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Construction, Conservation

and Project Management 2013


Construction, Conservation and Project Management 2013

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This catalogue includes new and key consruction, conservation and project management titles.


No Waste
Managing Sustainability in Construction
Uly Ma

Risk and Financial Management in Construction

Simon A. Burtonshaw-Gunn This book is particularly helpful for readers in that it makes use of a considerable number of diagrams, models and other methods of clarifying complex theories or assisting in explaining risk modelsChapter 6 was of particular interest given the current nancial situation of the countryif you are going to deal with risk and/or nance, you really ought to make the time to read this book as part of the subject. Edward Simpson, Building Engineer In todays climate the need for a closer understanding of the relationship between the two inter-related topics of risk management and nance on construction projects is becoming increasingly crucial to achieving the objectives of the investor, the end-user and the constructor and its supply chain, especially as interest in PFI and PPP arrangements continues to grow around the world. Risk and Financial Management in Construction shows the relationship between the Construction Project Managers task of balancing time, cost and quality and the need to satisfy the clients requirements efciently, effectively and professionally whilst at the same time contributing to the contractors future sustainability. The book covers Risk Management describing the tools and methods to reduce the occurrence and consequences of risk, and the nancial management of construction projects from raising funding, to contract strategy and through to estimating, budgeting and cost control. It includes a chapter covering international project risk, bringing together the issues of risk management, prime contracting, and PFI funding for construction projects undertaken away from the contractors main home market. Risk and Financial Management in Construction is aimed at those practising in, or studying to enter, the project management profession by providing a strategic and operational knowledge of these subjects, allowing the reader easy access to the key points through a wide selection of models, checklists and easy to nd lists in all of the key areas.
2009 Hardback 200 pages 978-0-566-08897-1 70.00 $124.95

Uly Mas NoWaste project has received two awards as part of the 2012 Olympics construction: Most Effective Training (2009) from theSafety, Health and Environment Leadership Team (SHELT) and Special Achievements Award (2011) from National Skills Academy for Construction London 2012 Construction (NSAfC London 2012).
This book provides a practical guide to the actions all construction practitioners could take to make our industry far more efcient and sustainable. My advice is to read it, take whats relevant for you, and importantly, put it into practice on your projects. Greg Chant-Hall, UK Sustainability Manager, Skanska Infrastructure Development Limited Sustainability is a critical issue for the construction industry. In the short term, sustainability is often seen as a must do item. In the longer term, all contractors will be seeing it as a source of competitive advantage. Public sector construction, infrastructure and other large projects such as the Thames Gateway and the Olympics in 2012 are all being driven down this route by pressure from Government. Uly Mas No Waste is an extremely practical guide to managing sustainability in construction that draws on input from all the related stakeholders: the construction industry itself, the clients, designers and architects and the trades. The book explores how the industry can transform itself from business as before to business as it should be, from the micro level of good site practices to setting the right policies that drives a company onwards. The text covers the management of sustainability and the accompanying CD ROM includes a wealth of material such as tool kits, templates and activities that can be shared throughout the organisation and used for team meetings, communication and training.
October 2011 Hardback & CD-ROM ebook PDF ebook ePUB 412 pages 978-0-566-08803-2 978-1-4094-3646-1 978-1-4094-5925-5 55.00 $99.95

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Project Management in Construction

Dennis Lock
The Leading Construction Series

Building Tomorrow: Innovation in Construction and Engineering

Edited by Andr Manseau, Universit de Qubec lOutaouais, Canada and Rob Shields, University of Alberta, Canada a tour de force an overview of construction, but including all key features, dimensions and references. This is the best comprehensive text for teaching construction management or building economics as well as for rethinking changes in the built environment and innovation from a broader perspective. Will Hughes, University of Reading, UK By bringing together economic, social and construction/engineering management perspectives, this book offers a unique and comprehensive survey of innovative new approaches to construction and new methodologies. It presents a history of studies in innovation in construction and engineering, and then presents the most recent models of innovation brokering and risk-management, based on complex project-based industries.
2005 Hardback 196 pages 978-0-7546-4378-4 65.00 $79.95

The one thing that all well-run, protable construction projects have in common is that they benet from good project managers. People who have the skills to plan the project, manage it and keep it on track whenever tight timescales, costs, people or other difculties threaten to derail it. The good news is that there is no secret art to project management. These are the skills that any manager can learn and use. Project Management in Construction is a practical, easy-to-read guide to dening, organizing, planning and executing a construction project so that it is completed to the satisfaction of the principal stakeholders. The book is part of the Leading Construction Series copublished by Gower and the CITB-ConstructionSkills. The Leading Construction Series is part of a CITBConstructionSkills initiative to develop management skills within the industry. The books in this series are designed to be essentially practical, with a rm grounding in the construction industry.
2004 Hardback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 208 pages 978-0-566-08612-0 978-0-7546-8307-0 978-1-4094-5789-3 35.00 $79.95

Contracting for Engineering and Construction Projects

Fifth Edition Peter Marsh The rst two parts deal with procurement issues, tendering and placing the contract. The former concentrates on current trends and provides a good overview of this area. The latter aspects are very thoroughly covered...could be recommended as further reading for nal year undergraduate and post-graduate students and practitioners. Building Engineer With its emphasis on the commercial aspects of contracting, this book represents an eminently practical guide to this complex subject for purchaser and contractor alike.
2001 Hardback 256 pages 978-0-566-08282-5 75.00 $150.00

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Construction, Conservation and Project Management 2013


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Project Management

Managing Sustainable Development Programmes

A Learning Approach to Change
Gran Brulin and Lennart Svensson Gran Brulins and Lennart Svenssons treatise stands out from the pack of management literature due to its unusual focus on long-term, large, government-funded programs for innovation in combination with the authors indisputable experiences from such interventions at the Swedish as well as the multi-national and multi-cultural European level. Read it and learn! Evert Vedung, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, Uppsala University, Sweden Managing Sustainable Development Programmes is about understanding the difculties and complexities of large change programmes and projects in both the private and public sectors. The authors research reveals an extraordinary level of failure in these projects, the analysis of which overturns much of our traditional thinking about project delivery and governance. They turn existing theories on project management on their head, focusing instead on sustainable change and development. The message at its heart is dont blame the project leader but rather look for active ownership of projects; joint knowledge management and sharing with external stakeholders that secure long-term effects.
June 2012 Hardback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 232 pages 978-1-4094-3719-2 978-1-4094-3720-8 978-1-4094-5943-9 70.00 $124.95

Sustainability in Project Management

Gilbert Silvius, Ron Schipper, Julia Planko, Jasper van den Brink and Adri Khler
Advances in Project Management series

While sustainability and green business have been around a while, this book is truly a call to action to help the project manager, or for that matter, anyone, seize the day and understand sustainability from a project perspective. This book gives real and practical suggestions as to how to ll the sustainability/ project gap within your organization. I particularly liked the relationship between sustainability and professionalism and ethics, a connection that needs to be kept in the forefront. David Shirley, PMP , Co-Founder, EarthPM, LLC, and co-author of Green Project Management, Cleland Literature Award Winner of 2011 Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of our time. How can we develop prosperity, without compromising the life of future generations? Companies are integrating ideas of sustainability in their marketing, corporate communications, annual reports and in their actions. It is for that reason that sustainability will nd its way to project management methodologies and practices. This book explores the concept of sustainability and its application to project management. It aims to provide practical guidance to organizations and individuals that nd themselves faced with the questions that surround the integration of sustainability in project management.
May 2012 Paperback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 182 pages 978-1-4094-3169-5 978-1-4094-3170-1 978-1-4094-5941-5 27.50 $54.95

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Project Management

The Principles of Project Finance

Edited by Rod Morrison The Principles of Project Finance highlights the ideas behind an important concept in the global capital markets: project nance. This technique is used to fund large capital expenditure projects and is positioned at a key point between the global capital markets and the energy and infrastructure industries. The chapters, written by leading players from around the world, explain and illustrate the ideas behind project nance. The rst reviews various themes and issues key to the project nance market; the second section looks at how project nance is used in various sectors of the energy and infrastructure markets; the third then takes an in-depth look at various projects nance markets from around the world; nally, the fourth section presents a series of Top 10 deal cases studies from the pages of Thomson Reuters Project Finance International (PFI), the leading source of global project nance information.
May 2012 Hardback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 528 pages 978-1-4094-3982-0 978-1-4094-3983-7 978-1-4094-5627-8 120.00 $215.00

Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis

David Hulett This companion volume to Practical Schedule Risk Analysis explores the second area where projects so often go horribly wrong project cost. Many cost estimates are fundamentally awed in their conception, become written in stone when the project is approved and consequently fall apart during the project implementation and delivery. David Hulett explains the true value of project cost estimating and how to manage the risks associated with project costs and project schedules. Given the scale of the investment in many modern projects, this is surely a book that is worth its weight in gold.
June 2011 Hardback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 240 pages 978-0-566-09166-7 978-1-4094-2812-1 978-1-4094-5910-1 70.00 $119.95

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis

David Hulett This is an extremely important book, which presents a depth of understanding of estimating and scheduling rarely seen in industry...It should be required reading for all project managers, schedulers, and risk practitioners; and also for programme managers, sponsors, and all staff involved in contracting for project delivery. John Greenwood, PMP on Practical Schedule Risk Analysis, contains a complete treatment of schedule risk analysis from basic to advanced concepts. Benets of the process, relationship to traditional critical path method scheduling and to project management, the role of the corporate culture in ensuring success and the criticality of collecting risk data are emphasized for the benet of the practitioner.
July 2009 Hardback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 240 pages 978-0-566-08790-5 978-0-7546-9196-9 978-1-4094-5852-4 65.00 $119.95

Managing Project Supply Chains

Ron Basu
Advances in Project Management series

A major project has many suppliers, contractors and customers; it has procurement and supply, demand planning and scheduling; it often lasts over several years and has longer lead times. Therefore it can be argued that the management of major projects will benet from adopting some customized supply chain management principles, all of which are discussed in this book.
November 2011 Paperback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 168 pages 978-1-4094-2515-1 978-1-4094-2516-8 978-1-4094-5927-9 27.50 $54.95

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BUY AS A SET AND SAVE 31.00 / $39.90 Practical Schedule Risk Analysis and Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis
David Hulett
June 2011 Hardback 480 pages 978-1-4094-3767-3 99.00 $200.00

Construction, Conservation and Project Management 2013


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Project Management

Bid Writing for Project Managers

David Cleden Bid Writing for Project Managers is an excellent introduction to the process of writing a competitive bid or proposal for new business...full of good sense delivered in an easy, persuasive and authoritative style. You feel that the author (David Cleden) is a master of the craft about which he writes, rather than a selfprofessed business guru writing in his ivory tower about how he thinks things ought to be. I would recommend Bid Writing for Project Managers to anyone who has the unenviable responsibility of managing preparation of a bid, and to all project managers who are required to contribute to a proposal, especially if theyre likely to be tasked with delivering the project when the bid is won! Mark Pillatt, Senior Project Manager, WTG Technologies Limited At what stage in the process do commercial projects go wrong? Some of the worst problems (unrealistic objectives, faulty assumptions, and poorly understood constraints) are programmed in at conception when the bid is written, long before the project manager is brought on board. If the bid is misconceived, no amount of clever project management is going to recover the situation. Involving the designated project manager at the bidding stage is becoming the norm in many commercial organizations. Some make the project manager the bid manager so they can direct all aspects of the projects conception. Getting the bid right is the essence of planning for project success, and is the main theme of this book. However, many project managers are unfamiliar with the pitfalls of competitive bidding and dont know how to balance a compelling sales message against a realistic delivery plan. Bid Writing for Project Managers will guide prospective project managers through the bid-writing lifecycle, providing comprehensive guidelines and numerous tips on how to craft a winning bid and how to set the project up with the best possible chance of success.
April 2011 Hardback ebook PDF ebook ePUB 270 pages 978-0-566-09214-5 978-0-566-09215-2 978-1-4094-5904-0 65.00 $124.95

Project Management
Tenth Edition
Dennis Lock Dennis Locks masterly exposition of the principles and practice of project management has been preeminent in its eld for four decades. It explains the entire project management process in great detail, demonstrating techniques ranging from the simplest of charts to sophisticated computer applications. Everything is reinforced throughout with case examples and diagrams. The text has been completely restructured and largely rewritten for this ninth edition, so that the sequence now follows even more closely the life-cycle of a typical project from its earliest denition to nal close-out.
2007 Paperback Hadback + CD Rom ebook PDF ebook ePUB 544 pages 978-0-566-08772-1 978-1-4094-5419-9 978-0-7546-8634-7 978-1-4094-6056-5 30.00 65.00 $59.95 $119.95

A Tutors Edition is also available and includes all of the text of the paperback edition along with a series of 25 Powerpoint presentations each one tied into the contents of the related chapters. The presentations have been developed by the author during a lifetime of teaching and training project management techniques.
2007 544 pages Hardback & CD-ROM 978-0-566-08769-1 55.00

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Advanced Project Management

A Structured Approach Fourth Edition
Frederick Harrison and Dennis Lock When Advanced Project Management rst appeared in 1981 it quickly acquired a reputation for excellence on both sides of the Atlantic as a book that successfully bridges the gap between introductory texts on project management and specialist works on professional practice. Its aim is twofold: to provide both a guide for managers, engineers, accountants and others involved in project work and a reference for advanced students of project and construction management. This fourth edition of the book has been heavily revised, with substantial new material to reect the changes in project management in the 10 years since the previous edition.
2004 Hardback 332 pages 978-0-566-07822-4 75.00 $150.00

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Practical Building Conservation Series

English Heritage Since the original series of Practical Building Conservation appeared in 1988, it has become a standard reference for those caring for historic buildings large and small: essential reading for architects, surveyors and building managers, as well as conservators. Ashgate Publishing and English Heritage are now publishing an update to this seminal series. The new series has not only been updated to cover the latest techniques and materials, but has been greatly expanded and copiously illustrated. English Heritage is renowned for its expertise in the conservation of buildings, gardens and archaeological sites, and these books are an accessible distillation of many years of experience. They look in detail at building materials ranging from the ancient to the modern, and are studded throughout with practical advice. For more information on this series visit

Practical Building Conservation: Concrete

Concrete, offers guidance as to how that should be done. It includes a brief history of the use of the material and explains the criteria for listing, before assessing decay mechanisms and determining appropriate repair strategies.
May 2013 Hardback 320 pages 978-0-7546-4565-8 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Building Environment

Building Environment, looks at the interaction between building materials and systems and their surroundings, and how this may lead to deterioration. It presents ways of assessing remedial treatments, and includes discussions on occupant health and sustainable retrotting.
May 2013 Hardback 350 pages 978-0-7546-4558-0 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Roong

Roong, looks at traditional roof coverings used on historic buildings. Many materials and systems have been used to provide roof coverings, and the book provides information about their technological evolution, the processes causing deterioration, and ways of assessing problems and solutions. Repairs, maintenance and conicts with modern practices are also covered.
May 2013 Hardback 350 pages 978-0-7546-4556-6 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Earth, Brick and Terracotta

Earth, Brick and Terracotta, deals with red and unred clay products. It considers their technological evolution, the processes causing deterioration and how these should be assessed, and the methods used for their repair and maintenance.
May 2013 Hardback 350 pages 978-0-7546-4553-5 65.00 $124.95

Construction, Conservation and Project Management 2013


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Practical Building Conservation Series

Practical Building Conservation: Conservation Basics

Conservation Basics, examines the evolving theories and principles that underpin building conservation in England in the 21st century, and looks at their application in practice. The process of conservation planning for the maintenance and repair of historic buildings and places is described in detail, and is illustrated through case studies. Topics include understanding and assessment, surveys and recording, ecological considerations, planning and managing maintenance and repair programmes, risk management, specifying works, and contract procurement.
May 2013 Hardback 384 pages 978-0-7546-4551-1 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Metals

Metals, deals with the conservation of a group of materials that have been used in buildings for everything from structural components and xings to weatherproong, repairs, and decoration. It covers both the iron-based and the non-ferrous metals (such as copper, bronze and lead), in each case considering technological evolution, deterioration processes, and the practical application and long-term implications of the common conservation materials and methods.
March 2012 Hardback 474 pages 978-0-7546-4555-9 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Mortars, Renders and Plasters

Mortars, Renders and Plasters, provides a broad perspective of contemporary conservation theory and practice not otherwise found in one publication, describing the history, physical properties, and deterioration of these important materials. Methods of assessing condition and evaluating options for treatment and repair are discussed, together with a range of practical conservation techniques and maintenance strategies.
March 2012 Hardback 654 pages 978-0-7546-4559-7 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Timber

Timber, deals with the wide-ranging use of the material in historic buildings, from vast structural timber-frames through to high-class joinery and simple xings. Particular attention is paid to how and why timber decays or faults occur, and the methods of assessing and dealing with this. The bulk of the book covers appropriate methods of repair and maintenance.
March 2012 Hardback 498 pages 978-0-7546-4554-2 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing

Glass and Glazing, looks at the conservation of one of the most important building materials, and its use in windows, roong and walling. It considers the technological evolution of glass and glazing systems, the processes causing deterioration, and the practical application and long-term implications of common conservation materials and methods, as well as of alterations to improve performance.
March 2012 Hardback 504 pages 978-0-7546-4557-3 65.00 $124.95

Practical Building Conservation: Stone

Stone, considers the wide variety of historical uses, from simple masonry walling through to elaborate carving and decoration. The book considers why stone decays or fails and how to assess and understand the causes, before concentrating on the practical methods of treatment, repair and maintenance.
March 2012 Hardback 348 pages 978-0-7546-4552-8 65.00 $124.95

10-volume set
May 2013 Hardback 3500 pages 978-1-4094-0944-1 500.00 $978.00

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