TOEIC CLASS April 7, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a king and a (1)_______, who had no children. They were so sorry about having no children that I cannot tell you how (2)_______ they were. At last, however, after many years, the Queen had a (3)________. There was a very fine christening for the baby (4)_______. The King and Queen looked throughout the kingdom for fairies to be her godmothers, and they found (5)________ fairies. Each fairy godmother was to give the princess a (6)_________, as was the custom of fairies in those days. In this way, the Princess had all the perfections imaginable. After the christening ceremony was over, the whole party returned to the King’s (7)_________, where there was prepared a great feast for the seven fairy god-mothers. There was placed before each one of them a magnificent case of gold, in which there were a spoon, knife, and fork, all of pure gold set with (8)_________ and rubies. But as everyone was sitting down at the table, they saw a very old fairy, whom they had not invited, because she had not left the tower where she lived for over (9)________ years, and she was believed to be either dead or under an evil spell. The King ordered could not give her a case of (10)________ as the others had, because they had only made for the seven fairies. The old Fairy felt insulted and muttered some threats between her (11)_______. One of the young fairies who sat by her, overheard how she grumbled; and, guessing that she might give the little Princess an (12)_______ gift, went, as soon as they rose from table, and hid behind the curtains. In the meanwhile all the fairies began to give their gifts to the Princess. The (13)________ wished that she should be the most beautiful

Editor: Vu Phuong Thao


the third.TOEIC CLASS April 7. and everybody (20)_______ to cry. that she should have the (14)_______ of an angel. This terrible gift made the whole company tremble. that she should have a wonderful (15)________ in everything she did. the fourth. she said that one day the Princess would have her hand pricked by a needle on a spinning wheel and that she would (19)________ of the wound. At this very instant the young Fairy came out from behind the curtains. that she should sing like a nightingale. The old Fairy’s turn came next. 2014 person in the world. that she should play all kinds of (17)________ to the utmost perfection. and the sixth. the next. and spoke these words aloud. the fifth. Editor: Vu Phuong Thao 2 . and shaking her (18)_______ more with spite than anger. that she should (16)________ perfectly well.

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