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- April 2014 Dear Friends & Family,
Hello dear ones, and thank you so much for reading this month’s newsletter! We have much to share with you all, and we pray the Lord brings encouragement as you’re reading.

Report from Joy’s trip to Pagosa Springs, CO
Thanks so much, everyone, for your prayers. My ministry trip to Pagosa Springs, Colorado was an amazing experience! A team of 35 of us from IHOPU traveled together, all ages and grades from both Forerunner School of Ministry and Forerunner Music Academy. It was a special team the Lord perfectly put together. We were able to stay in host homes from four different church congregations and got to really connect with and encourage different church leaders and members in our time we spent with them. I stayed with the worship leader of the largest congregation in the city and his wife and 3 children. It was a wonderful connect I had with them and I loved getting to hear their story and heart for their city, and getting to share about my life and vision for the house of prayer. I also enjoyed getting to love on their kids and even share a morning devotion with them. We split up on Sunday morning and went to different church services throughout the city. They have begun joining all the churches in the city quarterly to do a night of worship and prayer and we got to participate in this on Sunday night! It was truly beautiful to see the spirit of unity at work among different denominations and groups of people as they lifted high the name of Jesus and prayed for their city. Our team then did 5 days of prayer and worship, 12 hours a day, at a central location that was open to the public, and the response from the churches and the city was amazing! Almost no one even knew about IHOP, but it was amazing to see how easy it was for everyone to join right into the prayer and worship and singing the Bible- it really works anytime, anywhere! I was able to lead our nightly "Worship with the Word" sets. The Lord led me to take my team and those who came for our sets through the book of Ephesians. Through this we got to sing, pray, and declare Jesus to be Head of the Church and speak out His promises over the church in Pagosa Springs, to make them a unified, pure and spotless bride that the Father would give Jesus as an inheritance. It was an awesome trip, and so beautiful to see the church come together as a dwelling place for God in the city of Pagosa Springs! Incense will arise from every place (Mal. 1:11). I love getting to be a part of that!

I want to share some exciting news! I have finally been able to spend some considerable time serving with Orphan Justice Center and our Safe Families for Children Department, and it has done my heart good! Our staff has had some great opportunities lately to share the vision of SFFC with a number of local churches & ministry groups here in Kansas City, and the response has been wonderful! As part of my service, I’ve enjoyed organizing and entering the data into the database from all these recent connections we’ve made, and praying for the people & families whose hearts have been stirred to join us in helping rescue children in the greater KC area. I have also begun training to be able to start doing “intakes” when we get calls for help to place children with the right Safe Family, while their parent(s) receive help working through a crisis time. Amazing news – WE WANT TO BRING SAFE FAMILIES FOR CHILDREN TO JOPLIN! There will be an important info-meeting on Saturday, May 3, 10 a.m.-Noon, at Life Choices in Joplin. If you are interested in attending and I haven’t sent you the information yet, please contact me at 816 -287-2228. Or you can facebook me or email me at And please continue to pray for my work with OJC & SFFC!

POWERFUL TESTIMONIES FROM 40 DAYS FOR LIFE! We have come to the close of our daily sidewalk prayer vigils outside abortions clinics in KC, as the Spring “40 Days for Life” concludes another 40 days of prayer for the ending of abortion. I (Jim) want to share some testimonies, and something the Lord spoke to me one day as I was praying on the sidewalk. The first testimony is something that took place at the location where I pray which is at College & Roe in Overland Park. The name of the clinic there which does abortions is The Center for Women’s Health (not very appropriately named!). A young mother had been referred to CFWH from Planned Parenthood, but hadn’t been able to find the location. She was driving by one day, actually going to the bank, and happened to see our prayer volunteer & sign outside, praying to end abortion. She turned around twice and then finally stopped to talk to our volunteer. As a result, she has decided to give her baby life, and she is meeting weekly with one of our prayer leaders for discipleship! We have confirmed that 3 babies have been saved because of our prayer vigils in Overland Park! I receive weekly emails during 40 Days for Life giving praise reports from many locations around the nation where prayer vigils are taking place outside abortion clinics. Here is one of these testimonies:
Day 31, from Orange, California: Anita said she and several others were praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil in front of Planned Parenthood in Orange. As a van pulled into the driveway, the driver looked at them – but kept on going. A man and woman got out of the van and walked towards the building. The prayer volunteers tried to get their attention ... but they kept walking. After a while, though, they came out … got into their van … and drove towards the exit. “I could see the passenger side window was rolled down,” Anita said, “so I walked towards them, said good morning and smiled, and then asked if they were here for an abortion.” “No,” the woman said. “We changed our mind.” The man driving leaned over and said, “We decided to keep our baby because of you people praying on the sidewalk.” They were both smiling. He said they would pray for the volunteers … and he kept saying, “Thank you!”

We received the news that because of our prayer vigils these past 40 days, 547 lives were spared from abortion as reported from prayer volunteers who talked to moms who decided to reject abortion and give their babies life! Hallelujah!!! The Lord spoke to me one day as I was praying on the sidewalk from Proverbs 14:12-13, showing me that abortion is “a way that seems right (to some), but its end is the way to death.” He then really highlighted to me from verse 13: “Even in laughter the heart may ache…” I became really emotional as He was touching me about the way His heart aches at every abortion, the baby’s heart aches, and the mom’s heart ends up aching afterwards. Oh how He wants to heal the heartaches every abortion causes. Let’s keep praying & s tanding for life!

JONATHAN & JESSIANNA - ministering to the Global Church!
We’re closing the newsletter with pictures from the “Global Day of Prayer and Praise” event we held here at IHOPKC these past two days, in conjunction with several worldwide children’s evangelism ministries. Jessianna got to lead worship, and Jonathan played keys as our youth praise & worship teams led in 24 hours of prayer for kids ages 4-14 around the globe. Joy was also a prayer leader & team coach at the event. This was live-streamed and tens of thousands were tuning in! Go to to watch the archives, especially from Hour 1, 42 minutes in! Thanks for reading again this month. We love you all, and we’re praying for you!

Because He is worthy of it all,

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