There is a real-life superhero living in Washington. He calls himself Phoenix Jones and patrols and protects his town of Lynwood, a su ur of !eattle. He doesn"t have a superhero car, li#e $atman. %nstead, he gets around in his &ia, driven y his partner. Jones does loo# li#e a real superhero. He has a lac# and gold costume and loo#s li#e he 'ust wal#ed out of a Hollywood movie. He wears a ulletproof vest and carries a Taser stun gun and pepper spray. He recently stopped a car theft y chasing away the criminal who was rea#ing into a vehicle. Jones decided to ecome a superhero ecause he got fed up with the crime in his town. He told reporters( )When % wal# into a neigh ourhood, criminals leave ecause they see the suit. % sym oli*e that the average person doesn+t have to wal# around and see ad things and do nothing.) He is part of a wider team of citi*ens who want to help ma#e their streets safer. They are all well trained. ,-veryone on my team either has a military ac#ground or a martial arts ac#ground,. he said.