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With Purpose has planted 11.9 million trees worldwide SAN DIEGO – April 17, 2014 – During its thirty years as an organization, Plant With Purpose has planted nearly 12 million trees in environmentally degraded regions around the world. As celebrations for Earth Day and Arbor Day occur, the organization commemorates restored lives and land through reforestation efforts. Since 1984, Plant With Purpose has reversed deforestation and poverty by transforming the lives of rural farming families. Tree planting programs have taken place in over 350 remote and impoverished communities in six developing countries: Burundi, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania, and Thailand. Reforestation heals the land these families depend on for survival by anchoring topsoil, increasing organic matter, and aiding the soil to absorb water. These benefits allow farmers to increase food production and earn income. Eladio Cabrera, a Plant With Purpose farmer living in rural Dominican Republic, raised his 8 children off the yields from his small farm. Before partnering with Plant With Purpose, Eladio says, “I could not even plant on my farm because I did not have the resources.” In partnership with the organization, Eladio has planted mango, avocado, and citrus trees, as well as forest trees like eucalyptus and cedar. These trees helped restore his farmland, multiply his harvests, and generate income to support his family. Eladio reports, “Today, I have a diversified farm with fruit trees and oregano. I am grateful for the technical assistance [from Plant With Purpose], which has improved my income and quality of life.” As we celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Day, Plant With Purpose also celebrates nearly 2 million trees planted this year, and the lives these trees help restore. ### About Plant With Purpose Plant With Purpose ( is an international development organization that transforms lives in rural areas where poverty is caused by deforestation. For 30 years, Plant With Purpose has provided lasting solutions to rural poverty through a community development approach that integrates reforestation, sustainable agriculture programs, economic opportunity through microfinance, and local leadership development. Plant With Purpose currently works in more than 325 communities in six countries: Burundi, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Tanzania, and Thailand and has planted nearly 12 million trees worldwide. For interviews, inquiries, or additional information on Plant With Purpose, including videos or photos, please contact Becky Rosaler. Contact: Becky Rosaler Marketing Coordinator 800.633.5319 Office I 760.650.2819 Cell I