1.Despite the economic downturn, the country managed to attract $3.47 billion foreign direct investment (FDI) in July.

Which among the following sectors in India has attracted maximum FDI? (A)Manufacturing Sector (B)Services Sector (C)Agriculture Sector

2.In which of the following countries first Stock Exchange opened? (A)UK (B)Netherlands (C)USA

3.As we know companies have to meet the requirements of the exchange in order to have their stocks listed and traded, but requirements vary by stock exchange. What is the minimum market capitalization requirement at the Mumbai Stock Exchange? (A)Rs. 15 crore (B)Rs. 25 crore (C)Rs. 30 Crore

4.What is India's latest rank in Transparency International's (TI) Global Corruption Report 2009 in the Bribe Payers' Index ? (A)17th (B)19th (C)23rd

5." Ginger Hotels " belong to the following group of Hotels? (A)Taj Group (B)Welcomgroup (C)Oberoi Group

6.What is India's Rank among largest makers of the small cars in the world? (A)First (B)Second (C)Third

7.Recently which of the following pharmaceutical company has launched its anti-swine flu drug 'Starflu'? (A)Torrent Pharmaceuticals (B)Cadilla (C)Strides Arcolab

8.How many Indian companies have found a place in recent Forbes's annual ranking of the best of Asia-Pacific's biggest listed companies? (A)10 (B)13


9.According to a new release of TRAI , Mobile Number Portability will be implemented from December 31 in metros and category 'A' service areas. What deadline has been fixed for rest of the country? (A)March 2010 (B)June 2010 (C)July 2010

10.Which among the following is India's largest taxpayer ? (A)State Bank of India (B)ICICI (C)ONGC

11.Which among the following is correct regarding 'Because I am a Girl' ? (A)It’s a Book on Girls' empowerment in India (B)It’s a report which focuses on the economic empowerment of the girl child the world over (C)Its an Programme by NGO

12.Music Mobile Exchange (MMX) is a mobile licensing scheme to curb music piracy on mobile under which mobile stores and outlets can operate legitimately by opting for an MMX licence from rights holders and sell music without violating the Copyright Act. In which state in India MMX was launched first? (A)Punjab (B)Andhra Pradesh (C)Delhi

13.Which of the following states in India attracts the largest number of Domestic Tourists? (A)Rajasthan (B)Goa (C)Andhra Pradesh

14.In which year Government of India approved National Policy for Farmers? (A)2005 (B)2006 (C)2007

15.A system in which a society consisting of a number of farmers owns land which is divided into smaller holdings and then leased to individual members of the society comes under which of the following? (A)Co-operative Tenant Farming (B)Co-operative Collective Farming (C)Cooperative Joint Farming

16.What is India's rank in the tree planting roll of honor in a campaign to plant a billion trees, which was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in November 2006? (A)5th (B)9th (C)11th

17.Recently the government has reconstituted the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) with prominent wildlife activist Maneka Gandhi as one of its members headed by Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State (Environment) . In which year it was constituted? (A)2002 (B)2004 (C)2006

18.START or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is a series of treaties (START!, STARTII etc. ) negotiated between which of the two nuclear powers of the world? (A)US & Russia (B)US & France (C)Russia & France

19.Recently India's first grid connected solar power project has begun operation, marking a major breakthrough in the green energy revolution in the country. Where is it located? (A)Asansol, West Bengal (B)Mehsana, Gujarat (C)Jodhpur , Rajasthan

20.Valmiki National Park or Valmiki Tiger Reserve is located in which of the following states? (A)Bihar (B)West Bengal (C)Chhattisgarh

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