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I with Analytic Geometry Instructor: Claire Peacock Phone: 697-2519 Email: Class Hours/Credit Hours: 4 Semester: Spring 2013 Room: C-90

Attendance The Mathematics Department requires that your instructor check attendance daily. Understandably students who attend all classes generally perform better than those who do not. However, your instructor realizes that times arrive when you may need to be absent from class. You will not need to bring a doctors excuse unless the illness is for an extended length of time. When you are absent from class, you are still responsible for the material missed. Your instructor will be glad to help you with the material, but first you must do your part. Watch the video for the missed material, read the text and attempt the homework. After doing so, if you still have questions, please make an appointment with your instructor to clear up any outstanding questions. Cellphones The use of cell phones is NOT permitted during class or in the Math Center. Cellphones are to be in silent mode. There will be no texting, playing of games, checking email and phone calls, or surfing the Net during class. Students who choose to do so will be immediately excused from class. If the problem persists, the student will be required to meet with the Judicial Officer to discuss proper classroom etiquette. Tests Your instructor is interested in process, not just a correct answer. With todays technology and specifically the calculator used in this class, students can attain a correct answer without understanding the concept. You will be required to demonstrate your mastery of the material. Thus, it will be imperative that you record your work on the paper provided in the Math Center when taking any test. Your paper MUST be neat, problems numbered and legible, showing enough steps to demonstrate your thought process. You will be required to show all work on problems designed as show work and these problems will be graded by the instructor and not the computer. When the question involves only calculator skills, it would be to your advantage to record the keystrokes entered into the calculator. It can be very easy to strike the wrong key, thus getting the incorrect answer. This protects you and may result in full or partial credit even when the answer is incorrect. All tests must be taken in the testing area of the Math Center located on the main campus. Academic Integrity Be advised that this instructor has a no tolerance policy concerning cheating. If the student is found to be cheating during a test, it will result in an F for the course. Use of unauthorized websites, notes, calculators or any other device other than those approved by the Mathematics Department is strictly prohibited.