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1 Taking Sides Unfortunately, the issue of racism is present in many domains today and sport is no exception.

Some explanatory ideas concerning better results of black athletes carry the racial marking. In my opinion, the latter does not relate to Jon Entines work, which nevertheless has certain inconsistencies and cannot be considered a purely scientific one. Entines work Taboo represents an argument pro superiority of black athletes in many elite sports largely founded upon their enhanced natural abilities. John Hoberman, in Totem and Taboo: The Myth of Race in Sports, points out the multiple weak points of Entines thesis. Still, I was not convinced by either of researchers. Though Entine presents extensive data concerning representation of black athletes in certain sports and dominance of African-born sportsmen in running, statistics alone cannot explain why black athletes seem to be in general better than white athletes. Moreover, the author does nod even mention the environmental factor. For instance, it should be taken into consideration that white sportsmen have not really competed against black athletes (on-field and off-filed alike) until the last fifty years. As nations attempted to erase the unflattering past, they began providing a comprehensive range of opportunities to black athletes. I think that that is the reason why they dominate many sports nowadays. I think that the fear of being accused of discrimination is what actually drives the black dominance in American sport rather than strict talent and ability. Besides, countries such as Kenya, Senegal or Burundi did not have access to enough resources to present their sportsmen on the international arena for an overwhelmingly long time. They were an unknown quality for the rest of the sport world, but the fact that no one expected them to excel is insufficient to explain their biological superiority. In the end, I would like to mention that though Hoberman rightfully critiques Entines work, he does not provide an alternative explanation or theory.

2 Jon Entine has presented a substantial body of evidence in favor of greater athletic abilities of black people. Still, there are many gaps in his work, as Hoberman points out in his assessment of the peers research. I think that black dominance is not limited solely to biological characteristics, as environmental and economic factors have immense importance, too.

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