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Are You Running Your Hoof Bath Properly?

Do you know what your bacterial load is?

Are You Throwing Your Money Away?

Dragonhyde Dust is the only hoof bath in the world that lets you know when its time to change the bath simply by changing color! As with any product, producers must keep the hoof bath clean in order for the product to work to its highest potential. But how do you know when the hoof bath is no longer effective? With Dragonhyde Dust its as simple as a change in color. This bath is working properly
Dark blue color, clean and ready to use.

Dark blue color on the hooves indicates the bath is performing. As long as the hooves are dark blue, its working.

This bath is no longer working

When the hooves are no longer a dark blue color: after walking through the bath, the hoof bath must be cleaned and changed. when the cows are in the field, it is time to run the herd through another bath.

All Hoof Baths will lose efficacy over time. This laboratory study demonstrates how the Dragonhyde Dust outlasts other leading products under identical conditions.
After 1 Day of Contamination After day 1 and 10% organic load and dirt contamination. Dragonhyde Dusts (green bars) efficacy remains at almost 100% while all other products have dropped significantly and require a change in solution.

2% Dragonhyde Dust 4% Dragonhyde Dust 2.5% Copper Sulfate 5% Copper Sulfate

% contamination of dirt and organic load

After 2 Days of Contamination After day 2 and 10% organic load and dirt contamination Dragonhyde Dusts (green bars) efficacy remains at 80% while all other products have 0% efficacy and require a change in solution.

Residual Efficacy %

2% Dragonhyde Dust 4% Dragonhyde Dust 2.5% Copper Sulfate 5% Copper Sulfate

% contamination of dirt and organic load

After 4 Days of Contamination

2% Dragonhyde Dust 4% Dragonhyde Dust 2.5% Copper Sulfate 5% Copper Sulfate

However, after 4 days of a 10% organic load and dirt contamination all products fail.

% contamination of dirt and organic load

CONCLUSION: If a hoof bath is not changed and left for hours or even days, the efficacy of the product will decrease. Organic load and dirt contamination play a major role in decreasing the effectiveness of the bath (as demonstrated above).

Dragonhyde Dust

Dragonhyde Dust First in the world with an indicator dye to show when a bath needs to be changed.
Contamination and color changing Study of Dragonhyde Dust CONTROL Fading of the intense blue color of Dragonhyde Dust solution correlates with it losing efficacy AFTER 24 HOURS

Antimicrobial Efficacy of Dragonhyde Dust in time frame after contamination with bacterial load (2x109) E.coli cfu/mil

Time After Bacterial Contamination

p u t t y


A Topical Product

T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty is Easy to Apply

STEP 1 Clean the hoof thoroughly using a scrub brush and sanitizer. Completely remove any manure or other materials. Scrape open the affected area until bleeding occurs. STEP 2 Dry the hoof.

To maintain ideal hoof health on your dairy, it is important to have your hoof trimmer come periodically during the month to assess the hoof health and treat any serious issues that arise. We suggest using our Dragonhyde Putty in combination with our Dragonhyde Dust Dissolvable Hoof Bath powder regiment to keep your cow on an effective and bio-friendly program. Both Dragonhyde Putty and Dragonhyde Dust do not contain any harsh chemicals that burn, irritate or harm your cow. Do not mix with Copper or Formaldehyde products when using our hoof program.

STEP 3 Apply T-HEXX Dragonhyde Putty generously to the area of the hoof that needs attention. Use a brush, wooden tongue depressor or wear a glove and apply by hand.

STEP 4 Dragonhyde Putty can be used with or without wraps, depending on the environment and the severity of the ailment.

*Also available in a low staining version. Patent pending.

T-HEXX Dragonhyde Dust Hoof Bath Powder is an innovative new concept in hoof care products. It not only provides long lasting hoof hygiene, but it also is so simple to use:

Dragonhyde Dust is packaged in a premeasured pouch. It dissolves within seconds when tossed into a water bath and has the same hoof hygiene efficacy as our classic Dragonhyde Hoof Bath Concentrate.

Just toss and go!

Simply add the appropriate number of pre-measured pouches into a bath filled with 50 gallons of water. The pouch dissolves quickly. Example use 1 bag per 50 gal bath.

NO MORE HEAVY LIFTING. One pouch of Dragonhyde Dust weights approximately one pound, as compared to eight pounds per gallon of liquid bath products or a 50 lb. bag of copper sulfate.

Cleaning Instructions:
How to remove Dragonhyde Dust color from concrete or any substrate or skin. Just dilute 5% of household bleach into water and wash away the stain.


After 10 Seconds

WORKS ON THESE SURFACES: Skin Wood Concrete Stainless steel Ceramic Latex Silicone Fiberglass.

A Safe Approach To Hoof Health

Dragonhyde Dust is non toxic to both humans and the dairy cow and is safe when used as directed!

Dragonhyde Dust contains no heavy metals such as copper sulfate or zinc sulfate. It is also free of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde. Unlike other types of hoof bath products, Dragonhyde Dust degrades after the bath is discarded and does not interfere with the operation of a digester.


The dark blue color in the product provides a visual confirmation that the animal has successfully walked through the hoof bath. As long as the animals hooves are dark blue, the product will not run off when exposed to urine, manure, rain or other environmental conditions.

Test results prove that long after 24 hours, Dragonhyde Dust with 10% and 25% contamination load consisting of dirt and manure performed better than copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and benzalkonium chloride. After 48 hours, Dragonhyde Dust showed an 80% efficacy, whereas the others showed less-and in the case of copper sulfate, showed no efficacy. (Refer to page 3)

Dragonhyde Dust

Our Dragonhyde Dust is the only hoof bath on the market that alerts you as to when its time to change the bath by changing its color.

combining quality with innovation

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