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Trevor Hall University of Wisconsin-Platteville Title of Artifact: Rosiland Cassidy Summary and PowerPoint Presentation.

Date Completed: 11/20/2011 Describe Artifact: My artifact is my Historical figure summary and PowerPoint class presentation on Rosiland Cassidy. For this assignment we had to find someone who significantly impacted our field of study. I completed this assignment in my Introduction to Physical Education and Health Promotion class. My PowerPoint presentation and summary both give information about Rosilands life as well as her great accomplishments she achieved. It also talks about the impacts she had on physical education and health promotion. The presentation was to be done in front of the class as well as to answer post-presentation questions if necessary. UW-Platteville Health Promotion Standard Alignment: The health promotion standard that this artifact aligns with is Standard 6. Communication: The teacher uses knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom. This artifact aligns with Standard 6 because being a health promotion specialist I must be able to communicate effectively with my clients and the community. I have to make sure that what I am communicating to them is knowledgeable and clear for them to interpret and understand. From this experience I gained competency in communication by providing my classmates with an informative presentation on Rosalind Cassidy. This experience has also helped me understand the significance of fluent speaking and being able to collect the audiences attention and the importance of it. UW-Platteville School of Health/Education Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement Alignment: My artifact aligns with Domain 3: Engages clients in learning KSD3.c.The candidate has the ability to engage the clients in the learning process by linking appropriate content, based upon suitable instructional materials and resources, to students knowledge and experience, being certain that all students are cognitively engaged in the activities/assignments and that the students actively contribute to the content design. Instruction is highly coherent and appropriately paced for all students and allows for reflection and closure as appropriate. I chose this KSD because throughout my experience communication and providing a clear presentation was essential for my peers to grasp what I wanted them to learn. This includes proper eye contact, a loud and clear voice and confidence in the information that I am presenting. I learned that in order to be a successful demonstrator you need to be able to provide the audience with a variety of teaching styles and methods so everyones needs will be met. This experience has also

taught me how to prepare and organized and educational PowerPoint that can keep my audience interested. What you learned about Health Promotion from this experience: From this artifact, I learned that in order to get the results I want from my clients I have to clear, specific, and direct with what I want done. I learned that having the right and best ideas will only benefit you if you know how to tell them. I also learned that there are many people who have different needs, learning styles, and attitudes towards different topics and ideas. Being able to address each of them and having a variety of teaching methods has endless possibilities. Explain what you learned about yourself as a prospective Health Promotion specialist as a result of this experience: What I learned as a health promotion specialist is how important communication really is. This experience has allowed me to see firsthand the importance of grasping everyones attention. As a trainer each client will have a different background then the previous one. Being able to communicate with each diverse learner will benefit me especially within a community. Communication serves as a building block for planning, organizing, and promoting. Being proficient with this standard will leave me no limits as a Health Promoter.