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As the title suggest the main focus of this project is provi e a ne! avenue of shopping !hich contain remar"a#le technological #rea"through an al!a$s "eep in pro ucts via computer me iate net!or"& This i ea for fulfilling their shopping time frame& touch customers !ith compan$%s

gives a platform to ifferent groups of customers

activities !ith !i e gamut of 'ualit$ pro ucts at precise price in minimal overcoming all its pitfall i&e& cost) time * access&

This concept e(ploring a para igm shift in conventional shopping s$stem !hich

In a nutshell the overall vie! eliver unprece ente value pro ucts to those customers) !ho are passionate) technolog$ savv$ an avoi ol thum# rule of shopping #e it in terms of price) or eliver$ specific nee s& or post+sales service or tailore pro ucts to suit their

Theoretical Bac"groun

The project ,ream -hopping uses .$ -/0 as a ata#ase in its #ac"en an P1P as its front en .

Reason Behind Using Database :

A ata#ase in an assem#lage is an or ere ) relate an self+containe fact !hich are use an retrieve together for one or more application s$stems& The ph$sical location the ata#ase is transparent to the application programs an restructure !ithout affecting the programs& an implementation of

ph$sical ata#ase can #e move an

2sing a ,B.- the follo!ing pro#lems can #e overcome& ,ata re un anc$ an inconsistenc$ ,ifficult$ in accessing ata ,ata isolation Integrit$ pro#lems Atomicit$ pro#lems Concurrent+access anomalies -ecurit$ pro#lems

Three 0a$er Architecture of ,B.Three important characteristics of the ata#ase approach are 3 Insulation of programs an ata

-upport of multiple user vie!s 2se of catalogue to store the ata#ase escription 4schema5

The goal of the three level architecture is to separate the user application an the ph$sical ata#ase& In this architecture) three levels can #e efine as follo!s3

6& The Internal 0evel has an internal schema) !hich escri#es the ph$sical storage structure of the ata#ase& ata#ase& The internal schema uses a ph$sical ata mo el an escri#es the complete etails of ata storage an access paths for the

7& The Conceptual 0evel has a conceptual schema) !hich escri#es the structure of the !hole etails of ph$sical ata t$pes) relationships an ata#ase for a communit$ of users& The Conceptual schema hi es the storage structures an concentrates on escri#ing entities) constraints& A high level ata mo el or an

implementation ata mo el can #e use at this level&

8& The E(ternal or Vie! 0evels inclu es a num#er of e(ternal schemas or user vie!s& Each e(ternal schema escri#e the part of the ata#ase that particular user group is intereste in an hi es the rest of the ata#ase from that user group& A high level ata mo el or an implementation ata mo el can #e use at this level&

View Level
Vie! 6 Vie! 7

Vie! :

Conceptual Level

Internal Level

Reason Behind Using MY SQL in back end:

.$-/0 is an Open -ource 9e# ata#ase management s$stem& It is the most !i el$ use open source -/0 ata#ase on the Internet& .uch more information a#out .$-/0 can #e foun at the official .$-/0 9e# site& an its capa#ilities

.$-/0 is #etter than other 9e# ata#ase options #ecause along !ith #eing the most !i el$ use an #est supporte 9e# ata#ase) it is a true relational ata#ase&

.$-/0 is one of the fastest) most sta#le an most secure ata#ases ever evelope & In man$ cases) .$-/0 is T1E fastest ata#ase application availa#le& Although it features of an Oracle ata#ase) this can #e an a vantage overhea either& oes not have all of the

#ecause it oes not have all the

In short) .$-/0 is ver$ fast) secure) relia#le) an eas$ to use&

.$-/0 architecture an processes overvie!

.$-/0 provi es a implementation of a -/0 ata#ase ver$ !ell suite for small to me ium !e# pages& The ata#ase is free an open source !ith a commercial license availa#le 4.$-/0 is no! o!ne #$ Oracle after the$ #ought -un5&

Common applications for .$-/0 inclu e php an java #ase !e# applications that re'uire a ,B storage #ac"en ) e&g& ,o"u!i"i) Joomla) (!i"i etc& Ver$ man$ applications that use .$-/0 are geare to!ar s the 0A.P stac" 40inu() Apache) .$-/0) php5& .$-/0 is usuall$ use !ith 7 ifferent storage engines) one is calle .$I-A. oesn;t support transactions an stores each ta#le in a set of 8 files& The secon is transactions) this storage engine stores all ata in a ata#ase irector$& calle Inno,B !hich supports

single set of #$tes or uses one set of #$tes per

.$-/0 has one major a vantage) since it is free) it is usuall$ availa#le on share hosting pac"ages an can #e easil$ set up in a 0inu() 2ni( or 9in o!s environment& If ata#ase re'uiring onl$ the har !are costs) as a !e# application re'uires more than ata#ase) re'uires loa #alancing or shar ing) it is eas$ to set up ma$#e instances of the oppose to commercial ata#ases that !oul re'uire a single license for each instance& .$-/0 has some issues !ith sta#ilit$ an clustering) it is ver$ ifficult to install a consistent ata#ase cluster !ith .$-/0 !ith the regular version& ,epen ing on the ata#ase storage) .$-/0 !ill For large) heav$ loa e that the ata#ase cannot uring lo! traffic times& . support transactions or not) so the re'uirements of the ata#ases) it is a major operations pro#lem that changing uring that operation so that this can onl$ #e one application have to #e ta"en into account !hen creating the ata#ase ta#les& the ata#ase structure is onl$ possi#le !hen loc"ing the complete ta#les& This !ill mean #e accesse

Reason Behind Using PHP in front end:

P1P is an open source server si e scripting language that mainl$ use for eveloping !e# applications an !e# services& P1P provi es num#er of #enefits such as i5 ii5 Open -ource) rea il$ availa#le 4$ou can #e using it to a$5 an ual+

license + if $ou are oing non+profit !or" or not licensing) there is no cost& Ver$ Eas$ to un erstan -$nta() some reall$ cool features 4arra$s are Interfaces ver$ easil$ !ith Apache=.$-/0& something else<5 iii5 iv5 v5 vi5 vii5

P1P runs on ifferent platforms 49in o!s) 0inu() 2ni() etc&5 P1P is compati#le !ith almost all servers use to a$ 4Apache) II-) etc&5 P1P is FREE to o!nloa from the official P1P resource3 !!!&php&net P1P is eas$ to learn an runs efficientl$ on the server si e 0ots of goo source co e out there to use an =or learn from) as !ell as man$ for !or"ing !ith P,Fs) graphics) etc&

useful li#raries viii5

0ots of hosting services have it rea $ to use) no special configuration 4e(cept securit$ nee s5

if $ou have special i(5 etc&5

Prett$ eas$ to access other !e#+#ase tools through P1P 4i&e& google maps)

,efinition Of Pro#lem

The overall i ea #ehin this project is to sort out the pro#lems of conventional shopping s$stem&It provi es easier !a$ of shopping !ith in ivi ual customer& It selection of a pro uct easier& It contains a specific to their nee s& The !here a user !oul ma"e searching) vie!ing an

sophisticate search engine for user;s to search for pro ucts

search engine provi es an eas$ an convenient !a$ to search for pro ucts availa#le #ase so that a user can a

can -earch for a pro uct interactivel$ an the search engine !oul refine the pro ucts on the user%s input& The user can then vie! the complete The application also provi es a rag an shopping cart #$ rop feature a pro uct to the ragging the item in to the specification of each pro uct&

shopping cart& The main emphasis lies in provi ing a effectivel$ sho!ing the esire results an its rag an a a$) all $ear roun

user+frien l$ search engine for rop #ehavior&

7>=? access& Ena#les customers to shop or con uct other transactions 7>hours from almost an$ location& For e(ample) chec"+ing #alances) travel an other information& ma"ing pa$ments) o#taining

There are lots pro#lem associate !ith tra itional shopping s$stem li"e as3

A5 0imite Options3 In tra itional shopping s$stem customers not get !i e options !hich can fulfill things accessi#le !hich are B5 0imite -ervice3 -ince all !or"s are their eman & 1ere options are limite ) onl$ fe! availa#le in the shop& one manuall$ it ver$ maintain recor s ifficult to !ithout

remem#er an in turn

consumption of much value time an !ithout error&

C) Time * Cost consuming3 This process is more time * cost consuming& 1ere customers are !orr$ have to cover * also concern a#out !hich are incurre for fulfilling their shopping activities& a#out the istance !hich he=she e(penses

This computeri@e shopping

application remove some #asic short comings of tra itional s$stem such as3

A5 .ore choices3 Customers not onl$ have a !hole range of pro ucts that the$ can choose from an selection ofsuppliers& B5 Price comparisons3 Customers can Ashop% aroun the !orl an con uct customise) #ut also an international

comparisons either irectl$ #$ visiting ifferent sites) or #$ visiting a single site !here prices are aggregate from a num#er of provi ers an compare & C5 Improve igitise eliver$ processes3 This can range from the imme iate or electronic eliver$ of

goo s such as soft!are or au io+visual Bles #$

o!nloa ing via the Internet) to the on+line trac"ing of the progress of pac"ages #eing elivere #$ mail or courier&

,5 -erve .ore Customer -atisfaction 3 In this application customers get !i e option for choosing there ultimate pro ucts at minimal span of time&Customers are not get panic a#out istance * transportation& s$stem helps to store an anal$se ata

E5 ,ata 9arehouseing 3 This computeri@e various others provi ers share an

on customer profile) nee s) preferences an grievances& In recent a$s !ith the a vent of in this sector ) the shoppers are losing its customer #ase gra uall$& But !ith the a option of this ne! technolog$ it !ill recapture its ol mar"et face the competition more #ol l$&

F5 .inimise Cost 3 A goo amount of management an maintenance cost can #e #rought o!n cost !ill save& C5 .inimise Time 3This application re uces all unnecessar$ time 4transportation) searching )* carr$ing 5 of the tra itional shopping s$stem &Customers gets all options in their home !ith sacrificing minimum time * cost& through this s$stem&An also an enormous amount of transportation

-$stem Anal$sis * ,esign vis+a+vis 2ser Re'uirements

The "no!le ge of the current -$stem is man$ fiel s !hich user re'uirements an so on& The metho evelope for #$ gathering information in gathering information is

inclu es evelopment constraints) ra!#ac"s of the current s$stem) a opte propose s$stem& Enough priorit$ fin ing5 1ar !are

intervie!ing the current an potential user of the

is given for learning the current s$stem as much as possi#le 4Fact specification given #elo!3

an -oft!are solution are also sought out& Base on the intervie! the re'uirements

Re'uirements -pecification
Output -pecification3 Printing the reports of transactions li"e items sol an #ought& Prepare report of accounts an etails of customers to #e maintaine

Preparation of transaction li"e pro uct #oo"ing #$ mail o er) mo#ile shopping etc&

Input -pecification3

2ser shoul enter the Pro ucts up ate) stoc" etails etc& 2ser shoul #e allo!e mo if$ or ,elete !hen re'uire after passing through man$ securit$ chec"s&

Functional Re'uirements3

Ceneral Constraints3

Delete and modify of any record should be restricted access.

-ecurit$ .easures Ta"en