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Saud Alanazi Second paper PROV-110-AC2 Your grade for this paper is based on the following criteria:

An improvement of the coherence of the original Second Paper: A reduction of the Second Paper to no more than 855 words: o 731 total words No loss of essential information or significant change in meaning from the original: An improvement of the cohesion of the original Second Paper: o green highlighting is for sentences that start with unfamiliar information 20/25 16/15 18/20 10/10

Global problems in some countries of the world are the most controversial debates nowadays. Overpopulation problem separated the world into two parts arguing and discussing this problem. This problem is considered as a natural crisis for the first side while the second side considers it a huge disaster and demands a quick solution. In my opinion, overpopulation is a natural issue based on some proofs that I found. According to the Longman dictionary, the definition of overpopulation is "when there are too many people living in a particular place". The controversial overpopulation issue will be solved by this definition that will give us clear answers for arguments and a solution to satisfy both parties. The most common solution of overpopulation issue is limiting the procreation of each family for those who want to reduce overpopulation. This solution of overpopulation is neither practical nor effective because it violates peoples rights and will lead towards riots. The real problem of overpopulation issue lies in the heavy concentration of residency at a particular location. Overpopulation poses some problems only for a few countries such as China, India and the U.S. however the rest of the countries are not overpopulated and have wide-spaces and focused in other problems that are more important. For instance, one of the cities that confront problems is Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia which is a big city with a high population and lots of empty land. I would like to talk about one of the problems and try to find an effective solution to solve this issue. Every country suffers from internal problems. As Laura Mitchell says in this quote "Common sense and personal experience tells us that this is not the case." overpopulation is

Saud Alanazi Second paper PROV-110-AC2 not the case, and rather the problem lies in traffic, which is causing transportation delays to hospitals, schools, offices, and airport. The problem has been existing for a long time. The question remains, what is the main reason causing traffic congestion? The reason of the problem is corruption in government officials. The possible solution of this problem that might help my city overcomes this issue. It consists of several steps, if these steps are implemented accurately, the end result will be effective. In Saudi Arabia some people ignore the rules because the government failed to enforce them. The problem of traffic still exists because people never obey traffic signs or the speed limit and during traffic jams, people tend to use shoulder lanes to skip traffic. The problem is expanding more because even children in Saudi Arabia start driving from a very young age and like to drift thinking that theyll achieve the "cool" status. The problem of traffic is ranked Saudi Arabia with the highest number of accidents in the world. It will be fixed if the government starts suspending people's licenses, which would be a step in the right direction. People are able to afford traffic violations. Next, if they get caught driving on a suspended license, then the next step would be jail. Therefore, if they want to avoid jail time, the solution of this problem should be applied by people. When people become familiar with the rule, the solution would be enforced at its full potential yielding in positive results. Second, the problem stems from numerous of lazy officials filling high positions, from government employees to contractors because they are trusted with establishing useful projects that are beneficial by constructing alternative streets for rush hour use only and separating streets for trucks outside. Finally, a solution of problem is quoted by Laura Mitchell Even" if we cannot produce more of a natural resource we can still expand its reserves by learning to use it more efficiently." If people voice their complaints to the government, the solution of the problem

Saud Alanazi Second paper PROV-110-AC2 will be achieved. Even though we live in a sick world, the problems will be solved inevitably through either reason, or when it's too late In conclusion, over population is the least of our problems, if anything, overpopulation means a thriving country. The real problem is the ones in power who focus on insignificant issues and neglect the real issues that require immediate attention. Looking at the United States today, overpopulation will be addressed as the national debt that recently caused a government shutdown? Any overpopulated country can survive, thrive, and coexist in harmony if everyone came together to stand against what's wrong. Focusing on insignificant problems while life threatening issues exist, causes us to be trapped in an endless cycle of problems for the rest of our existence.