Technology Leadership Title: Evernote: More than a note-taking tool for students and teachers Instructional Team

: Kristell Brown (Part One) and Cathy Ellis (Part wo) Target Audience: !econdary eachers Targeted Learning Outcomes: "fter co#$leting this $rofessional develo$#ent% teachers will &e a&le to: • • • • • • • • • • 'se the &asics tools and features of Evernote on a deskto$% ta&let and(or s#art$hone Create a note% an ink note% an audio note% a we&ca# note and note&ook on Evernote "ttach $ictures and audios ca$tions to notes on Evernote Organi)e and share notes and note&ooks on Evernote 'se titles% keywords% and tags to search notes and note&ooks on Evernote ransfer notes to the note&ooks and note&ooks to note&ooks !et re#inders on notes and note&ooks on Evernote !ync notes and note&ooks a#ong all devices with Evernote installed Create learning e*$eriences with Evernote for students Connect and colla&orate with students% teachers% and $arents using Evernote

ISTE Standards for Teachers eachers use their knowledge of su&+ect #atter% teaching and learning% and technology to facilitate e*$eriences that advance student learning% creativity% and innovation in &oth face-toface and virtual environ#ents eachers design% develo$% and evaluate authentic learning e*$eriences and assess#ents incor$orating conte#$orary tools and resources to #a*i#i)e content learning in conte*t and to develo$ the knowledge% skills% and attitudes identified in the !tandards,!eachers e*hi&it knowledge% skills% and work $rocesses re$resentative of an innovative $rofessional in a glo&al and digital societyeachers understand local and glo&al societal issues and res$onsi&ilities in an evolving digital culture and e*hi&it legal and ethical &ehavior in their $rofessional $racticeseachers continuously i#$rove their $rofessional $ractice% #odel lifelong learning% and e*hi&it leadershi$ in their school and $rofessional co##unity &y $ro#oting and de#onstrating the effective use of digital tools and resourcesContent Outline:

Part One An overview of Evernote signing up and !asic features" .- /ntroduction: Overview of Evernote 0- /nstalling Evernote 1 Create an account: he instructor will walk $artici$ants through installing and signing u$ for an account for Evernote on their PC2s at htt$:((www-evernote-co# or through the a$$ store for iPads &y searching 3Evernote4Partici$ants #ay choose to install Evernote on other devices that were &rought to the session% ie-- s#art $hone% ta&let% iPad5- 6eatures of Evernote: he instructor will use a PowerPoint to de#onstrate the &asics of Evernote% &y showing how to #ake a note% attaching a $icture to the note% adding an audio ca$tion% creating a note&ook% and #oving the note to the note&ook- (6eatures- 7otes% 7ote&ooks% ags% E#ail% !tacks% !yncing% !earching% 8e#inders) 9i#e to Create: Partici$ants will o$en their Evernote accounts and create a 7ote&ook and na#e it 3Evernote P:4- hey will co#$lete a series of tasks that will &e shared with the instructor later in the sessionhe instructor will show $artici$ants how the sync feature works-

;- !yncing:

#ationale for Instructional $esign My colleague and / held a technology develo$#ent at <oris =igh !chool for secondary teachers<oris =igh $refer to call these worksho$s% 3 echnology uesday%4 where the staff $reviously had de#anded sessions on >oogle :rive% Ed#odo% and ?ee&lysessions held on March 0@.9his technology develo$#ent% Evernote: More than a note-taking tool for students and teachers% consisted of four one-hour hrough each session% $artici$ants were a&le to gain an understanding of the &asics tools and features of Evernote on a deskto$% ta&let and(or s#art$hone% and how Evernote &enefit &oth teachers and students in and out of the classroo#My colleague and / were res$onsi&le for $lanning% creating% and delivering the $resentation on Evernote- ?e used >oogle :rive% an online file storage service% to $re$are for our $resentation delivery- ?e were a&le to create files% share files% and edit files colla&oratively with >oogle :rive- ?e created a checklist for $artici$ants that outlined the $resentation and the $resentation using >oggle :rive- 'sing Evernote% we created a note&ook to share with staff on various resources for teaching and learning- ?e also used screenshots of Evernote with annotations% so

the staff would have visuals to hel$ learn the &asic tools and features of Evernote- ?e even used a docu#ent ca#era to dis$lay the #ulti$le views of Evernote when using a s#art$hone% iPad% deskto$ and the we& &ased versionMy video highlights the first $art of the session which focuses on the overview of EvernoteA installing and signing u$ for EvernoteA and creating a note and note&ook using the &asic tool and features of Evernote- Each session started with an outline of the session and an overview of Evernote including a video linked fro# the Evernote we&site- 7e*t the staff installed Evernote on their deskto$% s#art$hone% and(or ta&let and created an account- ?e reBuested in advance for staff to &ring all devices to the worksho$- ?e wanted staff to &e a&le to follow along and &e hands-on during the de#onstration of using the tools and features of Evernote and how to integrate in the classroo#- Partici$ants were a&le to work colla&oratively and inde$endently to gain infor#ation of Evernote and co##unicate a&out the digital tools and share ideas of i#$le#enting Evernote in and out the classroo#- Part one concluded with $artici$ants creating a note and note&ook% organi)ing the#% sharing the# and syncing the#he $rocess of integrating educational technology in instruction a$$ro$riately% $artici$ants are allowed to &e involved in $ro&le# solving% o$en-ended Buestions% discovery learning% #any colla&orative and inde$endent learning activities and $ro+ects where they acBuire a $rocess of critical thinking% creative thinking% and intuitive thinking and learningSummary of Significance My colleague and / de#onstrated co#$etence in instructional technology as we #eet /! E standards for teachers &y $ro#oting the use of digital age tools and software to #a*i#i)e learning- "s teachers and facilitators% we was a&le to instruct $artici$ants to use Evernote to create notes and note&ooksA work colla&orativelyA organi)e notes and note&ooksA share notes and note&ooksA and sync devices- :uring the worksho$% $artici$ants gained knowledge of digital tools and resources and were a&le to i##ediately i#$le#ent skills in the classroo# with confidence in order to #a*i#i)e engage#ent and achieve#ent:ays later% we had $artici$ants share how they used Evernote% and how they discussed and #odeled tools( with teachers in other districts- :ue to transfor#ing into a digital age learning culture% we wanted to involve $artici$ants in using various technologies to learn and teach

effectively in an increasingly digital societyachieve#ent and engage#ent-

echnology% used effectively% can increase

Analysis of Implementation Each session went well and was a successhe $artici$ants were engagedA interested in

i#$roving their $rofessional $ractice- ?e received a high $ercentage of $ositive feed&ack es$ecially as the day continued- ?e were a&le to reflect and #ake ad+ust#ents as needed to acco##odate $artici$ants2 $rogress- ?e had so#e issues with the internet serviceA the connectivity &eca#e weak due to the increasing nu#&er of $artici$ants accessing the internet:ue to the constraints with ti#e% technology li#itations% and accessing tools(resources% we still felt confident a&out our delivery- ?e will continue to #odel lifelong learning and e*hi&it leadershi$ in our school and $rofessional co##unity &y $ro#oting and de#onstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources-