
Livescribe+ app instead. Te
paper has special controls
printed onto it, and if you tap
these with the pen you can
control the app. For example,
there are controls to record,
pause and stop audio recordings
in the app.
Te notes you take appear in
Transcribe handwritten notes quickly and easily, but only on iOS devices
the Livescribe+ app’s Feeds
screen in the order they were
created. When you highlight a
note using your finger or
the end of the pen, the app will
try to transcribe your
handwritten notes into digital
text. In our tests it struggled to
transcribe hurriedly scribbled
notes, but coped well with
numbers, block capitals and
neat joined-up handwriting. Any
transcribed text can then be
and pasted into other apps.
Transcribed numbers can be
turned into a phone contact or
VERDICT: Great for turning handwritten notes into
text without the need for a PC, but it’s currently
only available for iOS

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The World’s Leading Science & Technology magazine
Hack Your
Own PC
Don’t be scared by the complexity of the Registry
and Command Prompt. Our easy-to-follow tweaks
show you how to make Windows work better for you
Computer active March 2014
Best ever registry tweaks
ention the Windows Registry
or Command Prompt to most
PC users and you’ll either get a
blank stare or a sucking of
teeth followed by a warning not to touch
it. However, as we reveal in this article,
Registry and Command Prompt tools are
nothing to be scared of. In fact, they’re
incredibly useful for tweaking and
customising Windows. If you want to take
charge of how Windows behaves, it’s
certainly worth becoming acquainted
with these tools.
Te Registry is Windows’ repository of
settings. Tis vital part of Windows was
never really intended for the average user,
but many of its options can be adjusted
via the Control Panel – a friendlier-
looking version of the Registry. However,
only a limited selection of Windows
settings and features are shown in the
Control Panel. If you want to change
anything else, you need to learn how to
safely tinker with the Registry.
Command Prompt, meanwhile, is a tool
that lets you change many Windows
features by typing commands rather than
selecting menu options. With these tools
and our help, you’ll be able to make some
worthwhile transformations to any
version of Windows, making it easier to
use, faster, better-looking and more
System Restore
You should always back up before
making changes to Windows settings. A
full system backup is ideal, but it’s
time-consuming. However, you can make
a full backup of the Registry in a few
moments by creating a System Restore
point. In XP, click Start, Programs,
Accessories, System Tools. Click System
Restore, then click ‘Create a new restore
point’. Give the restore point a memorable
name so you can find it easily when
restoring. In Vista, 7 or 8, press Windows
key+R, type sysdm.cpl in the box and
click OK. Now click System
Protection, Create, type a name for the
restore point and click OK.
To restore settings from a restore point,
click Start, Programs, Accessories, then
System Tools. In XP, click System Restore,
then click ‘Restore my computer to an
earlier time’. Click Next, choose the
restore point from the list, click Next then
Next again. In Vista, 7 or 8, click System
Restore in the System Protection tab. Click
Next, select a restore point and follow the
In Vista, 7 or 8, System Restore can be
run even if Windows won’t start. To do so,
you need to start your PC with the
To access Command Prompt in Windows
8, type command prompt in the search
box on the Start screen. For some hacks
you need to be an administrator to run
Command Prompt (this isn’t the case for
XP). To run Command Prompt as an
administrator in Vista or Windows 7 or 8,
right-click its icon and choose ‘Run as
We recommend you pin Command
Prompt to the Taskbar in Windows 7 or 8.
(Right-click the icon and choose ‘Pin to
Taskbar’.) You’ll then be able to run as
administrator by pressing Ctrl+Shift
while clicking the icon to launch it.
March 2014 Computer active
Best ever registry tweaks
original Windows installation disc
inserted. With the CD inserted, restart
your computer and press any key on your
keyboard when you see the ‘Press a key to
boot from CD’ message. Click English in
the language settings, then click Next,
‘Repair your computer’. Finally, choose
System Restore from the menu options
and follow the instructions.
Edit and back up the Registry
Most of the hacks in this feature involve
editing or creating new Registry keys
using Regedit. To use Regedit type regedit.
exe in the Start, Run box and click Yes in
User Account Control to confirm you
want Regedit to be able to edit the
Te left pane in Regedit presents folders
of Registry keys. Each key’s value is
shown in the right pane. For each
Registry hack in this feature you need to
launch Regedit then expand each of
the KEY_CLASSES folders and subfolders
in succession until you get to the key you
want to edit. Do this by clicking the tiny
arrow to the left of each folder’s name.
For example, to get to the Registry key for
Internet Explorer launch Regedit then
Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
It’s very important that you back up the
current setting before making any
changes. Tis is because the Registry is
live in memory and any changes you
make will take effect immediately. To
back up a key, select it in the left Registry
pane, click File, Export, ‘Selected branch’.
(Don’t click ‘All’ as this won’t create a
backup.) Now type a name for the file
and browse to where you want to save
the backup. We recommend you create a
folder named ‘Backed up Registry keys’
and store it on an external drive or an
online archive. Click Save. Te key will
have a .reg file extension.
To edit a Registry key value, right-click
it and click Modify. To create a new key
or value, right-click a blank area of the
Registry’s right pane and click New. Type
the key name exactly as we write it with
gaps closed up if that’s what we show.
Te new key will automatically be
assigned a value of 0. Click Modify and
type the value we state, then click OK.
How to enable Command
Te other main type of hack involves
using instructions via Command Prompt.
In XP, Vista or 7 Command Prompt is in
the Programs, Accessories folder.
It’s vital you back up and export Registry keys
before editing them
Jump to Command Prompt from the Taskbar
Permanently add Command
vPrompt to right-click menus
Windows Vista, 7 and 8
In Vista, 7 and 8, if you right-click
a folder in Explorer while pressing
the Shift key you get an extra ‘Open
Command window here’ option. If you
click this Command Prompt will open
in the selected folder. To enable this
without pressing Shift, launch Regedit
and navigate to
Delete the Extended value in the right
pane. Go to
cmd and delete the Extended value. To
Add an option to launch a frequently used program from the right-click menu
Computer active March 2014
Best ever registry tweaks
See a reminder message
when you log into
All Windows versions
To make a message box appear
every time you log on, launch
Regedit, then navigate to the
Winlogon key
In the right-hand pane,
look for two entries named
legalnoticecaption and
legalnoticetext. Right-click
legalnoticecaption and type
Welcome in the Value Data box,
then click OK. Repeat this for the
legalnotice but this time type your
message such as Don’t forget to
back up the PC today. Click OK, exit
the Regedit and restart your PC.
The message box will appear before
the logon screen.
Click OK to dismiss it. To stop the
box appearing, repeat the process
above and delete the text in both
Value Data boxes.
Shut down Windows
without installing updates
Windows Vista and 7
We can’t be the only ones who find
it annoying that when you press
the Shut Down button in Windows
Vista or 7 it changes to ‘Install
updates and shut down’.
To make Windows shut down
enable the extra ‘Open command
window’ option on your Desktop
right-click menu, go to
Background\shell\cmd and delete the
Extended key. To reverse the process, in
each of the above locations create a New
String Value named Extended.
Add items to the right-click
All Windows versions
When you install a new program,
there’s invariably the option to add a
Desktop icon so you can find and launch
it. Te result can be a cluttered Desktop.
A slicker option is to add a frequently
used program to the Desktop right-click
menu. To do this, launch Regedit and
navigate to
Now right-click this key and click New,
then Key. Type the name of the program
you want to appear in the menu – in our
example on page 49 it’s Wordpad. Select
this new key, right-click it, choose New
and Key again to create a sub-key. Name
this ‘command’ (it’s important you use
lowercase letters). Select this sub-key and
double-click Default in the right pane.
Type “write.exe” (include the double
quote marks) and click OK.
You can put any program on the menu in
this way. If the tweak doesn’t work you
may need to use the exact location of the
program file – for example, “C:\Windows\
Add an
Encrypt option
to Explorer’s
All Windows
versions except
Windows can
encrypt files or
folders so they
can’t be viewed
or copied by other
users. By adding
a command to
the file or folder
menu you can
make encryption
a right-click
option. Launch
Regedit and
navigate to the key
Explorer\Advanced Now right-click
in the right pane, then click New,
DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name this value
‘EncryptionContextMenu’, double-click
it and change its value to 1, then click
OK. Now you can encrypt or decrypt a
file by simply right-clicking it.
Speed up the Start menu
Windows XP, Vista and 7
When you hover your mouse over
sub-folders on the Start menu, there’s
an annoying built-in delay before they
pop out. To reduce the delay and make
menu navigation snappier, launch
Regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_
USER\Control Panel\Desktop Look for
the MenuShowDelay entry. If it doesn’t
exist create a new DWORD (32-bit)
Value. Right-click this, choose Modify
and type 100 in the Value Data box then
click OK.
The number sets the delay in
milliseconds. Choose a different value
if you prefer. However, a setting of less
than 50 can make navigation difficult.
Add the option to instantly encrypt any file to the right-click menu
Prevent Windows installing updates when you turn it off
March 2014 Computer active
Best ever registry tweaks
without installing updates first, go to
WindowsUpdate\AU key
Right-click in the right pane, click
New, DWORD (32-bit) Value and name
it ‘NoAUAsDefaultShutdownOption’.
Double-click the default value the new
key is assigned and change it to 1. You
can still install updates by clicking the
power button and manually choosing
‘Install updates and shut down’.
Strip back the right-click menu
All Windows versions
Many programs add an entry to the
right-click menu in Explorer. To remove
unwanted right-click menu items,
launch Regedit and navigate to
Find the item you want to remove,
right-click its key and click Delete.
Remove items from the Open
With menu
All Windows versions
If you right-click a file in Explorer the
‘Open with’ sub-menu appears and
presents a list of programs.
To prune programs from this list,
launch Regedit and find the key HKEY_
CLASSES_ ROOT\Applications and
expand it. To remove an item, click its
entry, then create a new blank DWORD
(32-bit) Value in the right pane called

Prevent users logging
on at certain times
All Windows versions
Use a hack to set time restrictions for when your computer cannot be used Open the SendTo list to add new entries or delete unwanted ones
This hack uses the powerful ‘net’
command in Command Prompt to set
the days and times a particular user is
allowed to log into Windows.
Open Command Prompt as an
administrator (see ‘How to enable
Command Prompt’ page 49).
For example, to allow user David to log
on at any time, type net user David /
To allow Janet to use the PC only
between 9am and 6pm during the
week and 10am and 9pm at weekends,
type net user Janet /times:M-F,09-
18;Sa-Su,10-21. You can spell out the
days or use M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su.
Now, when Janet tries to use the
computer outside the specified hours,
she’ll see a message stating that she
can’t use it at the moment as time
restrictions are in place.
Windows Family Safety in Windows
8 and Parental Controls in Windows
7 offer additional usage restrictions.
However, our hack works for all
Windows versions.

Customise the SendTo menu
All Windows versions
The ‘Send to’ option that appears
when you right-click a file is
handy for copying files to drives or
other programs. To customise the
SendTo menu, open Explorer, type
SendTo in the top bar and press Enter.
You’ll now be able to delete items from
the SendTo menu by right-clicking
them and clicking Delete.
To add a new program to the list,
right-click a blank area, choose New,
Shortcut and follow the wizard to
choose the program file. You can also
add shortcuts to a drive or folder by
dragging and dropping it into the right-
click menu folder.
Stop Windows
restarting automatically
Windows XP, Vista and 7
To stop Windows automatically
restarting your PC after installing
updates, you need to delete the Registry
key that tells Windows to automatically
reboot. Launch Regedit and navigate to
Create a key called WindowsUpdate\
AU, then create a new value called
NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers and
give it a value of 1. Now the PC won’t
restart after an update as long as you
are logged on to your computer.
Make Windows show
numbered files in the right
All Windows versions
When you’ve numbered files, it’s
annoying when Windows sorts them
in the wrong order, so 10.doc appears
before 1.doc. You can solve this
manually by adding a 0 before single-
digit numbers in file names, but a
better trick is to change the sort method
in the Registry. Click the key
Explorer. Then create a new DWORD
(32-bit) Value called NoStrCompLogical.
Change its value to 1.
Computer active March 2014
Best ever registry tweaks
can create for the Mystify screensaver.
To create Blur set the Mystify DWORD/
Blur key value to 1. Lines will now fade
away. Set the Blur value to 0 to disable
the effect.
To change the line width create a
new DWORD key called LineWidth.
Change this key’s value to anything
between 1000000000 and 1080000000.
Finally, the NumLines value can be set
between 1 to 100 to adjust the number of
lines onscreen.
Personalise Windows
with a theme pack
Most Windows 7 and 8 versions
Most versions of Windows
7 and 8 can save or load
personalisation settings as
Theme packs containing
wallpapers, sounds,
screensavers, colours, icons
and mouse pointers. To save
such items to a theme pack,
right-click the Desktop then
click Personalise. Right-
click the theme you want to
save in the My Themes section,
then click ‘Save theme for
sharing’. Type a name for the
theme pack. Its file extension
will be .themepack. This file
can be shared via email or
online with other users. To
load a theme pack, double-
click the file. Windows 7
You probably know how to change
the general appearance of Windows
by changing the Desktop wallpaper,
screensavers, themes and so on. But
there are some hidden tweaks that can
only be accessed via the Registry or
Command Prompt, or by using third-
party programs such as Microsoft’s
own TweakUI for XP (download it
from This
free, easy-to-use program has lots
of options for changing the way the
Windows interface works.
Change the Bubbles
and Mystify screensavers
Windows Vista, 7 and 8
Most of the built-in screensavers in
Vista, 7 and 8 have no options, but
Bubbles and Mystify can be changed
via Registry hacks. Launch Regedit,
Current Version\Screensavers
and expand it. Click Bubbles,
then create a new DWORD (32-
bit) Value called ShowShadows.
Change its default value to 1 to show
shadows under the bubbles. Now
create another DWORD key called
MaterialGlass. This time change the
value to 0 for opaque bubbles or 1 for
transparent ones.
There are three DWORD values you
Tweak your screensavers’s appearance using hidden Registry options
Save all your personalised settings as a Theme pack
March 2014 Computer active
Best ever registry tweaks
You can change the colours of the Command Prompt window
Brand new hacks for Windows 7 and 8
Some new hacks only work
for features in Windows 7 and
8, such as Aero Peek. Tis tool
shows thumbnail previews
of each item when you hover
your mouse over a program
on the Taskbar and have
multiple programs open. You
can then click one to select and
open that window. To instead
open the most recently used
window launch Regedit and go
Software\ Microsoft\Windows\
Current Version\Explorer\
Add a new DWORD (32-bit)
Value called LastActiveClick and
change its value to 1. Clicking
the Taskbar icon repeatedly
now cycles between open
windows, so you don’t have to
navigate the tiny previews.
Invoke God Mode
A hidden feature called God
Mode in Windows 7 and
8 shows you almost every
Windows setting in a single
view. To find it, right-click
on the Desktop, click New,
Folder and call it ‘GodMode.
99712043E01C}’. You must spell
this correctly and include the
full stop after ‘GodMode’. Open
this new folder to view more
than 250 settings grouped by
category. Many of these settings
are accessible from Control
Panel, but it’s much more
convenient to have them in one
Reinstate the
Start button
Te removal of the Start button
from the Taskbar in Windows
8 annoyed many users, but
it’s due to return in a cutdown
form in Windows 8.1 in
October. Te easiest way to get
it back and working just like
older Windows versions is to
use the free program Classic
Shell (
Tis adds a Start button to the
Taskbar, shows a Vista-style
Start menu, bypasses the Start
screen and can apply lots of
other clever customisations.
Te latest beta version (3.9.0)
can create a Windows 7-style
Start menu.
Change the behaviour of Aero Peek
previews with a Registry hack
Get the Start button and menu back in
Windows 8 using Classic Shell
God Mode shows all Windows settings in one
folder so you don’t have to spend ages searching
for them
Starter and Home Basic editions don’t
support themes.

Change the colour of the
Command Prompt window
All Windows versions
Command Prompt usually displays white
text on a black background. You can
change this combination from within
Command Prompt. Type help color and
click Enter. Windows will now list all
the available colours for the background
and text. Each colour is represented by
a letter. Type the letter of a colour to
change to it. The first letter after ‘color’
is for the background. The second letter
is for the text. To change to red text
on a white background, for example,
type color fc and click Enter. Windows
won’t let you change the background
and text to the same colour. To revert
to the standard colours, just type color
and click Enter. To change the default
colours, in the Registry find the key
Microsoft\Command Processor
Open the Defaultcolor value and enter
Computer active March 2014
Best ever registry tweaks
the two character codes you want as the
default. To restore the white-on-black
defaults, change the value to 0.
Tweak XP’s Control Panel
Windows XP only
You can change or hide items in
XP’s Control Panel using TweakUI
Run TweakUI and click Control
Panel. On the right TweakUI
displays all Control Panel
items along with a description.
Untick the box next to any items
you don’t want to appear in
Control Panel.
Any of these entries can still
be run by typing its name (for
example, desk.cpol for the Display
Properties) into a Run box. The
free Ultimate Windows Tweaker
( provides
similar features to TweakUI
and works in Vista, 7 and 8. As
soon as it’s installed you’ll see a
window listing options to access
settings for Personalization, System
Performance, Security Settings,
Network Tweaks and more.
You can change many Windows
settings using Ultimate Windows
Tweaker but be careful as it has
some advanced hacks that could
compromise the security of your PC.
Disable Windows Snap and
Windows Vista, 7 and 8
The Aero Snap feature in Windows 7 and
8 resizes windows if they’re dragged
to the edges of the screen.
The Shake tool minimises all windows
except the one being ‘shaken’
with the mouse.
To disable these features, in Windows
7 type mouse in the Start search box,
click Enter then ‘Change how your
mouse works’. In Windows 8, click
Start, type mouse, click Settings then
‘Change how your mouse works’.
Next, in either version of Windows,
tick ‘Prevent windows from being
automatically arranged when moved to
the edge of
the screen’. In the same menu you can
also change the size and colour of the
mouse pointer. Select a new option
then click Apply.
Another useful tweak in this menu is
‘Activate a window by hovering over it
with the mouse’.
This brings a background window to the
front when you move the mouse over it.
You can enable this mouse feature in XP
using TweakUI.
Go to the Mouse section, click X-Mouse
and tick both options.
To make a window active in Vista, go to
Control Panel, ‘Ease of Access Center’,
click ‘Change how your mouse works’
and tick ‘Activate a window by hovering
over it with the mouse’.
Tweak ‘Ease of Access Center’ settings to change how your mouse behaves
Be careful when making changes using the Ultimate Windows Tweaker
r S





t C
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How you can run XP forever
52 Computer active March 2014
Two months from now Microsoft will withdraw all support for Windows XP.
We explain how to keep XP running safely beyond that point
How you can run
IL 2
indows XP is a fast,
dependable operating system
(os) that runs on a third of
the world’s PCs and is the
most popular operating system after
Windows 7. We know many readers still
love using it, but Microsoft is keen to end
the XP era and push us toward the radically
different Windows 8 age. In fact, it’s just
over two months until Microsoft withdraws
support for XP completely.
But many people feel pushed into buying
a new computer or replacing an OS that’s
familiar and does everything they need.
Resistance, therefore, runs deep and many
XP users insist they will continue to use it
long after the 8 April cut-off. It’s a brave
stand, but if you’re willing to ramp up your
computer’s defences and look after its
security yourself, you shouldn’t need to
wave goodbye to XP any time soon.
What happens when Microsoft
ends XP support?
Search for anything XP-related on a
Microsoft website and you’ll see a stark
message warning that support for XP is
coming to an end and that it’s time to
choose a new PC or upgrade your current
one to Windows 8. Microsoft won’t actively
prevent you using XP, but
newer programs may not run on it.
If you’re determined to keep using XP, the
most important consideration is how you’ll
manage to keep it safe. Security experts
warn that hackers are likely to start
concerted attacks on XP computers as soon
as Microsoft’s support for it ends. Crucially,
Microsoft won’t issue any
more monthly patches to fix the security
flaws hackers uncover. Only businesses
with support contracts will receive
emergency updates if a serious
security flaw is found.

What should you do?
If you’re still willing to persevere with XP,
the most secure option is to take it offline,
perhaps using it solely as a media server.
Tis means you’ll need a different PC
for web access.
For now at least, antivirus companies are
continuing to cover XP. All the big-name
security brands, including Norton, AVG,
Avira and Kaspersky, include XP support in
the 2014 versions of their software. But it’s
more important than ever to make sure
your antivirus software is kept up to date.
If you aren’t already using XP SP3
(Service Pack 3) you should install it as soon
as possible from If
you don’t install SP3, you won’t get
important security updates for your
computer as support for previous versions
of XP has already ended. SP3 is also useful
because it lets you run programs that might
not run on earlier versions. If you have a
64bit computer, you can only upgrade up to
XP SP2. Tis will also only be supported
until April 2014. To check which version of
XP you’re running, go to Start, My
Computer and right-click Properties. Te
Service Pack version is shown beneath the
Windows version. If you use Internet
Explorer, download this along with the
security patches you’re offered.
You should also burn a copy of the
Service Pack to CD. Tis way, if you need to
reinstall Windows XP you won’t have to
depend on the download still being
available from the Microsoft website.
Label the SP3 disc and store it somewhere
safe. Another useful precaution is to make a
complete backup of your PC and create a
disk image. Use the free software
DriveImage XML (
to create a backup of your system and burn
it to DVD. You’ll be able to use this like a
recovery disc to restore everything on your
Windows XP PC.

Bring your XP PC’s hardware
up to date
If you use XP, you’ll get warnings that support is ending soon. Install
XP Service Pack 3 to get important security updates
If you use Internet Explorer, make sure you’re using IE8, the most recent
version to support XP
How you can run XP forever
53 March 2014 Computer active
Windows XP programs in Windows
XP Mode. Tis is particularly useful
if you eventually switch operating system
but still want to use programs you couldn’t
otherwise run in Windows 7 or 8.
To do this, you’ll need to create a virtual
operating system on your PC.
And in Windows 7, you’ll need to use
the Hardware Virtualisation Tool in IE
( to check
your computer supports hardware
virtualisation. If it does, download
Windows XP Mode for Windows
7 or 8 from
Tick ‘WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe’ to install
the full version of XP. Te exe file without
the N in its name doesn’t include Windows
Media Player. You’ll need to use Internet
Explorer for the download as your copy of
Windows first needs to be validated, and
you can only do this in IE. You must create
and validate a password for the XP Mode
installation and allow drive sharing (so you
can access your
documents and
programs). Once
XP is installed
you’ll see a
message that
Windows can’t find
any security
software. Tis
shouldn’t be a
problem as you’re
running XP from
within another,
protected version
of Windows.
However, we
recommend letting
Windows search for
and install any
You can easily and cheaply add several
useful technologies that have launched
since Microsoft releasedWindows XP.
As long as your PC has a PCI Express card
slot you can add USB 3.0 ports via an
add-in card. such as this model: www. USB 3.0 will make it
much faster to copy items to and from your
PC. Watch this video tutorial on how to
install the card (
We also recommend buying a USB
SD card reader (such as this Kingston
model: 10047) to import
photos from your camera dongle, and a
USB Bluetooth adaptor (such as these
Maplin models: so
you can use a wireless keyboard and
How to run Windows XP within
another operating system
If you use Windows 7 Professional or
Ultimate, or Windows 8, you can run
Make a backup of your system with DriveImage XML and burn it to a disc
Use Windows XP Mode in a newer version of Windows so
you can continue to use XP safely after support for it ends
Download a free version of Windows XP from www.modern.
ie to use use as a virtual computer
available updates.
Windows XP Mode support will also end
in April, but because it runs as a virtual
computer it won’t be exposed
to the same security risks as it would
be if you were running XP as your
main operating system.
In Windows 7 and 8 you can also use
Compatibility Mode to run XP programs
and games. If a program fails to run,
right-click it, then click Properties,
Compatibility. Tick ‘Run this program in
compatibility mode for’, then click
Windows XP, Apply. If the program still
won’t run, choose a lower resolution in the
Compatibility settings menu.
Dual-boot Windows XP
If you dual-boot Windows XP using
the free program VirtualBox (www., you’ll be able to run
it alongside Windows 7 or 8.
Once you’ve installed a copy of
VirtualBox, install XP on the virtual
computer using your Windows XP
installation disc, then install Service
Pack 3 from the Microsoft website
If you don’t have an XP installation
disc you can instead download XP
from Click Test
Across Browsers, then ‘Get free VMs’.
Click Windows, ‘VirtualBox on
Windows’ then double-click the
‘WindowsVirtualBox.exe’ link in the
‘IE8 – XP’ section. In VirtualBox, click File,
Import Appliance, Open Appliance.
Double-click the file that’s extracted
and the virtual machine will be created
and ready to use.
54 Computer active March 2014
any of us are guilty of being
too inactive, filling our hours
watching TV or surfing the
web for no real reason. But
there are thousands of great free games
and challenges you could be enjoying
that will do you some good.
Mentally stimulating games are good fun
and a great way of enjoying your
computer, tablet or phone. Here are
some of our favourites.
Daily mental workouts
Lumosity ( and free for
Android and iOS) provides a very slick-
looking set of mental exercises. It offers a
customised daily workout based on your
stated goals, such as increasing personal
focus and concentration, improving your
problem-solving skills and speeding
up your analysis of complex ideas. You
compete against the clock and come up
against various in-game distractions. Te
tasks follow a familiar pattern (shape
comparisons; yes/no statements about
items matching certain criteria). You’ll
need to keep your wits about you as the
criteria you measure letters and colours
against changes without warning within
an exercise and catches you out. Te daily
workout element and personal scoreboard
make it more likely you’ll
use Lumosity frequently.
Brain-testing apps
Most brain-training apps involve logic,
reasoning and memory-test games. Te
free Coach Memory (for Android www. offers some ‘classic’
training exercises such as Color Match
which asks whether a word is in the
same colour as an adjacent word suggests.
Tere’s also an against-the-clock challenge
where you must state whether successive
blocks of four images are the same as the
previous set that appeared.
Te free Brain Trainer Special for
Android ( asks
Lumosity creates customised brain-training
challenges and a daily brain workout schedule
Keep your
mind active
Fatigue and advancing years take their toll on our mental agility, but
apps and games can help.
Keep your mind active
Build towers of Goo
If you like logistics and construction,
World of Goo (
is a great choice. You can download
a free demo and buy £1.99 versions
for Windows, Kindle and Android
and then play it with friends online.
Within the game you must work out
what construction materials to use,
depending on the terrain and climate,
and how to bridge chasms using
combinations of Goo balls. Changing
seasons and other environmental factors
make the game all the more interesting.
Learn to touch type
You may prefer to learn something new
rather than simply play games. For
example, if you find yourself using your
PC more and more, you could teach
yourself to touch type. Sites such as
TypingWeb (
provide formal typing training – with a
leaderboard for competitive students.
Master another language
The BBC Learning website ( has flash cards
and other memory joggers to help you
build vocabulary and memorise phrases
when learning foreign languages (www. You can also use
the impressive free Duolingo (www. website to start learning
French, German, Spanish, Italian or
Portuguese. There are also free Duolingo
apps for Android, Kindle Fire and iOS.
Further your learning
There are lots of websites that offer free
courses. Try the free course modules
at the Open University (
edu/openlearn) or sign up to the new
FutureLearn (
site, which offers courses provided by
British universities.
( for Android.
Te instructions are a little unclear, but
you must memorise a series of bubbles
then, when the number inside each one
disappears, tap each bubble in turn to
indicate the ascending order. Te music
is quite distracting and there’s not much
variety in the game, but you can compare
your ‘brain age’ to other peoples’ on the
world leaderboard.
Recognise what’s changed
If you want more effective and varied
memory exercises try the selection at Tis site
offers a good balance of fun games and
tests of your IQ. Mastermind (below)
shows you fragments of nine paintings.
You must memorise the selection, then
state which fragment has been replaced
on the next screen. Te Variations game,
meanwhile, requires you to assemble a
picture from a jumble of tiles or memorise
the order of certain images.
Get stuck into Sudoku
Te advantage of online Sudoku is you can
choose your own level of difficulty and get
hints for those really tough puzzles. Tere
are dozens of great free Sudoku puzzles
sites and many of them are specifically
designed so you can print out the puzzles.
We particularly like www.dailysudoku. with its monster puzzle
grids and KrazyDad’s booklets of free
puzzles (
To play on your Android tablet try the
free Cool Mango Sudoku Fun (www. For iPad and iPhone,
we like FingerArts’ Sudoko (www.snipca.
55 March 2014 Computer active
Choose the right materials to use in changing
climates in construction game World of Goo
Coach Memory asks if the colour of the text on
the right matches what’s written on the left
Memorise the paintings then click the image
that’s substituted on the next screen
you to calculate the sum of two numbers
and state whether they’re greater than
another combination. Another exercise
asks you to add up the total of figures
shown on rotating blocks.
Which parts of your brain
work best?
Fit Brains Trainer (
brain-games) offers an assortment of
exercises to try online (you need to create
a free account) or as a free iOS (www. app. You can also try
its Uber Brain analyser without signing up.
Exercises are sorted into Concentration,
Language, Organization, Memory and
Problem Solving. You start with a ‘cross
trainer’ that assesses your abilities based
on your age and education level. After a
five-minute examination by ‘Dr N’ you get
a summary of strengths and weaknesses.
Based on the results you can choose games
to improve those areas – however, you
need to pay a substantial subscription to
unlock many of the games, so stick to the
free ones such as Paradise Island 2, which
boosts language skills.
Get brain-fit
At Brain Metrix (www.brainmetrix.
com) there are lots of free games to test
your IQ, memory, creativity and reflexes,
plus several challenging games such
as the Tower of Hanoi. In this game
you must rebuild the tower on another
prong without ever putting a larger disc
on top of a smaller one. Make sure you
ignore the brightly coloured embedded
ads for PacMan and other games on the
site. Click the X in the corner of each one
to ‘mute’ (hide) them.
Find out how old your brain is
If you want to find out how mentally
agile you are, try the light-hearted but
very unscientific free Brain Age Test
Download huge fles faster
56 Computer active March 2014
It can be a trial getting large fles to download.
we look at ways to speed up the process
huge files faster
aiting for downloads to
finish is no fun. After all, if
you’ve decided you want to
save or install something
you find online, you probably want to
use or play it straight away.
Thankfully, there are lots of ways to
speed up downloads – but also several
pitfalls you should avoid in your quest
to achieve it. Here, we look at how to
download large files faster no matter
how slow your bandwidth is.
Speed up downloads on very
slow broadband connections
There’s no easy cure for a limited web
connection – and we know many
readers are stuck on speeds of less than
Your first priority is to ensure nothing
else is interfering with your bandwidth.
This means switching off your email,
closing instant messaging programs and
making sure no other webpages are
If you’ve got a fairly fast broadband
connection, you don’t need to be quite
so strict about switching off services.
Other web-based activities will make a
difference to how long the download
takes, but simple web surfing will have
a negligible effect. However, we don’t
recommend trying to watch a YouTube
clip while you wait for iPlayer to
download a programme you want to
watch as this will devote lots of your
bandwidth buffering the video.
Check what other devices are
using your web connection
If you find your downloads take much
longer than expected, other devices and
software are probably using the web
connection too. If you’ve got an iOS or
Android device, you can use the free
Fing app ( to
identify anything that’s on your
network. To use it, just start Fing and it
will automatically search for all
connected devices. Click an entry in the
‘Device list’ to see
what’s it’s
connected to. If
you’ve used Fing
before, click
Refresh to make it
re-scan for
connected devices.
If you discover
computers logged
on that shouldn’t
be, change the
password for your
Wi-Fi network and
only give the new
one to family
Stop programs
going online
Stopping other
accessing the
internet to check
for updates or
information will
also help speed up
your downloads
because you won’t
be competing with
other items on your
computer for the
web connection.
To check which
programs and
services are set up to
connect to the internet, press
Ctrl+Alt+Delete, click Task Manager,
Services and look through the entries
that have network access. Items such as
Adobe Acrobat Updates can be stopped.

Check for unauthorised devices using your bandwidth using Fing
Download huge fles faster
57 March 2014 Computer active
best to install a download tool that will
compress and convert YouTube and
other bulky downloads for you. There
are lots of YouTube-conversion and
download tools available, but if you
specifically want HD video and 3D
content, try Tubebox (http://en.tubebox.

Download at the quietest time
Downloading early in the morning
should be faster than late afternoon and
evening because most web traffic is in
the US and there’s a big surge in use.
Downloading when you’re not using
your PC is faster too, so schedule \
downloads rather than wait for them to
take place. This will also avoid busting
your monthly download limit as your
ISP probably won’t meter these off-peak
Make a stalled download
Many of the tools we’ve described
here will attempt to reconnect to the
source of a download if you lose your
Wi-Fi or web connection. You can also
use Download Accelerator Pro 10 (www., but this takes ages
to install and is only free for a trial
Use torrents to schedule
off-peak downloads
Torrent sites work by temporarily
connecting the computers of people
who want to download a file and
making them each download a different
piece that they then share with each
other. This lessens the load on the
original download site, but also
potentially exposes each computer to
malware. Nonetheless, torrenting is
incredibly useful for large downloads.
Make sure you have your antivirus
switched on and use’s
link checker before starting a download.
You can use torrents on your tablet or
phone as well as your computer. Make
sure you install the free version of the
BitTorrent tool uTorrent from the
official website
There’s a free Android version at www. Untick all the extras
you’re offered when it installs. Decline
the simultaneous streaming option to
make your downloads as fast as
possible. Now search for the video or
file you want to download and select
Limit when other people can
use your web connection
If all the devices connected to your
network are ones that should be
allowed web access, either change the
traffic priority for your broadband
connection on your router so your
downloads take precedence or you can
schedule your downloads for later and
prevent other people using the web at
that time.
If you don’t want the kids watching
YouTube videos at all or only at certain
times of the day, give their laptops a
password-protected, Standard or
Limited user account and use the
settings menu to restrict what they can
do and when. This
way, if you’re
trying to download
an HD film, you
can make sure
their computers are
set to allow web
access only until,
say, 10pm and start
your download
after that.
To change your
bandwidth priority,
go to the settings
menu for your
router and locate
QoS. Move Skype
calls, instant
messaging, online
gaming and other
heavy tasks
down the list
and promote

how long
On a
of at least
5Mbps, even
large items
download in
less than five
minutes. To find out how long a
download should take if your web
connection is working at its optimum,
consult the table at www.
showing download times for differing
file sizes. As well as estimating
download times, hinkbroadband
provides files you can download to test
whether your web connection is
particularly slow.
Compress files first
If you compress the items you want to
download into a smaller file size they
will take less time to download.
Although you can do this yourself, it’s
Tell iPlayer to download programmes when the computer isn’t being used for
other tasks
At the Thinkbroadband website you can find out how long a download
should take
Download huge fles faster
58 Computer active March 2014
where to save it on your computer. Next,
click the cog in the top right of uTorrent
and click Scheduler. The dark green
squares indicate when uTorrent will
work at full speed. Successively click
squares relating to peak periods to make
them white and make uTorrent inactive.
Use uTorrent to schedule downloads and make them faster
Click Apply then OK.

Make iTunes downloads faster
These days you can buy buy
full-length films and TV shows on
iTunes as well as music, so you could be
downloading some hefty files. To make
To change the iTunes default setting, untick ‘Allow simultaneous downloads’
them faster, tick the ‘Always check for
available downloads’ option in the
iTunes, Preferences menu.
Tick to enable automatic downloads of
music, apps and books. To make sure
you get to listen to the new album by
your favourite artist as soon as possible,
tick ‘Download pre-orders when
available’ on the same Preferences page.
If you have lots of items due to
download from iTunes, it makes sense
for each item to download in succession
rather than have them all trying to
download simultaneously since you
can’t listen to or watch more than one
item at once. Oddly, the default setting is
for simultaneous downloads. To change
this click the arrow next to the ‘Search
Library’ box in iTunes and untick ‘Allow
simultaneous downloads’.
Speed up phone and tablet
The fastest option is to connect your
phone or tablet directly to your router.
When downloading files locally, a
strong Wi-Fi connection (three or four
bars) will provide the best wireless
download speed.
If you’ve got a 4G connection on your
phone, your downloads will be almost
as fast as when downloading over a fast
broadband connection, but the more
data you use up at once, the quicker
you’ll run out of data allocation.
It’s usually better to wait until you’re
able to connect to your home broadband
so you don’t go over your phone’s
download limits.
Unlimited data tariffs are usually subject
to a fair-use policy, so read the fine print
of your contract.
You can boost your connection speed
by changing which server your phone or
tablet uses to connect to the internet.
Google’s own DNS (domain name
server) is faster than the server your ISP
uses, so switch to this instead. You’ll
need a DNS-changing app such as Set
Once installed, you can use Set DNS to
override the connection on Wi-Fi and
choose the faster Google DNS or
OpenDNS instead. To use the free
version of Set DNS (£2.28) you need to
root the phone. However, there’s also a
paid-for version of Set DNS that lets you
override the DNS settings for your
Android phone or tablet without
needing to root it.
59 March 2014 Computer active
Forget phones – watches are now getting the ‘smart’ treatment.
Here’s what you need to know about these new devices
What’s All The Fuss About…

The Sony SmartWatch 2 – which you can buy for £159.99
from Amazon – is compatible with any Android 4.0 device
The Samsung Galaxy Gear only works with the
Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet
What are they?
Touchscreen watches that use Bluetooth
to connect to the smartphone in your
pocket. Tey show information from the
web, and let you know about notifications
on your phone, such as a new email or text
message. Nissan is even working on a
smartwatch to wear when you drive. It will
measure your car’s performance by taking
average speed and fuel-consumption
readings, and use biometric technology to
warn you when you’re too tired to drive.
Te wave of new smartwatches is part of
a trend towards ‘wearable technology’.
You’re going to hear a lot more about this,
whether you like it or not.
Do you mean laptops built into
Not quite. At least, not yet. It means
clothing and accessories that
have computing technology
built in. Remember those
calculator watches from the
1980s? If not, Wikipedia will
jog your memory: www.
Google Glass (
com/glass) is the most
famous example of wearable
technology, but the term also
includes fitness monitors
that track your health, such
as the Fitbit Flex (www.fitbit.
OK, but do I really need another
‘smart’ device?
Companies such as Sony and Samsung
will try very hard to convince you that you
do. Samsung released the most hyped
smartwatch yet in September. Called the
Samsung Galaxy Gear (www.snipca.
com/10084), it runs Android 4.3 and shows
the weather and displays notifications and
previews of new emails and text messages.
It has a microphone, letting you speak into
it to answer calls. It also runs apps for eBay
and Evernote, and has a music player,
pedometer and a 1.9-megapixel camera.
Sounds clever, but how much
is it?
Rather pricey - £299. And early reports
suggest it’s not worth the money. You have
to recharge it every day – which
will quickly become annoying – and it
only connects with the Samsung Galaxy
Note 3 and new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets.
Tat’s very restrictive.
Sony’s SmartWatch 2 is cheaper – you
can buy it for £159.99 from Amazon
( It works with
any Android phone and tablet that runs
4.0 (or newer), so connects to more
devices than the Galaxy Gear does.
Won’t smartwatch screens be
too small to operate?
You might think so, but the icons are
large and you won’t be typing emails or
text messages, just tapping the screen.
However, if you find phones tricky to use,
smartwatches won’t be any easier.
Will everybody have one this
time next year?
We hope not. It’s already a pain dodging
people in the street as they walk and stare
at their phone. If people start gazing at
their wrist too, we might have to launch a
campaign to ban them. But seriously, we
think that smartwatches will take longer to
catch on than smartphones. Tat might
change when Apple releases the iWatch.
When’s that due?
Nobody knows, but Apple has
trademarked ‘iWatch’, so it plans to launch
something, possibly later this year. Here’s
an artist’s impression of what it may look
like, from our sister title Mac User: www. It could be as
revolutionary as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
But it’ll almost certainly be very expensive.
Vol 1 Issue 1 MARCH 2014
` 100
Harish Lakshman,
President ACMA
Don Hillebrand,
President, SAE International
` 100
At the heart of the Indian truck &bus industry
\olume 8 íssue 5 - Februory 2O1/ SUBSCRIBERCOPY
Corona set to
rope inequity
Industry gears up for
next wave of growth
Previewof Auto Expo 2014
Vol 4 Issue 11 January 2014 Rs. 50
Ten clearly defned and focussed titles for
our readers and advertisers!
Strap on page 3 xxxxxxxxxx
61 March 2014 Computer active
25 pages of easy-to-follow workshops
61 Use a webcam with
your Raspberry Pi
64 Create your own free
online comics
67 Make Excel charts look
more exciting
69 Keep emails private for free
with Thunderbird and Enigmail
72 Organise notes and
webpages with Evernote
75 Get the most Firefox
for Android
You can make your Raspberry Pi easier to find on your
network by installing a program called Avahi. Start your
Raspberry Pi as normal and make sure it’s connected
to the internet. Open LXTerminal and type sudo apt-get update,
press Enter then type sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon. Press
Enter then Y when asked to confirm. Now start PuTTY on your
Windows PC. It should find the Pi on your network, listing it as
either rasberrypi.local or raspberry.pi. If not, you may need to
install the free Apple tool Bonjour (
on your PC
Remotely controlling your pi via PuTTY on your PC, type
sudo mkdir /public at the command line and press Enter to
create a public folder. To share the folder over your network
type sudo apt-get install samba and press Enter. Next, type sudo
nano /etc/samba/smb.conf, press Enter and scroll to the bottom and
enter the text from [public] onwards as it appears in this screenshot.
Press Ctrl + X, then Y, and then Enter to save the changes and quit.
Type sudo chown -R root:users /public, press Enter, then type sudo
chmod -R ug+rwx /public/ and press Enter. Restart the Samba server
by typing sudo service samba restart. Finally, type mkdir /public/
motion and press Enter.
he small size and low-power
requirements of the Raspberry Pi
make it ideal for time-lapse
photography, where a device needs to
be left alone for long periods of time
and where there might not be space
for a normal computer.
Te Pi will work with most webcams,
while the stills will be shot and saved
by the free program Motion, which also
works on other Linux computers. Both
your Pi’s USB sockets will be taken up
by the webcam and wireless adapter
because this Workshop involves
accessing the Pi remotely from another
PC. Download and install PuTTY
Portable (
before you start.
Use a webcam with your
Raspberry Pi
77 Read Kindle books
on any device
79 Track fundraising
progress with a free
Excel template
80 Readers’ Tips
81 Tablet & Phone Tips
83 Make Windows Better
84 Make Office Better
85 Defraggler
62 Computer active March 2014
To Install motion on your Raspberry
Pi return to PuTTY, type sudo apt-get
install motion and press Enter. Press
Y to confirm the installation. When it’s
finished installing, set Motion to run at
startup. To do this, type crontab -e in
LXTerminal, then press Enter. Scroll down to
the bottom of this file and type @reboot sudo
motion. Press Ctrl + X, then Y when asked to
‘Save modified buffer’. Press Enter to confirm.
You can set exactly how Motion will work by editing
a single text file. Type sudo nano /etc/motion/
motion.conf then press Enter. Te text document is
rather long so to find the setting you need, press Ctrl + W,
type target_dir in the Search section at the bottom of the
screen, then press Enter. Te cursor will jump to this setting.
Replace the text after target_dir with /public/motion. Press
Ctrl + W again, type snapshot_interval and press Enter.
Delete 0 and replace with the number of seconds you want
between each shot.
You can improve the quality of your video by
increasing the resolution of the captured images.
Press Ctrl + W, type 320 and press Enter to find
the relevant settings. Change the image width and height
settings to your webcam’s upper limit. Our Microsoft
LifeCam HD-5000 can manage 1280x720. Press Ctrl + X,
then Y when prompted to save, and then Enter. Shut down
the Pi by typing sudo shutdown -h now. When all the LEDs
apart from the red PWR have gone off, it’s safe to unplug the
Pi. Position it where you want it and then power it up again
to start taking time-lapse photos.
You must create a new user in order to access this new
shared folder. Type sudo pdbedit --create --user pi. Enter
the password – raspberry – for the Pi user and press Enter.
Test that the shared folder is working properly by returning to your
Windows computer. Start Windows Explorer, click the Address Bar at
the top, type \\raspberrypi, then press Enter. Type raspberrypi\pi in
the username box at the top and the password raspberry in the
bottom box. Select the option ‘Remember my credentials’ to avoid
having to repeat this process. You should now see all the folders and
files in the Pi user’s home folder.
63 March 2014 Computer active
Take time-lapse pictures
Add a title to the video by clicking the Home tab, then
the Title button. Use captions to describe moments of
interest during the video. When you’re happy with the
video, click the ‘Save movie’ button in the Home tab of the
Ribbon and then create a customised time-lapse setting. Name
the setting ‘Webcam Time-lapse’ and set the resolution to that
of your webcam. Click Save twice, then Close. Click the ‘Save
movie’ button again and select the time-lapse setting you just
created. Give the video a name and then click Save.
You can also use Motion to capture video when
movement is detected on the webcam. Open the
Motion.conf file for editing (see Step 5), press Ctrl +
W, type snapshot_interval and press Enter. Change the number
to 0 to disable snapshots. Next, press Ctrl + W, type threshold,
then press Enter. Change the number for the threshold setting
to 1500. Motion-capture is more complicated than time-lapse,
so follow the detailed instructions at
Tis describes how to ignore portions of the view if cars passing
by start the motion-capture, and how long to keep recording
after no more movement is detected.
To make a video from your time-lapse images, return to
your Windows PC and launch Windows Movie Maker.
Click the ‘Add videos and photos’ button in the Ribbon.
Navigate to your Pi’s folder, press Ctrl + A to select all the photos,
then click Open. By default, Movie Maker gives each picture seven
seconds on screen, which is far too long. So, press Ctrl + A to
select all the pictures, click the Edit tab in the Ribbon, then type a
smaller number in the Duration text box. To see what duration
works best with your captured images, click the play button
underneath the video preview.
When you’ve finished capturing the time-lapse
videos you need to stop Motion from taking any
more images. To do this, launch LXTerminal, type
pidof motion then press Enter. Next, type sudo kill followed
by the number that appeared after you typed the last
command. To stop Motion running every time your Pi starts
up, type crontab -e and press Enter. Scroll down to the
setting shown in Step 4 and add a # (hashtag symbol) at the
beginning of the line to make Raspbian ignore it. Press Ctrl +
X, then Y and then Enter to save your changes and quit.
64 Computer active March 2014
Click Launch Editor on the Comix homepage to show the
editing page. Te page is split in half, with the comic strip at the
top and the HTML code below it. Click the title at the top of the
first panel (known as a cell) and a number of small coloured icons will
appear. Click and drag the green cross to move the title around the cell.
Use the purple icons to adjust how the title is angled. Click and drag the
bent arrow icon to adjust the rotation of the title. Click and drag the
purple cross to change the centre of rotation.
Change the title text by editing the HTML code in the bottom half of the
browser window. Te code is well arranged and colour-coded so it’s easy to
read. If you’re looking for a particular phrase, use the Chrome Find tool.
Press Ctrl + F, type a word or phrase from the title and press Enter. Te cursor will
jump to that text and select it. Replace the phrase ‘One lazy morning’ with your own
title – we used At Computeractive Towers. Press Ctrl + S to make the changes appear
in the comic preview at the top of the web page. Te title has to fit in a single line so
you may need to experiment to make it fit.
omix I/O ( is an
online cartoon generator that
takes the grind out of learning
HTML – the markup language used
to build websites. The cartoons
appear in the style of humorous
stick-figure site The
website describes itself as “A
webcomic of romance, sarcasm,
math, and language”, and we urge
you to take a moment to check it
out. The artwork is simple but you’ll
find much that will make you laugh.
We will explain how to edit the text
and move your cartoon characters
around. We ecommend using
Chrome (
chrome) for this workshop.
Create your own free online comics
You can make the title stand out by using colour text. Te title
text is surrounded by text in square brackets, known as tags.
Tags tells the browser how to display different elements on
the page. To change the title’s text colour, type the description fill=’’blue’’
at the end of the tspan tag immediately before the title text. You should
end up with the tag <tspan x=’’0’’ y=’’0em’’ fill=’’blue’’>.
65 March 2014 Computer active
make cartoons using HTML
You can use a wide range of colours for the text by
using a colour code. Tis is formed by three
hexadecimal codes – preceded by a # symbol – that
represent the combination of red, green and blue that makes up
the colour. Te easiest way to find the colour’s hexadecimal
code is to use an image editor such as Paint.NET (www. Start Paint.NET and press F8 to show the colour
tool. Pick a colour by clicking in the circle, then copy the code in
the Hex text box and paste into the comic editor.
You can change character poses by clicking a character and
moving the points of control. Click the character on the right
in the first cell to show the control points. Click and drag the
blue dots to adjust the position of the hands and feet. Te red dots
adjust the elbow and knee joints, and the orange dot lets you adjust
the angle of the character’s head. Te light-blue dots control the
position of the spine. Finally, click and drag the purple line with an
arrow at each end to adjust the angle of the entire character.
Position the characters’ speech text by clicking it to
make the control dots appear. Te dark-blue and
light-blue dots adjust the line that runs behind the text
indicating which character is speaking. Te green dot adjusts the
position of the text. In the HTML code, you can edit the text in
the bubble sections using a separate tspan tag for each line of
text, while the vertical position is set with the attribute y=’’2em’’.
Tis means that the lines will never overlap each other.
You can add more characters to a cell by simply copying and pasting an
entire character tag in the HTML section. To add a second character, copy
the second character’s tag (this should be lines 29 to 35 inclusive) and
paste it just below the original character’s tag. Press Ctrl + S to update the preview.
Click the second character and reposition it so that both are visible. You can now edit
this character. It’s not just characters that can be added – you can also copy entire
scenes. If you do, remember to update the number in the ‘scene id’ section at the
beginning, so that no two scenes have the same number.
66 Computer active March 2014
You can change character poses by clicking a
character and moving the points of control. Click
the character on the right in the first cell to show
the control points. Click and drag the blue dots to adjust the
position of the hands and feet. Te red dots adjust the elbow
and knee joints, and the orange dot lets you adjust the angle
of the character’s head. Te light-blue dots control the
position of the spine. Finally, click and drag the purple line
with an arrow at each end to adjust the angle of the entire
Position the characters’ speech text by
clicking it to make the control dots
appear. Te dark-blue and light-blue
dots adjust the line that runs behind the text
indicating which character is speaking. Te green
dot adjusts the position of the text. In the HTML
code, you can edit the text in the bubble sections
using a separate tspan tag for each line of text,
while the vertical position is set with the
attribute y=’’2em’’. Tis means that the lines will
never overlap each other.
You can use a wide range of colours for the text by using a
colour code. Tis is formed by three hexadecimal codes –
preceded by a # symbol – that represent the combination of
red, green and blue that makes up the colour. Te easiest way to find the
colour’s hexadecimal code is to use an image editor such as Paint.NET
( Start Paint.NET and press F8 to show the colour
tool. Pick a colour by clicking in the circle, then copy the code in the Hex
text box and paste into the comic editor.
Create compelling charts
Converting a graph to 3D can make it stand out
from the crowd. Click the chart, then the Design
tab in the Chart Tools section that appears in the
Ribbon bar. Click the far-left icon called Change Chart Type,
then choose a new Chart Type from the options. If you don’t
like a chart, you can easily return to the original or, if you
can’t remember what it was, press Ctrl and Z to undo
the change.
You may need to change the rotation of 3D charts
to make sure all the points are visible. Te rotation
will depend on the nature of the graph and the data
it shows. Click the graph, then select the Layout tab in the
Chart Tools section of the Ribbon, and click the 3-D Rotation
button. Use the up and down buttons in the Rotation section
to adjust the graph. Te arrow buttons adjust the settings in
increments of 10, so click in the boxes and type a number if
you want to fine-tune your adjustments. Fine-tuning is
helped by the fact that any changes made to the graph’s
rotation appear instantly.
Make Excel charts look
more exciting
Trendlines are useful for showing long-term trends
in graphs, but can only be added to 2D charts.
Right-click one of the coloured bars on your graph,
then click Add Trendline. Tere are numerous types
of Trendlines available – the most useful for our example
graph is the Polynominal. Adjust the Order setting to make
the line follow the graph more closely or loosely. Click Close
when you’re happy with the settings. Find out more about the
different types of trendlines and when to use them on
Microsoft’s website:
67 March 2014 Computer active
xcel charts are an excellent way of
summarising large chunks of data,
but they can become monotonous
viewing over time. However, you don’t
have to rely on Excel’s default graph.
Tere are plenty of other options for
adding more information and pictures
to your charts. Tools such as Trendlines
aren’t just for show – they can really
help make sense of information
contained in your spreadsheet.
In this Workshop, unless we mention
Excel 2013 specifically, these tips will
work in Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013. You
can download our demo workbook
Showing the exact figure of a particular point in a
graph is useful when you want to draw attention to
something of note. Te highest temperature on
our graph is July 2013. To highlight this, right-click the
relevant point in the graph, then select Add Data Labels.
To remove a label, click it twice. Tis isn’t a double-click: the
first click selects all labels and the second click specifies the
one you want to remove. Press the Delete key to remove
the data label.
You can edit the text inside the Data Label to
include more information. Click the Data Label
once to select it, once more to switch to editing
mode (the cursor will change to the ‘insert text’ cursor) and
then one more time to start editing text. Editing the Data
Label detaches it from the data in the graph, meaning it
won’t adjust should you change any data in the graph.
Click anywhere outside the Data Label when you’ve finished
editing. To move the Data Label around the graph, click it
once to select it and then click and drag it into a new
position. One new feature of Excel 2013 is a line that
connects the Data Label to the relevant part of the graph
when it’s moved a certain distance.
Make the Data Label stand out
even more by adding a picture or
texture. Right-click the Data Label,
then click Format Data Label. Click Fill on the
left and choose ‘Picture or texture fill’. You
can choose a texture from the Texture
dropdown menu and then adjust the Scale X
and Scale Y % figures until the texture is the
correct size. Click the File button and then
select a picture to use. Unless the Data Label
is perfectly square you’ll need to adjust the
‘Stretch options’ to stop it looking distorted.
Move the transparency slider to the right to
make the image paler so it doesn’t obscure
the text.
68 Computer active March 2014
Exchange private emails
Install the software in the correct order. First
download the full installer from
download. When installing you can leave all options
as they are – there’s no bundled software to avoid. Now
install Tunderbird and set up your email accounts.
Tis Workshop also works with the portable version of
Tunderbird ( Start Tunderbird, then click
the top-right button (with three vertical lines) then Add-ons.
Search for ‘enigmail’, then click the Install button in the
Enigmail row. Click ‘Restart now’ when the link appears to
complete the installation.
In thunderbird click the menu button (on the right with
three horizontal lines), then the arrow next to OpenPGP
and then Setup Wizard. Leave the top option selected
and click Next. Leave ‘Yes, I want to sign all of my email’ selected,
and click Next. Leave the bottom option ‘No, I will create per-
recipient rules for those that sent me their public key’ selected if
you want to avoid sending out scrambled emails to other
contacts. Click Next. Leave the option to change the default
settings selected. Click Details to see what default settings will
be changed. Te most significant change is that you will work
with plain-text emails by default rather than HTML-formatted
ones. Click Next.
ending an email is like writing a
postcard because everyone who
handles it can read the contents. But if
you want to send sensitive content, such
as medical information, the Enigmail
add-on for Tunderbird and the
Gpg4win software offers added layers
of protection. Tey scramble messages by
creating two passwords (called keys).
You need to swap your public keys with
anyone you want to exchange sensitive
information with. Using the key, you can
scramble and descramble emails
between you.
Keep emails private for free with
Thunderbird and Enigmail
Create an OpenPGP key by selecting the top option ‘I want to
create a new key pair for signing and encrypting my email’,
then click Next. Enter a strong, but memorable, passphrase
for your key pair and keep it safe. A summary of the changes you’ve
made will appear. Click Next and allow access to the internet if your
firewall asks. Click the Generate Certificate button when asked to
create a revocation certificate. Find a safe location for the file, then click
Save. Enter your passphrase to unlock the secret key and click OK. Te
revocation certificate lets you cancel your key if it’s compromised. Click
OK, then Finish.
69 March 2014 Computer active
70 Computer active March 2014
you can Save your key and upload it to a public
keyserver, so that other people can download your
key for themselves and confirm your identity. Tis
way you don’t have to email the key to them. To do this, click
the Menu button, then the arrow next to OpenPGP, and then
Key Management. Select ‘Display All Keys by Default’. Click
your key, then File and ‘Export Keys to File’. Select Export
Public Keys Only and save the file to your Desktop. Te file
format should be ASCII Armored Files (*.asc).
Go to, click Choose File, open the
file you just saved, then click Upload. A summary of
your key will appear and an email will be sent to
confirm your identity. Click Done. Go to your email inbox and
click the link in the verification email. Click Accept, then click the
Download Verification key and save it to your Desktop. Return
to the OpenPGP Key Management window in Tunderbird, click
File and then ‘Import Keys from File’. Click the file, Open, and
then OK in the confirmation window. Click the PHP Global
Directory Verification Key entry, then Edit and Set Owner Trust.
Select ‘I trust fully’ and click OK. Click Done.
Next, send your public key to the person that you
want to exchange private emails with. Write a
message explaining that you want to share
encrypted emails with them. Click the OpenPGP menu and
then select Attach My Public Key. Click Send and select the
top option ‘Just encrypt/sign the message text, but not the
attachments’ in the window that appears, then click OK.
Alternatively, people can visit and search
for your email address. Tey can then download the file that
you just sent as an attachment. At this point they should also
send you their public key.
Import the key that you have been sent. Save or download
it to your Desktop, and open the Key Management window
in Tunderbird (see Step 4). Click File, then ‘Import Key
from File’ and open the file you just downloaded. You’ll see that the
preview of their email has a message at the top that reads:
‘UNTRUSTED Good signature from Your Name <>’.
If you trust this person, click Details, then ‘Set Owner Trust of
Sender’s Key’. Choose a level of trust for that person, then click OK.
If you choose the bottom option ‘I trust ultimately’, the message at
the top of any email from that person will be green to confirm that
their email is trusted.
71 March 2014 Computer active
Exchange private emails
sign all emails sent to this person, so they can
be sure they’ve come from you. To do this, click
the Tunderbird menu icon, the arrow next to
OpenPGP, and then Edit Per-Recipient Rules. Click Add
and enter the recipient’s email address in the top text
box. Click the Select Key(s) button, then select both your
key and the public key from that person. Click OK. Select
Always in the Signing dropdown menu. Click OK twice to
save the changes.
To send an encrypted message, click Write
in the Tunderbird toolbar. Compose your
message and attach any files you want to
send. Click the OpenPGP icon in the toolbar and
select Encrypt. Alternatively, use the two small icons
at the bottom right of the message window. Click the
left pen icon to sign the message and the key icon to
encrypt it. Click Send and then select the ‘encrypt
your attachments’ option. Click OK, enter your
passphrase and press Enter.
To read the email when it arrives the recipient will
need to enter their private key passphrase when
prompted. Te message will then be descrambled.
Te message at the top of the email preview will say that
your signature is untrusted if the Owner Trust level has not
been set as Ultimate, but the message will still be
decrypted. To decrypt the attachment, right-click the file
name at the bottom of the email window, click Decrypt then
Save As. Enter your passphrase and click OK. Choose where
to save the file and enter your passphrase again. Your file is
now saved unencrypted
72 Computer active March 2014
Creating a new Note is still
easy, but slightly different
from earlier versions you
may have used. Click the New Note
icon in the toolbar 1 or press Ctrl +
N. Click the ‘Click to set title’ text and
type the Note’s title. Type your Note
in the area below, using the
formatting icons to change the font
style and size, or arrange your notes
into numbered or bullet-point lists 2
. To add a file to the Note, click the
paperclip icon 3, click the file and
then Open.
Adding reminders to Notes
is a very useful new tool.
Click the Reminder icon 1
to add a reminder in your Notebook.
Tese appear at the top of the All
Notes column. Click Add Date and
then choose Tomorrow, ‘In a Week’
2 or pick a date from the calendar.
Once completed, mark the task as
done by moving the mouse over
the entry and clicking the tick
that appears.
vernote (
is designed to help you easily
make notes, organise them into
Notebooks, format them with bullet
points or numbered lists, and attach
audio, webpages and other files. Tis
Workshop mainly uses the new
version for Windows, which has 100
new features including reminders
and improved search. Tere are
versions for Android, iOS,
BlackBerry and Windows mobile
devices, and Mac OS X. All notes are
automatically updated across your
various devices. Standard Evernote
accounts are free, but a paid-for
account adds offline access to
Notebooks, passcode protection and
priority for text recognition in PDFs
and images.
Organise and search notes and
webpages with Evernote
73 March 2014 Computer active
Organise and search notes and webpages with Evernote
You don’t need a scanner to add images to Evernote; a webcam will
do the job. To add a picture using your webcam, click the New Note
down arrow and select New Webcam Note 1 . Click New Webcam
Note and hold up the page you want to photograph. Click Take Snapshot,
then press ‘Save to Evernote’. Evernote will recognise text automatically
once the Note has been synchronised. Tere’s no set time limit for when this
will be done, although Premium Evernote users get priority. It can also
recognise neat handwriting. Te mobile apps can capture photos with the
built-in cameras on your device.
Finding individual Notes is easy,
even if you have a large collection.
Type a keyword or phrase in the
search box 1 that appears above the Notes
preview. As you type, a list of Related Notes
will appear in the All Notes column. Evernote
also highlights the text you are searching for
in the right-hand window, so you can quickly
find the word/phrase in the Note 2 . Text in
the images added in Step 4 will also be
included in the search.
Evernote can also record audio. Start a new
Note and then click the microphone icon
1 . Click the Blue record button to start
recording. Use the slider beneath the level indicator 2 to
adjust the recording volume. Click Save to stop recording.
Unlike Microsoft OneNote, typed comments are not
linked to the time in the recording when they were made,
so you may want to include the recording time 3 when
typing a comment.
Click the new Atlas link 1 on the left-hand
column to view your Notes by location. Click a
flag to zoom into that location and see flag pins
for each Note. Click a pin to open its Note. If your device
doesn’t have location information – likely with laptops –
you can add it yourself. Click the Info button in a Note,
then ‘Click to set location’ and then click ‘Enter manually’.
Paste in the coordinates (easier to find in Bing Maps than
Google Maps) and click OK.
You can keep and
share a record of
what you eat on
your Android or iOS device
using the free Evernote Food
app. Download it for Android
from www.snipca.
com/10023 or iOS from
Once installed, open the app.
To share a meal, tap the plus
next to My Meals. Tap the
camera icon to take a photo
of the food and then fill in
more information below. Tap
the map and enter an address
if you want to share your
location. Your meal will
appear in your Windows
Evernote program once both
have synchronised.
Te Evernote Windows 8 app (www.snipca.
com/10025) is great for taking notes when
you use other apps for research. Tap the top-
left green button 1 to create a new note. You’ll find
formatting options at the bottom of the screen with a
coloured wheel on the left which lets you set the text
colour. Evernote also works well when pinned to one
side of the screen. Tis makes it easier for you to work
in other apps, although you can’t add formatting in this
smaller view.
You can draw attention to important information in
clipped webpages using the new highlighter tool, which
is very useful if they contain a lot of extra text that you
don’t need. You can do this from the main Evernote window or the
small window that pops up when you clip a page. Select the
desired text and click the Highlight icon 1 in the formatting
toolbar. You can also press Ctrl, Shift + H.
You can save webpages with Evernote using the
browser plugins for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and
Opera from the Evernote website (
webclipper). Te Internet Explorer add-on is installed
automatically when you install Evernote. In Internet Explorer
right-click anywhere on the page, then click ‘Clip this page’.
Te webpage will then appear in an Evernote window. Add
tags 1 to the Clip to help you find it again. Te links 2 on the
webpage are preserved so you can still click to open them in
your browser.
74 Computer active March 2014
Open Firefox and you’ll
see what Mozilla calls
the Awesome Screen.
You’ll see the sites you visit most
shown first, followed by tabs from
previous browsing sessions,
add-on suggestions and finally
tabs on your desktop computer
(see Step 2). Enter a search term
or address in the ‘Enter Search or
Address’ box 1 , and suggestions
will appear as you type. To return
to the Awesome Screen, type
about:home in this box and tap
Go. Tap the second icon from the
right to view your open tabs 2 .
Tap a particular tab to open it.
You can share
passwords and
open tabs between your
mobile device and desktop
computer using Firefox
Sync. Launch Firefox on
your PC. Click the top-left
orange Firefox button,
then Set Up Sync. Click
‘Create a New Account’. Fill
out the requested details
using the default server.
After accepting the terms
and conditions click Next
and then Close. On your
mobile device, tap the
menu icon at the top right
and then Settings. Tap Sync and three code numbers will
appear. Leave them onscreen or make a note of them.
he latest version of Firefox for
Android ( 9963)
not only brings one of the best
browsers to your phone or tablet, but
adds extra tools to share bookmarks
and open tabs from your desktop PC.
Unlike many app updates, the system
requirements for Firefox for Android
have been lowered, so if you’ve found
previous versions too slow, it might
be time to give it another go. You can
visit sites on your mobile device that
are currently open on your PC, install
add-ons and save pages as PDFs.
Get the most from Firefox for Android
Return to your desktop computer. Click the
Firefox button, then Options. Click the Sync
tab, then ‘Pair a Device’. Enter the three
code numbers from your mobile device in the three
boxes and click Next. Firefox on your Android device
will automatically exit the Sync wizard as the PC
connects to it. Scroll to the bottom of the Awesome
Screen to find your desktop computer’s open tabs.
Click the Firefox button, then Sync Now on your
desktop computer to copy your settings to the
Firefox servers and then your device.
What you need: Android 2.2 or higher Time Required: 30 minutes
75 March 2014 Computer active
To fine tune what exactly is shared with your mobile device,
click the Firefox button, then Options and the Sync tab. You
may wish to untick Password if you don’t want to risk anyone
getting access to your online accounts if your phone is lost or stolen. You
can use the Manage Account menu to recover your password should
you forget it and to check how much of your Firefox Sync quota you have
used. Every user gets 25MB. Tat may not sound like very much, but the
information you store uses very little space, so it should be plenty.
You can improve Firefox for Android by installing add-ons. Some of the most
useful block adverts. To use Adblock Plus, our favourite ad-blocking service,
scroll down the Awesome Screen and tap ‘Browse all Firefox add-ons’. Tap
the search box 1 and type adblock plus. Tap the result and then the green ‘Add to
Firefox’ button. Tap Install to complete the process. You can find a complete list of
Firefox for Android add-ons at
Protect your privacy when using Firefox for Android with private tabs
and the Do Not Track message. Tis message is sent to websites to
tell them not to record details about your visit. Tap the top-right
menu, then Settings. Scroll down and tap Tracking, then ‘Tell sites that I do not
want to be tracked’. If you’re worried about your browsing history being left on
the device, tap the menu icon, then New Private Tab. Tis latest version lets
you have a mixture of private and ordinary tabs open at the same time.
You can save web pages as PDF files, which is great if
you want to read them offline or share them with
friends. Tap the top-right menu icon, Tools, then ‘Save
as PDF’ 1 . To open the PDF file, tap the menu icon again, Tools,
then Downloads. To read a PDF, tap it, then choose which app to
open it with. If you don’t have one, download Adobe Reader from Te PDFs are saved to the download
folder on your phone’s SD card.
76 Computer active March 2014
Adding ebooks to your Kindle account is best
done on a Desktop computer because you can
search for titles and authors more easily.
Log on to, move the mouse over
‘Shop by Department’ on the left, then Kindle and click
Kindle Books. When you have found your book, choose
the device that you want the book to appear on first in
the ‘Deliver to’ menu on the right 1 . Click the ‘Buy now
with 1-Click’ button 2 . Te confirmation page has a
similar dropdown menu if you want to send the ebook
to another device.
A new tool in the latest version of the Kindle App for
Android shows all the books on your Amazon account
– if they’re not on the device, they’ll be stored online.
Start the Kindle app, tap the top-left icon with three vertical
lines 1 and tap the All Items option. Books on your device have
a tick icon. Tap a book without a tick 2 to download it to your
device (this hardly takes any time at all). Tap it to start reading
from where you left off on other devices.
hen you buy a Kindle ebook,
there’s no limit to where you
can read it because the Kindle
software can be installed on just
about every device you can think of
for free, including Android, iOS,
BlackBerry and Windows Phone
devices as well as Windows
and Mac OS X. Go to www.snipca.
com/10064 for a full list of links.
The recently updated Android app
makes it easier to find books
downloaded to other devices and
get book samples.
Read ebooks on any device
Return to
your desktop
Click the Firefox button,
then Options. Click the
Sync tab, then ‘Pair a
Device’. Enter the three
code numbers from
your mobile device in
the three boxes and
click Next. Firefox on your Android device will automatically exit the
Sync wizard as the PC connects to it. Scroll to the bottom of the
Awesome Screen to find your desktop computer’s open tabs. Click
the Firefox button, then Sync Now on your desktop computer to copy
your settings to the Firefox servers and then your device.
What you need: XP,Vista,7 or 8; Android or iOS Time required: 20 minutes
77 March 2014 Computer active
You can read your books on a computer without
installing extra software through the Kindle
Cloud Reader website for Chrome, Safari and
Firefox (but not IE). Go to and
sign in with your Amazon account. Click Allow when
asked to store information for offline use if you want to
read your books offline. In Chrome, right-click a book and
click Download & Pin Book 1 . Use the arrow keys to turn
pages and move the mouse to the top or bottom of the
page to see more options, including font selection.
Add books and other documents to your Kindle devices
and apps with the special email addresses that Amazon
creates for you. Tese can be used to add books from, for example, which has hundreds of free books.
To discover the email address, log in to Amazon, move the
mouse over Your Account and click Manage Your Kindle. Click
Personal Document Settings 1 to see the email addresses for
your different devices 2 . You can email books and documents in
the official Kindle format (.mobi or .azw), and as Word files,
webpages and PDFs.
If you read ebooks on Windows or iOS, you can
use the new shared highlights tool in the
Kindle for PC software ( to
discover passages that other people have found
interesting. Tese are underlined with a dashed grey line.
A number shows how many people have highlighted the
section 1 .
You can
save web
pages as
PDF files, which is
great if you want to
read them offline or
share them with
friends. Tap the top-
right menu icon,
Tools, then ‘Save as
PDF’ 1 . To open the
PDF file, tap the
menu icon again,
Tools, then
Downloads. To read
a PDF, tap it, then
choose which app to
open it with. If you
don’t have one,
download Adobe
Reader from www.
Te PDFs are saved
to the download
folder on your
phone’s SD card.
78 Computer active March 2014
Enter the information about your event using the two
sheets Lists and ‘Revenue and Expenses’. Use Lists to
record the different activities, expenses and then people
involved. Notice the small right-angled marker that appears at the
bottom of each list 1 . It will move automatically as you enter new
items to the list. Add money going out and coming into the ‘Revenue
and Expenses’ sheet. Use Tab to move to the next cell (even at the
end of a line) and a dropdown menu icon will appear. Click this icon
and choose from the items entered in the Lists sheet 2 .
he bottom line of any fundraising
event is to raise more money than
you spend. And you’ll want to praise
your star fundraiser. Te free Fundraiser
template ( from
Microsoft does all this for you and
demonstrates some of the features that
were introduced in Excel 2010, including
range markers and the Slicers tool that
quickly filters information. To use the
Pounds symbol in the workbook, select
cells with currency information and
click the Currency icon in the Numbers
section of the Ribbon Home tab.
Track fundraising progress
with a free Excel template
What you need: Excel 2010/2013 Time Required: 30 minutes
Click the Event Overview tab and change the Event Goal
figure to your goal. Te light-green section of the pie chart
shows how close you are to your goal. After you reach the
target, the Amount To Goal section will show how much money has
been raised exceeding your goal. Make a profit more obvious by
adding some conditional formatting to the ‘Amount to goal’ figure.
Click Cell C11 1 and then the Home tab in the Ribbon. Click
Conditional Formatting 2 and then Less Tan. Type 0 in the left-hand
box and select ‘Green File with Dark Green Text’ in the menu on the
right. Click OK. To highlight a shortfall, repeat this but select Greater
Tan and a red colour scheme instead.
Use the two coloured boxes below the Pie chart to
summarise the income and expenditure tables by
person and/or category. To show the amount of money
raised by raffle tickets, click Raffle Tickets in the Source list 1 .
Refine the list even further by clicking a name to the left 2 . Click
the icon above the scroll bar to clear your selection and expand the
list below 3. Te Income and Expenditure sections are
independent of each other so you can filter each separately. Tis is
helpful when checking if a person or activity has raised more
money than they spent.
79 March 2014 Computer active
Readers’ Tips
indows 8 starts up very quickly
because the normal shutdown
option works more like hibernating a
laptop – previous versions of Windows
spent a lot of time checking for new
hardware. Tis certainly saves time,
but did cause problems with my
network card. I had to restart every
time I switched my computer on after
every shutdown, which wasted a lot
of time. Te solution is to disable the
new startup process. Go to the Start
Screen and type power options. Click
Settings, Power Options, ‘Choose what
the power buttons do’ and then ‘Change
settings that are currently unavailable’.
Deselect the ‘Turn on fast startup
(recommended)’ option and then click
‘Save changes’.
William Ball
Fix shutdown problems in Windows 8
DNS services
Get the most reliable DNS service possible
An alternative DNS service from the likes
of Google and OpenDNS can improve
performance and security. For the most reliable
service, you can use both at the same time so it
doesn’t matter if one stops working.
Click the Start button, type network and sharing
and press Enter. Click the link for your network
connection. Tis will be Local Area Connection
or Wireless Network Connect depending on
whether you use a wired or wireless connec-
tion. Click Properties in the window that
appears, scroll down and double-click Internet
Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4. Select
‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.
Type in the top box for Google and for OpenDNS in the second
box. Click OK twice, then Close to save the
Barry Deacon
Raspberry Pi
Use a better browser
If you’re frustrated by the rather basic
web browser that comes with Rasbpian on the
Raspberry Pi, there are alternative versions of
Chrome (called Chromium) and Firefox (called
Ice Weasel) which work better with the latest
web technologies.
Start Raspbian and double-click the LX-
Terminal icon on the Desktop. Update your
Raspberry Pi by typing sudo apt-get update
then press enter. Type sudo apt-get upgrade
and press Enter. Press Y, then Enter to confirm
the updates. Install the Microsoft Core fonts by
typing sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-
installer and press Enter. Press Y, then Enter
to confirm installation. When the fonts have
installed, type sudo apt-get install chromium-
browser, press Enter, then Y and then Enter.
To install Ice Weasel, type sudo apt-get install
iceweasel, press Y, then Enter. To start the
browser, click the Raspbian button, Internet
and then the browser you want.
Dan Percival
More words, less typing
LibreOffice has a word-completion tool
that reduces the amount of typing you have to
do. Click the Tools menu, then AutoCorrect.
Click the Word Completion tab and select
‘Enable word completion’ and ‘Append space’.
Choose the Accept key. Enter is the default
choice but you can also choose the Right
arrow, Tab or Space key. Click OK. LibreOffice
makes suggestions in a small hint box that
appears as you type. It learns and stores the
words you type, so it might not work immedi-
ately, but can save you time once it’s stored
enough words.
Peter Beard
windows 8 store
Reinstall default Windows 8 apps
I removed the Windows 8 Start Screen
tile for the Mail app and then changed my
mind. Te quickest way to find uninstalled
apps is to right-click a blank bit of the
Windows Store screen, then click ‘Your apps’
in the top green bar. A list of uninstalled apps
appears that also includes apps installed on
other PCs linked to your Microsoft account.
Select an app then click Install.
Heather Castell
The winner of every Tip of the Fortnight wins this exclusive Computeractive mug!
Handy hints and tips from your fellow readers
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80 Computer active March 2014
Phone and Tablet Tips Brilliant things to do on your device
Best New Apps What you should install this fortnight
AVG Privacy Fix Free
Tis app scans your Facebook and Google
accounts, and your browser to flag up any
privacy problems. If
Facebook tracks you
when you visit other
websites, for example,
then you can quickly
change the relevant
setting. Tere’s a
Desktop version at
Digg Free
Android www.
iOS www.snipca.
Interesting articles and
websites can often
get hidden among the
general white noise
of the internet, but
Digg makes finding
them easy. Recently
relaunched, Digg
curates a list of articles
from across the web, which are then voted on
by readers to show their popularity. Te app is
a simple way to read loads of great articles.
Google Keep Free
Tis updated app’s new streamlined
interface makes it easier to add notes and
set reminders. You can also now add time
and location
reminders for
tasks. Cleverly,
Keep can use
the GPS in your
phone or tablet
to remind you
of something
when you
reach a specific
Copy media without syncing
Sometimes you want to copy videos
to an iOS device without having to
go through a complete iTunes sync,
because this can delete content from your
device. Click the iPad (or iPhone) button
at the top right of the iTunes window.
Scroll down the Summary page and select
the ‘Manually manage music and videos’
option at the bottom. Click the On Tis
iPad button in the top bar, then Films in the
left-hand column. Drag and drop the video
file from a Windows
Explorer window
onto the main part of
the iTunes window.
Te video will now
be copied to the
iPad. You can see the
transfer progress at
the top of the iTunes
window. Make sure
that this progress bar
has finished before
unplugging your iPad.
Get smartphone updates on your
Chrome browser
Krome (, which is an
Android app and Chrome add-on,
displays notifications from your
smartphone on your computer and lets you
type text-message responses faster for only
50p. It’s even better than the AirDroid app
(see Workshop, Issue 398) because it works
over the internet, so your PC and phone
don’t have to be on the same network.
Once you’ve installed the app (which costs
50p) and add-on, click the Chrome
Launcher, then Krome on your PC (you’ll
need Chrome 28 or higher installed). Ten
open the Krome app on your phone. You’ll
need to grant a number of permissions at
this point. Tap Open Accessibility Settings
and enable the Krome service. Return to the
Krome app. Tap Next twice and type the
code shown in the
Krome window on
your computer. Once
the code has been
entered the screen
on the Android
device will update
Te first time the
Krome app starts on
your phone, it may
suggest blocking
‘spamming’ apps. Check the apps it’s
offering to block carefully. Tese are usually
based on how many updates an app makes,
so it may accidentally suggest blocking
Messages or Google Play updates. Tap Cancel
on this screen. Tap Installed Apps to adjust
which app notifications are shown by
Krome sends information over the
internet, so it’s a good idea to encrypt the
information. Tap Open Krome Settings,
then tap ‘Encrypt Data (beta)’. Enter a
password – this will be used to scramble
your information. Click the cog icon in the
Krome window on the Desktop, type the
password, and click Save. Remove this
password if the text in SMS messages
doesn’t look right.
Whenever a message arrives a pop-up
notification will appear on your Desktop.
Click Reply to type a return message on
your computer. If you don’t manage to read
the message before it disappears, the Krome
icon in the Notification Area will turn blue
to show there are unread messages waiting.
Right-click this icon to disable
notifications for an hour or a day if you
don’t want to be disturbed.
81 March 2014 Computer active
Games With Kids
What to play together on your phone and tablet
Stop unwanted screen rotation
Normally the automatic screen
rotation in iOS is very useful, but
there are times when you want
to fix the screen in place. It’s possible
to assign the mute slider on the side of your
phone or tablet to this function.
To do this, tap Settings, then General.
Scroll down to the section ‘Use Side Switch
to’, then select Lock Rotation. You’ll see a
different icon when you slide the switch
and a small icon will appear next to the
Make typing easier when holding
your iPad
Typing on an iPad while you’re
holding it can be very awkward.
Te Split Keyboard tool makes it
much less frustrating because you can type
with just your thumbs. Once the keyboard
appears, tap and hold the bottom-left
keyboard icon until a menu appears. Tap
the Split option and two half-keyboards
will appear, one on each side of the screen
and within reach of your thumbs. Tap and
hold the keyboard button again, then tap
‘Dock and Merge’ to return the keyboard
to its original position.
If you want to keep the keyboards at the
bottom of the screen, touch it with two
fingers and then swipe them away from
each other horizontally. Reverse the
motion to join the keyboards together.
Get a better calculator
Te calculator that comes
with Android devices is useful
for quick sums but rather
limited for anything else. Te free
CyanogenMod Calculator (www.snipca.
com/10099) keeps the simple interface of
the default calculator but adds a lot of
useful extra functions, including graphing
tools and
support for
with matrices.
You can find
the extra pages
of tools by
swiping left or
Once you’ve
installed the
calculator, which is only 848KB, tap the
top-left menu icon to disable the pages you
don’t need.
Te Advanced panel includes buttons for
trigonometry functions and parentheses
that ensure different parts of calculations
are done in the correct order. If you like the
app and want to give something to the
developers, buy the version that costs £1.
Pet Spa & Salon
Tere’s nothing quite like looking after pets
when it doesn’t involve mess. Pet Spa & Salon
lets children care for four cute animals: a cat, a
dog, a bear and a lion cub. Once you clean the
animals, dress them in different outfits. Te
results can be saved to your SD card or emailed.
AGES 610
Wild Time
Tis app for Android and iOS provides lots of
outdoor activities suitable for children. Tey’re
organised by the time required, from short
10-minute activities to projects requiring half a
day. Te instructions are clear and offer useful
guidance without being too rigid.
AGES 1116
Chess Time
Chess Time lets you play against real people,
by specific invitation or against anyone who
happens to be looking for a match. Te graphics
are simple but look good on all screen sizes and
it shows allowable moves. Tere is real-time
chat, hence the minimum age of 13.
82 Computer active March 2014
Make Windows Better Clever tips for every version
Te various power plans that
you can enable in Windows
aren’t just there for the sake
of laptop-owners wanting to squeeze
a little more life from their battery. If you
use them correctly they can make your
computer faster or quieter, but not both
at the same time.
Enabling ‘High performance’ mode
stops Windows from slowing down your
processor when it thinks it isn’t needed.
Slowing your processor by selecting
‘Power saver’ is fine if you’re typing an
email, but editing photos or videos
requires sudden bursts of activity that
will otherwise be delayed. Te ‘Power
saver’ setting will reduce the noise from
your PC’s fans as less heat will be
Click the Start button (or press the
Windows keys in Windows 8), type
power options, then press Enter. Choose
one of the power plans on offer and close
the window.
If you’re using a laptop, bear in mind
that the setting will only apply to
whatever the laptop’s power status is
when you set it. Tis means that you can
set ‘High performance’ when the power
cable is connected and ‘Power saver’
when it isn’t, and Windows will
switch between them
automatically. Using ‘High
performance’ mode will mean
that the battery will take longer
to recharge.
You can find these options in
Windows XP in the Control Panel.
Double-click Power Options,
then choose the Power Schemes
tab. Choose Always On for the
best possible performance or Max
Battery to keep your PC quiet.
Make your PC faster and quieter
Search for programs and
If you’re envious of the search box
in the Start Menus of Windows
Vista and 7, there’s an excellent
alternative called Launchy that you can
download from Once
you’ve installed it, press Ctrl+Space to bring
up the Launchy window. Start typing and it
will display possible matches from programs
and documents. You can also use it as a
replacement for the Windows calculator to
provide solutions to sums. To adjust the
Launchy settings, press Ctrl+Space, then
click the cog icon. Te Launchy options
window lets you change how many
suggestions are shown as you type, as well as
how transparent the Launchy window is.
Click the Skins tab to choose a different look.
In the Catalog tab you can add further folders
in the search for your documents. You can
add extra features to Launchy by installing
plugins from
Pin programs to your Start Screen
After upgrading to Windows 8.1
from Windows 8, you’ll realise that
none of your Desktop programs
appear on the Start Screen anymore,
only your apps. You can find your programs
by clicking the small down arrow at the
bottom left of the Start Screen where they
are arranged in alphabetical order and by
sections, like the old Start Menu. You can add
these shortcuts to the main Start Screen,
making them quicker to find. Right-click as
many shortcuts in the second Start Screen
page as you want to add, then click the ‘Pin
to Start’ icon that appears in the taskbar at
the bottom.
Get weather updates on your
Te free YoWindow software for
Windows ( is a great
way to keep an eye on the weather.
You can leave it running in the background
behind other programs and it’ll also work as
your screensaver. Make sure you select the
Custom installation option, even though it’ll
be greyed out, to avoid installing unwanted
software at the same time. When it’s finished
installing, you’ll see an icon that shows the
current temperature where you are in the
notification Window. Click this icon to open
the full YoWindow view, which includes a
three-day forecast and more information.
Click the Location menu to change the
locality of the weather you’re monitoring.
Click Program, then ‘Set YoWindows as
ScreenSaver’ to view updates when your
computer is idle.
Improve your dual-screen
wallpapers p p
It’s quite common to have two
monitors connected to a PC that
are different sizes. If the smaller
monitor is selected as the main display, the
larger monitor will have black bars around
some or all of the edges of the wallpaper. To
fix this problem, set the larger monitor as
your PC’s main display. Right-click the
Desktop, then click ‘Screen resolution’.
Click your larger monitor and select the
option ‘Make this my main display’. Tis
may move your Taskbar and Start button to
the larger monitor. If you want to return
these items to their original positions, click
an empty part of the Taskbar and drag it to
the correct position. If it doesn’t move, it
may mean it’s locked. Right-click an empty
area, then click ‘Lock the taskbar’ to
remove the tick and try again.
83 March 2014 Computer active
Make Office Better Expert tips for every program
search for text inside comments included
in the Workbook. Click the Options button
and select Comments in the ‘Look in’
dropdown menu.
Make fonts less blurry
Many Office 2013 users have
reported their fonts look ‘blurry’
or indistinct. Tis only seems to be
the case in Windows 8 with Office and
Internet Explorer on the Desktop – other
programs appear to be unaffected. Tis
happens because Microsoft has disabled
Clear Type – a technology that improves
fonts on LCD monitors, but doesn’t work
so well on tablets. It’s possible to improve
the look of fonts by disabling hardware
acceleration. Click the File button, then
Open. Click Advanced on the left and
scroll down the right-hand side of the
window to the Display section. Select
the option ‘Disable hardware graphics
acceleration’, then click OK. Increasing
the zoom level can also make a dramatic
improvement, although you won’t be
able to fit as much onscreen.
Customise list numbering
Tere’s no reason why you have to
start a numbered list at 1. It’s
simple to tell Word to start from a
different number. Start your list and select
the items. Click the down arrow on the
numbered list icon in the Paragraph
section of the Home tab in the Ribbon.
Click Set Numbering Value, then enter the
number you want to start from in the ‘Set
value to’ box. Click OK and your list will
be updated to start from the new number.
Optimise the shape of slides
If you’ve created a PowerPoint
presentation on a computer with a
widescreen monitor to show on a
4:3 aspect ratio projector, you might find
that the slides either have black bars or
appear distorted. Te solution is to specify
the shape you want your slides to be. Click
the Design Ribbon tab in PowerPoint and
then the left Page Setup icon in PowerPoint
2007 and 2010. Select the correct
presentation shape in the dropdown menu.
Tere are options for 4:3 monitors as well
as both 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen
monitors. Tere are also options for printed
slides. Te Page Setup icon is on the right
in PowerPoint 2013 and offers a choice
between Standard and Widescreen. Click
Custom Slide Size to choose from one of
the other options.
Search entire workbooks
Find cells in Excel workbook with
multiple sheets more quickly by
selecting all the sheets so they are
included in the search at the same time.
Right-click one of the sheets (it doesn’t
matter which) and then click Select All
Sheets. All the sheet tabs should now
change colour. Press Ctrl+F to show the
‘Find and Replace’ window. Type what you
are looking but don’t press Enter or click
Find – click Find All instead. A list of all the
matches will appear below. Tis list will
show the sheet containing the reference
you were looking for, the cell address and
the exact contents of this cell. Click an
entry to jump to its position in the
workbook without closing the ‘Find and
Replace’ window. Click the Close button
when you have found the cell you want.
Te Find window can also be used to
Transfer contact details
Tere’s an easy way to back up
your contacts from Outlook
and import them into a new
version or the same version on a
different computer. Click Contacts (or
People in Office 2013), then the File
menu (or the Office Orb in Office 2007)
and then ‘Import and Export’. Select
‘Export to a file’, click Next, then select
Comma Separated Values (Windows)
and click Next. Select Contacts if you’re
asked where to export from and click
Next again. Type a name for the file,
click Browse, choose a location and
click OK. Click Next, then Finish. To
import these contacts, open your new
version of Outlook, select People or
Contacts, click File and then Import
and Export (you’ll find it in the
‘Open & Export’ section in Outlook
2013). Leave ‘Import from another
program or file’ selected and click
Next. Click Next to leave Comma
Separated Values selected. Click
Browse to find and open your
contacts file. Choose what action to
take with any duplicate entries (you
can replace existing contacts, create
as duplicates or ignore), then click
Next. Leave Contacts selected as the
destination, click Next, then Finish
to import your contacts.
84 Computer active March 2014
Schedule a defrag
You don’t need to remember to defrag your
PC because Defraggler (
defraggler) can do it automatically. Click
Settings, Schedule, select the Drive to
defrag and tick the box next to ‘Schedule
defragmentation for the chosen volume’.
Under Period select how often you want
the drive to be defragged – weekly and
monthly are ideal – then enter a time and
day when your PC would ordinarily be on.
For ‘Defrag type’ select Full, then click OK.
Repeat for any other drives that need
regular defragging.
Prevent needless defragging
You can tweak the Defraggler Schedule
tool so it doesn’t inconvenience you. Select
‘Apply additional conditions’ in the
Schedule window and then click Define.
Tese settings let you put a time limit on
the defrag task, prevent it from running if
your laptop is on battery power or ignore
the task if the drive doesn’t require
defragmentation. Click OK to finish.
Defrag files before Windows starts
For the best possible performance boost,
use Defraggler’s Boot Time Defrag tool.
Tis can defrag system and security files
that are locked once Windows has loaded.
Click Boot Time Defrag and select Run
Once. Click Yes to reboot the computer
and start the task.
Don’t scan certain drives
Tere’s no need to defragment solid-state
drives (SSD). Fragmented files don’t affect
their performance and defragging SSDs
will actually shorten their lifespan. Drives
used for backups can also be ignored
because their infrequent use means
performance isn’t critical. To exclude
certain drives, click Settings, Options,
Exclude, Add, select Drive or Folder, click
Browse, select the backup disk or SSD,
click OK and OK again, then OK for a third
time to make the changes.
Defrag a specific file or folder
You can right-click any file or folder in
Windows Explorer, select Defraggler then
Check Fragmentation or Defrag (the
former is good for finding out if certain
files and folders need defragging). If you
didn’t enable the Windows Explorer option
during installation, you can defrag files
and folders in Defraggler instead. To do
this, click Action, then Defrag Folder or
Defrag File. Choose the file or folder and
click OK. You can also select files by
ticking the left-hand box in the File List
after a drive has been analysed.
Decipher the drive map
Te drive map that appears after the disk is
analysed shows fragmented files as red.
Lots of red may not mean the drive is badly
fragmented – it might just be one very
large file in a couple of fragments. Click
the ‘File list’ tab at the bottom, then the
Fragments heading to view a list of files
sorted by the degree of fragmentation. Te
latest version of Defraggler lets you sort by
file type and date modified, making it easy
to find huge video files. Alternatively, click
one of the coloured squares in the drive
map to find out more information about
the file it represents.
Click the Health tab to get useful
information about the condition of your
hard drive. Te information comes from a
technology called SMART (Self Monitoring
and Reporting Technology). Don’t worry
if the numbers on the right are
technobabble so long as Defraggler
displays the health as good. You should
also check the temperature - anything
over 50 degrees suggests that your PC
needs better cooling. To check for errors
with the actual contents of the drive, click
Action, Advanced and ‘Check Drive for
Give your PC a medical using Defraggler’s
health tab
The File List reveals if you have lots of
fragmented files
Check the health of your drive
Secret Tips For…
Monitor your hard drive’s
health and performance
Exclude SSDs and backup drives to speed up
defragging and prevent damage
85 March 2014 Computer active
Problems Solved
86 Computer active March 2014
Why can’t I launch Group Policy Editor?
I was pleased to see the
workshop earlier about using
the Local Group Policy Editor
tool to disable the Windows 8 lock
screen. It sounded a bit too technical for
me so I let sleeping dogs lie and put up
with the inconvenience. However,
recently I decided that I’ve had enough
and had a go, being very careful to
follow the instructions to the letter.
Unfortunately, it seems my version of
Windows 8 does not have Local Group
Policy Editor that will run on my
laptop. I searched for ‘gpedit.msc’ – the
file name mentioned in Issue 393 – and
I found it in four locations on my
computer, but none would launch. My
version of Windows 8 is not the
Professional edition. Is there anything I
can do?
Tony Ingle
Local Group Policy Editor is
supplied only with Professional
(or better) editions of
Windows. However, as you
managed to find the program
file on your laptop, our guess
is that it’s been upgraded
from a version of Windows
that included the tool.
Regardless, there’s no way to
launch Local Group Policy
Editor on a non-Professional
edition of Windows – it
simply won’t work, as you’ve
So, if you want to follow the
method published in Issue
393 then you’ll need to
upgrade your version of
Windows 8.
However, there’s still a way to achieve
what you want without help from Local
Group Policy Editor. Be warned, though,
that it involves manually editing the
Windows Registry. As such, it’s both
more complicated and riskier – so
before beginning we’d advise strongly
Disable the Windows 8 lock screen by editing the Registry,
if you don’t have Local Group Policy Editor
that you back up your PC.
If you wish to proceed, from the Start
screen, type regedit, then press Enter.
If the User Account Control (UAC)
dialogue box appears, click Yes to
proceed – the Registry Editor
window will appear.
In the Registry Editor window, click the
arrows in the left-hand navigation pane
to move down to this key: HKEY_
Microsoft\Windows. Now look for the
Personalization key within this. If it’s
there, click to select it. If not, right-click
the Windows key, from the pop-up
menu, choose New, then Key. Type
Personalization and press Enter. Now
click to select the Personalization key
and, in the right-hand pane, right-click
and choose New, then ‘DWORD (32-bit)
Value’. Name this new value
‘NoLockScreen’ and press Enter. Finally,
double-click the NoLockScreen value,
type ‘1’ into the ‘Value data’ field and
click OK.
Tat’s the job done. To test your work,
close the Registry Editor and restart
Windows. If you wish later to re-enable
the lock screen then repeat these steps,
setting the NoLockScreen value to ‘0’ by
deleting the value entirely. To do this, tap
the Delete key, then click Yes to confirm.
I have an iPhone 5 that, up until
recently, used to back up just fine
to iTunes on my Windows 7 PC.
Now, for whatever reason, whenever I try
to back up in this way, a message is
displayed that says: ‘iTunes could not
backup iPhone because the iPhone is
disconnected’. I can assure you that it
hasn’t been disconnected.
Suspecting that my cable might be faulty, I
borrowed another from a friend but the
problem persisted. I’m confident that
nothing has changed on the PC
(I haven’t installed anything new in
months, other than Windows Updates).
I regularly try new apps on my iPhone,
but everything on that seems to work just
fine. Any ideas?
Ajit Raje
By chance, a couple of people
on Computeractive have also
encountered this problem.
Te culprit is an app called iZip, but
we’re not exactly sure why. With iZip
installed, certain combinations of iOS
versions and iTunes versions cause
this particular problem.
We’re guessing that when you downloaded
a new app on your iPhone you’ve also
installed iZip. Until this bug is fixed by
Apple or iZip’s developer, the answer is to
remove iZip (and then, if you still want it,
reinstall it after backing up). To do this,
simply press and hold any app icon until
they all start to wobble, and then tap the
cross at the iZip icon’s top left. Tap
Delete to confirm.
Why does my
iPhone fail to back
Remove the iZip app from your iPhone if
you’re having problems backing up to iTunes
Our experts solve all your tech problems
Email us your problem and we’ll try to help:
87 March 2014 Computer active
Get rid of unwanted add-ons by disabling any
related extensions in your browser settings
I run a local-history website. I
started it on free web space
provided by my internet service
provider. But when it grew too large I
transferred it to a commercial paid-for
service. I left the old website up and
running, as it was still attracting visitors,
and used it to redirect visitors
to the new site. Recently, I visited my
old site to find a number of hyperlinks
which lead to adverts. Does this mean my
site was accessed illegally? And
surely it can’t be used for advertising
without my consent?
Gordon Adams
Tere are various possible causes
here. Of course, it’s possible for a
web designer to build a website
with built-in hyperlinks to adverts but as
you’re the designer of this particular
website – and have no knowledge of doing
this – we can discount this. It’s
also possible that your website has been
hacked to include these links but frankly
we think this is unlikely, not least because
there are easier and more effective ways
for ne’er-do-wells to achieve much the
same thing –
as we’ll explain.
Another possibility is that the provider
of the web service automatically scans
published websites for certain keywords
and turns them into advert-laden
hyperlinks before the content is displayed
to visitors. Tis kind of behaviour tends to
be the preserve of providers of free web
space – it’s a way of generating revenue
from the websites they host for free. If
your website has been dormant for a
while, it’s possible the provider has
changed its terms and conditions in the
Finally, you may have inadvertently
installed an unwanted browser add-on
along with a program. Text Enhance, for
example, is just one among many
browser hijackers that produces exactly
the symptoms you describe. It can be
disabled via the ‘Uninstall a program’
command in Control Panel, though you’ll
also need to disable any related browser
add-ons. In Internet Explorer, for example,
click the cog icon at the top right then
choose ‘Manage add-ons’.
Now choose the ‘Toolbars and Extensions’
link on the left, right-click the Text
Enhance entry and choose Disable.
Has my old website been hacked?
Someone sent me a .docx file,
which they said was from
Microsoft Word 2010. I don’t
have Microsoft Office installed, but they
said I should be able to open it in Google
Docs. I successfully uploaded the file to
my Google Drive and I was then able to
open and read the document in Google
Docs. However, when I tried to edit it I
couldn’t. Whatever I did or wherever I
clicked, there seemed to be no way to
change the document.
Te person who sent me the file
assured me that it wasn’t locked down in
any way. I can normally create and edit
new documents with Google Docs
without any problem, so what am I doing
wrong here?
Linda Hall
Why can’t I edit a
.docx fle in Google
Edit Word documents in Google Drive by opening the documents with Google Docs
Te default option for Microsoft
Office files uploaded to Google
Drive is for them to be opened for
viewing only, in the Google Drive Viewer
tool – that explains why you can’t edit the
document. However, the default option for
files created with Google Docs is for them
to open in Google Docs – and that explains
why you can edit Google Docs files.
Fortunately, the solution is very
simple. Once you’ve uploaded the
document, right-click it then go to
‘Open with’, then Google Docs. Note
that if you make changes after this, the
document will be automatically saved
as a Google Docs document.
Problems Solved
88 Computer active March 2014
I downloaded Freemake Video
Downloader and copied it to
my Android (Jelly Bean)
tablet. However, for whatever reason it
won’t install.
Do you know why this is? And how
can I get rid of the download?
Trevor Tolson
Te answer to the first
question is straightforward –
Freemake Video Downloader
is a program for PCs running the
Windows operating system, not
Android tablets. So, while your Android
tablet gamely let you download the
executable file, it has no idea what to
do with it. Tere are various ways to
delete unwanted stuff from an Android
template. You can hook it up to a
PC and browse the folders using
Windows Explorer or, if the tablet’s
manufacturer has included one,
you can use a file-management
app to remove it.
Otherwise, visit the Google Play store
and install a free Android app such as
File Manager HD (www.snipca.
com/9884) and use this to do the job.
Launch the app then navigate to the
Downloads folder, or SD\Downloads if
your tablet saves to a memory card.
Now tap and hold on the
file. Tap Delete, then OK.
Use Android’s free app File Manager HD
to remove unwanted downloads
Why won’t
Freemake install
on my Android
You have earlier recommended
clearing out the DNS cache and
explained how to do this. I’ve
noticed that in CCleaner there’s an
option to do this by merely ticking a box.
Is this a safe way to clear out the cache?
If so, would it be a good idea to leave the
box ticked so that the DNS cache is
cleared out each time CCleaner is used?
In my case that would be once
a week.
Bryan Hewitt
Tere are various
good reasons for
clearing your
computer’s DNS cache. Tese
include to beef up your privacy
and refreshing the cache so
that its information is bang up
to date. However, performance isn’t the
strongest argument: while clearing the
cache will remove out-of-date web links
and boost performance for these specific
websites, it isn’t something that needs to
be done regularly – once every few
months is more than sufficient. So yes,
the CCleaner option is safe to use, but
once a week is overkill.
What is this funny icon in some websites?
I use Chrome as my preferred
web browser and Gmail as my
preferred email tool. Recently
when visiting Gmail I noticed a funny
little icon appear in the Chrome search
bar, on the Gmail home page: it looked
like two interwoven diamonds. I’ve not
noticed this before. What is it? And
should I be worried about it?
Alison Cornwell
Te icon indicates that Chrome
wants to install ‘service handler’
for the current website. Tat
sounds pretty complicated but all it
means is that, if you agree, the website
in question will be registered as the
default ‘handler’ for certain links.
Gmail, for example, can be registered
as the default service handler for links
that are email addresses – so when you
click an email address link on a
website, Gmail will launch in a new
tab (rather than Microsoft Outlook, for
If you want Gmail to be registered as the
default service handler for email links all
you need to do is click the icon, select the
Use Gmail radio button and then click
Done. If you later change your mind, click
Chrome’s Menu button (three horizontal
lines, top right), then choose Settings
followed by ‘Show advanced settings’.
Next, click ‘Content settings’ under the
Privacy heading followed by ‘Manage
handlers’ under Handlers. Now you can
use the ‘Protocol handlers’ dialogue box
to manage the various service handlers.
Is it safe to clear out my DNS cache
Use Chrome’s settings to set your email provider as
the default handler of email links on webpages
Tick the DNS Cache box in CCleaner
to clear out the cache every time you
use the program
89 March 2014 Computer active
Some Windows programs
demand that I disable my
antivirus software in order to
install them. I use Microsoft Security
Essentials but can find no way to
disable it. Can you help? I also have
Windows Defender installed. Is this
surplus to requirements?
Gene Wilroz
Disabling Microsoft Essentials
should only be done as a last
resort, and it isn’t an easy
procedure – though it is possible. In
fact, for what you want to do, you just
need to disable Essentials’ ‘Real-time
protection’ feature. Tis is the part of
Security Essentials that monitors for
programs trying to do unwelcome
things during installations.
To do this, launch Security
Essentials, click the Settings tab, then
the ‘Real-time protection’ link in the
left-hand navigation pane. Now untick
the ‘Turn on real-time protection
(recommended)’ box, then click the
‘Save changes’ button at the bottom.
Install your program, then repeat these
actions to re-enable ‘Real-time
It seems every time I log
into Gmail these days
something else has changed,
mostly for the worse in my opinion.
Te latest update has resulted in a
number of tabs appearing in my
inbox labelled ‘Primary’, ‘Social’ and
‘Promotions’. I’m not sure what
these are all about but my Facebook
notifications are now directed to the
Social tab.
I find this deeply annoying – I’m
capable of organising my own inbox
and I fear that I’m now losing emails
that would previously be shown in
my inbox. I’ve had a look in Gmail’s
Settings screen but I can’t find any
way to disable or manage these tabs.
What’s the purpose
of these tabs? And is it possible to
disable them?
Louise Nelson
Google has been
busy reinventing or
redesigning many of its
most popular products and these
Gmail tabs are the latest example.
Teir purpose, as you’ve already
guessed, is to sort email
automatically – social updates
(Facebook, Twitter and so on) are
automatically placed under the
Social tab, while messages that
Gmail considers adverts are
directed to the Promotions tab.
It’s possible to disable these
tabs, but not in Settings. Instead,
click the top-right cog icon and
choose ‘Configure inbox’. In the
‘Select tabs to enable’ dialogue box, use the
tick boxes to disable (or enable) the tabs as
you see fit. If you want to go back to the old
inbox, simply untick all the boxes. Click Save.
Manage your Gmail inbox tabs via the cog icon
How do I disable tabs in Gmail?
How do I suspend Microsoft Security Essentials?
Turn off real-time
protection in
Microsoft Security
Essentials to install
Windows programs
As for Windows Defender, this tool is
included with all recent consumer
editions of Windows. Since Windows
Vista, Defender has effectively been an
integral part of the operating system.
And as such, it cannot be uninstalled from
Vista, 7 or 8. However, Windows Defender
is automatically disabled when Security
Essentials is installed, so there’s nothing
else for you to do.
Windows XP users can uninstall
Windows Defender via the usual method:
go to Control Panel, then click ‘Add or
Remove Programs’, find Windows
Defender in the list, click to select, then
click the adjacent Remove button and
follow the prompts.
Problems Solved
90 Computer active March 2014
I would like to use a webcam on
my computer to have Skype
conversations with my relatives in
Australia. I am running Windows 7 I’m
aware that some people have problems
with sound and audio when using Skype,
Under My Computer there is a
menu called View. It has a
choice of several settings with a
default setting (on my PC at least) of
Tiles. Tis view takes up a lot of space,
as do the Tumbnails and Icons options.
I find Details the most useful, as it gives
a clear listing of my files, with the bonus
of being able to sort/rearrange. Instead
of having to choose this view for each
new folder I open, is there a method of
applying this to all the folders on my
drive in one go?
Eric Davies
Yes there is a way to do this.
Launch Windows Explorer
(hold down the Windows key +
E) and navigate to any folder. Set this
folder to Details view in the usual way
(open the View menu and click Details).
Next go to the Tools menu and select
‘Folder options’. In the Folder Options
dialogue box, select the View tab and
then click the ‘Apply to Folders’ button.
Note that if the ‘Apply to Folders’
button is greyed out and therefore you
can’t click it, you have probably
navigated to a Windows 7 Library rather
than to a folder. If this is the case, repeat
the procedure and this time navigate to
a folder, rather than a Library.
Where are my missing gigabytes?
I have an Acer Aspire 8920G
which states within the specs
that it has a 320GB hard disk
drive. However, when I look at the drive in
Windows Explorer, it informs me that I
have 24.7GB remaining from a total hard
disk capacity on the C drive of 144GB.
Where is the missing 176GB?
Mat Jansen
According to the 8902G’s manual,
10GB of the hard-disk space is
reserved as a hidden recovery
partition, but the rest should be
available for you to use. We
suspect that, for some reason,
the remaining space is hidden in
an ‘unallocated’ (unused)
partition. To check whether this
is the case, right-click Computer
in the Start menu and select
Manage. In the Computer
Management window that
appears, click to expand Storage
and select Disk Management.
In the lower section of the
middle panel, look for a box
labelled ‘unallocated’ to the right
of the C drive – this should be the missing
134GB. Right-click this and choose New
Simple Volume. Work through the New
Simple Volume wizard, leaving the ‘Simple
volume size in MB’ figure as it is (it should
be the same as the ‘Maximum disk space
in MB’ figure above).
Assign a drive letter (such as D) and click
Next, select the option to format the drive
and click Next, then Finish. Once the disk
is formatted, it will appear as a new drive
in Windows Explorer.
What webcam should I buy for Skype?
Locate and free up hidden disk-drive space with Windows
Computer Management tool
Set the viewing options for all folders on
your PC via the Tools menu
How do I set
Details view as
the default?
HD webcams like Microsoft’s LifeCam
HD-3000 are ideal for Skyping
so what should I bear in mind when
buying one?
Mike Humphreys
Te key issues when using Skype
are image and sound quality, as
well as internet-connection speed.
Assuming you can get at least 2Mbps from
your broadband connection then you
should be fine – a fibre-optic connection
is really not essential.
As for the webcam, you should go for
something with a high-definition (HD)
camera and a built-in noise-cancelling
microphone. Tis will ensure you’re
sending high-quality video and sound
to your relatives. Microsoft LifeCam
HD-3000, for example, has both
( But remember,
the person at the other end will also need
good equipment.
Type our Snipca URLs into the website address bar in the correct format to
avoid problems
In an earlier you recommended
some Wi-Fi-finding tools
that I found of interest. I typed
the published links (www.snipca.
com//9517 and
into the browser address bar and also via
Google, but neither method worked and I
couldn’t view the pages. Any suggestions?
I use both a third-generation iPad and a
Toshiba C660 laptop.
Hugh Pritchard
Te problems readers sometimes
have with snipca links (shortened
URLs) is not with how they
appear in the magazine, but with the way
that they’re entered. For example, many
people are in the habit of typing website
addresses into a Google (or other) search
bar. While this is not the foolproof method
of visiting web addresses, it generally
works because a Google search will usually
find the page in question – and then a
single click takes
the visitor to the
desired page. In
other words,
people get used
to this method
working for most
sites and then
wonder why
Snipca links
don’t work.
However, Google
searches for newly published Snipca links
will generally
fail, because the search engine generally
won’t have indexed the links yet. Te trick
is to ensure that you’re typing our links
into the website address (URL) bar – not
the search bar.
You say that you’ve tried both, but there
was an additional clue contained within
your email. We notice that the ‘non-
working’ links that you sent to us
contained two forward slash (‘//’) symbols,
rather than the single forward slash (‘/’)
required. If this is indeed how you typed
them, then the snipca (or any other URLs)
won’t work in the URL bar and nor would
they be found by a Google search, for the
reasons explained.
In summary, the answer is to type
Snipca URLs, carefully, into the URL/
website address bar – not the Google
(or other) search bar.
Does Windows 8 afect my broadband cap?
I have a capped monthly
broadband package but have been
advised that Windows 8 is very
dependent on the internet. For example, if I
want to go on my PC to use Word or Excel,
will I be online immediately (and therefore
using up my broadband allowance)? I was
under the impression that if I fired up my
PC it was not connected to the internet until
I actively clicked on the internet. However, I
have not found a way to click off the internet
in Windows 8. Is there a way?
Jack100, Computeractive Forum
If you’re
your internet
connection is always
on, regardless of the
operating system you
have installed.
Windows 8, like its
predecessors, has
automatic access to the
internet so that it
can download and install security updates
and so on.
Automatic downloads can be
turned off in the Control Panel (go to
Windows Update under ‘System and
Security’), but then you would miss the
security updates – and this is not a good
idea. You can set them to be offered but not
installed, but you still need to download
the data, so in that respect you haven’t
saved on your broadband allowance.
Many other programs also require
automatic access for updates, especially
antivirus software. However, most of the
time the programs will not be
downloading data, so your allowance will
not be affected.
Calimanco, Computeractive Forum
Manage automatic downloads via Windows Control Panel
Why don’t your Snipca links work?
Answer readers’ problems at
In the February 2014 issue, on page no. 18, we have published a wrong image of Zebronics Tower Speakers,
we regret the mistake.
91 March 2014 Computer active
92 Computer active March 2014 92
Fast Fixes
Fix Flickr login problems
Because Flickr is owned by Yahoo you
usually need a Yahoo ID and email address
to log in. Some people find their Yahoo
email account login details won’t work with
Flickr. If you’ve received a message in the
past about merging your Flickr and Yahoo
accounts, you may find Yahoo requires a
different ID from the one you thought it
wanted. To find out which ID Flickr
requires, go to
login and click the ‘Help by Email’ link
halfway down the page. Yahoo’s technical
support should be able to resolve this
problem for you.
Upload your photos in intervals
Since May, when Yahoo announced 1TB of
free storage for anyone with a Flickr
account, the site’s servers have been
somewhat inundated and you may have had
problems uploading batches of photos to the
site. Yahoo has set a 4GB- per-upload limit,
so check you aren’t trying to upload batches
that are larger.
If you find you can only upload a few photos
and the rest of the transfer process fails, try
using an upload scheduler, such as the free
program Loadlater (
Tis lets you schedule photo uploads in
10-minute intervals, so there’s less chance of
them being rejected because the server is
too busy. To use Loadlater, first sign into
Flickr, then go to and
click ‘sign in’ to connect it to your Flickr
account. Click Choose File under Upload A
Single Photo and select your photo. Add a
description and tag to the photo then click
in the Date box next to ‘When to Upload’.
Choose a time and day, then click Upload.
You may need to change the timezone to
at the top of the screen.
Fix Flickr app download errors
Flickr is available as an app for iOS and
Android, but some people have not been
able to download photos from their Flickr
account to their phone or tablet to view
offline – or to get downloading to stop. On
an iPhone or iPad you need to tap Settings
in Flickr then ‘Save to Camera Roll’ to make
your photos appear. In Android, you just
need to type your account details. If
permission to access your Flickr account is
already activated, try uninstalling and
reinstalling the Flickr app. Te same advice
applies if you’re
using third-
party tools
such as Glimmr
com/10095) to view your Flickr photos on
your device. Tere’s currently no built-in
way to stop Flickr automatically fetching
photos (and using up all your data
Make photos appear in the order
you want them to
Flickr shows photos on your Photostream in
date order, starting with the most recent. If
the photo doesn’t have a date stamp, Flickr
will simply assign the date on which the
photo was uploaded to the site. To make
your photos appear in a different order you
need to change their date stamps. To do this,
click Organize and drag all the photos
whose details you want to change on to the
editing pane. Now click ‘Edit dates’ and
choose a new one from the list, then click
Stop other people using the photos
in your account
You can opt out of having your photos
visible in galleries and in public searches at You can also
exclude your photos from Yahoo Image
Search and from inclusion on Flickr-based
apps that use its API. Click ‘Hide your
photos from site-wide searches on flickr.
com’ or ‘Hide your photos from searches on
3rd party sites that use the API, including
Yahoo Image Search’. Usually, Flickr lets
other people add photos to their Galleries as
long as the original photographer is
acknowledged or the photo has been made
available for use under a Creative Commons
licence (see options at
creativecommons). Click Remove to exclude
your photos appearing in a Gallery, which is
a set of Flickr photos that other
people have in their top 18.
Use Loadlater to upload your photos in ten-
minute intervals
If your photos
don’t appear
on your iOS
device open
the Flickr app,
tap Settings
then turn
on ‘Save to
Camera Roll’
Stop people using your photos in their apps by
hiding them from the third-party searches
Make Flickr display photos in the right order
by changing their date stamps
Sort out problems uploading, tagging and protecting your photos
of detail that can be recorded by a
digital image. A one-megapixel image
is made up of a million dots (pixels).
Micro SD card A small type of
memory card. Can be converted to SD
size using an adapter.
Mirror A setting for showing the
same picture on two monitors
connected to the same PC.
MKV Matroska. An open-source type
of video file.
MP4 A type of digital movie file often
used for portable players.
Nas Network-attached storage. A
hard disk attached to a network that
can be shared
by other PCs.
Network adapter A socket for
connecting a PC to a network.
Noise Visible dust-like speckles
that appear in some camera and TV
images. In photos, they are caused by
the camera’s own sensor.
Ogg Vorbis A free alternative to the
MP3 standard for compressing digital
Optical character recognition
Software that converts a picture of
text into editable text.
Overclocking Making a CPU work
faster to improve performance.
PCI-Express A faster version of PCI,
used by graphics cards.
PNG Portable Network Graphics. A
format for images that shrinks file
QoS A faster version of PCI, used by
modern graphics cards.
Quad core A computer that
has four processors on a single chip,
which allows it to operate faster than
standard (single-core) computers.
Ram Random-access memory. Te
1080p Of the common types of high-
definition video, this is the best quality:
1920x1080 pixels.
AAC Advanced Audio Coding.
A type of music file.
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format.
A digital audio format often associated
with Apple Mac computers.
API Application Programming
Interface. A system built into a
program so that other programs can
work with it.
BMP Bitmap. An image file.
Burst shooting A camera mode for
taking pictures quickly.
Common interface A technology
used to access pay-per-view TV
Component video A type of high-
quality video connection that uses
three cables, plus two more for sound.
Can carry high-definition video.
Composite video A low-quality
type of video connection that uses
one cable for video. Normally colour-
coded yellow.
Defragmentation To reorganise data
stored on a hard drive.
Digital audio output A connection
that allows a computer to output
surround sound digitally so it can be
processed by a decoder.
DivX A popular type of compressed
video file.
DNS Domain Name System.
A technology that associates PCs with
their IP addresses.
Dual core Two processors combined
into a single chip.
Exposure Compensation A feature
that automatically tries to pick the
correct exposure.
EXE A program file designed to run
in Windows. Named after the file
Jargon Buster
extension .exe.
Fibre optic A technology that sends
data as pulses of light via glass cables.
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec. A
type of digital audio file that can be
created from CD.
Fps Frames per second. Te speed
at which the graphics of a game are
refreshed. Te higher the fps, the
smoother the graphics will be. A
low fps score can make gameplay
GIF Graphics Interchange Format. A
type of image file often used on the
Graphics card A component in a
computer that produces the image
shown on the monitor.
H.264 A type of MPEG4 video that is
used on Blu-ray discs.
Hardware acceleration
Using a graphics card to radically
improve video and games
Hardware virtualisation
Technologies for improving
performance when running virtual
HDMI High definition media interface.
Transmits HD video and audio signals.
Integrated graphics chip A device
that has a chip for processing graphics
data built on to its motherboard, rather
than having a separate graphics card.
ISO Te light sensitivity of a camera.
Higher ISO numbers allow you to
shoot without
flash in darker situations.
Keylogging Recording everything
someone types, normally used to
steal passwords.
M4A An audio format often used on
mobile devices.
Megapixel A measure of the amount
computer’s working area, used for
data storage while the PC is switched
Registry A file integrated into
Windows that stores information on
all hardware and software installed on
your PC.
Remote Code Execution
When a hacker is able to start
a program running on a remote
Resolution Te amount of detail
shown in an image, whether on screen
or printed.
Scart A standard connector for video
and audio signals.
Sensor Te part of the camera that
captures each image. Equivalent to a
piece of film
on a film camera.
Solid state drive Describes a device,
such as an MP3 player or memory
card, which has no internal moving
TIFF Tagged Image File Format. A
standard file format used to store
graphics images.
UPnP Universal Plug and Play. A
standard for sharing media between
computers and network devices.
USB3 A faster version of the USB
standard used to connect devices to a
WAV file Also known as a Wave file
and saved with a .wav extension. An
audio file, used for recording music
and other sounds to disk.
White balance Adjusts the balance of
colours in the image to produce more
natural-looking images.
Wizard A step-by-step process that
helps you choose settings.
WMV Windows Media Video.
A Microsoft file format for video.
93 March 2014 Computer active 93
decide to install updates, and each time I
was in the middle of – or about to start –
something urgent. In each case there was
no option to delay the update and no sign it
was doing anything remotely useful, just a
miserable half-hour wait before I could
crack on with work for a deadline, bid on
an auction, check for an urgent email or
watch the film I’d been waiting all
weekend to watch.
Only in the wonderful world of
technology does this stuff go on. If my oven
made me wait 30 minutes while it
downloaded and configured updates then
burnt my dinner it wouldn’t last a week. If
my car paused to update as I pulled out
onto an A road, I wouldn’t last a week. So
why do we tolerate this from our PCs and
gadgets? It’s because, annoyingly, we have
to, if we want our devices to stay safe and
fast. Still, there’s no excuse for updates
making things worse. If the makers want
us to keep installing them, they need to
work better and install at a time that’s
convenient to us. Is that too much to ask?
94 Computer active March 2014 94
The Final Straw
Tis issue Stuart Andrews considers the chaos of. . .
Computeractive’s Mr Angry
Troublesome updates
Do you agree with Stuart?
Let us know at
I’m sure I’m not the
only one to have
installed a new update
on my PC, tablet or
phone, only to fnd it
feeling slower

o, who’s regretting that iOS 7 update?
Well, if you expected Apple to give
you a new kind of iPad or iPhone
experience, then you certainly got one. If
you were lucky you just got apps that didn’t
work as you remembered, messages that
never reached their intended target and
less reliable wireless connections than
before. If you were unlucky, the new
zooming and scrolling animations made
you nauseous. I’ve seen plenty of software
that has made me sick to my stomach, but
only Apple could manage it so literally.
Don’t get me wrong – I like iOS 7. It
looks nice, clean and modern and works
quite intuitively, like Windows 8
re-designed by Dyson. However, those who
don’t like it have my sympathy. After all,
you expect a software update to improve
what you had before, not alter it radically,
make the core functions unfamiliar and
leave your stomach churning. If I took my
car to the dealer for a service and got it
back with the interior redone in pastel
plastics and the handbrake concealed
beneath the passenger seat I might feel
a little peeved too.
Still, at least iOS 7 left most of the devices
it was installed on up and running. Last
November an update to Apple TV stopped it
connecting to a number of wireless
networks – a concern when you’re a
wireless media-streaming device. In April,
Microsoft had to fix an update for Windows
7 after it started crashing systems, while an
August update heralded the return of the
good old Blue Screen of Death. Tat same
month Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone
update left some devices overheating,
failing to boot or struggling with reception.
In June, Sony put out a PlayStation 3
update that turned some consoles into
high-tech doorstops.
Call me old-fashioned, but shouldn’t an
update improve a product, not hinder or
wreck it? I’m sure I’m not the only one to
have installed an update on my PC, tablet
or phone, only to find it feeling slower, or
apps and features that no longer worked, or
that battery life was now much worse.
Remember that famous first principle of
the doctor’s Hypocratic Oath: first, do no
harm? Perhaps software developers could
swear to something similar.
It’s not just the problems that software
updates cause that needle me, but also
their timing. Tis week alone I’ve had one
tablet, one games console and two PCs
Now, the fun at Computer Interactive gets
even more rewarding! Take a crack at
this IMS-Computeractive Quiz and win!
Find the answers and shoot before 30th
December 2013 to win a Digitek Instant
Power DIP 5200A or Envie Speedster.
Mail to
The decision of the judges will be final and binding and no
queries shall be entertained. The employees of IMS Mercantiles
and Next Gen Publishing cannot participate in this contest.
Participants can also send their entries by fax or photocopies at
the Next Gen mailing address listed on colophon page. Winners
will be decided by Lucky draw.
Name: ___________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City: __________________ Pin Code: _______________
Tel. No. __________________________________________
Mobile: __________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________
Subscription No. (For subscribers only) _________________
Quiz # 33

arnath kaur, Delhi, (Digitek Handy Scanner)
Raj kiran Hydrabad, (Envie Speedster)
Question 1:
1) Which phone has a dedicated
SOS button at the back?
a) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 q
b) iBall Andi Uddaan q
c) Sony Xperia Z1 q
Question 2:
2) What is the latest version
of Android OS called?
a) Gingerbread q
b) Ice Cream Sandwich q
c) KitKat q

Question 3:
3) Who is the new CEO of Microsoft?
a) Satya Nadella q
b) Bill Gates. q
c) Steve Ballmer q
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