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Government collage of management sciences, Collage road, Near RTC, kohat Email: tari rahim!!!"#ahoo$com contact No: %&&&'(%)*+*,%'--'-(%%(.

Career Objective
/earning is main o01ective 2 3ants to get the 4ractical e54erience from the market$ to 4er6se career and e54lore the kno3ledge in the field of management sciences$

Quick Profile & Key Qualifications
Ph-D in Management Sciences in !rogress"# Ha7ara 8niversit#, Mansehra, 9akistan: MS$% ;National 8niversit# <f Modern /ang6ages, Islama0ad, 9akistan:, $$% H<N= ;>ohat 6niversit# of science and technolog# kohat, 9akistan:$ Strong global sense and strong global corres!on&ing ca4a0ilit# in 9akistan, English, and other lang6ages? '(cellent com!uter literacy in 0asic 2 06siness a44lications, hard3are 2 net3orking, IT related tasks, MI=, and E@commerce and strong technology integration ca4a0ilit# in o4erations? Ca4a0le of forming strategies to !in!oint an& collect information about s4ecific,target gro64s or clients from an# availa0le media$ Quick learner and ca4a0le of 3orking 3ith minimum su!ervision, strong a&a!tability 4o3er in changing environment, m6lti@tasking ca4a0ilit#, and innovative 2 inventive? Research oriented, so6nd anal#tical com4etenc#, 4eo4le oriented, and high need for achievement$

'&ucational )nformation
*+,- to *+,. *++/ to *+,+ 9hd in Management =ciences A co6rse 3ork com4letedB HAZARA UNIVERSITY, MANSEHRA, M= in 06siness Administration NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MODERN LANGUAGES, ISLAMABAD. )MP2'M'30%0)O3 O4 0O0%2 Q5%2)06 M%3%7'M'30 )3 0'80)2' )3D5S096 O4 P%K)S0%3 Cachelor in C6siness Administration ;H<N=: KOHAT UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, KOHAT Di4loma In Commerce BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, PESHAWAR Matric6lation BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE AND SECONDARY EDUCATION, BANNU

01'S)S 0)02'

*++* to *++:

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%<ar&s & achievements
*$ Got &rd 9osition In CCA ;H<N=:, >ohat 8niversit# <f =cience And Technolog# >ohat$ -$ =tate Cank Internshi4 Holder &$ 9resented A Research 9a4er In International Conference ;ICCT:, I ra 8niversit# Islama0ad, -%%+$

st international conference )C$0#*++=" )Q9% 5niversity )slamaba&> P%P'9 0)02'? 5S'9S @)'AS %$O50 01' 5S%$)2)06 O4 D)7)0%2 2)$9%96 Professional 0raining %> $$ C$ &> T3o month internshi4 in state 0ank of 9akistan >arachi Horksho4 on IC6siness Research Methodolog#J.E6dora.64date. 3e0 folder management. Islama0ad T3o month internshi4 in 9TE Islama0ad <ne Gear Di4loma In Com46teri7ed Acco6nting Com!uter 2iteracy $usiness %!!lications Effective C6siness <4erations in C-C Trade 9ortals Financial Transaction 8sing He0@media Aeb!age Design & O!timiBation Designing and o4timi7ing .'). 4reservation. and MAC@<=$ 9eferences .!$ Got -nd 9osition In G9GC. E5cel. )nternet 2iteracy 2evel Internet E54lorer. -%%&$ 7ra!hicsCD0P Package Ado0e 9hotosho4. M= D<=. and dissemination$ Search 'ngine 5tiliBation Ca4a0le of 6tili7ing search engines efficientl# and collect acc6rate 2 relevant information$ %ccounting !ackages 9eachtree. and Q6ark E54ress$ O!erating Systems Hindo3s . ME. -$ Mem0er of C<G. Kohat University Of Science and Technology. Q6ickCooks. K9:. circ6lation. He0@folder maintenance 2 FT9 o4erations 9<9. etc$ '-catalog Pre!aration-Dissemination 9re4aration. conversion. Front9age.s:. Ado0e 9ageMaker. /AN o4erations. instit6te of management sciences. mass 2 06lk mailing.$ 9TE Internshi4 Holder ($ 8niversit# Head 9roctor For .I9. tall#.6sing meta@tag: for 3e0 search thro6gh search engines. Gate3a#. -%%%. and address 0ook maintenance$ 4ile Sharing O!timiBation 9DF conversion. 9o3er9oint. 'mail 5tility %&&-ins & '(tracting Soft<are For email merge. <6tlook E54ress. -%%%. N8M/ 8niversit#. Access. 9esha3ar$ . kohat$ Conference atten&e& *$ Researcher 4a4er 4resented in .Gear Membershi! *$ Mem0er of Coard of st6d#. >ohat 6niversit# of science and technolog# A00asLsammar"hotmail$com . and <6tlook$ Eersions: '+. DN=: maintenance$ Microsoft Office Hord. ne3 frontier collage of commerce. FT9 o4erations. K9.=MT9 access maintenance and I9 access . 960lisher. maintenance.> D9> S%MM%9 %$$%S /ect6rer in instit6te of management sciences.

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