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June 08 - II 1) Dark urine, light colored or clay colored feces Liver disease.

. 2) Pituitary gland tumor bitemporal hemianopsia 3) Hy othyroidism syndrome constipation, low BP, dec metabolic process, inc need for sleep, mixed edema. 4) Hy oglycemia sym toms rapid onset, >6 m!"dl, irritable, headache, bl#rred vision, sl#rred speech, conf#sion, diff concentratin!, piloerection, pallor, palpitation, tach$cardia. !) Pics of a " mos #a#y ulling to stand, #a#y e$hi#its %&) head lag %ormal ') P$ () fle$ed, *) e$tended &ecorticate ri!idit$ +) De,-t milestone of ./0 e$ce t s'ips () %-) infection 0eefy, red 1ound, ho1 to treat atient !ive normal saline sol#tion or sterile )* %a+l, or if ,-) infection !ive dil#ted povidone iodine )) Pics of 2oint mo# of distal radioulnar 2oint to increase extension . ) Dermatome of middle finger +/ ..) 304 result of $ , h +5"0 - h$poventilation .2) P$ s/ ostmastectomy, 1hat osition is not allo1ed 0esistance exercise .3) 6 Hemi legia and dysarthria, 1hat acti,ity is difficult for $ - difficulty in s eech roduction5 .4) 0urn 4 .1* .1) .mm st de ression stop exercise .6) 708 9!000 1ith fe,er no exercise ./) 4lucose 9'0mg/dl !ive cand$ bar .() Informed consent, 1hich is not included :D-s hone ; address or romissory note from atient to ay for the rocedure5 .)) If normal #alance, - 6 elongated, shortened * trunk <<< 2 ) =$nal arm reach adult %>1-'? y/o) men 1>5? &- "5"@ 1omen 105! &- .5! 3dult %+0-8+ y/o) men 1.5" &- 15'@ 1omen 105! &- .5!5 910 increase risk of fall5 balance problem "1) ics $-ray of el#o1, 1ith . arro1s ointing to1ards distal ant humerus, 1hat anatomical structure is more concern of PA Brachial arter$, contracture of ,olkman-s schemic 22) you-re training a $, 1ith no deformity gi,en,ho1 $ started s1eating and dec 0P, 1hat is contraindicated 23P4%5 6%& 0527 23) Buadri legic atient, 1hat indicates emergency< - 6#tonomic d$sreflexia 24) Pic of male $ 1ith a#sence of tendon refle$, 1hat muscle is 1eak 5vertor ms % ++ #lue #ook) 21) Pic of 1rist $ ray, 1hat car al #one ointed #y arro1 2+6P894& 26) 3fter PA e$ lains the #enefits of de$amethasone for inflammation, 1hat 1ill PA do C)DA 62: P6745%7 79 P09+55&. 2/) P$ 1ith hi #ursitis, 1hat (E arameters, - . ;8<, ..1 w"cm2 2() 3F rostheses, e$cessi,e I6 of rosthetic foot, 1hat 1ill ha en at s1ing hase Lateral whip 2)) 7ound measurement, ho1 to assess diameter #se transparent film and meas#re diameter


1. MS pt, what appropriate exercise to give? Morning tx preferred, avoid fatigue, submaxima ex !. "#$, automatic%appropriate, what appropriate ex? &repare pt for communit' R(% ()"R*, invo ve pt in decision ma+ing Confused%agitated , -o not over stimu ate the pt, brea+down the comp ex tas+. .. C& w/ extensor tone spasticit', what t'pe of 0C? "i t in space 1. C2A w/ &usher s'ndrome, what appropriate intervention? , 3 w/ prob em on visua contro of vertica orientation, eaning toward 4 active pushing towards the hemip egic side. Abi it' to use visua information for the correction of bod' posture. A owing the use of visua cues 4 visua strategies. 5. 6nee in7ur', media compression 4 rotation? MC8 9. (C:; inverted " wave? <one of ischemia =. C2A, C) affected in media rectus wea+ness , ., atera rectus , 9 >. M'e omenigoce e eve s, outcomes ?. -iagnostic test for eg co or? "oe refi test 1@. Si vadene Asi ver su fadiaBineC, app ication for wound? #urn, &seudomonas, infected wound. Dsing steri e techniEues, 1%!x/da'. 3 11. A veo ar h'poventi ation s'mptoms, except? -iBBiness 1!. Serosanguineous? &in+ish%red exudate, hea th' 1.. &e vic ob iEuit' , eg ength prob ems, structura sco iosis, hip contractures3 11. )erve innervation of $R of shou der? Subscapu ar nerve 15. Shou der structures w/ acromion process atera '? -e toids, SA tendon, etc 19. C$ using traction, except? Musc e Spasm 1=. & euris'? &ain upon inha ation, p eura space 1>. Crouched posture in pt w/ muscu ar d'stroph'? 3 1?. Adhesive capsu itis? (R !@. 2enous vs. Arteria insufficienc'? 3 !1. $ncrease pressure in sacra ? Semi fow ers w/ foot e evated !!. &FM of shou der, pt prone postGn w/ anterior g ide? (R, extension !.. Attachment of A&8, (&#? Scaphoid !1. Anatomica snuffbox structures? A&8, (&#, (&8 !5. )erve mobi iBation, strapping of bra? MovGt w/ mobi iBation !9. $f &" punctured herse f, what appropriate interventions? Hand wash3 !=. -ifficu t' identif'ing the ob7ect w/o visua orientation? Astereognosis !>. "x w/ MH? Iiction massage !?. Appropriate techniEue crac+ es? &ercussion .@. Radica mastectom' ApecsC? Moderate ex. on ', no aerobic ex. .1. Achi es tendinitis re ease? Hee spurs, use deep massage across p antar fascia, RHM .!. Muscu ar d'stroph' w/ 81, 8!? R:H ... &$C an+ e sprain w/ inversion in7ur'? A"I8 ApfJinC, CI8 AdfJinC secret