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AB Bank Limited Loans DPS Cards Accounts Services

Name : Fixed Deposit (Time Deposits) Interest ate: !"#$%" Initia& Deposit: '(%%(%%(%%% to $%%(%%(%%(%%% ) A*ove +aturit, Period: $ (-ne) +ont.( / mont.( ! mont.( $ ,ear( 0 ,ear)

Savin1s Deposits Cate1or,: C.i&dren 2ducation P&an Description: # description3 DPS T,pe: Fixed Deposit Interest ate !" # 4" Initia& Deposit: '%( %%( %%(%%% to A*ove $%%( %%( %%(%%% SND (Specia& Notice Deposit) DPS T,pe: Fixed Deposit Interest ate: 5"# 4" Initia& Deposit: $( %%( %%(%%% to A*ove $%%( %%( %%(%%%

Cit, *ank Limited

Name : Cit, Ic.c.apurun Description: # 6reat opportunit, to earn a1ainst ,our savin1s ever, mont.7 DPS T,pe: Fixed Interest ate: Term Interest ate $ (-ne) 8ear 93'%( 0 (T:o) 8ears 939'( / (T.ree) 8ears 43%%( ' (Five) 8ears 43'% Name: Cit, Pro;onmo Cate1or,: An, Purpose Loan Description: protection7 # Financia& sa<et, <or ,our <uture 1enerations *acked *, comp&ete immense

Interest ate: Term Interest ate ' (Five) 8ears 43'%( $% (Ten) 8ears 439'($' (Fi<teen) 8ears 439'( 0% (T:ent,) 8ears 439' Name: Cit, S.omrid.d.i Cate1or,: Savin1s Account Description: A uni=ue o<<er <rom Cit, Bank3 DPS T,pe: Savin1s Interest ate: # / (T.ree) 8ears 43'%(# ' (Five) 8ears 43'%( # 9 (Seven) 8ears 43'%( # $% (Ten) 8ears 43'% Initia& Deposit : % Name: Fixed Deposit Description: I< ,ou *e&ieve in &on1#term investments and :is. to earn interests on ,our savin1s( N-> is t.e time to invest ,our mone, in our Fixed Deposit3 Interest ate Term o< Deposit Interest ate $(one) mont. 53%%( /(T.ree) mont.s 430'( !(Six) mont.s 43'%( %$(-ne) ,ear 439'( %0 (T:o) ( %/(T.ree) 8ears 43%%

Prime Bank Limited Name: 2ducation Savin1s Sc.eme Description: T.e educationa& expenses particu&ar&, t.e expenses <or education are s.arp&, increasin1 da, *, da, in our countr,3 Sometimes( t.e c.i&dren are deprived o< 1ettin1 t.e desired &eve& o< education *ecause o< t.e ina*i&it, o< t.e parents to meet t.eir educationa& expenses3 ?o:ever( t.e parents :ou&d not <ee& an, di<<icu&t, to de<ra, suc. expenses i< a proper <inancia& p&annin1 is made muc. a.ead o< time3 DPS T,pe: 2ducation Initia& Deposit: Tk3 '%(%%%@# +aturit, Period: ' ,ears +aturit, Amount: Tk3 4%(%%%@# Name: ?ouse Bui&din1 Deposit Sc.eme Cate1or,: +ont.&, Deposit DPS T,pe: Deposit +inimum Insta&&ment: Tk3 $%3%% &ac3 +aturit, Period: '@9@$% ,ears3 Name: +ont.&, Bene<it Deposit Sc.eme Description: is a Deposit Sc.eme :.ere t.e depositor 1ets a <ixed amount o< pro<it ever, mont. :it.out distur*ance o< t.e principa&3 DPS T,pe: +ont.&, Deposit Interest ate: Tk3 4%%3%% per Tk3 $(%%(%%%3%%3 per +ont. Initia& Deposit:Tk3 0'(%%%3%%@# +aturit, Period: ' (<ive) ,ears3 Name: Prime +i&&ionaire Sc.eme DPS T,pe: Prime +i&&ionaire Sc.eme +inimum Insta&&ment: $0(4$%@# mont.&,

+aturit, Period ' ,ears +aturit, Amount: Tk3 $%3%% &ac3 Name: S.ort Term Deposit Description: # A s.ort term deposit (STD) account is a runnin1 account :it. amounts *ein1 paid into and dra:n out o< t.e account continuous&,3 DPS T,pe: Deposit Interest ate # Be&o: Tk3 $3%% crore /3%%"( # Tk3 $3%% crore ) a*ove *ut *e&o: Tk3 0'3%% crore 53%%" # Tk3 0'3%% crore ) a*ove *ut *e&o: Tk3 '%3%% crore '3%%"( # Tk3 '%3%% crore ) a*ove *ut *e&o: Tk3 $%%3%% crore '3%%"3( # Tk3 $%%3%% crore ) a*ove '3 Initia& Deposit: Tk3 '%3%% &ac Standard C.artered Bank Name: Fixed Deposit DPS T,pe: Fixed Deposit Initia& Deposit: BDT '%(%%%3 +aturit, Period: one mont. to Five ,ears3 Name: +ont.&, Savin1s Sc.emes DPS T,pe:+ont.&, Deposit +inimum Insta&&ment: $(%%% Initia& Deposit: $%(%%% +aturit, Period: /! +ont.s +aturit, Amount: '/(%$4 Name: NFCD Account Cate1or,: +ont.&, Deposit DPS T,pe: Fixed deposit Interest ate: ates are *ased on internationa& market rates and Ban1&ades. Bank 1uide&ines3

Initia& Deposit: +inimum ASD $%%% or 6BP '%% (<or individua& Ban1& +inimum o< ASD 0'(%%% or e=uiva&ent 6BP (<or ot.ers)3 +aturit, Period: Fund .as to *e present <or +inimum $ mont.3 -ne Bank Limited Name: Fixed Deposit Description: I< ,ou *e&ieve in &on1#term investments and :is. to earn interests on ,our savin1s( t.en -BL .as t.e per<ect Fixed Deposit product <or ,ou3 Interest ate: B" +aturit, Period: FD (/ +ont.s ) a*ove *ut &ess ! mont.s)(FD (! +ont.s ) a*ove *ut &ess $ ,ear)( FD ($ ,ear ) a*ove) Detai&s: Tax $'" ) CAT ( depends on FD amount )

Name: S.ort Term Deposits Interest ate:53%%" ( *e&o: $ crore )( '3'%" ( *e&o: 0' crore )( 93%%" ( *e&o: '% crore )(930'" ( *e&o: $%% crore )( 93'%" ( a*ove $%% crore ) Detai&s: Tk30'%3%%DCAT $'" (?a&< 8ear&, Eune ) Decem*er)