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Dando Sonic SDC375

The SDC375, like all Dando rigs, is designed to be robust and reliable and also boasts a small footprint which allows it to operate in areas of limited space as well as fit within a 20ft high cube shipping container for easy transportation. Capable of continuously sampling to +300 feet (90m) with a 4 x 6 core/case system

Dando Sonic SDC375

Drilling Rig Specification
Dando Drilling International has been working in collaboration with Sonic Drill Corporation, market leader for the sonic rig industry and lead innovator in sonic drilling technology, to create a brand new light, compact sonic drilling rig. Sonic drilling boasts many advantages over conventional drilling including being faster, requiring less drilling fluid, continuous high quality coring and greatly reduced hole deviation.
Carrier Levelling Jacks Deck Engine Drilling Mast Crawler mounted with multiple bolt-on track options - Radio remote tracking with manual override - Lifting eyes as standard 4 Jack legs with counter balance valve CAT C6 - 6.6l Turbocharged - 225HP - 24VDC Single box construction - 4.2m Head travel - Hydraulic cylinder/ chain driven system - Fully enclosed - Auto tensioned Pullback: 10,000 kgf Allows for angle drilling to 45 degrees c/w support struts. Maximum single line pull: 3200kgf - Maximum speed: 41m/minuteDrum capacity: 65m of 13mm wire rope FMC L1122 - 284 lpm - 1000 psi (other optional water pump sizes available) Hydraulic power circuit based on load sensing hydraulic pumps and proportional control valves - 500l hydraulic reservoir Model Sonicor 50K - Cross side - Head tilt High pressure hydraulic tubing - Enclosed in mast mounted energy chain Swing out control panel - Ergonomic configuration - Key start Remote throttle - Digital tachometer - Pilot control valves As standard - Double acting hydraulic make up and break out clamp. With minimum clamping diameter of 60mm and a maximum of 250mm. Other options available Automatic single rod handler with 90 degree wrist Double acting breakout table upgrade to 340mm Lockable waterproof deck boxes x 2 Mast lighting package Secondary oil cooler package Auxiliary service lines with electrical, air and hydraulic quick disconnects Mast mounted automatic SPT trip hammer (63.5kg) - Complete with electronic blow counter Cold weather winterization package

Mast Dump Main Winch Water Pump Hydraulic System Sonic Head Hose Carrier System Control Console Breakout Table


Please note: All figures and claims made here are indicative and Dando Drilling International reserves the right to make alterations to specification detail without notice. All images are for reference only and may not represent the exact specification outlined in this document.

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