Predictably, Corbett appealed the Guzzardi-candidacy decision; assuming it is upheld, today’s spate of articles provides prima facie

a predictable set of campaign-issues, notwithstanding Michael Reagan exhortation to conservatives that they support Corbett [because this piece doesn’t refute points made here/elsewhere regarding “electability”]. Regarding Sandusky, today’s “reminder” [PATERNO ESTATE: NCAA 'POINTING A GUN DIRECTLY IN PENN STATE'S DIRECTION'] recalls Corbett’s failed litigation. Regarding Common-Core [which Corbett supports and Guzzardi opposes], Common Core Is Losing and Ohioans Against Common Core Made Standards a Primary Election Issue; it may have failed in California [filled with Dems], but its fundamental underpinnings have now been undermined [Common Core, the Fordham Institute, and the D.C. Edu-Blob] inasmuch as three federal laws [including two signed by Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter] prohibit the federal government from funding, directing, validating, or having any involvement with national education standards, testing, or curricula [although none of this seems to have dimmed the Washington, D.C.-based Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s fervor for nationalized K-12 standards and tests.] Regarding AG-Kane, although Guzzardi initially supported her and Corbett remains silent, new revelations suggest the Legislative sting's scope was broad and diverse [undermining AG-Kane’s decision to toss this prosecution]. Regarding Fracking, the STATE REAPED $582M WINDFALL ON GAS DRILLING IN STATE FORESTS, suggesting that any further taxation [which I believe Guzzardi would roll-back while Corbett endorsed the overturned statewide-legislation] could “kill the goose that laid the golden egg.” Regarding the Budget, which Corbett introduced and Guzzardi views as bloated, “In each of the past six years, state spending has exceeded revenue. Recent budgets were balanced using temporary federal stimulus dollars and one-time revenue sources, creating a structural deficit that has not yet been resolved.” Regarding the Pension-Bomb, while Corbett has failed to lead and Guzzardi has critiqued his apparent obeisance to unions, Republican Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill into law Monday banning minimum wage and employee benefit increases in Oklahoma cities. {Rep. Evankovich learned it is illegal to “opt out” of the pension and stop accruing benefits.} Regarding joint-appearances with other candidates, note that when the pa-13candidates-faced-off-in-open-forum, my comment was trumped by this one: “I guess that “MMM” will have to be assigned a new meaning: Marjorie Margolie’s Missing (again). But you can’t blame her, after her last awful performance. It’s like that old adage: better to remain silent (in her case, absent) and be thought a Fool, than to speak (or appear) and remove all doubt.”]. {A new puff-piece regarding allyson-schwartz fails to note that she has never held a town-hall, a point I cited, as a constituent.} Regarding Ukraine, Jews were ordered to register in east Ukraine by the Ruskies [Donetsk leaflet: Jews must register or face deportation - Fear replaced communal atmosphere in Donetsk's Jewish community

as armed men handed out a leaflet Passover eve calling on Jews register their religion and property with the interim pro-Russian government or face deportation and loss of citizenship.] In other news: Russia announced deal to 'de-escalate tensions' Three dead after Ukraine military base attacked 3 PRO-RUSSIANS KILLED, 13 WOUNDED ON UKRAINIAN BASE UKRAINE IMPOSES MORE TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS ON RUSSIAN MEN Crimea: Echoes of Pre-World War II Appeasement CNN Cuomo's held Tense Exchange with “Russia Today” Reporter Refusing to Admit Crimea Invaded Putin Asserts Right to Use Force Triggering WWIII by Accident? Sarah Palin: Vladimir Putin a 'Silly Little Man' Iran Says Ukraine Crisis Is 'a Divine Blessing' How Obama's Clumsy Judicial Imperialism is Making Things Worse in Ukraine - Ukraine's Dmitry Firtash [the billionaire industrialist, philanthropist, and political fixer who is striving desperately to help his country forge an independent future free from the bullying of Russia and the meddling of the West in next month's scheduled elections] views his biggest obstacle to be BHO. [US authorities are trying to extradite and imprison arguably the one man in the world with the skills and influence to bring peace, stability, and prosperity to fractured Ukraine.] Regarding Foreign Affairs, how BHO continues to ignore the Islamist-Threat [Unsafe Spaces: Islamist Mosques] is illustrated by the VIDEO OF MASSIVE AL-QAEDA MEETING IN YEMEN, which has REKINDLED U.S. CONCERNS; meanwhile, conflict continues in Syria [Syria at 'Critical Moment', China Tells Opposition Chief & Syrian Christians and Druze Caught in Bloody Crossfire], Nigeria [115 Nigeria Schoolgirls Still Missing After Kidnap: Principal and LOCAL NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT DENIES RELEASE OF KIDNAPPED SCHOOLGIRLS, and Veniquela [Venezuela's Largest University 'Nearly Abandoned' After Chavista Attacks on Students]. Perhaps someone could get to BHO and advise that he ponder implementing my newly-published article America Must Recognize Kurdistan. Regarding ObamaDon’tCare, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., sent a letter [to White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler] seeking more documents revealing the extent of top aides' direct involvement in the botched rollout of health insurance exchanges; the letter averred that the House Oversight Committee already has documents indicating senior White House officials and the President were far more involved in the debacle than they’ve let on. Meanwhile, as the Census Bureau allegedly Changed criteria that Conceal Obamacare’s Impact Before Midterms [rationalized as 'Coincidental'], Obama Said Health-Insurance Enrollees Reached 8 Million; during impending hearings, assuredly, vetted will be the fact that Sebelius Replacement [Burwell]'s Office Fact-Checked the 'You Can Keep Your Plan' Speech. Even as Dems Tout Lackluster CBO Obamacare Report as Evidence of Success, news of new restrictions continues to abound [Brain Surgery Patient's Obamacare Plan Denied Meds and Dropped Docs and Widows were Dumped from Plans in Alabama due to OBAMACARE]. Regarding Bho’s reputation, Jay Carney Defended Obama's 'Lie of the Year' and Jay Carney claimed Government Needs to Have Secrets; it is this posturing that makes MOST AMERICANS BELIEVE OBAMA LIES ON BIG ISSUES, and it has been noted that Obama Is Trolling America by spreading misinformation. Tragically, the PRESS-SHAME is that The 'Toughest Interview Obama Did Was With Jon Stewart,' although CBS'S MAJOR GARRETT ASKED OBAMA WHETHER PUTIN IS 'MOCKING YOU AND THE US MILITARY.'

This should complicate matters for Dems attempting to hold the Senate, notwithstanding strainedoptimism evinced by RCP's Trende ['Inside Straight' Could Give Democrats Sen Win]; for example, an Anti-Fracking Ballot Measure Could Make November Tough for Colorado Dems. Indeed, the panoply of Dem-conduct appears counterproductive [A NEW, MORE SINISTER IRS SCANDAL; Solyndra Sequel: 'We're Back in Business' with $4 Billion Energy Loans; Huffington Post Slams 'Corporate Democrats'; Corrupt City of Bell ‘Godfather' Gets 12 Years for Uncontrollable Greed; ELIZABETH WARREN REPEATED HER FALSE CLAIMS OF NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTRY IN NEW BOOK [and she whined-about-coverage-ofher-fraudulent-indian-claim]; Holder to Speak at 'Unity and Hope' Service for Jewish Centers’ Shooting Victims [noting that kansas-jewish-center-shooter-sought-public-office-twice-with-democratic-party and a left-wing-mondoweiss-editor-claimed-israel was behind-passover-kansas-city-shootings]; another Crist Campaign Staffer Bites The Dust; and George Will opined that Americans 'Should Feel Ashamed of Themselves for the Decadence of Our Democracy' under BHO]. In this toxic environment, it would seem futile for Dems to advocate Gun-Control [GOP warned against executive action on 'biometric' guns and CORNYN RIPPED HOLDER OVER GUN CONTROL 'BRACELETS'] despite the latest isolated-event [Girl (11) shot/killed by 2year-old], to suppress religious expression [SCHOOL WARNS STUDENT FOR BIBLE AT SCHOOL]; reverse-racism [Western Washington University President Seeks to Ensure Students, Faculty Are Less 'White'; BLACK FEMALE GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE CLAIMS BEING SHUTOUT BY ARKANSAS DEMOCRATIC PARTY; Al Sharpton: The True Meaning of Easter Is Revealed Through the Political Crucifixion of Obama; and Mark Levin claims Dems Want 'Racial Strife' for Electoral Purposes]; or amnesty for illegals [Obama Considering Bond Hearings for Detained Illegal Immigrants; Obama Touts Blue-Collar Apprenticeship Programs After Urging Passage of Amnesty Bill; and The Complexities of Stopping Illegal Immigration]. Yet, the TPM is doing everything possible to preclude the Establishment-GOP from “skating” on issues including illegals [Prominent Pro-Amnesty GOP Super PAC Raises No Money in First Quarter; Facing Heat On Immigration, Cantor Takes Aggressive Posture With Obama; and OPINION: THE REAL CONVERSATION ON BORDER SECURITY]; that’s why [noting that limited government constitutional conservatives don’t see much of a “truce” out in the trenches in the Republican primaries] its leadership is actively/aggressively campaigning [SARAH PALIN TO HEADLINE SHE-PAC IOWA RALLY FOR JONI ERNST and Ted Cruz Endorses T.W. Shannon and will Join Sarah Palin and Mike Lee at OK Liberty Rally], predictably yielding complaints [Cantor Challenger Calls for Investigation of New Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia and Facing Resignation Calls, Mississippi GOP Chairman Dubs Tea Party Leaders 'Fanatical']. Meshing with these efforts are “truth-teller” comments such as that by John Bolton, who claimed Reagan would be rolling over in his grave to hear Rand Paul praise him. Significantly, a group of 40 to 50 House members are actively working to find an alternative candidate for Speaker to replace establishment Republican John Boehner, an effort that could come together right after the November election and expand to replace the entire leadership-team. Probing California's Schizophrenic Electorate Presents a Political Puzzle, per Joel Pollack of Breitbart [although this provides insights regarding the national electorate], noting that a Shock Poll revealed California Voters Prefer Low Taxes and Smaller Government; this may explain why Texans Trust Their State Government and Californians Don’t. {Also noted is the claim that Harris's Malpractice 'Reform' Would Raise Medical Costs $1,000 per Family.}

Regarding social-issues and the media, College Thieves used drones with infrared cameras to steal from marijuana farms and a student Ate 6X Recommended Amount Of Pot Cookie Before Jumping To Death WHOOPI GOLDBERG JOINS DENVER POST AS POT COLUMNIST; Naomi Wolf was Attacked as a Zionist Agent for Criticizing Brandeis Feminists; liberal-POLITICO published a 'SHOCK REPORT' claiming CONSERVATIVE GROUPS ADVERTISE ON TALK RADIO; FOX-NEWS will Launch Female-Dominated Panel Show 'OUTNUMBERED'; the Facebook COO said 'I'd Love to See Hillary Clinton Be President'; and HBO's John Oliver Says Anger Over Margaret Thatcher Fueled his Early [liberal] Political Views [while JIMMY CARTER said THATCHER KNEW MORE ABOUT MY COUNTRY THAN I DID]. This week’s legislative update from “Heritage Action” [c/o Mike Henry, Regional Coordinator, 202 276 9395 or 484 326 8287] advised checking-out its congressional score-card because some pro-establishment groups release scorecards that are intentionally misleading and create a false narrative; we cannot pick-and-choose votes just to cover for politicians that are not voting for conservative values. He addressed: Export-Import Bank Reauthorization - The Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is up for reauthorization at the end of September, and a bipartisan coalition is already lobbying for its renewal. In order to incentivize foreign-based companies to import American goods, Ex-Im offers loans at sub-market rates. This practice encourages cronyism, all the while crowding out private sector facilitation of trade. In 2012, legislation to reauthorize and expand Ex-Im’s lending authority by 40 percent, from $100 billion to $140 billion, passed by a vote of 330 to 93 in the House and 78 to 20 in the Senate. If Ex-Im is not reauthorized and expanded later this year, it will be unable to make additional loans or further distort the market. Minimum Wage - Senate Democrats are expected to introduce a new bill (S. 2223) after the recess is over which would raise the hourly minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 by 2016. The proposal is unlikely to pass a motion-to-proceed vote. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that if enacted, this increase could result in the loss of as many as 500,000 jobs, making it the latest in a long line of liberal assaults on the economy. Expanded Unemployment Insurance - After the recess, the House may take up an extension of emergency unemployment compensation in some form. The Senate-passed bill (H.R. 3979) would cover retroactive benefits back to December, and would expire for all beneficiaries in late May, at a cost of $9.7 billion. Some Republicans are pushing members to tie the extension to other legislative agenda items. The UI program hurts employment, creates a disincentive to work, and adds to an already substantial taxpayer burden. Sentinels should petition their Representatives to oppose this extension as soon as it emerges in the House in any form. He noted that Area GOP moderates [Reps. Mike Fitzpatrick, Frank Lobiondo, Jon Runyan, Chris Smith, and Michael Grimm are teaming-up with the Dems to pressure

House leadership and are openly advocating for liberal legislation]; they are behind the “UI” program and could support the Ex-Im funding. {A friend critiqued a “standard 'canned' response” from Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick [“I believe in tax reform that lowers individual rates, closes the loopholes, eliminates extraneous deductions, and makes sure everyone pays their fair share. Simply put, I support a fairer and flatter tax structure.”], claiming this “Shows no one even reads the e-mails, as this does not remotely address the issues I raised.....or worse yet, he doesn't know how that got sneaked into the Farm bill, or chooses not to disclose.”} This is the latest installment of the running-commentary between myself and a Dem: “Unlike Cruz and you, I do not believe the federal government should play such a narrow role in national policy, particularly in setting parameters if the country is going to rely on the states for implementation. I accept we do have some less than optimal members of Congress from both parties. Let’s focus on bringing people to elected office – particularly national office – who are smarter and less narrow in their thinking (both parties) rather than decimate the federal apparatus for all programming save issues of national security.” No problem with your intent and envisioned outcome…as long as its c/w Article I Section 8 of the you-know-what; one can certainly curtail D.C. [even rolling back to ’08 levels] without fearing its activities would somehow become “decimated.” “Guzzardi can well say we are a privileged country compared to others; we indeed are – I have seen the extreme poverty in other countries. That does not, however, suggest we do not have a problem with poverty relative to our own standards of living. The roots of that poverty are of course complex and the federal government (or even the state) cannot solve all problems; but, it can facilitate or require states to address certain issues.” No problem with your intent and envisioned outcome…as long as its c/w Article I Section 8 of the you-know-what; “facilitate” is fine, but “require” is problematic, due to the concept of Federalism. “There is no reason in a country as wealthy as ours for people to be hungry, for example. Now, can rules for access to safety net programs be tightened? I am sure there are instances where that would be the case. But, again, it is the philosophy of not seeing any role for the federal government and a desire to severely restrict funding that I find challenging.” Food-Stamps have burgeoned under BHO; no one is starving…even as such-$ is diverted fraudulently, routinely. Again, no problem with your intent and envisioned outcome…as long as its c/w Article I Section 8 of the you-know-what; one again need not envision that funding would become “severely restricted” were, for example, the workrequirement to be restored.

“This is especially the case because it’s not only federal spending you find objectionable but it appears you also dislike state-based spending. These problems will not magically disappear if the money goes away.” State-level spending must be budgeted; these problem have not magically disappeared despite expenditures of trillions during the past half-century [as the money has NOT “gone away”]. “I certainly do allow individuals to hold their own personal views on abortion – you are a case in point. However, when a politician makes his views public on such matters, they have entered the political sphere. It is true that I do not know Cruz’ views on Roe v. Wade; however, I am not as confident as you that his position is as nuanced as yours.” He is unabashedly pro-life, we know, but he has yet to explain how he would implement this viewpoint; in any case, note that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, released the following statement marking the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade: “Today, thousands of people march to the Supreme Court with heavy hearts. It is a solemn ritual, one that reminds us of the tragic loss of over 56 million unborn lives. "Fifty-six million boys and girls who never drew a breath of air. Poets and inventors, doctors and athletes, explorers and musicians, the world is far the poorer for their loss. "Every human life is a precious gift from God, and our law should protect innocent human life. Yet 41 years ago, the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision overturned the Texas law that prohibited abortion on demand. “As we mourn the loss of millions of souls, we also commemorate the good work that citizens continue to do to fervently defend life. Beyond the thousands of marchers in Washington today, countless individuals are devoted to affirming life, to promoting adoption and to helping provide comfort and aid to new mothers in distress. Their efforts have continued to make significant steps towards valuing the dignity of each human life. “This past year, we saw the horror of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of deliberately killing babies already born. The tragedy of that case can never be undone, but the fact that he was found guilty by a jury of his peers in Philadelphia is a small step towards basic human decency. “In time, we can all hope that we can come together and create a culture of life, where every human life is protected, cherished, and respected."

“Further, as indicated above, my concerns about the role of government are indeed philosophical – something I know you find both troubling and tepid. I do not have the inclination as you do to be as fluent in issues as perhaps I should. But, despite your eager efforts of persuasion, I have not been convinced otherwise on a broad enough level to be swayed generally. Perhaps, if you weren’t so opposed to state taxation as a means of raising revenue to support programs, I would be more open-minded. It is indeed the double whammy, so to speak, that makes it even tougher to buy in.” No problem with your philosophical, although your reaction to the TPM’s principles was indeed “tepid” and your adherence to modern liberalism is indeed “troubling.” Yet, having provided you documentation regarding the issues, one would hope that you would connect-the-dots with sufficient clarity to appreciate the dangerous misconduct of the POTUS. Start with Foreign Policy [and especially Israel]…and then recognize his deceit/corruption [ObamaDon’tCare and IRS/Benghazi/NSA]…and put-aside both the issues of domestic-spending and social-concerns; can you not see he’s anti-Israel and pro-Muslim [Brotherhood], with attendant consequences, and can you not see how dishonest/non-transparent he has been across-the-board?