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vrijdag 28 maart 2014 12:19


I want to list physical stores in my prestashop 1.6 site I will use a product for a 'physical stores' Physical store products will be added to the physical store category Goal is to add a Price compare tab that will show multiple prices for one normal product

Requirement: - Add google map location to the physical store products as attribute - Add locations search slider to layered navigation (so customer must be able to set his personal location available for registered and guest users).
Now for the complex part: I want physical stores to be able to specify their own price for the products on my site: Requirements: - Change product detail page to tab view like in prestashop 1.5 - List specific product prices of physical store in the concerning product in a separate 'price compare tab' of the normal (non-store) product detail page - List together with the product price list: ○ Store image (from physical store product with hyper link to physical store product detail page) ○ Store name (from physical store product with hyper link to physical store product detail page), ○ Store rating (from physical store product with hyper link to physical store product detail page) ○ specific price of concerning product and (to be imported) ○ hyper link button "shop now" ( with affiliate link or other link (to be imported)) - Price compare tab has possibility to order by closeness of physical store location (customer can set his location, as before) - Ability to import the price and link (with the key of the concerning store and the key of the concerning product: example columns: physical store product id, normal product ID, price, hyperlink - Add overall radius or country filter to visible physical store (with their prices) - Use lowest filtered price as the price of the normal product

All changes must be multi language and multi valuta compatible! Further more, any suggestions or ideas for easier simpler or more better solutions can be discussed!

Screenshot of what the product detail page could look like I am no designer, this is just an example please design this page to fit the current theme!

Prijs € 546,50

Datasheet Description Product rating Compare prices
Order by: rating (highest first) location (nearby first) price (lowest first)

Bedrijfsplan Page 1

00 Bedrijfsplan Page 2 .50 € 670.Starbucks coffee store 5 km € 546.00 Twitter store 150 km Superman store 6 km € 850.50 Volkswagen store 10 km € 576.

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