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Chapter 3: Oxidation and Reduction Title: Rusting As A Redox Reaction Section A: General understanding (Fill in the lan!


Form 5 Chemistry

1. __________________ is the oxidation of a metal while ________________ is the oxidation of iron when the metal or iron interact with the environment by losing electron. 2. The presence of _______________ and ________________ will cause iron to rust, the rusting can be accelerated by adding _________________ or _____________. 3. Copper forms a green coating as a result of corrosion, it contains _______________ ions. . !etals li"e ______________ and ____________________ forms a very tough oxide which adhere tightly to the surface of the metal preventing further oxidation, thus protecting the metals from further corrosion. #. To prevent corrosion, metal $ can be coated with a layer of metal % which is more _________________________ than $. !etal % will corrode first, thus preventing metal $ from corrosion. &n this situation, metal % is also called the ____________________ metal. '. &f iron is in contact with another ______________ which is less electropositive than iron, the rate of rusting for iron will be _________________. (. )inc is used to protect iron or steel by coating a thin layer of *inc onto it, this process is called ___________________________. &n industry, *inc is chosen to serve the purpose rather than other metals because *inc is ___________________ in cost. +. ,ome household and bathroom e-uipments are coated with a layer of shiny finishes, the metals usually used for these coatings are ____________________ and __________________ .

Section #: $earn to %rite the e&uations (Guided steps" The process of rusting occurs in three stages. 1. The formation of iron.&&/ ions from the metal0 1hen iron contacts with water, the iron surface oxidi*es to form iron.&&/ ions. 2-uation0 ______________________________________________________

2. The formation of hydroxide ions0 2lectrons travel to the edges of the water droplets, where there is high concentration of dissolved oxygen. 1ater and oxygen molecules receive the electrons, they are reduced to form hydroxide ions. 2-uation0 ______________________________________________________

3e24readily combines with 567 to form 3e.56/2

2-uation0 ______________________________________________________

3. 1ith excess oxygen, the rust is formed0 The 3e24 ions are further oxidi*ed to form 3e34 ions, which reacts with 567 ions to form the hydrated iron oxide, 3e253. x625, "nown as 89ust:. 2-uation0 ______________________________________________________

,ection $

Title0 9usting $s a 9edox 9eaction

1. Corrosion, rusting 2. water, oxygen, salt, acid 3. copper.&&/ . *inc, aluminium #. electropositive, sacrificial '. metal, faster (. galvani*ation, cheaper +. chromium, nic"el

,ection % 1. 3e 7777 3e24 4 2 e7


52 4 2 625 4 < 3e 24 4

e7 2 56 7

777 7777

56 ; 3e.56/2


2 3e.56/2

52 7777

3e253. x 625

4 625

. value of x varies depending on the condition/