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Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapua

Audio Visual Room 2 September 13, 2013


Introduction a. Facts about AGGEM i. AGGEM is a non-stock, non-profit organization of Mapa Institute of Technology, located in Intramuros, Manila. ii. It stands for Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapa. iii. It is the only organization exclusively for geologists and geological engineers. b. History i. AGGEM 2011 1. Chairman: Clement Fajardo 2. President: Dan Fajardo 3. Accomplishments a. Induction in La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City b. Geohazards and mitigation seminar c. Nostradamuss 2012 Prediction: From a Geologists Point of View d. Mapua science quiz bee e. Geological Debate f. ii. AGGEM 2012 1. Chairman: Clement Fajardo 2. President: Elaine Pea 3. Accomplishments a. Geological debate b. Seminar on the Seismic Activity of the Philippines Palawan Fieldtrip


Officers a. Adviser Dr. Arturo S. Daag i. Profession: Geologist / Geomorphologist ii. Field of Application: Geology, Geomorphology, Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), Surface hydrology modeling, Geologic and seismic hazard assessment and modeling, Landslide modeling and assessment, Risk and vulnerability analysis iii. Current job: Chief Science Research Specialist in Geology, Geophysics Research and Development Division (GGRDD), Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, Department of Science and Technology iv. Doctor of Philosophy (Geology/Geomorphology) v. Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands and in collaboration with the International Institute for Geo-Information and Earth Observation (ITC), Enschede, The Netherlands 13 November 2003 vi. Master of Science in Applied Geomorphology and Engineering Geology vii. International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Science, Enschede (ITC), The Netherlands September 01, 1993 October 13, 1994 viii. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Applied Geomorphology and Engineering Geology ix. International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Science Enschede (ITC), The Netherlands September 01, 1989 July 12, 1990 x. Masteral Units in Geology xi. University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines June 1988 - March 1989 xii. Bachelor of Science in Geology xiii. Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines March 1979 - March 1984 xiv. 8th Place Geologist Licensure Examination 1984 b. President John Aldrich S. Angeles i. Nickname: Eboy ii. GEO - 4 iii. Age: 20 iv. Contact #: 09228687590 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: Ilong ranger to the rescue..!! c. Vice President Bonn Allen M. Perias i. Nickname: Bonn

ii. GEO 4 iii. Age: 20 iv. Contact #: 09272338738 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: Wala yan sa size, nasa performance yan..!! d. Secretary John Henry O. Estrabon i. Nickname: Jani ii. GEO 4 iii. Age: 20 iv. Contact #: 0933-160-9312 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: Wag kayong Jan Michael (nanJAN lang pag MICHAELangan) e. Treasurer Homer F. Lajom i. Nickname: Homie ii. GEO 4 iii. Age: 19 iv. Contact #: 0917-517-9244 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: God knows Hudas not Pay. f. Auditor Josel A. Buenafe i. Nickname: Kuya Kulot ii. GEO 4 iii. Age: 20 iv. Contact #: +63906-376-6532 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: Barya lang sa umaga.. g. Press Relation Officer Raymond Martin D. Magalong i. Nickname: Mon ii. GEO 4 iii. Age: 20 iv. Contact #: 0906-356-9547 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: Bayad muna bago baba.. h. GEO Representative for CEGE Council Byron V. Baldivicio i. Nickname: By ii. GEO 4 iii. Age: 22 iv. Contact #: 0922-259-9075 v. E-mail: vi. Motto: Aanhin mo ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.. III. Committees a. Acedemic Committee i. Secretary - Byron Baldivicio ii. Geophysics - John Henry Estrabon iii. Physics and Mechanics - Anthony Medina iv. Geotech - John Daniloff Mangawil v. Geology of the Philippines - Garnet Agustin vi. Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Sedimentology, Petrography, Mineral deposits, Resource Geology Juriz Emman D. Loyola b. Recreational Committee i. Secretary James Earl Tabasa ii. Sports Assistant Glenn Charles Ancheta iii. Recreational Assistant Angela Radam

c. Information and Technology Committee i. Secretary Adeline Torreda ii. Assistants Karra Lopez, Bessy Villegas d. Membership Committee i. Secretary Kate Boquilon ii. 2011 Representative Jesu Luigi Torre iii. 2012 Representative Abel Angel Ablang iv. 2013 Representative A48 Pebie Adina v. 2013 Representative B28 Hannah Baltazar vi. 2013 Representative A57 Neil Orillaneda IV. Plans for the school year 2013-2014 a. Team building and Induction i. Key event ii. Tentative date 1. October 13, 2013 iii. Tentative place 1. Quezon City Circle 2. Quezon City Wildlife Center 3. La Mesa Eco Park 4. Out of town (Cavite, Bulacan, Antipolo) b. Sports Festival (New) i. Key event ii. Probably next year c. Tambayan Pursuit (New) i. Hopefully in the North Building ii. Talks are now on going d. Requests for Additional Petrographic Microscopes and GIS Software in Computer LaboratoriesFestival (New) i. Currently we have 5 petrographic microscopes ii. 4 used in petrography 1. Ceti 2. Olympus 3. Nikon Old 4. Nikon New iii. 1 used in Ore deposits 1. Carl Zeiss e. Apparel and Accessories i. Designs are being worked on ii. We want you to pass your own creative designs f. Mapua Science Quiz Show i. Key event ii. Planned for the Foundation Week, 3rd week of January 2013 iii. Quiz show based on general science (Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) iv. Recent Champions 1. 2011 - 1 pair of BECC students (Biology, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering program) g. Mine Visit (New) i. Coordination with Engr. Mateo ii. Talks are now on going h. Geological Debate i. Key event ii. Planned for the CEGE week, 2nd week of October iii. Debate on current events that are related to general science and geology iv. Recent Champions 1. 2011 Agustin, Angeles, Buenafe, Perias

2. 2012 Agustin, Loyola, Magalong, Perias i. Outreach Program (New) i. Key event ii. Pandacan, Manila iii. Planned for December 2013 j. Occasional Climbs (New) i. Planned randomly ii. Difficulty of mountain to be climbed will be in discretion of the officers based on the participants k. View Book (New) i. Summary of the regime of AGGEM 2013-2014 l. Summer Outing (New) i. Key event ii. Planned before the start of the 4th term V. New Membership Scheme a. Since the last membership scheme was unsystematic, it will be reset. b. Applicants are required to pay the application fee of 100 pesos by constitution. Officers are obliged as well. c. Applicants are required to attend at least one key event d. Application fee does not cover any other possible fee in key events. e. Requirements for membership f. Application fee

g. Key event participation VI. Updated Financial Scheme a. Financial reports will be published every term b. Funds of the organization will come from c. Application fees d. Company sponsorships e. Fund raisers f. Funds will be used for i. Partial sponsorship on transportation for fieldworks (through application and assessment) ii. Partial sponsorship on expenses for team AGGEM for CEGE cup iii. Sponsorship for quiz bees in Mapua (through application and assessment) iv. Monthly item raffle g. Expenditures will be used to support the efforts of the organization. h. Other expenses of the organization to be reflected on the financial report i. Rest assured that any transaction will be well documented. The treasurer will handle monetary activities and the auditor will check transactions. VII. Benefits of Being a Member a. Extra-curricular Exposure to geology b. full or partial sponsorship of the organization for fieldworks, school events, etc. c. Get connected to your colleagues, for academic assistance and socialization d. Have a chance to win the monthly raffle (qualified to those who have their birthday during the month of lottery) e. Other stuff the organization may come up with for the welfare of its members VIII. Needs of the Organization a. Ms. CEGE i. AGGEM is need of a female representative for the CEGE CUP. ii. She will serve as the muse of AGGEM for the said event iii. Past Geology student representatives: 1. Jaime Malcolm 2009 2. Charm Bernus 2011 b. Players for CEGE CUP i. Basketball - Complete 1. Capt. James Tabasa ii. Volleyball Needs 5 women

1. Capt. Kevin Mercado iii. Badminton - Complete 1. Capt. Garnet Agustin iv. Chess - Complete 1. Capt. Paul Relativo v. Table Tennis Needs 3 women 1. Capt. Clement Fajardo c. Peer Adviser i. They serve as tutors to fellow students ii. Must be good in either math, chemistry, and physics iii. Get to hang out with the Einsteins of Mapua iv. Tambayan is located at several areas, with aircon v. Keep yourself academically conditioned d. Participation and Support for the Organization