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Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program

Tổ Chức Hỗ Trợ Y Tế Cho Việt Nam

P.O. Box 7424 Gaithersburg, MD 20898

VNMAP’s Leadership Initiative Grant Program (LIGP) for

Medical Mission Team Members

In order to support VNMAP medical mission team members for the 2010 Mission as well
as encourage leadership initiative among the members, VNMAP has established a
Leadership Initiative Grant Program (LIGP) to honor team members who fulfill the grant
requirements in addition to the responsibilities that have been listed in the application.

1. What is Leadership Initiative Grant Program (LIGP)?

LIGP is an award recognition program established by Viet Nam Medical Assistance
Program (VNMAP) to identify and award highly qualified VNMAP’s medical mission
participants for their leadership and commitment to VNMAP’s goals.

2. Who are eligible for the grant? How many awards will be given out?
ONLY the VNMAP’s 2010 Medical Mission team members are eligible for the grant
program. We will offer as many awards as the number of the mission team members.
Thus, all team members can practically receive the grant if they follow the grant

3. How much is each award?

The full amount for the grant is $400 if a team member fulfills all requirements. Team
members can also get partial grants when they only complete part of the grant guideline.
Please read the grant amount distribution scale for more information.

4. If I am selected to be a team member, how can I apply for the grant?

If you are selected to be in our team, no additional application is required for the grant.
By Jan 28th, 2010, you will be asked to submit a 1-page proposal on a project that you
would like to do that can fulfill the grant’s requirements.

5. What are the requirements for the grant?

Candidates for the LISP grant are expected to commit an additional 2-3 hours/week on
the top of 2-3 hours/week required to be in the mission. During the additional committed
time, the candidate needs to demonstrate a good level of leadership in his/her activities.
VNMAP will open different options and provide guidance for team members who want
to apply for the grant.

There are four options that our candidates can consider. Each candidate ONLY chooses
one of the four options and writes a proposal on how s/he plans to pursue that option:
a. Leading a committee in VNMAP Mission Team or in VNMAP Program. For
example, you volunteer to take a role as a team leader in the Health Education
Committee. You will then work with the committee lifeline to lead the whole
mission team in developing health programs for the residents that we serve in
Viet Nam
VNMAP LIGP Proposal v.1 10/29/2009 Page 2

b. Offering unique skill(s)/resource(s) to support the development of VNMAP

Program. For example, you know a wide network of medical professionals.
You can decide to lead the team in recruitment of medical professionals for
our mission team as well as organizing a networking event to connect the
team members with your network.
c. Initiating and/or participating in fundraising events hosted by your own, your
teammates, or by VNMAP program.
d. Pioneering a new project in VNMAP program.

6. What does the selection committee look into a candidate?

There are five qualities that we are looking for in each candidate for the grant:
a. Team spirit
b. Leadership ability
c. Commitment level
d. Responsibility
e. Communication skills

These aspects will be observed and evaluated by your lifeline in the team. Academic
performance does not affect the decision for the grant.

7. Can you elaborate about the proposal? What if my proposal is not accepted?
The proposal is the initial step to show VNMAP program your determination to pursue
the grant and how you plan to fulfill the grant requirements. Your proposal has to show a
realistic and a convincing approach toward your goal..

After you are selected into the mission team, VNMAP will provide you more information
about the guideline for your proposal. We will also offer information about
projects/ideas in VNMAP program that are pending or under reviewed. That will give
you more ideas to write your proposal.

All proposals will be reviewed and given back to the candidates with our
recommendations. A proposal is either accepted, needed some editions, or denied.

If your proposal is accepted, you have the priority to pursue the idea that you proposed.
You will be assigned a lifeline to advise you through the process. NOTE: Having your
proposal is accepted does not mean that you will definitely get the grant. Your
performance to fulfill the proposal will determine if you are qualified to receive it.

If your proposal is denied, you still have a chance to win the grant by participating
actively in a project initiated by your teammate or by VNMAP program. You will need
to demonstrate exceptional level of the five (5) qualities that we are looking for in a

If you proposal needs to be edited, you have one chance to revise it and re-submit it. If it
is accepted or denied later, you can follow the two above descriptions.
Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program (VNMAP) is an official non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue code. Contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law. TAX ID Number 26-4257472
VNMAP LIGP Proposal v.1 10/29/2009 Page 3

8. How does the evaluation process work?

The lifeline of the candidate will notice and keep the record of his/her performance until
the end of the mission. The criteria that we will evaluate each candidate will be revealed
to that person before s/he starts his/her proposed project. After the mission, the selection
committee will review all candidates who have applied for the grant and will meet with
the lifeline to take his/her recommendation. You have to be recommended by your
lifeline to be considered for the grant. The committee will evaluate each candidate
base on the criteria that we have set.

The recipient(s) of the grant(s) will be announced and awarded at our reunion picnic in
August after the mission.
Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program (VNMAP) is an official non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue code. Contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law. TAX ID Number 26-4257472