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Specification SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Project EF/1427 Fiber Optic Cable

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05 Sheet 2 of 13 CONTENTS 1.......8 CABLE ROUTING MARKERS..12 SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 ......................................................................................................0 9........................3 REQUIREMENTS................................09...........................................................0 6...............9 PACKING.......0 10................Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29......................................... MARKING AND DOCUMENTATION ..................................................................0 7............................0 GENERAL ........................................................0 5............5 OPTICAL AND MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CABLES..........................3 REFERENCE DOCUMENTS & STANDARDS .........0 3.......................................................8 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS / QUALITY ASSURANCE .....................4 CABLE IDENTIFICATION....................................................................0 4.0 2..5 CABLE DRUMS ....0 8..................................7 OPTICAL SPLICING .............................................................................................

3 1. This specification defines the minimum requirements and doesn't relieve the Contractor from his obligations to supply a FOC system working correctly and safely. SPC-1427-EE-4600-02. The 110mm OD UPVC duct shall be provided with 3 (three) inner subducts 32 mm OD corrugated PVC. splicing boxes etc) for connection.5 1. installation/ test/system acceptance test.1 2. The Contractor shall provide all materials such as fiber optic cable and accessories (splicing kits.6).4 1. except where otherwise specified.09.6 2.8. materials and performance. Subclause 4.2 Where conflicts exist between this specification and other project documents. The FOC shall fully comply with all relevant contractual documents.0 GENERAL 1. individually equipped with nylon rope having adequate strength to pull the cable. the most stringent shall be applied.0 REFERENCE DOCUMENTS & STANDARDS 2. inspection and testing of Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) to be installed at New GC-24 at Sabriyah Field from Main Control Building Main Control Building Main Control Building (DCS) Main Control Building (DCS) to Sub Control Building Maintenance Building Sub Control Building (DCS) Maintenance Building (DCS) 1.3 SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . 1.2 The FOC shall be installed in one of the two underground ducts of 110mm OD (Ref. manufacture. codes and specifications. International Standards BS-EN-60793 BS-EN-60794 Optical Fibers Optical Fiber Cables 2. Specification No. with the current issue and amendments of the following codes and standards prevailing on the effective date of the contract. Fiber Optic Cable shall conform in design.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29.05 Sheet 3 of 13 1.1 The scope of this specification is to define the requirements for the design. The clarifications and/or deviations from this specification shall be clearly identified by the Contractor and subjected to Company review and approval.

Safety of Optical Fiber Communication Systems. BS-EN-61300 BS-EN-60825-2 BS-EN-61274 ITU-T Telecommunication Standardisation Sector of ITU (previously CCITT .Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29. made of high grade silica with their cores doped with Germanium and individually coated with a composite layer of acrylate.4 Reference Project Drawings 574-7-164 sht. meet the CCITT recommendations G-652 characteristics of 9. Overall Telecommunications.0.Basic test and measurement procedures. 4 of 4 574-7-191 574-8-104 Control Building Telephone and Data Communications Layout. UV cured.4/125 micrometer single mode optical fiber cables.3 +/.2 The FOC shall retain the optic and mechanical properties detailed in the present specification over a working temperature range of -30°C to +60°C.The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee) G-652 Characteristic of a Single Mode Optical Fiber Cables. for splicing purpose. 2.05 Sheet 4 of 13 BS-EN60874 Connectors for Optical Fibers and Cables BS-EN-61073 Mechanical splicers and fusion splice protectors for optical fibers and cables Fiber Optic interconnecting devices and passive components . Fiber Optic and Paging Communication Layout Control System Block Diagram 3. as a minimum.0 REQUIREMENTS 3. Fiber Optic Adaptors. 3.09. The optical cables shall be single mode type. or the current recommendations at the time of the commencement of the works. Geneva 1989. 4 of 4 574-7-181 sht. The primary coating shall be removable with chemical solution or by mechanical accurate tool. 3.1 The Fiber Optic Cables shall. 4 of 4 574-7-165 sht. Maintenance Building Telephone and Data Communication Layout Sub Control Room Telephone and Data Communications Layout.3 SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 .

5 The jacket of each fibre shall be protected by a loose tube.05 Sheet 5 of 13 3. The centre of the cable core shall contain a strength member of fiberglass reinforced plastic.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29.1 The outer sheath of the cable shall consist of a tough weather.0 CABLE IDENTIFICATION 4. The stranded core shall be covered with a synthetic taping with hydrogen absorbing filter. strength member and core wrapping shall be filled with compound to prevent longitudinal flow of water. Fiber shall be coloured with distinguishable durable colours. 5. Aramid yarn put over the sheath is applied to Strength Member.30ºC + 60ºC. joints. covered with polyethylene sheath. The filling compound shall have the molecular hydrogen absorption property and shall be non-toxic.9 4. 3. 4. The outer sheath shall be embossed at every 1m interval with the cable identification including but not limited to.3 5. The interstices between secondary coating. filled with a compound consisting of fumed silica dispersed in oil to prevent water ingress. free of pinholes. chemically resistant thermoplastic alloy. oil resistant. The cable is covered with a layer of oil resistant PE protection. The cable shall retain Optical and mechanical properties over a temperature range .4 3. according to Manufacturer standard.1 Optical Properties: • Mode field Material : Ge-doped silica glass SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . The interstices in the cable core are filled with jelly compound for moisture protection.2 4.09. Outside the synthetic taping a polyethylene inner sheath shall be provided.6 3.0 OPTICAL AND MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CABLES The Fiber Optic Cable accommodates 12 fibers made of high grade Silica with their cores doped with Germanium accommodated in U-shaped helical grooves of plastic spacer and covered with polyethylene sheath. non-nutrient to fungus and non conducting.8 3. a Manufacturers name. The cable shall consist of Twelve (12) single mode optical fibres accommodated in U-shaped helical grooves of plastic spacer. mended places and other defects.7 3. cable type & date of manufacture. The sheath shall be circular. flame retardant and zero halogen emission black polyethylene.

5μm ±10% • • • • • Cladding: Material Diameter : : : : : : : Silica glass 125± μm Max.0mm.25 μm Fiber non-circularity Concentricity error Cut-off wavelength Coating: Material Diameter 5. 160 Kg/Km • • Peripheral Amour Outer Sheath Material : Thickness • • SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 : : : Outer diameter Cable weight .09.0 μm 1100 to 1330 nm. of Fibers Central Strength Member Material : 12 : Fiber Glass Plastic (FRP) Nom.2 Mechanical Properties: • • No.05 Sheet 6 of 13 Diameter : 9.5 mm (not less than 1.25 mm) Nom. 2% Max.5 mm High Strength Aramid yarns (KEVLAR / TWARON) Cross – linked high density black polyethylene Nom 1. 15 mm Approx. 3. Polyethylene Jelly compound Plastic tape Reinforced • • • • • Size Spacer Filling of Cable core interstices Wrapping Sheath Material Thickness : : : : : : : Polyethylene (Black) Nom 1. Dual UV acrylate Nom 0. 1.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29.

prior to shipment. 6. year of manufacture and length marking at intervals of one meter. kM Less than 2.5 ps/nm. Testing of the cable shall be possible without the need to unwind more than 2 meters of cable. If the test results are not satisfactory.1 The fiber optic cable to be supplied by the Contractor shall be coiled on cable drums. to avoid the ingress of moisture. the entire length of the cable shall be SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . Drum Identification Number.4 Manufacturer : Code : See KOC Approved Vendor List Vendor Code 6.0 CABLE DRUMS 6. if cable drum or the cable is found or is suspected to be damaged in any way. The cable length in meters. each cable end shall be secured in order to withstand all conditions during transportation.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29.3 Characteristics • • • • Transmission loss at 1300 nm Chromatic dispersion at 1300 nm Permissible pulling force Compressive Load : : : : Maximum 0. Both flanges of cable drum shall be distinctly marked with the following: a) b) c) d) e) f) 6. the entire length of the cable on the drum shall be tested by the Contractor in the presence of the Company personnel.3 During inspection at site. The cable shall be delivered on cable drum with both ends accessible for testing purposes.05 Sheet 7 of 13 • Identification : Manufacturer’s name. year of manufacture. The weight of the drum-both-net and gross.75 kN (280 kgf) Less than 200 N (20 kgf/ cm) 5. The cable ends shall be suitably sealed by the Vendor.09. 5.4 Manufacturer's name and country of origin.4 dB/kM Within 3. Agreement number and purchase order number. A short description of the cable stating the type and the number of fibers.2 6.

will be arranged in an orderly way into a proper splice enclosure.0 OPTICAL SPLICING 7. The markers shall be installed at one hundred and fifty (150) meters intervals along the route of the laid cable and at every curve and change in direction of the laid cable.5 The cable drum shall have stout. together with surplus length of fibre. closely fitted wooden strips firmly secured in position around the drum to effectively prevent damage to the cable during transportation and storage. These numbers shall also appear on surface located splice enclosures.0 CABLE ROUTING MARKERS 8.4 8. The underground F.C. There shall be adequate space between the outer layer of the cable and the inner side of the wooden strips. Visible defect on the cable sheath shall not be accepted.1 Visible markers shall be provided by Contractor along the route of the laid cable so as to identify the location and direction of the laid cable and the location of the handholes.1 The splicing of optical fibres shall be made by arc-fusion method. wording.O. The material. colour combinations and method of installation of the markers shall be approved by the Company before their 8. joints shall be located in standard handholes in accordance with Project drawings.2 dB.09.2 7. The cable markers shall be manufactured of approved material and shall be coated. joints) especially designed.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29. The IP rating for such enclosures shall be certified as IP67. Splices shall be housed in underground enclosures (F.O. The markers shall be installed immediately upon backfilling of the cable trench. At splice enclosures the cables shall be marked upon entry indicating the destination of each cable end.3 7.5 SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . The cable route markers shall be two (2) meters in total length. 7. Regardless of which however the average splice loss for all fibre links shall not exceed 0. The maximum splice loss for each fibre link shall not exceed 0. logo. with one (1) meter of the marker buried underground when installed. All splices shall be clearly numbered in an overall numbering scheme.2 8.1 dB.05 Sheet 8 of 13 rejected.3 8. 6. coloured. The single splices. which shall be detailed in as built documentation. lettered and marked so as to be resistant to the prevailing climatic conditions and the harsh oil field environment.C. 7.4 8.

2 Quality Assurance The Manufacturer shall operate a quality system. 9. and it's therefore not detailed in the core text of this Standard.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29. No equipment or materials shall be delivered until all applicable tests have been completed and all defects rectified and re-tested successfully. 9. 9. SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 .09. 9. The certificate of works test and inspection shall not be accepted until all items on the Test and Inspection Schedule are completed and signed off by Manufacturer's OA/QC personnel and Contractor/Company has witnessed tests according to their requirements. Documentary evidence shall be available for Company review upon request.3.05 Sheet 9 of 13 manufacture and installation. which ensures that the requirements of this Standard are achieved.3. Tube dimension: (with tolerances ± 10%) Sheath thickness (with tolerances ± 10%) Outer diameter (with tolerances ± 10%) Inner/Outer diameter measurement Nominal/Average measurement Minimum/Nominal measurement Dimensions shall also be tested at random (one for each cable length) during the manufacturing process.0 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS / QUALITY ASSURANCE 9. Verification of the Manufacturer's quality system is normally part of the pre-qualification procedure.1 The Company reserve the right to witness testing or to request additional testing.2 Dimensional Tests The Contractor shall carry out tests to verify the integrity of the materials manufactured. according to their requirements.3 Shop Inspection and Testing 9.1 Inspection and Testing The Contractor shall be responsible for all Inspection and testing of materials and equipment prior to delivery. The quality system shall preferably be based on ISO 9000 series of standards and the Manufacturer shall demonstrate compliance by providing a copy of the accredited certificate or the Manufacturer's quality manual.

has been provided and constructed in accordance with the SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . Test and certification of bandwidth and attenuation continuity on drums attenuation on drums check of length and identification info Moreover for each fibre: • • • • Attenuation coefficient for 1310 nm and 1550 nm Zero dispersion wave length Zero dispersion slope Chromatic dispersion at 1550 nm All cables with values above the specified will be rejected.4. the test shall be made at both ends and the two measurement compared. witnessed and approved by the Contractor and Company shall demonstrate that the F. General inspection on construction conformance.3 Tests to be performed by the Manufacturer.4.09. shall be investigated and resolved.4 Factory Acceptance Tests 9. which could be caused from instrument resolution. In particular the tests carried out by the Supplier shall be the following: • • • • • Attenuation measurements for each fibre in dB/km (average and maximum) in all the cable lengths of the supplied lot. Differences greater than that.2 The measurement shall be summarised in a graphic (Back Scattering Diagram) which shall also be used for localised losses detection during installation.C. 9. Attenuation coefficient shall be measured to ensure compliance with the design specification.05 Sheet 10 of 13 9. 9. Certified test-reports for all deliverables.1 The tests shall include for each testing length.4. Back scattering diagram. For runs over 100 metres. optical time domain reflectometry measurement (OTDR) and attenuation coefficient.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29.O.

0. The cable sample shall be capable of withstanding mechanical (2) (3) (4) SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . 1 Meter Water Pressure.4.10 dB. The cable shall not experience a measurable increase in attenuation when subjected to the static load. 180° Twisting . 20 x OD Bend Radius.10 dB.09. 30 ± 1 Cycles/Minute. 24 Hours No Drip at 80°C 15 x OD (Static) 20 x OD (Dynamic) 500 Cycles. 9.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29.5 The Contractor shall also supply all certification relevant to the type tests. Description Impact Resistance (IEC 794/1-E4) Crush Resistance (IEC 794/1-E3) Cable twist (IEC 794/1-E7) Tensile load (IEC 794/1-E1) Water penetration (IEC 794/1-F5B) Compound flow test (IEC 794/1-E14) Cable bend (IEC 794/1-E11) Minimum Requirement 10 N. No fibre break 5000 N/10cm. A 10 Cycles. The average increase in attenuation for the fibre of a cable subjected to the dynamic load shall not be greater than 0.4. The cable sample shall be capable of withstanding mechanical twisting without experiencing an average increase in attenuation greater than 0.4 The Contractor shall submit a comprehensive test schedule for the Company approval 9.20 dB. to guarantee the quality. 9. 5 Meter Sample Minimum -40°C to +70°C IEC 332-3 cat.0 meter sample (4) Temperature cycling (IEC 794/1-F1) Flame retardant (1) (5) The cable sample shall withstand impact testing without exhibiting an average increase in attenuation greater than 0.05 Sheet 11 of 13 specifications and applicable standards.5 Hammer Radius (1) (2) Dynamic: 5000 N (3) 3 Meter sample.m. 100 N Cable Load. 3 Cycles.6 The Contractor shall demonstrate that the following type tests were performed on the fibre optical cable production process. 3 Cycles.4. 2. The cable jacket shall not exhibit evidence of cracking of splitting.

The change in attenuation at extreme operational temperatures shall not be greater than 0. 9.09. data sheets. design calculations. The cable jacket shall not exhibit evidence of cracking of splitting under 10x magnification. 10.6. refer to "KOC Standard for Packing. 9.6 Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) 9. Marking and Documentation" No. including a detailed procedure report of what will be witnessed. as a minimum. the following: • • • • • Schedule of tests Specified performances expected for each test Test results Space for recording the names and signatures of participating Manufacturer and Contractor personnel.3 The Contractor shall be responsible for collecting and operating the complete set of SAT documents to be forwarded to the Company at the conclusion of the SAT.1 For all relevant requirements.1 The Contractor shall prepare a formal procedures document for Site Acceptance Tests for Company approval.2 The SAT documents shall include. MARKING AND DOCUMENTATION 10. instructions. 10. Special purpose tools for all site activities 9.20 dB/km.10 dB/km. drawings.0 PACKING.05 Sheet 12 of 13 (5) flexing without experiencing an average increase in attenuation greater than 0.5 On Site Services The Contractor shall provide the following as a minimum: System installation.6.6.10 dB at the completion of the test. 9. The measurements shall be made at 1550 nm wavelength.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29. Space for comments. with 80 percent of the measured values no greater than 0.2 SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . commissioning and SAT. KOC-G-004" All correspondence. or any other written information shall be in English language.

Weight and dimension of each drum. The Contractor shall prepare and supply the following technical documentation as a minimum. unless otherwise specified.09.Project Number EF/1427 Specification Number SPC-1427-EE-4600-01 Rev O2 Date 29. a) List of all supplied material with indication of quantity and manufacturer. Acceptance test procedures. Spare parts list Quality Data Book. Equipment drawings.05 Sheet 13 of 13 10. SPC-1427-EE-4600-01-RO2 . etc. shall be in SI units.3 All dimensions.4 b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Approval and/or acceptance of documents by Company will not relieve the Contractor of the design and/or fabrication responsibilities detailed in every contractual document. Cable list. physical constants. units of measurement. Manufacturer Data Book. cable joint and connectors. 10.

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