Subject Date Time Class No. of Pupils Pupils’ level Theme Topic Focused Skill Integrated Skills Learning Standards

English Language 11 April 2014 9.30 a.m. – 10.30 a.m. (60 minutes) 2 Mawar 26 pupils Mixed Abilities World of Knowledge Unit 6 – Delicious Food Listening Speaking, Reading 1.2.2 Able to listen to and follow : (a) simple instructions.

1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by: (a) asking simple Wh-Questions (b) answering simple Wh-Questions

3.1.1 Able to write in neat legible print with correct spelling : (a) words Document Standard Performance (DSP) CCTS Habits of Mind (HOM) Grammar Vocabulary Applying past knowledge to new situations Nouns Chicken Rice, Fried Rice, Fried Noodles, Fried Chicken, Pudding, Cake, Ice Cream, Pie, Milk, Plain Water, Coffee, and Orange Making connections B3 DL2 E1 Able to listen to and follow instruction and directions.

worksheet and menu. flash cards.Juice. Teaching Aids Video clip. intonation and stress. audio. Pupils have learnt about food in the previous lesson. ii. spell 7 out of 9 focused words. Pupils should be able to listen to the text and answer the questions given. sentence strips Moral Values Previous Knowledge General Objective Specific Objectives i. Be Creative. Health awareness. picture cards. Cooperation. answer 3 out of 5 questions on the listening text. word cards. iii. By the end of the lesson. pronounce 6 out of 8 types of food with correct pronunciation. pupils should be able to: .

5. 3. Pupils name the food in the video. CCTS. Making connections Whole class activity xi. Teacher uses flash and picture cards of the focused words. Teacher shows a video about To set the mood and mentally prepare favourite food and pupils for the lesson. Teacher reads the words. viii.questions:  2. vii. 1. Pupils repeat the words after the teacher. Teaching aids: i. xii.STEP CONTENT TEACHING & LEARNING ACTIVITIES REMARKS (Rationale. i. Fried chicken v. Video clip Teaching aid: PreListening To introduce the focused words: 1. To practice pronunciation with correct rhythm. AVA. Pie Ice cream Cake Pudding Coffee Orange Juice CCTS: i. Pupils paste the pictures on the menu. iii. Chicken rice Fried rice Fried noodles 2. stress and intonation. HOM) Set Induction Video about favourite food. pupils sing along. Picture cards Flash cards iv. ± 5 minutes The example of wh. Pupils spell the words given by the teacher. ii. 4. Moral Values. vi. Teacher asks the pupils about their favourite food. What is your favourite food? 3. ± 10 minutes i. ii. ix. Water Milk . x.

The first person in the group comes to Teaching aids To evaluate pupils’ understanding of what they have learnt.WhileListening Listening to the passage. Teacher divides the class into three groups. To apply and transfer knowledge learnt in the lesson. 1. Teacher plays the audio. To enhance pupils’ listening skill. Audio Worksheet (Appendix 1) CCTS i. 3. 5. 6. Teaching aids: i. To make sure the pupils listen attentively. Applying past knowledge to new situations Individual Activity PostListening ± 15 minutes Assessment 1. 3. 2. Pupils check their answers. ± 25 minutes 2. Pupils listen to the audio and circle the correct answer based on the video. 4. Making connection HOM i. . Teacher repeats playing the audio. ii. Teacher distributes a worksheet to the pupils. Teacher gives instructions to the pupils on how to play the games. Teacher shows the correct answers on the slide.

9. The person comes back to his seat and whispers the sentences to the second person in the group and so on. Teacher distributes worksheet.the front. 5. Worksheet (Appendix 3) Group work Individual work . Teacher gives an envelope to the pupils and gives 3 minutes for the pupils to memorize the sentences. 7. Sentence strips (Appendix 2) ii. i. The last person read aloud the sentences. 6. Pupils do the worksheet on their own with the guidance of the teacher. 8. 4. The last person in the group takes the items in the list of the sentences.

Pupils sing the song again. Pupils say aloud the words learnt. 4. Teacher summarises what has been taught by getting pupils to recall HOM used to connect words. 2. Teacher shows the video clip.Closure ± 5 minutes 1. Teaching aid: i. 3. To reinforce the content knowledge learnt. Video clip .