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Date : 30-10-2011


Prepared by TCA Gafoor ( http"##tcagafoor.$ & !

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Choose the correct answer from the choice (answers on last page)
1. 1000 um =

a. b. c. d.

1cm 1mm 10mm 0.1mm

2. Which one is non metallic abrasive a) Iron ilica b) teel hot! c) teel "rit! d) "rit# hot $i% &. ' ( relate to a) b) c) d) 'olatile )on volatile *otal +aint volume ,ctivator

-. *hi%otrops are of ............. t/pe a) 0i1uid b) olid c) "el d) "as


2. ,ddition of thi%otropes helps to avoid ......... a) 3listering b) agging c) Crac4ing d) 5la4ing 6. Which coating fault occurs when over thinning a paint a) +inholes b) 7un c) pot rusting d) 8air crac4ing 9. Which fault relate to +eeling a) b) c) d) :range peel 5la4ing Wrin4ling Crac4ing

;. Chemical cleaning is another name for a) ilver nitrate test b) +otassium ferr/ c/anide test c) +ic4ling d) Copper sulphate test <. Which fault can be avoided when bitumen removed from paint s/stem a) b) c) d) 3ittines 3listering Crac4ing 3leeding

10. What is the actual =5* !if banana gauge shows &&2um when chec4ed on galvani>ing a) b) c) d) &&2um 262um 2&2um -&2um

11. 5ord flow cup no>>le is made of


a& ,luminum allo/

b) tainless steel c) )ic4el d& *ungsten carbide

12. ............... can be used to chec4 pressure a. 8/grometer b. urface profile needle gauge c. 8/podermic needle gauge d. *ouch p/rometer 1&. =oll/ test used to chec4 ............. a) b) c) d) 8ardness 5le%ibilit/ =5* ,dhesion

1-. What will be the unit of viscosit/ of a thi%otropes paint a) econd b) Centipoises c& )s?m2 d) to4e 12. 8ow to use comb gauge on a pipe a) b) c) d) +erpendicularl/ Circumferentiall/ 0ongitudinall/ )ot possible

16. If the re1uired =5* is 20um !then the particle si>e in the paint should be ..... a) b) c) d) 20um ,bove 20um 3elow 20um ,ll the above

19. which laminar pigment is best for @' protection


a) b) c) d)

,luminum 5la4e $I: "lass 5la4e "raphite

1;. 5eAA is .............. a) b) c) d) ,n atom $olecule Ion Iron ubstrate

1<. Which is cathode in corrosion a) Water b) :%/gen c) ubstrate d) Blectrons released 20. Which one is more noble a) ilver b) teel c) $agnesium d) Cinc 21. 8/groscopic slats cause a) b) c) d) 7ash rusting +inholes 7ogue pea4 3listers

22. Which pressure suitable for dr/ blasting a) 20psi b) 100psi c) 220psi d& -20psi 2&. =egree of roughness related to

a) b) c) d)

,brasive blasting 8and and power tool ,nchor pattern ,brasive hardness

2-. @n fused area in steel is ............. a) liver b) 7ogue +ea4 c) 8ac4le d) +inhole 22. *ransparent la/er in replica tape is ............ a) b) c) d) $ilar $/le% $/lar *este%

26. .............. ):* @I*,30B 5:7 +7:5I0B $B, @7$B)* a) =ial micrometer b) urface profile needle gauge c) urface comparator d) Corn plaster method 29. 3urnishing occurs when a) b) c) d) 8igh pressure Water blasting 5lame cleaning =r/ ,brasive blasting )eedle "unning

2(. Which one is not 1uantitative

a) ilver nitrate test b) =oll/ test c) 3ristle sample patch test d) 3anana gauge test 2<. Which is not a propert/ of binder

a) b) c) d)

Cohesive strength 0eafing effect 7esist water 8old pigments in suspension

&0. Which one is saturated a) b) c) d) 0inceed oil *ung oil +alm oil China wood oil

&1. Which one is not a pigment a) Coal tar b) 7ed lead c) $I: d) ilicone &2. Which one cannot be used for /ellow colour paint a) b) c) d) Chromium Cobalt Calcium Iron

&&. Which one is not to%ic a) b) c) d) Cinc chromate Cinc phosphate Calcium plumbate Coal tar

&-. Which propert/ of a solvent is not best a) b) c) d) 0ow evaporation rate 0ow to%icit/ 0ow flashpoint 8igh evaporation rate

&2. +aint is a ................. a) olution


b) olute c) olvent d) =ispersion &6. Which one is convertible a) b) c) d) C7 'in/l )atural 7esin Bmulsion

&9. Which one is not a direct charge mill a) b) c) d) 3all mill ,ttritor $ill 3ead mill 8igh peed =isperser

&;. 7eccova valve is ............ a) Control abrasive transfer b) tores abrasives c) 7emoves water d) Control air from compressor &<. pecular 8ematite is other name a) 7ust b) $illscale c) $I: d) teel fle%

-0. *o%icit/ measured in a) b) c) d) $ph +si +pm Cfm


-1. $i%ing of two pac4 can be calculated b/ a) b) c) d) +/4no meter Closed ,bel Cup +/ro meter Cr/pto meter

-2. ,ppro% viscosit/ of paint is a) b) c) d) 1 centi poise 1 sto4e 2.- )s?m2 1.2 gm?cc

-&. ,ir temperature can be calculated b/ a) 8/gro meter b) *hermo stat c) 0impet gauge d) trobo scope --. Chal4ing occurs due to a. Coating age b. Weathering c. helf life problem d. 8/gro scopic salts -2. 'accume blasting is a. Water blasting b. ,brasive blasting c. Closed blasting d. ,ir blasting with water -6. Inclusion is defect related to a. 7ogue pea4 b. 0amination c. 8ac4le d. 8igh thic4ness profile -9. Which fault happens when over appl/ >inc silicate a. agging b. 7un c. $ud crac4ing d. 8olida/s -;. 0ifting of coating material from surface is ......

a. b. c. d.

Wrin4ling 0ifting 5la4ing $ud crac4ing

-<. ............... not a destructive test a. +I" b. aberg *hic4ness =rill c. Doenig ,lbert d. 8orse hoe

20. 8ow much air suppled !if no>>le si>e is E inch a. -20 cfm b. -1& cfm c. 100 cfm d. 220 cfm 21. .......... can be applied when 7elative humidit/ = 100( a. Bpo%/ b. C7 c. +ol/ urethane d. Cinc 7ich Bpo%/

A,-./01. 1mm 2. Iron ilica

&. )on volatile -. "el 2. agging 6. 7un

9. 5la4ing ;. +ic4lingF <. 3leeding 10. 2&2um (deduct 100um) 11. tainless steel 12. 8/podermic needle gauge 1&. ,dhesion 1'. )s?m2 12. 0ongitudinall/ 16. 3elow 20um 19. ,luminum 5la4e 1;. Ion 1<. Blectrons released 20. ilver 21. 3listers 22. 100psi 2&. ,nchor pattern 2-. liver 22. $/lar 26. urface comparator (assessment onl/) 29. )eedle "unning 2;. ilver nitrate test 2<. 0eafing effect &0. +alm oil &1. ilicone &2. Iron &&. Cinc phosphate &-. 0ow flashpoint &2. =ispersion &6. )atural 7esin &9. 3ead mill &;. 7emoves water (another name of 4noc4out pot) &<. $I: -0. +pm -1. +/4no meter (densit/ cup) -2. 2.- )s?m2 -&. 8/gro meter (whirling) --. Coating age -2. Closed blasting -6. 0amination -9. $ud crac4ing

-;. 5la4ing -<. 8orse shoe 20. -1& cfm 21. +ol/ urethane


Prepared by TCA Gafoor ( http"##tcagafoor.$ & !