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The Gerund and Gerundial Constructions

The Gerund – represents a verb with –ing ending e.g. eating, sleeping, reading, etc. Structure: A gerundial construction is made up of: Gerund e.g. I appreciate him/ his arriving to school earl toda . !erson I #sg.$ II #sg.$ III #sg.$ I #pl.$ II #pl.$ III #pl.$ "ominative I &ou 'e( she( it )e &ou the Accusative %e &ou 'im( her( it *s &ou Them !ossessive % &our 'is( her( its +ur &our Their an Accusative/ Possessive form + a

)e use Gerundial constructions when the Gerund has its own sub,ect, which is different from that of the previous verb. e.g. -mi amintesc c. am udat florile. #cele dou. verbe au subiecte identice – eu$ I remember watering the flowers. -mi amintesc c. ea a udat florile. #cele dou. verbe au subiecte diferite: eu vs. ea$ I remember her watering the flowers. Abia a/tept s. c.l.toresc cu avionul. – I loo0 forward to travelling b plane. Abia a/tept ca ei s. c.l.toreasc. cu avionul. – I loo0 forward to them/ their travelling b plane. %amei 1i place s. scrie poe2ii. %amei 1i place c. el scrie poe2ii. "u m. sup.r s. pl.tesc pentru pagube. "u m. sup.r dac. el pl.te/te pentru pagube. 3a abia a/teapt. s. 1/i termine tema. 3a abia a/teapt. ca 4ane s. 1i termine tema. The Gerundial construction has the value of a noun #5substantiv$: I believe in this idea. I believe in ou( our winning the race. 36ercises:

Deing C =. II 8ephrase the following sentences and translate them into 8omanian: 9. using the correct form of the pronouns or nouns included7 translate them into 8omanian: 9. I am sic0 and tired of # ou( tell$ me what to do. She accused me that I had spoilt her relationship with her colleagues. 'e regretted C >. I canBt stand the fact that our friends treat me so badl . I canBt stand our friendsB C ?. @. 3ver bod was surprised at #she( not get$ an award at that ceremon . ItBs alwa s a pleasure to tal0 to ou. 4ohn ac0nowledged C . A. :.o ou approve of #%ar ( drive$ so fast< =. 4ohn ac0nowledged that he had received a cop of the boo0. %ar Bs C :. Tal0ing to ou C @. I apologise for #he( spea0$ to ou so rudel . ItBs reall painful to be deceived b the ones ou trust. .I Complete the following sentences with the gerund of the verbs in brac0ets. The fact that %ar 0ept me on the phone for half an hour made me miss the train. 'e regretted that his sister had not been invited to the ceremon . ?. I remember #Anne and her husband( wear$ dirt clothes at that wedding. She was ver angr at #she( fail$ the literature e6am. )e are loo0ing forward to #the ( come$ to see us ne6t month. She accused me C A. >.