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Date : 26-Mar-14


GROUP TRAVEL DETAILS TRAVEL AGENT RECORD LOCATOR ROUTING : SunlinkTravel&Tours CONTACT PERSON : Editha DeGuzman : 2YGD4K EMAIL: : CX904 MNL HKG / KA432 HKG KHH CX565 TPE HKG / CX903 HKG MNL DEPARTURE DATE : 8-May-14 NO OF PAX : 35 APPLICABLE NETT : USD170 MINIMUM : 15 PAX REQUIRED MILEAGE ACCRUAL : Non Mileage Accruable CHILD FARE : 80% of Group Rate RESTRICTIONS : NONEND / NONRERTE / US100REF / US150REBK / US100NUF/ VLD2-15D GUARANTEE BOOKING AND TICKETING DETAILS 24-Mar-14 2 6-Apr-14 GUARANTEE DEADLINE Travel Agent to finalize the number of seats to be used. Once guaranteed, any seat cancellation from the date of guarantee to 8-May-14 will result to Cathay Pacific Airways sending an ADM through BSP the amount of US$100 per seat on economy and US$200 per seat on business class. However, if at least 90% of the guaranteed seats are ticketed, ADM for unutilized seats will be waived. 24-Apr-14 5 24-Apr-14 TICKETING DEADLINE Travel Agent's last day for change of names and ticketing of the group. This agreement is done as a replacement of Cash deposit for agents having a confirmed seat blocking with Cathay Pacific Airways. This agreement also serves as an authorization for Cathay Pacific Airways to bill the agent through BSP ADM the applicable amount from release of seats within given period as illustrated above Please sign reply form to confirm your agreement, and send it through fax (753-3958) or email scanned copy with your signature at otherwise we will be cancelling your confirmed group booking if we will not be able to receive this document by the deadline. Note that we will only entertain group deviations (subject to availability) once guaranteed. This should be for the same date of at least 50% of the group. If less than 50% of group per travel date, please book on FIT basis and advise group desk to cancel GIT seat. Fare quoted subject to change if finalized group is below minimum pax requirement . AGENTS GUARANTEE REPLY FORM: YES, We will guarantee this group Final passenger count:

NO, Please cancel the booking as group will not push through due to ___________________________ Other Remarks:

Conforme: Name and Signature of Agent

Noted by:

Coy Quines CX MNL Group desk

Note: Blockings shall be finalized using (OLGM) Online Group Management tool in Payment is in USD thru VMPD. Please request for Adhoc Tourcode thru EMAIL a day before intended ticket issuance date for seamless transaction.

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