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The Kinds of Training Provided at Orkin

State of the art training facility

Orkins pest and termite specialists are among the best trained in the industry. The Orkin Training Center is one of the industrys only hands-on training facilities in the country. The Training Center includes a fully functional house and a termite pavilion which provides Orkin experts with real-life pest, rodent and termite control experience. The training department, called Orkin University, includes 23 performance improvement specialists. The team operates under the acronym SERVE (speed, execution, ROI, versatility, and excellence) to ensure that training is efficient, effective and aligned with company strategy supporting employee development from the top down.

Training provided by senior management

In addition to dedicated trainers, Orkins division vice presidents and region managers spend three days a week coaching employees in the field to ensure that training is effective. Managements involvement is another way the training department guarantees that department strategies are aligned with company objectives.

It takes a lot to be The Orkin Man. At Orkin, millions are invested to develop award-winning training programs that extend well beyond the classroom. Each Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist is trained in Orkins Commercial Training & Certification Program, which includes: Formal accredited class work from Purdue University. Treatment techniques that conform to standards set by AIB International, NSF Cook & Thurber, Silliker, SQF and many others, assuring the smartest and most effective pest management program available. Training in specific protocols for specific industry, as well as federal, state and local regulatory requirements.

Online training via podcast

Podcasts are a cost-effective, yet engaging, tool for the company that helps them to provide ongoing learning directly to more than 350 commercial sales professionals throughout the United States. New episodes are posted monthly, each featuring a sales professional as a guest call-in expert.

Orkin TV Satellite Training Network

Orkins interactive satellite television communications network creates a live virtual classroom for nearly all of their employees. This allows for in-depth training in real time at locations across the country, that Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist is up to date on the latest pest management techniques, no matter where he is.

Orkins Strategic Training Programs

In order to be a leading company in the industry, Orkin made sure it reached its goals through the implementation of business strategy. The strategic training programs at Orkin are the main force behind their success story. Here is a description of how the training programs at Orkin match the initiatives and implications of strategic trainings:

Diversified learning portfolio

The use of training programs such as the power track program, and Interactive Video-onDemand (IVOD), podcast technology, Orkin TV etc adds another dimension to Orkins learing programs that their competitors are yet to capture.

Large number of trainees

Orkins training programs covers managerial and non-managerial employees, customers, suppliers and provide better learning opportunities for all of them.

Acceleration of learning
The use of technology in their training programs enables their trainees to learn quickly and also to receive the training when needed.

Improved Customer Service and better communication

Orkin provide services to 400 locations in the US with almost 8000 employees. The employees can respond to customer complaints more quickly and communicate better with Orkins real time learning programs.

Capturing and sharing of knowledge

As mentioned before, the technologies used at Orkin are ideal for capturing the knowledge, storing it digitally and sharing this knowledge with the vast number of people when they need it.

Align training and development with company strategy

The most important attribute of any training program is that it is aligned with companys strategic goals. Orkins strategic training programs identify the knowledge, skill and ability necessary for the employees to perform their duties. The training programs are not hampered by lack of time, resources and equipment. Finally, the training programs do support the companys strategic needs.

Better training environment

The strategic training programs of Orkin are among the best in the industry. The training environment provided at Orkin encourages teamwork, collaboration, creativity and knowledge sharing.

Contribution of training to Companys competitive advantage

Orkins strategic training programs give it a clear advantage over the competitors. Here is how it is achieved:

Improved product and service

Orkin provides better service and quality products to their approximate 1.6 million customers constantly. The have a clear advantage over their competitors in terms of product quality and services. David Lamb, Rollins vice president of learning and media services says, Weve blended our best practices into a comprehensive program that sets us apart from our competitors and directly supports our goal of being the best service company in the world.

Improved productivity and innovative technical processes

Advanced technology and system is a key factor that enables training programs of Orkin to be conducted successfully and smoothly, especially podcast technology. With the help of podcast technology, sales professional receive ongoing learning, critical information about Orkin and the pest management industry and tips for honing sales skills which are updated monthly. Besides that, Orkin has also created a live virtual classroom to communicate with expert instructors on new technologies and health information. Orkin TV is one of the newly launched technologies. The live satellite broadcasts are combined with on-the-job training and self-directed training. Employees can track their self-directed training in Orkins learning management system as they view videos on demand, complete interactive videos on demand and participate in other Web-based training.

Customization in products or services

Orkins employees are trained to constantly be in touch with the customers and suppliers so that any suggestion of improvement in products or services can be noted as quickly as possible. This helps the company immensely to maintain an edge over the competitors in terms of variety and customization of products or services. Employees pass the information quickly to the senior management so that they can up with better product or service ideas and implement them quickly.