Is Delegate Hough The Next Anthony Weiner?

by Patrick Allen ...

If you are 2nd Amendment zealot, or like your elected officials bought and paid for by far right-wing extremist ideology … then Michael Hough is your guy. In the same manner with which employers scour social media to evaluate prospective employees, citizens are now scouring social media to evaluate existing and / or prospective public officials. There was a time in our nation’s history when the press agreed to not take pictures of Franklin Roosevelt in his wheelchair or report on John Kennedy’s extra-marital dalliances. But those days are long gone. In the new Instagram era, public officials are under much more scrutiny … as they should be … now is the time when untoward conduct plays an ever increasing role in ballot box judgments. Is Delegate Hough The Next Anthony Weiner? A little over a year ago, a facebook account was discovered which appears to belong to a mid-to-late twenty-something woman from the Philippines. The FB page looks to be several years old and has little-to-no entries on the timeline, except for a provocative, breast-revealing image of the supposed page owner … and a cell phone number for contact. [1] This, in and of itself would not be noteworthy, except for the fact that the young woman only has about fifty (50) facebook FRIENDS and a statistically impossible percentage of those FRIENDS are Maryland Republicans … private citizens, elected officials and candidates for office. When this information was first discovered, the FRIENDS list was published and a few Maryland Republicans immediately disconnected their link to the young woman … i.e., Larry Hogan, running in the 2014 Maryland gubernatorial race as well as an officer in the Maryland Republican Party. But, Delegate Michael Hough? … not so much. He has maintained his link to the young woman and it raises a few [2] questions.

Do Elected Officials Have Secret Lives? Well, yes, some do. Obviously there is the case of Congressman Anthony Weiner, who texted and sexted with a young woman and refused to break the link when his conduct was disclosed. Seems like he just couldn’t help himself. And how about the most recent case where Vance McAllister (R-Louisiana), ran a Christian values campaign and got caught on tape having an affair with a married staffer.

That brings us back to Delegate Michael Hough, who is running in 2014 to unseat incumbent State Senator David Brinkley. What’s his attraction to Shane Mhine? The Delegate is on the inside circle of the Maryland Republican Party and if Larry Hogan didn’t waste any time distancing himself from the young woman, you have to wonder why Delegate Hough has not. Hough touts his family values, but does Mr. Hough use his cell phone to relieve the pressures of governing? ________________________________________________
LEGAL DISCLAIMER : The author makes no allegations or accusations regarding anyone identified in this column. However, certain facts are revealed for those identified to provide answers and for citizens to ask their own

questions and make up their own minds.
Sources and References [1] Shane Mhine FB Page [2] Shane Mhine FB FRIENDS Page

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